"Kid, where are you going to take him?"

Ye Xuan didn't even have the time to enter the room upstairs when he was stopped by Xiong Biao's group in the hallway. Xiong Biao even spoke in a mocking tone.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan frowned. Before he could say anything, the yellow hair beside Xiong Biao continued, "Kid, our big brother has taken a fancy to this beauty. If you know what's good for you, then get her to leave!" Otherwise, we brothers will help you loosen your bones. "

"Kacha kacha …"

As soon as the yellow-hair finished speaking, his subordinates all grinded their teeth and rubbed their fists. They looked at Ye Xuan with eyes full of undisguised iciness and gloominess.

It seemed that once Ye Xuan's answer displeased them, they would rush over and beat him up.

"If you scram now, I can pretend that nothing happened!"

Looking at the way Xiong Biao and the others were grinding their teeth and wiping their fists, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light.

After all, he had come here tonight to cause trouble. Otherwise, he would have left with Yi Yi Yi and wouldn't have come to the room upstairs.

"Oh, boy, you talk too much!" What are you all standing there for? "Kill him for me!"

After hearing what Ye Xuan said, killing intent surged within Xiong Biao's eyes. He waved his hands and coldly spoke.

As the sound of his voice faded, the yellow-hair was the first to swing his fist towards Ye Xuan. The other brothers all rushed towards Ye Xuan, wanting to beat him up.

"Bang!" "Pfft!"

However, they'd underestimated Ye Xuan's strength and skill. Before the yellow-hair's fist could land on Ye Xuan's body, he vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying …

As for the other brothers under Xiong Biao, their attacks were easily dodged by Ye Xuan. Before they could even touch Ye Xuan's clothes, Ye Xuan threw a side kick at the unconscious Yi Yi.

"Bam bam bam!"

A dull sound of collision rang out. Two of Xiong Biao's lackeys were kicked away on the spot and smashed onto the wall, fainting.

However, the others still fearlessly howled as they unleashed their powerful attacks towards Ye Xuan.

However, how could they be Ye Xuan's match? In just a few breaths of time, Ye Xuan had completely wiped them out.

"F * ck!"

The coldness in the yellow-hair's eyes surged. A sharp dagger appeared in his hand as he cursed, then stabbed towards Ye Xuan's heart.

"Ahh …"

However, Ye Xuan didn't place him in his eyes at all. He whipped out his leg and kicked the dagger out of Ye Xuan's hand at the same time …

"Swish …"

The yellow-hair stood up with great difficulty and was about to pounce towards Ye Xuan when a resplendent, cold light suddenly blossomed in front of his eyes and swept past him …

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, a miserable shriek came out of the yellow hair's mouth. The dagger that he dropped was pierced through the palm of his hand by Ye Xuan's kick.

The powerful force of the dagger pushed his body backwards, and in the end, his hand was firmly nailed to the wall. Bright red blood flowed from his palm, dyeing the wall blood-red …

The yellow-hair struggled to pull out the dagger that was nailed to the wall. However, no matter how hard he tried, it was useless …

"A bunch of useless trash!"

The yellow-hair looked at his subordinates that were easily knocked to the ground by Ye Xuan. His eyes flashed with a cold light, and an angry voice came out of his mouth …

"Boom! Boom!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the force in his entire body exploded out. He was like a mad bull as he charged towards Ye Xuan with a fearsome force.

The moment he got close to Ye Xuan, his right shoulder jerked and he leaned to the side. The elbow of his right hand smashed towards Ye Xuan's lower abdomen. The terrifying force was like a mad, angry rhinoceros as a furious voice came out of Xiong Biao's mouth.

"Brutal Charge!"

The passageway was too narrow, and Xiong Biao's body was incomparably large, almost occupying the entirety of the passageway. Being able to unleash such a collision type of attack in this kind of environment was indeed incomparably powerful and ferocious, and it was simply impossible for people to dodge it; it was not something an ordinary person could endure.

The force of this impact was at least enough to shatter a door.

However, facing Xiong Biao's fierce and powerful attack, there wasn't the slightest trace of panic or fluctuation on Ye Xuan's face.

The instant Xiong Biao came crashing over, Li Yao stomped on the wall with all his might. Holding the unconscious Yi Yi tightly, Li Yao flew over the wall like a hero and flew over Xiong Biao's head.

From afar, it looked as if Xiong Biao had slipped under Ye Xuan's crotch.

"Damned bastard, go die!"

After his attack missed, Xiong Biao suddenly turned around and struck towards Ye Xuan.

This time, Ye Xuan didn't dodge. In the instant that Xiong Biao charged over, Ye Xuan rushed forward like an angry dragon, and at this moment, his whip kick flashed out like lightning!

Thirty-six Wind Thunder Kick!

"Bang, bang, bang, bang …"


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, a series of muffled sounds of kicks continuously sounded out. It was Ye Xuan's whip kicks that continuously whipped Xiong Biao. Not only did it completely destroy his wild and violent momentum, it even kicked him until he vomited blood and was sent flying …

Xiong Biao's body heavily smashed into the ground, producing a muffled sound …

"Kacha …."

He struggled to stand up, but just as he stood up, all the bones in his body made a crisp sound, and then he was horrified to see that all the bones in his body started to displace, then twist and change shape, causing his body to fall back onto the ground, unable to get back up …

"I'm in room number 8. If you don't agree, find someone to deal with me!"

Ye Xuan didn't even look at Xiong Biao. Instead, he threw down his domineering words and carried Yi Yi Yi, who had fainted, as he turned around and walked towards the room he had booked earlier. He disappeared from Xiong Biao's sight.

"Cough cough …" Brother Pi, how are you? "Brother Pi …"

After Ye Xuan left for who knows how long, yellow-hair struggled to pull out the dagger that had nailed him to the wall. He immediately ran over to Xiong Biao, respectfully and concernedly speaking.

"Cough cough …" That damned bastard. He broke all the bones in my body with his kick. Quickly go to the Supreme Room upstairs and find the young master. Let him stand up for us. "That brat just said that he would wait in room number 8 when he left …"

Xiong Biao violently coughed, and his hoarse voice that was filled with difficulty came out from his mouth.

"Alright, Big Brother Pang, just wait for me …" I will go find the Young Lord right now! "

Hearing Xiong Biao's words, the yellow-hair nodded his head lightly and dragged his heavily injured body towards the Martial Saint room upstairs.

In the supreme room upstairs, a handsome young man was leisurely enjoying the massage of the beautiful woman beside him. At the same time, he was chatting with a young man who was wearing gorgeous clothes and had a gloomy expression.

The handsome and beautiful young man was the Young Master of the Twin Stars Association, Black Bear's son, Xiong Jie.

As for that well-dressed, sinister-looking young man, he was the number one person of the Xia Clan's younger generation, Xia Wenhua!

Looking at Xia Wenwu, the hero raised his glass of wine and indicated towards him with a congratulatory voice, "Hehe …" Congratulations to young master Xia for crippling that damned bastard Xia Nan. I heard my underlings say that it was extremely pitiful to see that trash, Xia Nan, get beaten up like that in the underground racetrack! "

"From now on, Young Master Xia will have no opponents. The entire Xia Clan will be led by Young Master Xia …"

A faint smile involuntarily surfaced on Xia Wenhui's dark and cold face when he heard the heroic words. He smiled and said, "This is all thanks to you coming up with a good idea for me. If it wasn't for you saying that I would use that brat's mother as a bait, that brat might not have rushed back in a hurry and fallen for my trap …"

"Young master Xia, what are you saying? It's my, Little Jie's good fortune to be able to help Young Master Xia. Little Jie, in the future, you should always look forward to Young Master Xia's support."

The hero chuckled and quickly complimented.

"Rest assured, once I become the leader of the Xia family, you'll be my right-hand man. I'll give you a portion of the Xia family's resources!"

Xia Wentang raised the wine cup to his mouth and lightly took a sip, he then extended his hand to a popular female sex star beside him and pulled her into his embrace, then pressed her mouth under his body as he smiled and spoke.

"Mhmm... Mhmm..."

The female sex star wanted to speak, but Xia Wenchuan was pressing her head back and forth, causing her mouth to emit an alluring moan. Xia Wenchang was enjoying herself immensely.

"Haha …" Then Little Jie will thank Young Master Xia here! Young Master Xia, let me toast you with this goblet of wine! "

A strong sense of ecstasy appeared on the face of the heroic figure when he heard Xia Wenhua's words, and he raised his wine cup towards Xia Wencai as he spoke while teasing him.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

As the words of the hero fell, he raised his head and was about to drink his cup of wine when an urgent knock on the door rang out.

Before the hero could speak, yellow-hair, who was covered in wounds, rushed into the private room. He said with a mournful voice, "Young master, it's bad. Big brother Pang was cut down. You have to do it for us?"

Looking at the wounded yellow-hair, Xiongjie's eyes flashed and he asked coldly, "What on earth happened?"

"Young master, it's like this … We were drinking in the hall downstairs. A brat was there cursing at the young master, saying that Brother Biao heard about you being a bastard, so Brother Biao brought his men to find him and apologize, but that brat just didn't buy it at all, he even beat Brother Biao and his brothers … "

The yellow-hair's nose was all snot and tears as he said, "We, the brothers, have wholeheartedly worked for you, Young Master, but now we've been beaten to such a state. I hope Young Master can help us …"

"Where's that kid from?"

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the hero as he coldly spoke.

"He's staying in room number 8, he said he's waiting for young master to screw him!"

The yellow-hair had a pained expression as he spoke while wiping away his tears.

"Dazhuang, call all the brothers in the bar to come with me to room number 8!"

Hearing this, the eyes of the male student began to emit a strong killing intent as he spoke with a cold voice.

After that, he turned his head to Xia Wenwu and respectfully said, "Young Master Xia, I've ridiculed you. I'll go out and take care of some matters before coming to drink with you …"

"I'll accompany you to take a look. I really want to see who's so arrogant!"

A trace of coldness appeared on Xia Wenwu's gloomy face as he spoke in a low voice.

"Alright... Young Master Xia, please! "

Xiong Jie nodded lightly and brought Xia Wenhua and the other brothers from the bar to room number 8 …