Black Bear, one of the most famous bars in Yu state.

Not only was there the famous Black Bear Wine, but there were also all sorts of strange things and performances that were very popular among the young people. Many rich and famous young masters and young ladies in Yu state would often come here to play.

The owner of this bar was an extremely famous person in Yu state, the Twin Bear Club's president, Black Bear.

Even though it was not yet eight in the evening, the bar was already packed full, with people of all shapes and sizes filling up the seats.

Surging DJ music reverberated in the bar. The wonderful, exciting and alluring metal pipe dance blossomed on the stage, giving off a pure and vigorous feeling.

Ye Xuan ordered a century old whiskey and sat alone in a corner of the bar, enjoying the dazzling performance on the stage as he drank from his own cup.

The way he sat there made people feel that he was not tasting wine at all. Instead, he was tasting the quietness, loneliness, and melancholy of the noisy atmosphere, which attracted the attention of the opposite sex in the bar.

From time to time, enchanting beauties would come over to greet him. However, Ye Xuan didn't even glance at them, causing them to only be able to tactfully leave.

Time passed bit by bit. More and more people gathered inside the bar, and the number of empty seats in the bar became fewer and fewer. Only Ye Xuan's table still had an empty seat, but because of Ye Xuan's unique aura, no one dared to easily sit.

For a moment, Ye Xuan became a unique sight in the bar.

Many sexy beauties and famous young ladies couldn't help but repeatedly cast their gaze at him as they gathered together and whispered to each other.

Ye Xuan completely disregarded everything in the outside world, as well as the opinions and discussions of others. He continued to drink depressingly, and his mind was filled with the bits and pieces of his previous life …

"Excuse me, is there anyone here?"

Ye Xuan only recovered from his memories from his previous life when a melodious and tender voice sounded.

Raising his head, what appeared before his eyes was a pure and delicate face that had a moving smile on it.

This was a beauty who looked to be around twenty years of age. Her pure face had a smile that would make people want to bathe in spring, a head of wavy red hair draped over it, and a tight-fitting white shirt with middle sleeves. Below her was a pair of black bell-pants.

She clearly didn't reveal any skin, which was out of place when compared to the other girls in the bar's sexy and bold attire. However, it gave her a different kind of beauty and flavor.

Her name was Yi Yi.


Ye Xuan indifferently swept his gaze over Yi Yi.

"Then may I sit here?"

After hearing Ye Xuan's reply, a happy smile appeared on Yi Yi Yi's beautiful face as she asked again.


Ye Xuan still had a cold expression.

"Thank you …"

Yi Yiyi sat down with a glass of wine.

Ye Xuan didn't say anything else as he continued to taste the wine in his cup alone.

"I'm called Yi Yi, they all call me Yi. What's your name, sir?"

Yi Yi Fazi carefully observed Ye Xuan and spoke in a low voice.

Ye Xuan didn't reply. Instead, he took out a cigarette from his pocket and held it in his mouth …

"Smoking is harmful to your health. Smoking is not allowed, and the smell is too unpleasant …"

He was about to take out his lighter to light up his cigarette when Yi Yi Ren reached out her jade-like hand to grab his cigarette and said with a look of displeasure.

Hearing this familiar voice, Ye Xuan was stunned. He raised his head to look at Yi Yi.

A bitter smile involuntarily surfaced on his cold face.

Once there was a man who would snatch the cigarette from his hand every time he smoked, warning him that "smoking is harmful to your health and is not allowed to smoke."

However, the person who said the same words was no longer the same person.

He gently shook his head and took out another cigarette from his pocket. He lit it up and put it in his mouth …

Yi Yi was about to stop her again, but when she saw the bitter smile on Ye Xuan's face, she stopped and sighed.

"Hey, you seem to be in a bad mood …"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was drinking while puffing, she couldn't help but ask in a low voice.

Ye Xuan didn't say anything. He raised his head to look at the ceiling and slowly exhaled the thick smoke …

"Actually... "I'm not in a good mood today, but I can't find anyone to talk to, so I snuck into the bar by myself …"

"To be honest, I hate the atmosphere here. I wanted to leave, but I was attracted by the depressed and lonely temperament that permeated your body! I think you must be a man with a story, right? "Uncle."

Seeing that Ye Xuan still didn't reply, Yi Yi continued to speak.

However, her words still didn't arouse Ye Xuan's interest or response. Aside from the fact that the title of uncle made his face twitch, Ye Xuan didn't receive any other response …

"Haha …" It seems like you're not satisfied with the way we address each other, but you're just an uncle in my eyes, and an uncle that gives people a sense of security. "

Yi Yi Yi was keenly aware of Ye Xuan's reaction. He couldn't help but laugh, appearing especially innocent and cute.

Ye Xuan coldly swept her a glance before continuing to smoke.

"Uncle, don't be so cold. Come on, give me a smile …"

Seeing this, Yi Yi, the other person, could not help but tease.

It was her first time meeting such an interesting man that could attract her. It was as if her bad mood had improved by quite a bit because of this.

"Aiya, you really are very boring, laughing like me!"

Seeing that Ye Xuan's expression was still as stiff as before, Yi Yi couldn't help but pinch his own face, as if he was laughing without a care in the world …

However, as she laughed, she started crying. Two streams of sparkling tears flowed down her face, and a choked voice came out from her mouth, "So, I can't laugh like you …"

"I thought my youth would be as wonderful and free as the TV, doing what I wanted to do, loving the people I wanted to love, being with the people I liked … But now I understand that it was just a wish of mine. "

"Heh heh, I'm going to marry someone. Someone I don't know and don't like at all."

Yi Yi Yi raised his head and looked at Ye Xuan, who was still drinking and smoking. He didn't care whether Ye Xuan was listening or not, he just wanted to say the grievances and unhappiness in his heart, "I opened my mouth to reject you. I tried to resist and escape, but to no avail …"

"Because of my resistance and rejection, my most beloved mother was beaten to death … Their family's influence is too great. I have no other choice, and I have no choice but to marry him. Heh, isn't my youth laughable? "

Yi Yiyi raised his head and drained the cup of wine in one gulp, then said with a wry smile.

"Thank you for listening. I feel much better now that you've said it out loud. It's time for me to go back …"

With that, Yi Yi Xin placed his wine cup on the table, stood up and left with large strides.

"Ahh …"

However, just as she turned around, she bumped into a man with two bears tattooed on his upper body. He fell to the ground beside Ye Xuan …

"F * * k, you don't have eyes for walking?"

Being inexplicably hit, the tattooed man let out an angry curse and said fiercely.

However, when he saw the pure and alluring appearance of Yi Yi Yi, who had fallen on the table, his drunk appearance seemed to have sobered up quite a bit. His eyes couldn't help but light up at this moment …

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry …"

Yi Yeyu quickly stood up and brushed off the dust on his body and apologized.

"So what if I apologize?"

The tattooed man's gaze greedily swept over Yi Yi's body, which was wrapped in a white shirt, and said with a displeased expression.

"Then... Then … "Then what do you want me to do?"

Feeling the tattooed man's gaze, Yi Yi was more or less a bit worried and scared.

"What should we do? "It's simple. Forget about the apology."

The tattooed man turned around and picked up a glass of wine from the table. He placed a pill inside without leaving a trace and waited in front of Yi Yi.

"Big... Brother, I... I... I don't drink. "

Seeing the wine passed over by the tattooed man, Yi Yi stammered.

"What kind of bar are you in if you don't know how to drink? Cut the crap. If you don't drink this cup of apology today, how can I, Xiong Biao, face my face? Even if I agree, my brothers will not agree! "

Xiong Biao pounded his chest and said fiercely.

He was a notorious villain here. It was unknown how many girls he had ruined and how many honest people he had bullied.

If it weren't for the Young Chieftain of the Twin Bear Society backing him up, he probably would have been killed in the shadows long ago.

"That's right, I must drink it!"

"Yeah, no one has ever dared to refuse Big Brother Pi's apology …"

As Xiong Biao's words fell, the people at the table behind him all stood up and echoed his words.

"This... I... After I drank this goblet of wine, if the matter of me bumping into you just now was really written off, would you let me go? "

Seeing that, Yi Yi could only grit his teeth and say.

Obviously, she couldn't afford to offend these people.

"Of course, I, Xiong Biao, will keep my word! After drinking this cup of wine, this road is wide open for you to go … "

Xiong Biao took a step back, allowing them to pass through the passage.


Yi Yi Yi looked at Ye Xuan, who was still drinking with his head down, and then looked at Xiong Biao and his group, who were still in a threatening mood. He could only bite the bullet and reply.

"Gulp, gulp, gulp …"

As her words fell, she took the wine in Xiong Biao's cup and gulped it down.


When Yi Yi finished drinking the wine, the surrounding people of the bar couldn't help but cheer loudly.

"Can you let me go now?"

Yi Yi Fazi clenched his teeth and said while trying to hold back his dizziness.

"Of course!"

Xiong Biao smiled sinisterly, revealing two rows of white teeth as he opened up a path.

Yi Yi Yuan nodded slightly. As soon as he took a step forward, he felt dizzy. The scenery in front of him started to sway. He was acutely aware that something was wrong. There was something wrong with that wine cup.

However, she was a smart person.

He didn't leave alone anymore. Instead, he endured the dizziness from sitting beside Ye Xuan and putting his arm around Ye Xuan's shoulders. He shakily said, "Uncle, take me home."

Her actions caused Ye Xuan to frown. He was just about to speak when Yi Yi Yi closed her eyes and fell asleep on her shoulder. This caused Ye Xuan to feel a headache coming on …

After all, he couldn't just leave this woman here alone, could he?

At least she sat here and said a few words to him.

Ye Xuan lightly sighed, then supported Yi Yi, who had fainted, up the stairs to the room above the bar …

"Brother Pang, are we going to let that kid go just like that?"

A man with dyed yellow hair stood beside Xiong Biao as he watched Ye Xuan carry Yi Yi Yi away.

"The prey that I, Xiong Biao, have set my eyes on is not that easy to let go. Come with me! "

Seeing this, Xiong Biao's expression was ice-cold.

As soon as he finished speaking, he brought a large group of his brothers with him as he headed towards a private room on the top floor of the bar and started chasing after Ye Xuan …