Chi chi chi …

In the courtyard, lightning flashed everywhere, and the sounds of electric currents continuously rang out.

After the fierce lightning dissipated, the courtyard was scorched black. Whether it was the flowers, grass, or trees, they all lost their life force and moisture as they were scorched by the powerful electric currents.

As for the Nightmare Spirit, the eleven people of Heaven's Net, and Li Tian Jue's group, not a single part of their bodies was intact. As if they had touched some kind of high voltage wire, their clothes were completely tattered by the burning of their bodies.

Even Jian Xin, who was fighting to the side with Dragon Lord and Qing Yu, was affected by Ye Xuan's lightning attacks. His entire body was charred black and he suffered heavy injuries. He was killed by Dragon Lord, Qing Yu, and Kuang Tie …

From this, one could imagine how powerful the attack Ye Xuan unleashed just now was. This should be the strongest attack Ye Xuan could unleash outside of the Great Devil Realm.

"Huff, puff …"

Of course, the consumption of such a powerful attack type martial skill was extremely huge for Ye Xuan.

He was like a pool of soft mud as he sat on the ground, gasping for air.

The attack just now had drained all the energy in his body.

Right now, he had almost no battle prowess left. Even an ordinary person would be able to defeat him.

Ye Xuan really wanted to rest, but he knew that this wasn't the time to do so.

Grabbing the Absolute Soul Sword, he struggled to stand up. Dragging his exhausted body, he shakily walked toward the Nightmare Spirit, Heaven's Net's eleven people, and Li Tian Jue …

"Cough cough …" You. What do you want? "

Li Tian Jue's expression couldn't help but drastically change when he saw Ye Xuan dragging the Absolute Soul Sword over. His eyes were filled with intense fear as he trembled in fear …

Just now, Ye Xuan defeating them by himself had undoubtedly dealt a huge blow to their hearts, causing them to find it difficult to believe the truth before their eyes.

Ye Xuan didn't reply because speaking would waste his strength.

"Swish …"

Under the despairing gaze of one of the Heaven's Net members, Ye Xuan pierced the sharp Soul Shattering Sword into his body, piercing through his heart and ending his life …

Afterwards, Ye Xuan walked over to another Sky Web member and stabbed the Soul Breaking Sword into his body …

"No …" Don't kill me. Beg … I beg you, don't kill me! "

When this scene appeared in the eyes of one of the Sky Web members beside Ye Xuan, it caused a strong sense of fear and despair to surface on his face. His eyes revealed a strong pleading expression as he tremblingly spoke.

However, just as he finished speaking, the ice-cold, bone-piercing Soul Destroying Sword stabbed into his body, ending his life.

Moments later, only the Nightmare Spirit, Li Tian Jue, and the head of the Heaven's Net Spider were left alive.

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he dragged the Soul-Destroying Sword, which was dripping with blood, to the side of the Nightmare Spirit.

"Brat, I advise you to think this through. I am a core member of the Xu Family. Kill me …"

At this moment, the Nightmare Spirit had already lost its pride and dignity. As it watched Ye Xuan slowly raise the Absolute Soul Sword, it forcefully suppressed the fear in its heart and hoarsely spoke.

"Swish …"

However, before he could finish speaking, the Soul Breaking Sword in Ye Xuan's hand sliced out horizontally, causing blood to surge out and behead him …

"Ahh …"

Boiling hot blood splattered onto Li Tian Jue's face, and the Nightmare Spirit's head rolled to his side, causing his expression to turn into one of fear. Despair filled his mouth as he pleaded with fear: "Young Master Xuan, I … I beg you, do not kill me, I am the most outstanding disciple of the Gale Sect, I can impart to you all the absolute arts of the Gale Sect … "

"I beg of you, don't kill me young master Xuan, leave me with my dog life, even if I have to be your slave …"

But Ye Xuan still coldly raised the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand and horizontally slashed outwards …

"No …."

The sharp Soul Shattering Sword continued to enlarge in Li Tian Jue's eyes, making him cry out in despair.

"Puchi …"

However, his shouts were useless. His head flew up and blood spurted out from his neck like a fountain. He was deader than dead!

"The last one, it's your turn!"

Ye Xuan didn't even spare a glance at Li Tian Jue's corpse. Instead, his gaze fell upon the head of the Heaven's Net Spider, as he coldly and emotionlessly spoke.

"Ye Xuan …." You were able to defeat all of us by yourself, you are truly powerful! "

"But, your time of death is coming soon. I can already feel that lord's aura, you will also be finished, haha …" I will wait for you on the path to the Yellow Springs! "

Looking at the cold and merciless Ye Xuan, deep hatred seeped out of the spider's eyes as it laughed loudly …

"Swish …"

Just as he finished speaking, the sharp Absolute Soul Sword in Ye Xuan's hand easily cut through his throat and ended his life …

"Cough cough …"

After killing the Nightmare Spirit and the others, Ye Xuan was unable to suppress the injuries in his body anymore. His body swayed as he violently coughed.

"Brother Xuan, are you alright?" "Brother Xuan..."

"Older brother Xuan, are your injuries serious?"

Seeing Ye Xuan almost lose his balance and fall to the ground, the Dragon Lord, Qing Yu, and Kuang Tie hurriedly dragged his heavily injured body over, supporting him. Words of concern flowed from their mouths.

"I'm fine..."

Ye Xuan's heart stirred. He took out a Crossing Disaster Gold Needle and injected it into his body to suppress the injuries. Only then did he feel slightly better. He lightly shook his head …

"Then, let's leave this place first. I'll arrange for some people to deal with the matters here later …"

Dragon Lord nodded his head lightly, supporting Ye Xuan on his left and right with Qing Yu's support. He dragged his exhausted body and walked toward the entrance of the Wilddragon Association's courtyard with difficulty …

"Kid, what a good move. You killed all of our people!" Do you think you can still get away? "

However, before they could even take a few steps forward, a bone-chilling, icy-cold voice stealthily rang out.

As the voice sounded out, under Ye Xuan's and Lord Dragon's incomparably cold and serious gazes, four figures filled with killing intent slowly appeared at the entrance of the Raging Dragon Society's headquarters, blocking their path.

They were a middle-aged woman who had an ordinary face band but a voluptuous figure.

A skinny old man who looked to be around seventy years old was smoking a cigarette.

An old man with a wisp of a beard and holding an azure long sword was standing in front of the group.

A middle-aged man in his forties with a tall and sturdy build exuded a strong sense of blood.

Following the arrival of the four of them, the entire headquarters of the Wild Dragon Association was enveloped in monstrous killing intent.

Their imposing manner set off a bone-piercing cold in this empty world. The leaves on the ground were lifted up into the air and danced with the wind, causing the hairs on Ye Xuan and the others' bodies to involuntarily stand on end. A bone-piercing chill permeated their bodies.


Dragon Lord, Qingyu, and Kuang Tie couldn't help but shiver from this terrifying aura. Their throats were dry and they subconsciously swallowed their saliva as trembling words came out from their mouths.

"Assassin Queen Chen Meilian!"

"Wuqing, Old Devil Xu!"

"Rushing Thunder Berserker Sword, Ancient Tomb Immortal!"

"Mad Thunder Tyrant Body Li Zhaotian!"

Hearing the names that Lord Dragon and the others spat out, Ye Xuan's expression became even colder and more serious.

Even in his previous life, he had occasionally heard of these resounding names.

Whether it was the Assassin Queen Chen Meilian, the heartless and cold-blooded Old Man Xu, or the Rushing Thunder Berserker Sword Ancient Burial Immortal, the Raging Thunder Tyrant Body Li Chaotian was a well-known figure and an expert in Xia Country.

Looking at the vast martial arts world in China, they could be considered a big shot. They were powerful enough and had quite a bit of charisma. People called them seniors.

Any one of the four of them possessed strength that was sufficient to crush Ye Xuan. Even if they weren't injured in their best condition before the battle, they still wouldn't be a match.

From a certain point of view, the four of them were representatives of the Xu family in the southwest, the Chen family in the northeast, the ancient sword sect, and the Divine Wind Sect.

According to the ranking system of the World Assassin Guild, Ye Xuan's current strength is at the peak of Gold rank.

Their strength was at least at the peak of the Diamond or Earth level, or even the peak of the Earth level!

The difference in strength between the two sides was quite a few levels.

"Tsk tsk … If it were not for our mortal enemy, I would not mind playing with you in bed for a while to let you experience my unique gold-sucking skill! "

The Assassin Queen Chen Lian stretched out her long, white, jade-like hands and gently swiped her fingernails across her towering chest. She twisted her delicate body and smiled seductively at Ye Xuan as tempting words came out of her mouth.

This woman's figure was indeed fiery hot, but her beauty wasn't that high …

"Aunt, can I trouble you not to act coquettishly in front of me? Looking at your face, even I feel nauseous. I really don't know how you had the nerve to go out? This year's plastic surgery is so developed, at least you should go there. "

Ye Xuan said with a disdainful expression when he heard Chen Lotus's ridicule.

"You … You damned little beast, you're blind! You're just looking to die! "

Ye Xuan's words undoubtedly made Chen Lotus furious. She let out an angry roar, and killing intent filled her eyes as she extended her lily-white hand out and fiercely swung it!

The five sharp fingernails in his hand carried a strong intent of killing towards Ye Xuan!

A dense killing intent revolved around him, causing Ye Xuan's expression to become especially cold and unsightly. Just as he was about to make a move, Mad Thunder Tyrant's body flashed and grabbed the five fingernails!

"Li Chaotian, what do you mean?"

This sudden change caused Ye Xuan and Chen Lian to be stunned. Chen Lian even spoke in rage.

"Nothing, I was just afraid that you would kill him!"

Li Chaotian coldly replied.

Then, his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as he spoke, "Brat, obediently tell me the method to refine your physique. I can give you a quick death!"

"And if I don't?"

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Then I can only hack you to pieces and slowly interrogate you at the same time!" Of course, if you still don't say anything in the end, I'll have to kill everyone who is related to you to vent my anger! "

Li Chaotian smiled sinisterly and spoke with a merciless expression.

However, just as Li Zhaotian finished speaking, a voice filled with an overbearing aura that was incomparably familiar to Ye Xuan quietly sounded out.

"Kill all the people related to him to vent your anger? Your tone is very arrogant! "