"Swish …"

As the sound of the arrow tearing through flesh rang out, Li Xiang, who was running at full speed, instantly lost his balance. He staggered and fell heavily onto the ground.

A wound appeared on her left and right calves from the sharp arrow. Blood flowed out and dyed the ground red.

"Give up, you won't be able to escape!"

Li Jun tried to resist the pain coming from her body and stood up to run away, but a black shadow blocked her path.

This was a middle-aged black man with short hair who wore a black sports uniform with a hood over his head.

He was about 1.95 meters tall, with a muscular build, a unique lizard tattoo on his neck, and his hands were in the pockets of his pants as he looked down with interest at Li Xiang's sexy figure.

His name was Hei Ke, and he was a core member of the Poisonous Lizard Employment Company.

When he saw Li Jun trying to raise her head, he simply grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth.

His white teeth were in stark contrast with his black face, making him look like a demon with sharp fangs under the night sky, which made people feel incomparably cold.

Li Jun's expression changed slightly. Without any hesitation, she turned around to flee.

However, she discovered that her escape route had been blocked by five or six men in black robes, with bows and arrows in their hands.

There was no escape, he was trapped in a desperate situation!

"Beauty, you can't escape!"

Hei Ke licked his lips as he looked at Li Jun, who was being surrounded, and took out a sharp military knife from his pocket to play with it. A fluent Chinese language came out of Hei Ke's mouth.

"Tell me, why have you been stalking us all this time?"

Hearing Hei Ke's words, Li Xiang's face turned ice-cold. A stubborn expression appeared on his beautiful face, but he remained silent.

"Looks like I'll have to make you suffer a little!"

A cold glint flashed across Ke's eyes when he saw this. A cruel expression surfaced on his face.

Before Li Jun could react, his right leg shot out like lightning and landed on Li Xin's lower abdomen.

"Bang …"

"Puchi …"

Dull collision sounds rang out. The powerful force poured into Li Xiang's body, causing his face to turn pale. A mouthful of black blood sprayed out from her mouth as she was sent flying backwards … …


Her body glided on the ground for five to six meters before she could stabilize herself. Before she could even stand up, the Poisonous Lizard behind her placed a sharp blade against her neck, causing her body to quietly freeze.

"Pah …"

"Say, why are you following us? What is your purpose? "

Hei Ke walked in front of Li Jun and raised her chin with his palm, admiring her perfect body without restraint. He ruthlessly slapped Li Jun's beautiful face, causing an unquestionable sentence to come out from his mouth.


However, the response he got was Lee's powerful kick.

"Err …"

Li Jun wanted to kick right in the middle of Ke's crotch, causing him to groan in pain. The blade in his hand fell to the ground as he tightly held his crotch, curling his body into a shrimp …

Li Jun wanted to kick him again, but her hands were captured by the Poisonous Lizard members, and her body was also tightly held down by them, making it impossible for her to do anything else.

"Damn bitch. I'll kill you today! "

The intense pain caused Hei Ke's face to turn twisted in pain and malevolence, causing him to look at Li Jun with a sinister gaze.

He suddenly started running, his right foot carrying a powerful force as he kicked Li Xiang's stomach.

"Puchi …"

Li Jun had no way to dodge. Her mouth sprayed out black blood, and her body flew out like a cannonball, heavily smashing into the ground in the distance … …

"Swish …"

Before she could even make the slightest movement, Hei Ke pounced forth like a fierce tiger and appeared before her. His pitch-black, broad hands abruptly extended out to grab her clothes and fiercely exerted force …

The sound of clothes breaking suddenly rang out. The powerful strength forcefully tore open the jacket Li Jun wanted to wear, revealing her sexy and delicate body that was wrapped in a white vest …

"Tsk tsk … I can't tell that your figure is pretty good, but you're quite big! "

"Brothers, hold her down! Let's take turns to kill her tonight!"

Seeing Li Yao's tall figure that was wrapped in a white vest, a greedy expression emerged on Ke Ke's face. Saliva dripped from his mouth as words filled with greed and playfulness came out from his mouth … …

"Haha …" "Alright!"

As the words left his mouth, his men rushed forward and grabbed Li Xiang before pressing him to the ground.

"Damn it..."

Li Jun tried to struggle with all her might, but it was useless. She could only watch as Hei Ke approached step by step, causing Li Jun's face to turn ugly as she angrily cursed him.

"Hehe …" Stop struggling, the more you struggle, the more excited I am, the more I like it … "Haha …"

Looking at Li's struggling body, Hei Ke untied his belt as he sized up Li's hot body without restraint. A hearty laugh came from his mouth.

"Come on, bitch. Tsk, feel Hei Ke's power! "

In the next moment, Hei Ke couldn't help but open his arms wide in an attempt to pounce towards Li Jun.

When Li Jun saw that ugly black face of his, she felt extremely disgusted. She wanted to dodge and escape, but she was firmly held down by the Poisonous Lizard members. Even using all of her strength to struggle was useless … …

Looking at Hei Ke who was getting closer and smelling his stench, Li Jun felt more and more disgusted and nauseous. She struggled even more violently, but it was to no avail. She could only close her eyes in despair …

"Jie Jie, you're in despair? He gave up on resisting and struggling? "Don't be like this, just struggle a bit more. That way, when I go in, it will feel good …"

Looking at Li Jun who gave up resisting in despair, Hei Ke opened his mouth and spoke with a face full of cruelty. His body flew out at an even faster speed.

"Since when did the tiny poison lizard mercenary group dare to come to China to be so presumptuous?"

Seeing that he was about to crush Li Jun beneath him, the cold voice quietly rang out at this moment.

Along with the icy-cold voice, a gust of cold wind assaulted him, and Hei Ke felt as if something heavy was pressing down on his back. Waves of iciness even came from his neck, causing his body to freeze silently.

Unknowingly, a slender figure had sat on his back, holding a sharp and unique dagger against his neck.

The dagger was extremely unique. There was a dragon engraved on it, and under the shine of the night, it shone with an eye-piercing cold, making it hard for people to even open their eyes.

"Ye Xuan!"

As Li Jun watched Ye Xuan, who'd unknowingly sat on Hei Ke's back and placed the Soul Breaking Saber on his neck, a strong sense of pleasant surprise emerged from Li Jun's face as she excitedly spoke.

"Lord Hei Ke …"

As for the faces of the Poisonous Lizard members, at this moment, they had a drastic change, their mouths letting out panicked and anxious words.

"Let her go, or his life will be lost!"

Ye Xuan gripped the Soul Breaking Saber in his hand as he coldly looked at the anxious faces of the Poisonous Lizard members, and icy-cold words came out of his mouth.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the many Poisonous Lizard members glanced at each other. None of them let go of Li Xuan, who they'd captured.

"It seems like they're not obedient enough!"

Seeing this, a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he fiercely slashed out with the Soul Breaking Saber in his hand.

"Ahh …"

Hei Ke let out a miserable shriek.

One of his ears was cut off by Ye Xuan. Blood gushed out of his mouth as he roared in anger, "What the hell are you all standing there for? Hurry up and let that stink go. "Son!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Hei Ke's roar was indeed very effective. It made the Poisonous Lizard members let go of Li Jun to think … …

"Brat, let me tell you, I'm from the Poisonous Lizard Hiring Regiment..."

Hei Ke turned his head around and looked at Ye Xuan with a stern expression as he coldly and viciously spat out those words ….

"Swish …"

However, before he could finish speaking, the Absolute Soul Saber in Ye Xuan's hand fiercely exploded forth.

"Lord Hei Ke …."

Blood gushed out. Under the furious and shocked gazes of the Poisonous Lizard Mercenaries, the sharp Soul Shattering Knife in Ye Xuan's hand cut Hei Ke's head off, causing them to exclaim anxiously.

"Kill him! Take revenge for Lord Hei Ke!"

"Kill him!"

In the next moment, all of them revealed vicious expressions as they charged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill.

"Thud …" "Bam!"

"Chi! Chi!"

"Ahh …"

However, just as they finished speaking, before they could do anything else, two black figures descended from the sky. They silently appeared behind them and flipped two of them over …

Soon after, the sound of a knife slicing through the throat could be heard.

Li Jun only wanted to be shocked to see the members of the Poisonous Lizard Hiring Regiment fall one after another!

In less than a breath of time, he had been completely annihilated!

A handsome young man and a muscular middle-aged man gradually appeared in her line of sight.

"Ye Xuan, who are they?"

Seeing that man, Li Jun was slightly surprised, but she still doubtfully asked.

"Come... Let me introduce them to you. They are my two good brothers, Xia Nan and Long Er, known as Master Long! "

"This is the member of the special forces of the Cyan Bird, Li Xiang!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he introduced the two parties.

"What?" You. "Are you South Summer?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Jun wanted to look at Xia Nan with astonishment, and an astonished voice came out of her mouth.

"You didn't think of it, did you? Big Miss Li! That time, thank you! "

Xia Nan smiled and extended her palm towards Li Yao.

"Why are you being so courteous? "I heard that you left Yu state long ago, why did you come back?"

Lee asked with a smile, trying to reach out and touch Xia Nan's hand.

"Cough cough …" This is a long story! Oh right, how did you end up fighting with the Poison Lizard Company? "

Xia Nan retracted his hand, coughed twice, and quickly changed the subject.

"This time, I received a notification that a mercenary group had brought dangerous goods into the country. My mission is to form an organization to eliminate them, so … These days, I've been trying to find their whereabouts and information. I've finally found their resting place, but I didn't expect them to find out, so … "

Li Jun awkwardly smiled and helplessly said.

"You found a place for them?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he caught the main point of Li Mu's words.

"That's right, three kilometers ahead of us are a large number of members of the Twin Bear Club …"

Lee nodded slightly.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Let's go and eliminate them! "

Ye Xuan said without the slightest hesitation.

"Just the four of us?"

Li Jun was stunned and looked at Ye Xuan with a puzzled expression.

"That's right, just the four of us!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head as he spoke in a low voice.

Li Jun wanted to deeply glance at Ye Xuan, but a trace of determination appeared on her face as she fiercely gritted her teeth and spoke!

"Alright, let's go!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she brought Ye Xuan, the Dragon Lord, and Xia Nan to head towards the base of the Poisonous Lizard Employment Company.

There's going to be a big fight tonight!