On the highway, Ye Xuan was driving the Black-Edge Battleship at an extremely fast speed.

Li Jun wanted to sit in the front passenger seat and look at the rapidly changing scenery. She sunk into a long silence, seemingly pondering over something.

Lil 'White was lying on her lap, napping happily.

The atmosphere in the car was unusually quiet, and there was even a trace of depressing atmosphere.

After a long time, Li Jun turned around and looked at Ye Xuan. Looking at his cold face, she spoke in a clear voice, "I've just looked up a lot of information about you and discovered that you have quite a lot of stories and secrets."

"What is it? You want to catch me? "

Hearing that, Ye Xuan turned his head around and his gaze fell on Li Xiang's body, and jokingly said.

"Capture you? Don't worry, I won't capture you! After all, many of the things you do are good for society and the country. " Li Jun lightly shook her head and paused before continuing. "Oh right, why are you going to Yu State?"

"Didn't you just investigate me? And now you're asking me why I'm going to Yuzhou? " Ye Xuan stepped on the throttle of the transmission and suddenly sped up.

"There are three great families in the Southwest region: the Xu, the Xia, and the Li Family! Amongst them, the Xu family was the most powerful. They ruled over half of the southwest, and even the Xia family was led by them. They are both located in the largest city in the Southwest region, Yu State! "

Li Wen's eyes surged with wisdom. He looked at Ye Xuan with doubt, and a voice filled with doubt came out of her mouth.

"Not long ago, you killed Xu Xiaotian and became enemies with the Xu family. Don't tell me that you are going to the Yu State to deal with the Xu family?"

Ye Xuan smiled indifferently. He didn't reply. Instead, his gaze fell on Li Xiang as he said with interest, "You just said that the three great families in the Southwest region are the Xu, Xia, and Li Families! And your name is Li Xiang, I think you should be a member of the Li Family? "

"Li Family?" I have nothing to do with it, so don't think too much! "

Li Jun lightly shook her head as she coldly spoke.

Ye Xuan didn't say anything more. He stepped on the throttle, carried the transmission, and drove the Blackpeak Battleship at an even faster speed as he sped towards Yu Zhou.

By the time Ye Xuan and the others arrived at Yu State, it was already eight in the evening. Cars were everywhere, and the roads were extremely congested.

A trace of helplessness couldn't help but flash across Ye Xuan's face as he looked at the congested road before him. He turned around and his gaze fell onto Li Xiang as he jokingly said, "Hey, we're already at Yu state. I'm not familiar with this place. Do you have any plans or plans?"

"We'll find a hotel to stay at first, then we'll think of a way to find traces of the mercenaries or find the Twin Bears first. After all, those guys are here to trade with the Twin Bears. As long as we keep an eye on them, we'll be able to find the mercenaries!"

A wise and farsighted look flashed in Li Jun's eyes as she spoke in a low voice.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. He drove the car directly to the nearest hotel, then drove to two rooms to temporarily settle down with Li Wen.

In the cozy living room, Ye Xuan, who'd just finished washing up, lazily sat on the sofa and chatted with Dragon Lord on the other side of the phone, "Brother Xuan, you've arrived at Yu state?"

"I just arrived and settled in! "What's the situation here?"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then asked.

After all, before arriving here, Ye Xuan had arranged for Lord Dragon to come over and ask about the Twin Bear Club and so on.

"Older brother Xuan, I have a rough understanding of the situation here!" There are two large power systems in this underground world. They are Xu Men and the Twin Bears! "

"The Xu Clan is backed by the greatest power in the Southwest. They control over half of the Yu Prefecture and the Southwest Region. They have around ten thousand members."

"The Twin Bears would be controlled by the Xia family, the second largest power in the southwest. However, with the Xu family leading the agreement with the Xia family, the Twin Bears would become a vassal force of the Xu family."

"As for the Lee family of the third largest power in the southwest region, they have gradually declined under the attacks of the Xu and Xia families. They have completely left the underground world, and even in the business world, they do not have much power."

"Moreover... "As far as I know, Xia Nan was once a member of the Xia Clan, and was kicked out of the Xia Clan …"

Hearing the news and intelligence report from Dragon One, Ye Xuan's eyes surged with wisdom, and many thoughts flashed within his mind.

One must know that there was no news of this guy ever since the last time he and Xia Nan had parted ways in Xinghai.

Even though he had sent people to ask around, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

He was just about to speak when a crisp knock on the door rang out at this moment, causing his brows to furrow unnoticeably.

"Alright, let's hang up first!" I'll contact you later! "

Ye Xuan hung up the phone and opened the door.

In his line of sight, Li Wen's incredibly exquisite face and figure brimmed with a simple yet beautiful and sexy look.

At this moment, Li Jun had obviously washed up and changed into a new set of clothes after arriving at the hotel.

Her hair was tied up in a bun, and her sexy figure was wrapped up in a tight, light blue dress, revealing her snow-white arms and long, beautiful legs. Her perfect figure was outlined, giving off a simple yet not simple sense of beauty, causing others' eyes to light up.

She had two glasses of red wine in her hand, which made her look like she was enjoying herself.

"So late?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask as he looked at Li Xuan, who was standing outside the door.

"Can't sleep, so I came to chat with you. Welcome or not?"

A pure and innocent smile appeared on Li Yao's delicate and beautiful face.

"Come in!"

Ye Xuan didn't reject Li Mu. Instead, he lightly spoke.

Li Jun lightly smiled as she strode into the room and passed the cup of red wine to Ye Xuan. Afterwards, she crossed her legs and continued to taste the wine.

"I didn't see that you, a female Special Forces soldier, actually knew how to enjoy life!"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but tease Li Xuan when he saw the expression on his face.

"Normally, in the army, in addition to training, you would go to the barren border to perform various missions and go against others. When you finally got back to the big city, you naturally had to learn how to relax and enjoy. Otherwise, this trip back would have been a waste!"

Li Jun raised her glass and lightly sipped a mouthful of red wine as she spoke, neither slow nor slow.

"That's true!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded, but didn't say anything.

There was no common language between him and Li Jun. After all, they weren't familiar with each other.

"Hey, I'm a flower in the military after all. We're sitting here alone, aren't you going to say something to amuse me?"

Noticing Ye Xuan's uninterested reaction, Li Jun wanted to say this in a bad mood.

"Although I am an expert at picking up girls, but …" "It's a pity that you're not my dish, so I don't have much interest in you!"

Ye Xuan carefully sized Li Jun up for a moment, then lightly said.


Faced with Ye Xuan's straightforward response, Li Jun felt extremely depressed.

Even in the army, she had many admirers who were being spoiled. In the end, this guy simply looked down on her and even said that she wasn't his food. This was truly a blow to her.

"Hey, I know a fun place, do you want to go?"

Li Jun seemed to have thought of something as a cunning light flashed across her eyes as she teasingly said.

"Not interested." Ye Xuan still didn't show any interest.

"Then lend me your car!" Li Jun said with an unhappy expression.

"Why should I lend it to you?" Ye Xuan asked.

"Aren't you not going? "Then lend me the car, I'll go racing myself!"

Li Jun wanted to show her displeasure. No matter what, she could still be considered a great beauty, but this guy was so unreasonable.

"Racing?" Ye Xuan's eyes lit up.

"That's right, Yu State has the biggest underground racetrack in the Southwest region. Let's go there and check it out …"

Li Jun hurriedly said when she saw Ye Xuan's shining eyes.

"Then what are we waiting for?" "Let's go!"

A smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face. He put his wine cup on the tea table and lazily stretched as he quickly spoke.

At the same time, he took out his phone to edit a message and sent it out.

"That's more like it! "Let's go!"

Li Wen's face revealed a moving smile when he saw Ye Xuan agree. He brought Ye Xuan to the underground parking lot.

The death race arena was located in the center of Yu state. It was located in an underground area with a depth of 50 meters. It was a rugged and complicated terrain. It was the largest underground race arena in the entire southwest region and also one of the largest places for entertainment in Yu state.

Every night, there would be countless enthusiasts for racing cars, as well as all sorts of rich kids and gamblers. It could be said that they were all extremely popular.

By the time Li Jun wanted to bring Ye Xuan to the death race car, it was already packed full with people.


"Puchi …"

Just as Li Xiang and Ye Xuan were about to rush to the main arena, a muffled sound echoed out. It was a young man who was hit by the huge force like a cannonball as large amounts of blood sprayed from his mouth. He flew out from the main arena and heavily smashed into the ground next to Ye Xuan.

"Trash like you still have the face to come back to Yu state? Aren't you afraid of losing face for the Xia family? "

"He's just a trash who has been kicked out of his family, hurry up and f * ck off …"

"All the meridians in his body have been broken, his limbs have been crippled, and he still has the face to run here? Don't f * cking embarrass yourself here, f * ck off! "

A large group of black-clothed security guards quickly rushed out, cursing as they punched and kicked that young man …

The young man had no ability to resist at all. He could only cover his head with his hands and curl up in a corner.

"Hurry up and scram, don't let us see you again, otherwise we'll beat you to death, you bastard!"

Only when the ground was gradually dyed red by the young man's blood did the security guards let out an angry roar and left.

"Let's go!"

Seeing this, a trace of impatience flashed through Li Jun's eyes as she spoke to Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan didn't move at all. Instead, his gaze fell onto the youth's bloody face. He spoke in astonishment, "Tiannan, why are you here?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's voice, the young man's body trembled. He raised his head and looked at Ye Xuan's familiar face. He was stunned for a moment, then dragged his injured body to the side and fled in panic …

"Tiannan, you stop right there. What's going on?" How did you become like this? "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan hurriedly shouted and chased after them …

One had to know that Xia Nan was his little brother!

How could he not care about his own matters?

However, how did Nan ended up like this in the summer?