At the Starlight Villa's comfortable hall.

"What?" "You want to leave the sea of stars?"

When Leng Qingcheng, Su Xiaomeng, and Mei Yao heard that he was going to leave the sea of stars, they couldn't help but be shocked as they looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment.

He didn't expect Ye Xuan's decision to be so sudden.


Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Then when are you planning to leave? "How long will it take?"

Su Xiaomeng asked reluctantly.

"At least a week from now."

Ye Xuan pondered for a moment, then said in a deep voice, "As for how long I'll be gone for? I don't know about this yet! If it's fast, it'll take a month, or if it's slow, it'll take half a year. "

"That long? What are you going out for? "

Su Xiaomeng pouted with dissatisfaction.

"Whatever siren sire wants, sire will support. It's just that after being away for so long, little siren can't bear to leave …"

The succubus said with a look of reluctance.

Leng Qingcheng's expression couldn't help becoming gloomy, but she didn't say anything. No matter what Ye Xuan did, she would support him.

"Don't worry, I'm just going out to relax. I'll be back soon!" "Besides, haven't I left yet?"

Looking at Su Xiaomeng's and Mei Yao's reluctant expressions, Ye Xuan's heart warmed, and he smiled as he spoke.

"Let's go, I'll bring everyone out for a big meal tonight."

Afterwards, Ye Xuan brought Su Xiaomeng, the Succubus, and Leng Qingcheng out of the villa …

The village was located at the edge of the city center. It wasn't a very tall and dazzling restaurant, but rather a remote and inconspicuous restaurant.

However, it had an extremely good taste. Every dish had the flavor of home. Its ranking in a certain group had always been at the top, and its reputation was also excellent.

Even though Ye Xuan brought Leng Qingcheng, Su Xiaomeng, and the three succubus' beauties here, it still took them quite a while to get to their seats.

There was no grand private room. It was just a hall full of people with a strong aroma.

It was fortunate that the male attendants at the side had given them a corner seat for the three great beauties, Leng Qingcheng, Demoness and Su Xiaomeng, so that they wouldn't feel crowded …

Ye Xuan and the others leisurely chatted as they ate. Each word they spoke sounded like they'd known each other for many years, and the atmosphere was especially comfortable and harmonious. It could even be said that they were extremely relaxed.

"Waiter, come here!" I'd like to ask what the hell is going on with your chef? It's fine if you have hair in the dish, but you even have cockroaches. Hurry up and call your boss over! "

However, at this moment, an ear-piercing sound came from the dining table beside them.

It was a middle-aged man who had used a pair of chopsticks to pick up a hair and a cockroach from his plate!

"Teacher, our family's dishes are definitely …" The waiter quickly explained.

"Aiyo, I can't take this anymore. This dish hurts my stomach!" "Oh my, my stomach hurts!"

"Your family's food is unhygienic. Your stomach hurts after eating it..."

"Holy shit, we got a Jade pregnancy condom out of this soup?" "Waiter, hurry up and call your boss over..."

"Mom …" "You're letting us all eat the soup made from the puerperium?"

But before the waiter could finish his words, a voice filled with pain and rage came from the two tables beside him.

A middle-aged man had a pale face and was clutching his stomach with a face filled with pain.

A man with a tattoo on his arm and a golden necklace on his neck was holding a condom with a pair of chopsticks. His face was filled with anger.

Surprisingly, there were three dishes that had problems at the same time.

This situation had undoubtedly caused a commotion within the dining hall, causing all the customers to put down their tableware at the same time …

There were also people who were carefully sizing up the dishes on their tables …

"This restaurant is unhygienic. There must be a problem..."

"Waiter, what are you all waiting for? Hurry up and hand over your boss!"

Faced with the situation of the customer called Xuan, the waiters in the restaurant also felt a headache. Some of them comforted the customer while others ran over to call for the owner.

"Gentlemen, our boss is the chef. Wait a moment, someone has already called for her."

A waitress said apologetically.

"I don't care. Tell your boss to come quickly …" "If he doesn't give a satisfactory explanation today, I'll smash your shop to pieces today!"

The golden chained man said angrily.

"That's right. If we can't give him a satisfactory explanation, we'll destroy his store..."

"Exactly, you dare to let your father eat the Jade Pregnancy Charm …"

"Cockroach! Such a disgusting thing like this is actually fried into my food. I can't accept it. I must give a satisfactory explanation …"

At this moment, the three tables of victims were all making a ruckus …

As for Ye Xuan, Leng Qingcheng, Su Xiaomeng, and the Charm Demon, the four of them didn't pay any attention to them as they sat in the corner. They continued to chat and eat.

They had just personally witnessed the fellow take out the dead cockroach from his pocket and place it into the dish.

As for the jade concoction that he fished out from the soup, it was the same …

The guy who had a pained expression and was clutching his stomach and sweating profusely was clearly an act...

This group of people were obviously competitors in the restaurant. They invited them to smash the signboard.

However, Ye Xuan and the others were just quietly watching and didn't expose this. After all, their words might not be trusted enough to convince you …

Moreover, they wanted to see what the owner of this pub looked like that could produce so many dishes …

Very quickly, under the gaze of the crowd, a young woman wearing a chef's hat walked out under the lead of a waiter.

She was about 1.7m tall and had a pure oval face. Due to her busy work in the kitchen, her face was a little blurry!

She was wearing a loose mia-coloured top and a pair of baggy jeans that ran straight down to her waist. Even so, it didn't hide her beautiful figure, which gave her the appearance of a beautiful chef.

No one would have thought that the owner of this shop would be a beauty. Instead, it was her who cooked the dishes.

"You're the owner of this shop?"

The man with the golden chain asked angrily as he saw the female boss walk out.

"That's right, I am the owner of this shop …" Sir, I heard from them that you have cockroaches in your dishes? "

The female boss glanced at the man with the golden chain and sneered.

She then looked at the other injured customers and asked.

"You fished out a pregnancy condom in the soup?"

"You've eaten my cooking and your stomach hurts?"

"Are you saying that the dishes I made are unhygienic?"

Before they could reply, the female boss spoke up, "Let's not talk about the fact that I cooked every dish myself, because I know better than anyone that there will be absolutely no problems with them!"

"Why don't we talk about you, the cockroach? You mean from the stir-fried vegetables? So, everyone, please take a look at this cockroach who looks like it's been fried in a pot. It didn't look like it at all. How could a cockroach who had really been fired look like this, be so intact? There's no need to think to know that someone was intentionally putting it in... "

Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by the golden-chained man, "I don't care if this cockroach was purposely put in there by someone, but it has actually appeared on our plates and on our table. This cannot be erased! "Also, it's also true that we fished out a pregnancy condom from the soup. It's also true that he's had a stomachache from eating your food. Boss, don't force your way through the lines. It's useless to shirk responsibility …"

"What are you wasting your breath on her for, just directly destroy this crappy store!"

Before the golden chained man could finish his words, he was interrupted by the angry roar of the man who was clutching his stomach.

As his words fell, he was the first to use all his strength to send the table flying.

"That's right, it's broken. It hurts others, it hurts itself …"

"Dammit, it's so unhygienic. Destroy it, and we'll eliminate all harm for the sake of the common people!"

"The black-hearted store, smash it, smash it..."

Upon hearing his words and seeing his actions, the victims were all deeply affected. As they shouted out, they began to smash the table with their chopsticks …

Out of the three tables of eight people, a total of twenty-four people moved with great momentum. Coupled with their provocative words, the customers beside them were all affected by their bewitchment and started smashing the shops as well.

"You all..."

The female boss had not expected these fellows to be so unreasonable and barbaric. She and the waiters had tried to stop them but to no avail …

Seeing that the store she had painstakingly managed was about to be destroyed, the female boss was extremely anxious, but there was nothing she could do!

"All of you stop, you shameless bastards! Scoundrel!"

Su Xiaomeng couldn't stand it any longer. She slammed the table and stood up. Angry words came out of her mouth.

However, Su Xiaomeng's shout was useless. The golden chained man and the others continued to hit him.

Su Xiaomeng could only look to Ye Xuan for help as she pushed his shoulders, "Ye Xuan, hurry up and take care of this. You can't let this store be destroyed just like that …"

However, Ye Xuan remained unmoved. He only put the last piece of meat into his mouth, then put down his chopsticks and slowly stood up while calmly speaking.

"Boss, the bill!"

The voice was not loud, like a clap of thunder, causing the entire tavern to become silent.

Everyone couldn't help but set their gazes on Ye Xuan. They looked at the plates on the table in front of him that he'd finished all of them. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

This guy actually ate up all the food. Didn't he say it was unhygienic?

Wasn't he afraid of getting diarrhea after eating?

At that instant, everyone's hearts were filled with doubt.

"Hello, sir!" "Thank you for your trust, a total of 265 yuan was spent!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the female owner's beautiful face displayed a trace of a moving smile. Her bad mood seemed to have improved quite a bit as she walked over to Ye Xuan and smiled.

As a chef, not only did Ye Xuan finish the dishes, he even paid the bill in such a situation! This was undoubtedly her greatest respect and comfort as a chef.

Ye Xuan smiled as he nodded. He reached out his hand to touch his pocket, only to find that it was empty. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

"Um …" "Sorry, I forgot to bring my wallet when I went out!"

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan turned around and his gaze descended onto the group of men with gold chains that were doing odd jobs in the shop. He said in a deep voice, "How about … .How about I help you deal with those people who are causing trouble and end up paying for a meal?"