"Haha …" I didn't expect you to know about this, it seems like you know a lot about this young master! That's right, I was the one who killed that trash's mother in the summer. "You didn't know that the mother of that trash was really good-looking. Before she died, I took my brothers and doted on her …"

"That scream from her bed is really unforgettable. Haha …"

"It would have been great if that trash, Xia Nan, had seen us humiliating her mother with our own eyes, but that bitch didn't manage to survive until Xia Nan arrived and actually bit her tongue to commit suicide. It's such a pity …"

Xia Wenwu didn't notice Ye Xuan's icy gaze at all. Instead, he had a complacent expression. He laughed incomparably heartily as he recounted his masterpiece with a face full of pride.

The killing intent in Ye Xuan's eyes surged when he saw this. He took a step forward, transforming into a ghostly figure that flashed past Xia Wenhua's side!

"Swish …"

Just as Xia Wenwu was happily recounting his masterpiece, a resplendent saber light bloomed in front of his eyes before he could even finish his words. His body abruptly shuddered as his head flew off …

"Puchi …"

When Xia Wenhui regained his senses, he was horrified to see that his head had separated from his body, and bright red blood spurted out like a stream from his severed neck.

"Ah... "No …."

A mournful and terrified scream came out of Xia Wenhua's mouth.

"You … You. You actually dared to kill me? "

His head heavily hit the ground as his eyes rolled back and forth. He looked at Ye Xuan with terror and disbelief as words of disbelief came out of his mouth.

He originally thought that once Ye Xuan knew his identity, Ye Xuan would respect him and kneel before him to beg for mercy.

However, he never imagined that Ye Xuan would suddenly kill him.

Ye Xuan looked coldly at Xia Wenwu's head that was rolling on the ground, but didn't say anything.

"Wha …. "Why?"

With all his might, Xia Wenhua asked the last question of his life.

"Because Summerside is my brother!"

But unfortunately, as soon as Xia Wenwu finished speaking, he breathed his last and didn't have the opportunity to hear Ye Xuan's reply.

His face was still full of unwillingness and yearning to live. His face was still full of doubt. His eyes were wide open as he died with grievance.

Ye Xuan originally wanted to spare Xia Wenchang's life so that Xia Nan could personally avenge his mother, but Xia Wenchuan's words just now were too despicable and shameful, causing Ye Xuan to be unable to tolerate it.

"Xia …" Young Master Xia … "

Looking at the dead Xia Wenchang, the severely injured members of the Twin Bears Club in the private room all stared blankly at the head of Xia Wenchang with widened eyes, their mouths letting out terrified and quivering words.

They didn't think that not only would Ye Xuan dare to kill the hero, he would even dare to kill Xia Wenhua …

"Call Black Bear and ask him to come and collect his son's corpse!"

After killing Xiongjie and Xia Wenchuan, there wasn't the slightest trace of emotion on Ye Xuan's face. His gaze fell onto a member of the Bear-Bears Association that was still able to move and he spoke unquestionably.

Feeling Ye Xuan's icy gaze, the Twin Bear Club member subconsciously swallowed his saliva. With much difficulty, he took out his phone and made a call.

In the Supreme Preceptor's box of the Emperor's Clubhouse!

A tall and powerful middle-aged man and a skinny middle-aged man with extremely sharp eyes were lazily sitting in the private room. Accompanied by a few sexy ladies, they were leisurely drinking and chatting, talking about the great plans and achievements, appearing exceptionally carefree.

If there were people with status in Yu state city, they would be able to recognize these two because they were the famous people in Yu state city.

The leader of the Twin Bear Association, Black Bear, and the younger brother of the Xia Family's Patriarch, Xia Ying Wu.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Just as Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu were jubilant over their conversation, a series of hurried knocks sounded out.

With the rapid knock on the door, a man with green hair rushed into the private room.

"What's so urgent?" A trace of displeasure flashed across Black Bear's face when he saw this. He coldly asked.

"Guild leader, something big is going to happen!" "The news from the pigeons just now …" The green hair lackey tremblingly said.

"What news?" Just say it! " Black Bear sat up straight on the sofa.

"Just now, the pigeons sent us news that our Twin Bear Society headquarters was stomped to the ground. Brother Chen died in battle!" The green-haired little brother clenched his teeth and said.


Hearing this, Black Bear's expression changed drastically. He hurriedly stood up and a terrifying aura uncontrollably spread out from his body.

However, as expected of the Head of the Guards, he quickly calmed himself down and coldly asked, "Have you found out who did this?"

"Yes, it's a man!" The green-haired little brother quickly replied.

"Where is he now?" Hei Xiong's eyes were filled with killing intent as he coldly asked.

"At the Black Bear you opened!"

"Gather all our brothers, let's go to Black Bear Bar!"

Black Bear gave the order without hesitation.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

However, just as he finished speaking, his phone started to vibrate.

Black Bear quickly pressed the answer button. "What's the matter?"

"B …." Boss, less... He's dead, the young master. The murderer told you to come and collect his body! "

A trembling and terrified voice came out of the phone.

"F * ck!"

Hearing this, Black Bear cursed angrily and crushed his phone.

After which, he turned his head to Xia Ying and spoke, "Brother Xia, I have something to attend to first."

"Brother Black, I have nothing better to do, please accompany me!"

Xia Hongwu put down his wine cup, stood up and said in a deep voice.

What happened earlier was clearly heard by Xia Ying Wu. The Twin Bears Society was originally a vassal force of the Xia Clan, and now that the Twin Bears had met their doom, he naturally would not let them go.

Wouldn't that make his relationship with the Twin Bear Club different?

Thus, Xia Ying Wu unhesitatingly decided to accompany Black Bear on his journey!

"Thank you, Brother Xia!"

Hearing Xia Ying Wu's reply, Black Bear secretly remembered Xia Ying Wu's friendship in his heart and cupped his fists towards him.

"Brother Hei, you're too polite!" There's no time to lose, let's hurry over! "I want to see just who dares to cause trouble in our Xia Family's territory!"

Xia Houwu's eyes were filled with a strong killing intent as he coldly spat out those words.

"Alright, gather the brothers, let's go!"

Heaving a light nod of his head, Blackbear didn't linger for too long to head back to the Black Bear Bar with Xiaheng in tow.

Even though Ye Xuan was thousands of meters away, he could still clearly feel the intense killing intent …