When Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu brought a large group of people to Black Bear Bar, the originally bustling and noisy bar turned into a deserted place.

Meanwhile, Ye Xuan lazily sat on the sofa in the bar's lobby as he leisurely tasted the 80 year Romanee-Conti wine that he'd found in the bar.

As for Yi Yi, she obediently stood beside Ye Xuan, pouring wine for her from time to time.

After experiencing everything that happened in the room and seeing how powerful Ye Xuan was, Yi Yi Yi no longer felt the slightest bit of fear. In order to change her fate and not marry the man she loathed, she'd already made up her mind to stay with Ye Xuan, hoping to move him to plead for his help to destroy the marriage.

In Yi Yi Yi's opinion, instead of marrying an annoying person and living her miserable life together, it would be better for her to stay here and accompany Ye Xuan in a frenzy. Only then would she be worthy of her youth.

It had to be said that Yi Yi's thoughts had a hint of youth to them.

"Aren't you afraid?"

Seeing the black bear barging into the hall with an intense killing intent, Ye Xuan took a light sip of red wine. He turned his head and directed his gaze onto Yi Yi Yi as he spoke with a smile.

"Afraid! But I'm more afraid of marrying a man I don't love or even hate! "

Yi Yi's man took a deep breath, holding her jade-like hand tightly, he spoke in a deep voice.

"Is that why you stayed?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile when he heard Yi Yi's words.

Yi Yifan lightly nodded, clenching his jade-like hand, he gritted his teeth and said, "If we can make it out of here alive, I hope you can help me destroy that marriage and avenge my mother!"

"It seems that you have a lot of confidence in me!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he raised his head and gulped down the cup of red wine.

"Kid, where is my son?"

Just as Yi Yi was about to speak up, he was interrupted by the bear's murderous voice.

"You are Black Bear?"

Ye Xuan's gaze flashed, falling onto the black bear's muscular body. His eyes flickered with a cold light.

"Let me ask you, where is my son?"

A strong killing intent surged in Black Bear's eyes and a violent aura spread out from his body.

"B …." Old … Boss … Young … The Young Lord's corpse is … "Upstairs …"

Ye Xuan laughed coldly. Before he could say anything, his hoarse and weak voice sounded from the stairs.

It was a seriously injured Twin Bear lackey who was struggling to climb out of a box upstairs.

Black Bear made a gesture, and five men quickly rushed up the stairs. Under the lead of the heavily injured Twin Bear Gang's underling, they charged into room 8 …

Not long after, they carried two ice-cold corpses down from the second floor.

"Little Jie …"

"Wu Shou …"

When Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu saw the two corpses, their expressions changed as they cried out in pain.

"This... How could this be? How could Wen Chao die? "

Looking at Xia Wenwu's corpse, Xia Ying Wu said with a painful expression.

He was the younger brother of the Marquis of Xia, and Xia Wenhua was the son of the Marquis of Xia.

Now that Xia Wentai was dead, how was he supposed to return and report to his elder brother, the Marquis of Xia?

"Little bastard, you did it, right?"

In the next moment, Xia Ying Wu and Black Bear simultaneously raised their heads and directed their gazes onto Ye Xuan as they spoke in cold, bloodthirsty words.

"What do you think?"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he said, neither slow nor slow.

"What are you all standing there for? Kill him! Kill him! "

Xia Ying Wu and Black Bear's eyes were gloomy. They waved their hands, and an incomparable rage came out of their mouths.

"Boom! Boom!"

When Xia Ying Wu and Black Bear's words fell, the subordinates they brought were all like fierce wolves as they charged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill. They encircled him fiercely and let out angry roars.

"Kill him and avenge the Young Lord!"

"Kill him and take revenge for Young Master Xia!"

"Kill him, kill him, kill him …"

A cold smile couldn't help but appear on Ye Xuan's face when he saw the wolves and tigers pouncing towards him. The demonic qi in his eyes surged as his entire body was surrounded by the black demonic qi.

"Ahh …"

Everywhere Ye Xuan passed, the demonic qi roiled and the tables and stools were shattered into pieces. The approaching Twin Bears were sent flying by the terrifying force of his attack, causing Ye Xuan to forcibly tear a eye-catching hole through the dense crowd.

Some of them lost their arms and legs under Ye Xuan's berserk attacks, while miserable wails continuously sounded out …

Even though Ye Xuan was extremely ferocious, there was still a portion of him who wasn't afraid of death. They fearlessly charged towards Ye Xuan as they surrounded him fiercely.

Killing intent surged within Ye Xuan's eyes when he saw this. A trace of impatience flashed across his face. The demonic qi in his body surged as he poured it into his right fist, then smashed it onto the hard floor.

"Demon Dragon Rage!"

"Boom! Boom!"

"Boom! Boom!"

Terrifying demonic energy poured into the ground from Ye Xuan's fist and spread out in all directions, causing the hard ground to continuously explode. The monstrous demonic energy even swept up the shattered floor, like a stormy sea, and surged towards the experts of the Bears Society, engulfing them …

"Puchi …"

Under Ye Xuan's terrifying attack, the weaker members of the Bears Guild were blown flying by the surging demon qi. As for the stronger members, they spat out blood from the shock, unable to stand on their feet …

In a split-second, the entire bar was filled with rolling demonic energy, causing a violent demonic wind to blow in the hall. It was so loud that it was difficult to even open one's eyes.

When the demon wind stopped and the demon qi dissipated, the entire bar was a mess.

The ground was littered with broken glass fragments and the members of the Twin Bear Club lying on the ground, screaming in pain.

Originally, Black Bear, Xia Ying Wu and the rest of the experts were all severely injured. They had lost their combat ability, and only a few of them were able to remain standing.

Ye Xuan's punch was actually so terrifying!

Yi Yi Yi blankly stared at the disorderly hall, then at the wailing disciples of the Twin Bear Gang. Her beautiful face couldn't help but show a deep sense of shock. She blankly stared at Ye Xuan, who struck out with his fist.

She had never seen anyone be so strong that could defeat hundreds of people with a single punch.

Such a character would be hard to see even in wuxia movies.

Was he a god?

At this moment, Yi Yi was extremely shocked.

Even the Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu, who had originally lost their minds from their rage, became clear-headed and calm from Ye Xuan's terrifying punch.

After all, Ye Xuan looked so young and possessed such terrifying strength. His background was extraordinary, and he might even be a disciple that went out to gain experience from an ancient martial arts family.

However, even so, they had no choice but to avenge Xianjie and Xia Wenhua.

At that moment, Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu looked at each other and said coldly, "Brat, don't think that just because you're from an ancient martial arts family that you can do whatever you want. No matter what, after you kill Xiong Jie and Xia Wenhua, you will die today!"

"Heh heh... The two of you are not the only ones who want me dead! Cut the crap, the two of you come at me together! "

Ye Xuan swept his gaze over Hei Xiong and Xia Ying Wu as he coldly spoke.

Although from the auras of Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu, it can be seen that their strengths are extraordinary, the recently increased strength of Ye Xuan doesn't place these two in his eyes.

"Little bastard, what an arrogant tone. Let this daddy come and meet you first!"

Black Bear's eyes surged with intense killing intent. He stomped his feet and a terrifying force exploded out, pushing his enormous body to charge towards Ye Xuan without fear of death.

The instant he rushed out, the violent Supreme Force in his body surged and revolved around his body, as if it had turned into the image of a giant black bear, causing his aura to surge even further. He brandished his fist and furiously smashed at Ye Xuan.

Everywhere he passed, the earth shook and the mountains trembled. The hard ground began to crumble layer by layer.


Ye Xuan couldn't help but sneer when he saw this. He didn't show any intention of dodging. Instead, he clenched his right hand into a fist and simply punched straight at the Black Bear's huge fist.

"Little bastard, you're really courting death!"

A sinister smile appeared on Black Bear's face when he saw Ye Xuan's actions. He clenched his fists and a cold light flashed in his eyes. An even more powerful and violent force exploded out, causing his fist to strike out even faster.


In the next moment, deafening collisions sounded in the bar, but Ye Xuan's fist collided with Black Bear's fist.

Violent energy wildly spread out from their fists, spreading in all directions and shattering the tables and chairs around them into powder …


Black Bear's expression turned cold after his attack was blocked. He roared furiously, and just as he was about to exert his strength once more, Ye Xuan spat out the word, "Explode."

"Puchi …"

As the word "explode" was uttered, Black Bear's face suddenly paled. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and a mouthful of black blood was spat out from his mouth …

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Terrifying strength exploded forth from Ye Xuan's fist, causing Black Bear to be pushed back several steps. In the end, he crashed into the bar's counter, stabilizing his body as he gasped for breath …

After stabilizing himself, he raised his head to look at the motionless Ye Xuan. However, Black Bear's expression was ashen as he clenched his fists, causing cracking sounds to ring out.

He had actually lost to this unknown brat in front of him in terms of strength. This undoubtedly caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable and unwilling.

As for Xia Ying Wu, when he saw that Black Bear was blasted away by Ye Xuan, his expression became extremely unsightly and solemn.

"As I've said, you alone aren't enough to fill the gaps in my teeth. It's better for all of you to come at once!"

Looking at the icy-cold Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu, Ye Xuan yawned, lazily stretched, and said, "Hurry up and do it. It's getting late. I'll go back to sleep after I send the two of you off!"

"Little bastard, you are truly arrogant to the extreme! Since you insist on seeking death, we shall grant your wish! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing his impatient appearance, Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu clenched their fists so hard that they let out crackling sounds, as dense words came out of their mouths.


As their words fell, the two of them charged towards Ye Xuan with endless intent to kill.

Today, they would definitely kill this little bastard here!