"I've taken care of one, now it's your turn!"

Following the appearance of this ice-cold voice, both the lizard and the termite could not help but feel an ice-cold chill from the bottom of their hearts.

The strength that Ye Xuan had displayed truly made them feel a wave of threat and fear.

The lizard and termite looked at each other, then rushed out from the left and right at high speeds towards Li Jun, who was standing in the middle of the hall.

The only way to get out of here was to take her hostage.

"Your imagination is indeed beautiful, but what a pity … How can I let you two have your way? "

However, in the instant that the lizard and termite made their moves, Elder Long and Xia Nan beside them also quietly moved at this moment, blocking their path. This caused their faces to turn incomparably cold and filled with killing intent!


A fierce light flashed in the lizard's eyes. It clenched its right hand into a fist and swung it at Master Long's face.

Xiao Yan's fist arrived but the wind created by it whistled over, causing one's face to be in pain.


However, Lord Dragon didn't dodge. A tyrannical Supreme Yang Qi surged inside his body and rushed into his fist, causing his fist to emit traces of heat. When it collided with the poison lizard's fist, a muffled sound of collision could be heard.

"Puchi …"

The tyrannical power burst out, and the faces of Dragon One and the Poisonous Lizard could not help but turn pale as they spat out a mouthful of black blood.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Subsequently, the two of them were involuntarily forced back dozens of steps by the powerful force before they stabilized their bodies.

"To be able to withstand my fist, your strength is quite good. However, you still can't stop me!"

The lizard steadied itself and raised its head to stare at Dragon One with icy eyes, as cold words escaped its lips.

"Then you can try again!"

Master Long stretched out a hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, shaking his numb arm as he spoke with a cold smile.

During this time, the Yang God's tyrant body technique that Ye Xuan imparted to him greatly increased his strength. Moreover, he first tempered his upper body and completed the tempering of both his upper limbs. His strength was extremely formidable and he was lacking someone to test his strength.

Although this lizard was slightly stronger than him, but in Lord Dragon's eyes, he was the perfect candidate to test his strength.


As Dragon Lord's words left his mouth, he rushed towards the lizard with a strong fighting spirit. He was ready to fight at any moment.

On the other side, Xia Nan and the termite were similarly engaged in a fierce battle.

The termite's movement speed was especially fast. When it clashed with Xia Nan's, it was like two shadows that were clashing against each other.

While the termite avoided Xia Nan's attack skillfully, he suddenly appeared at Xia Nan's side, and smashed Xia Nan's back with his right elbow.

His movements were too fast. Even if Xia Nan was aware of the danger, he wouldn't be able to dodge in time.

However, Xia Nan was also a ruthless person. Knowing that it was impossible to dodge, he decided not to try any evasion or defense. Clenching his right fist tightly, power surged within his body as he threw a lightning-fast punch towards the termite's jaw.


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, muffled sounds of collisions could be heard at the same time.

Xia Nan's back was hit by the termite's elbow, and he felt a dull pain in his chest. His body was forced back a few steps before he managed to stabilize himself …

As for the termite, it was struck by Xia Nan's hook fist and black blood sprayed out from its mouth. It was similarly knocked back a few steps before stabilizing itself.

The two of them could be said to be on equal footing after that one strike!

"Swish …"

The termite's eyes flickered with murderous intent. It flung its palm, and more than ten concealed weapons flew out from its hand, aiming to attack Xia Nan …

At the same time, he moved his feet and turned into a white shadow, launching a fatal attack towards Xia Nan!


However, although his plan was right, how could Xia Nan let his plan go according to plan?

His body swayed left and right like an old man as he dodged the hidden weapons. At the same time, at the moment the termite attack approached, his quenched whip kick actually whistled and pulled out!


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

Xia Nan and the termite were simultaneously sent flying backwards by the powerful force.

After which, the two of them once again engaged in an intense battle!

Ye Xuan quietly watched Dragon Lord from the side. He didn't have the slightest intention of interfering in Xia Nan's battle with the poison lizard and termite.

After all, in his opinion, whether it was the Poisonous Lizard or the termite, although teasing the Dragon Lord and Xia Nan was only a small part of their strength, it was still a great tool to sharpen them.

After all, Master Long and Xia Nan had recently been practicing the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique and needed them to be more proficient in it.

Li Jun, on the other hand, wanted to watch the battle between Lord Dragon and Xia Nan. When she saw that they were both injured, she couldn't help but walk up to Ye Xuan and ask, "Why didn't you make a move?"

"Because there's no need!"

Ye Xuan indifferently replied. He didn't explain anything and quietly watched the two battles.

As time passed, the advantage of the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique was finally gradually brought to bear.

The strength of the lizard and termite had clearly weakened, and their speed had slowed.

However, Master Long and Xia Nan were still maintaining their original frequencies. They didn't even have a chance to breathe.

They, who had originally been at a disadvantage, gradually recovered.


"Puchi …"

Half an hour later, a dull thud was heard. It was Master Long's fist colliding with the lizard's, and Xia Nan's fist colliding with the termite's …

In the next moment, a terrifying power exploded in all directions.

The expressions of the lizard and termite changed involuntarily. A large amount of blood sprayed out from their mouths, and they flew out like kites with their strings cut. They crashed heavily on the far wall, and a trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of their mouths.

"Cough cough …" Damn it, how could this guy be so strong? Even after fighting for so long, my strength still hasn't weakened in the slightest! "

The lizard stood up with difficulty, looking at Dragon Lord with a pair of cold eyes, as if unwilling to give up.

"I don't know. That fellow is getting braver and braver as he fights like a stimulant. If this goes on …" I'm afraid that we will all be finished. We have to get rid of them as soon as possible … "

The termite's clothes were tattered. It stretched out its hand to wipe the blood on the corner of its mouth as it coldly said those words!

"BOOM!" "Bam bam bam!"

However, just as they finished speaking, Master Long and Xia Nan shot out like lightning, attacking them once again.

In the state of their hands, the two didn't have any time to dodge or defend, instead, they were hit on the spot by the attacks of Master Long and Xia Nan. Their breastbones were fractured, their chests were caved in, and like two cannonballs, they smashed against a distant wall, creating deafening sounds.

When the three of them woke up, they were in a dark and sinister basement.

They were all tied to a pillar in the basement with icy chains. Ye Xuan and Li Xuan were standing opposite them, interrogating them with a series of tortures and interrogations …

"Tell me, what exactly is the contraband you brought in? Where are you hiding? "

"What kind of deal do you have with the bears?"

"What exactly do the bears want to do these days?"

A series of different questions came out of Ye Xuan and Li Xiang's mouths!

Half an hour later, Ye Xuan, Li Xuan, Xia Nan, and Master Long came out of the underground interrogation room.

The four of them looked at each other. All of them could see the joy in each other's eyes.

It was obvious that this interrogation had paid off a great deal for them.

It turned out that the Venomous Lizard and termite had brought in a large group of highly destructive and contagious viruses from abroad to trade with the Twin Bears and the Xu Clan …

Furthermore, they had already delivered the virus to the Xia and Xu families.

Although Ye Xuan didn't know why the Xia and Xu families wanted such a destructive batch of virus weapons, this undoubtedly gave Ye Xuan's group the opportunity to destroy the Xia and Xu families.

It had to be known that in many cases, the government departments would not even interfere in battles between families and powers.

However, the situation now was different.

Because it involves a virus weapon.

With such destructive powers, the government would definitely not allow any aristocratic families to have such a lethal weapon …

Now that the poison lizard had delivered a batch of these weapons to the Xu and Xia families, the government departments would know that these two families were on fire and were on the verge of destruction …

The most important thing was, Li Jun thought it was someone from the military, a member of the Cyan Bird Special Forces.

As long as she gathered all the evidence and transferred it to the army, the army would definitely take action. At that time …

Whether it was the Xia Family or the Xu Family, they would be helpless!

However, this required a certain amount of time!

After an emergency discussion, Ye Xuan, Li Xuan, and the others finally made a decision.

Ye Xuan would stay in Yu state alone. In summer, Nan and Dragon Lord would assist Li Jun in bringing the poison lizard, Xiong Shan, and termite that were captured to the relevant military departments overnight, and they could set off!

Ye Xuan stood on the rooftop of the Modern House Business Hotel, facing Qing Feng.

As Li Jun watched the car drive away from her, she thought to herself, "Xia Nan and the rest of the group, a faint smile appeared on his face as he muttered some words."

"Now that I have such a trump card, I can finally cause a ruckus without a second thought!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the Twin Bear Club headquarters.

He was going to ruin everything by himself!