The Twin Bears Club headquarters, located in the downtown Yuzhou business circle of the expansion of the building.

Apart from Xu, the second largest super sect in the Southwest region, the Bears Guild, had already completed its transformation and turned into a huge real estate entertainment company, also known as the Twin Bear Real Estate Entertainment Group.

In the office of the general manager of the Bears Real Estate Entertainment Group's headquarters.

The brown bear had a cold and stern expression on his face. He had long brown hair and was lazily lying in the owner's chair with his legs crossed. He was puffing and smoking and enjoying the massage from the two sexy girls beside him.

Everyone in Yu state knew that the Twin Bears would have two bears. They were Black Bear and Brown Bear, and that was where the name of the entire gang came from.

As the general manager of the Duo Xiong Real Estate Entertainment Company, he was not only the second in command of the Duo Xiong Society, but he also possessed outstanding management ability. Besides the president, he was the strongest in the Duo Xiong Family.

In front of the brown bear were two men kneeling, trembling. They were tall and sturdy and wore a gold chain and a black skull chain on their necks. They looked at the two bears with eyes full of fear.

If Ye Xuan and Lord Dragon were here, they'd surely be able to recognize the two of them. They're Fang Jin and Brother Hei, who caused trouble in the tavern and the Kuang Long bar, respectively.

After being taught a lesson by Ye Xuan and Dragon Lord, they dejectedly returned and knelt in front of the brown bear to beg for forgiveness.

"The death legion of the Xu had already gone to the Star Sea to completely wipe out the berserk dragon club, but you didn't even take over the territory of the berserk dragon club. Give me a reason to accept your defeat."

The brown bear coldly stared at Fang Jin and Brother Hei who were kneeling in front of him. Its eyes were filled with ruthlessness and coldness, and its cold voice came out from his mouth.

"Brother Brown, that's not the case..."

Sensing the brown bear's cold gaze, Fang Jin quickly explained.

"That's right, Brother Brown's matter is not as simple as you think …" Although the Xu Family's death legion had completely charged into the sea of stars, annihilating more than half of the members of the Raging Dragon Club and killing their third-hand Rampage, the leaders of the Raging Dragon Association, Ye Xuan, Lord Dragon, and Qingyu, are still alive … "

Brother Hei also quickly explained at this moment.

"Are you saying that the Xu Family's death legion is working poorly? Or could it be that Old Devil Xu and Nightmare Spirit are both muddleheaded and have become trash, unable to even deal with these small characters? "

The brown bear's face was ice-cold, and its eyes glinted with a cold light.

"Heh heh... Who doesn't know of the extraordinary strength of Sir Xu and Nightmare Spirit and the terror of the Death Legion? Are the two of you trying to find an excuse to scare Brother Chen away? "

"That's right, Brother Brown. They're obviously finding excuses for their incompetence. They think you're easy to fool!"

The two young models beside the brown bear teased.

The two sisters were deeply loved and doted on by the brown bear, so they naturally didn't fear Fang Jin and the black one.

"Brother Brown, it's not what you think …" I... We've respectively encountered Ye Xuan and Lord Dragon, and their strengths are extraordinary … Furthermore, we've investigated it before. The death legion sent by the Xu Family to Galaxy, including the Nightmare Spirit and Old Ghost Xu, were all killed by Ye Xuan! "

Fang Jin and Brother Hei looked at each other and said while clenching their teeth.

"What did you two say?" Repeat it for me? "

"Old ghost Xu, Nightmare Spirit, and the Death Corps all died in Galaxy, killed by Ye Xuan?" Aren't you afraid that people will laugh their teeth off when you say that? Do you think anyone would believe it? Not to mention the terrifying strength of that old geezer, just the Nightmare Spirit's death legion is extremely terrifying and definitely not something an ordinary person can stop. Just tell me, with a mere Ye Xuan and the Raging Dragon's Association, you're able to annihilate the death legion? "

"Are you telling me that Ye Xuan's strength is terrifying? Are you telling me that the Raging Dragon is an existence that I, Black Bear, cannot afford to offend?"

The killing intent in the brown bear's eyes surged. It slowly pulled out the Desert Eagle from its waist and played with it as an ice-cold voice came out from its mouth.

"This... Brother Brown, this really isn't a story we're making up, it's a fact. Furthermore, according to our investigation and understanding, after Ye Xuan killed Xu Xiaotian, the Astral Qi Sect, the Ancient Sword Sect, and many other disciples, not only the Xu Family's Death Legion, Old Devil Xu, and the rest went to the sea of stars, but also Chen Meili of the Chen Family, the Heaven's Net Group, the Ancient Sword Sect's Heavenly Sword members, Rushing Thunder Berserker Sword, Ancient Tomb Immortal, and the Aura Sect's genius disciples, Li Tianxue and the Wild Thunder Tyrant Body Li Chaotian, all went to the sea of stars to seek revenge on Ye Xuan! "

Fang Jin clenched his fists and said.

"And then? Are you trying to tell me that they're all dead while Ye Xuan and the others are still alive? "

The brown bear's expression was ice-cold and its eyes were flashing with a cold light. A cold and emotionless voice came out from its mouth.

"Brother Brown, according to our investigation, this is indeed the case..."

The bear couldn't believe the answer, but he had to bite the bullet.


However, before he could finish his words, the brown bear raised the sand eagle in its hand that had a silencing sound installed on it and fiercely pulled the trigger.


Following the sound of gunfire, the sharp bullet carried a sharp killing intent and pierced into Brother Hei's forehead with lightning like speed, causing Brother Hei's voice to abruptly stop. He widened his eyes and stared blankly at the brown bear, obviously not expecting that the brown bear would suddenly end his life in such a hasty manner.


Hei Ge fell beside Fang Jin with a strong sense of unwillingness and love for life, scaring Fang Jin to the point that he felt a chill run down his spine.

"This... "Brother Brown..."

Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Bro. "I, Bro, will allow you to fail, but I will not allow you to find excuses or even lie to deceive me, do you understand?"

"I understand, but. Brother Brown, everything we said is true! We didn't lie to you at all, really. "

Fang Jin was stunned for a moment before he hurriedly tried to defend himself.


However, before he could finish his words, the brown bear pulled the trigger of the Desert Eagle in its hand once again.

"Brown... Brother Brown... I... I... What we said was all true. Old Devil Xu and the others are all dead. Was … "He was killed by Ye Xuan …."

The sharp bullets came like lightning. With Fang Jin's strength and methods, he had no time to dodge and was hit on the spot by the bullets. He spat out a mouthful of black blood and slowly fell down. Weak words came out of his mouth.

Before he could finish his words, Fang Jin collapsed into a pool of blood, dead ….

Looking at Fang Jin and Hei Ge's ice-cold corpses, the brown bear's heart was still filled with rage.

After all, Fang Jin and Brother Hei were people that he still had high hopes for. However, their actions made him extremely angry. He felt a wave of fury in his heart as he thought that the two of them were just fooling him.

Whether it was the Death Army or Old Devil Xu, they were all famous existences in Yu State. Besides, the King of Assassins Chen Meilian, the Ancient Buried Immortal Rushing Thunder Sword, and the Thunder Tyrant Li Futian had all gone to Xinghai …

In the eyes of the brown bear, these fellows are enough to annihilate the Raging Dragon a thousand times and kill Ye Xuan ten thousand times!

In the end, Fang Jin and Brother Hei said that they'd been killed by Ye Xuan. How could the brown bear not be angry?

After easily killing Fang Jin and Brother Hei, the brown bear's face didn't have the slightest expression or emotion. Its eyes flickered with a cold light as it looked at their corpses, and icily said, "Men, drag them out …"

However, the brown bear didn't get any response.

"Mom …" "Where the f * ck did everyone go?"

"Ah Hu, hurry and get in here. Can't you hear me?"

Immediately, the brown bear roared in anger.

Unfortunately, he still did not receive any reply, and no one walked in.

"What are you doing? Where are those guys? "

"Brother Brown, don't be angry, let's sisters go out to have a look!"

Seeing this, the two young model sisters beside the brown bear couldn't help but speak up.

As their words fell, the two sisters wriggled their sexy and fiery bodies as they walked out of the room …

"Ahh …"

Just as they opened the door, they felt as if they had seen a ghost, and a terrified scream came out of their mouths.

Because, what appeared before their eyes was an incomparably shocking scene.

What appeared before their eyes was a large number of corpses lying in pools of blood.

The ground was dyed red by the fresh blood, as if a raging river was flowing down the corridor, causing the entire building to seem like hell on earth.


In the next moment, the two of them quickly closed the door and rushed into the arms of the brown bear. They tightly hugged him and spoke while trembling in fear: "Brown …" Brother Brown, the dead, the members of the Black Bear Guild … "They're all dead …"

"Brother Brown, there's … …" Something was wrong... The people outside. Dead, a lot of bodies. One... "Fang Jin and the other two must have turned into evil spirits to take revenge."

Hearing the two of them 'words and seeing their fearful appearances, the brown bear frowned. It hugged their shoulders and said consolingly, "Darling, don't be afraid. It's fine. I'm here!"

"You guys stay here well. I'll go out and see which blind bastard dares to play tricks on me, Black Bear!"

As the brown bear's voice faded, he angrily walked out of the room with his Desert Eagle in hand.


However, a muffled collision sound was suddenly heard at this moment.

The door that was originally tightly closed was suddenly smashed apart by the powerful impact, causing a violent gale and dust to fill the air, making it hard for one to open their eyes.

This sudden turn of events caused the brown bear to stare coldly. It raised the Desert Eagle in its hand without any hesitation and pointed it at the flying dust cloud as it spoke furiously.

"Who is playing tricks on us? "Get out here right now!"

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

As the brown bear's voice faded, under its icy cold and ugly gaze, a slender black figure slowly walked out from the dust that filled the sky, appearing in the brown bear's line of sight.

"Who are you?"

Looking at the figure that was slowly walking out, the brown bear shook the Desert Eagle that was in his hand, and an angry voice came out from its mouth.

The response from the brown bear was filled with coldness.

"Ye Xuan!"