Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu's figures were as fast as lightning. They were like two furious lions as they charged towards Ye Xuan in a berserk manner.

After witnessing Ye Xuan's methods, they didn't underestimate or underestimate him at all. They didn't care about their face and directly teamed up to besiege Ye Xuan.

Black Bear's entire body surged with energy as scarlet energy swirled around his arms. Behind him, the image of a huge black bear appeared, his hair standing on end, and his eyes flickered with a fierce light, as if he was a mad giant bear. His fist punched out, and the sky changed color.

This was Black Bear's most powerful martial skill — Rage of the Bear God!

The cyan energy coalesced around his right hand to form a cyan dragon. As he smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan, the cyan dragon opened its bloody mouth wide and bit towards Ye Xuan. This was the ultimate technique of the Xia Clan — — Wyrm Force!

As one of the absolute arts of the Xia Clan, the Flood Dragon's Supreme Force clearly had its own uniqueness. It could allow the inner strength of cultivators to have the destructive power of flood dragons, and could also change the physique of cultivators, allowing them to possess a physique and strength similar to that of flood dragons.

In the entire world of martial arts, it was quite famous.

As Xia Ying Wu unleashed his Flood Dragon's Astral Energy, his entire body seemed to possess the power of a dragon. His eyes were wide open as his strength surged. His entire body was emitting a strong aura that could not be infringed upon.

As Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu unleashed their most powerful martial arts at the same time, the entire hall was filled with sand and rocks as powerful energy surged forth!

How could it not be fierce? How could it not be fierce!

Before their attacks could even approach Ye Xuan, the wind pressure created by their attacks whistled over, blowing onto Ye Xuan's body. It was as if knives were tearing his body, causing his clothes to flutter.

"I didn't expect these two people to be able to unleash such a powerful attack. This Yu State is indeed worthy of being the capital city of the southwest. There are indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers. I wonder how strong the leaders of the Xiaowu Marquis and the Xu family are?"

Looking at Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu who were charging toward him with powerful attacks and sensing the boundless strength within their attacks, Ye Xuan had a faint smile on his face as he spoke with an indifferent expression.

"You little beast, go to hell!"

Looking at the indifferent Ye Xuan, Black Bear and Xia Houwu's eyes flickered with killing intent. Their voices were filled with rage.


As their words fell, the ground beneath their feet began to crack due to being unable to withstand their formidable strength, and their fists smashed out with an even faster and more powerful force.

"Fury of the Bear God!"

"Wyrm Astral Fist!"

In an instant, their fists seemed to have transformed into a fierce and ruthless giant bear and a berserk, bloodthirsty dragon that howled as it tore towards Ye Xuan to bite him.

The bear wanted to eat the man, the dragon wanted to kill!

The surrounding tables and chairs all shattered, and Ye Xuan's hair fluttered in the wind.

However, even in the face of such an attack, Ye Xuan remained calm and indifferent.

The instant the two of them attacked, Ye Xuan's expression went cold. The Soul Breaking Saber in his hand appeared and he fiercely pressed the Form Change button to the side.

"Swish …"

Dazzling black light exploded from the Absolute Soul Saber. It covered the sky and engulfed Xia Ying Wu and Black Bear's bodies, depriving them of their vision …

The Absolute Soul Saber instantly transformed into the Soul Breaking Sword that was wrapped in chains and held in Ye Xuan's hand.

He took a step forward, and his body was like a bolt of lightning as he charged into the black light that filled the entire sky.

Thunderclap Steps, Absolute Shadow Sword!

In the next moment, the dazzling black light was split apart like tofu. Ye Xuan's figure was like a ghost as he appeared on the other side. Drops of blood dripped down along the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand.

A cool breeze blew past. That devouring black light also slowly dissipated at this moment.

Xia Houwu and Hei Xiong, who were initially covered by black light, slowly revealed themselves at this moment.

However, the force surrounding their bodies had already disappeared. Their ferocious attacking posture was as though it had been immobilized, and they stood still on the spot, no longer as valiant as before.

"Hah …" What happened? "

Xia Ying Wu's eyes swiveled as he looked at the black bear beside him, which had also frozen quietly. His mouth began to tremble as he spoke.

"No …" "I don't know …"

Black Bear hoarsely replied with a pale face.

"Puchi …"

The instant their words fell, their bodies trembled and large amounts of black blood sprayed out from their mouths. A fine sword mark appeared on their chests, from the center of their eyebrows. Large amounts of blood sprayed out crazily …

Their eyes were wide open, and they were filled with rage and unwillingness as they collapsed with a loud bang. They crashed onto the ground, emitting muffled sounds of collision as they quietly died …



This scene caused the eyes of the severely injured members of the Bears Guild that were injured by Ye Xuan to go pale. Their faces were filled with terror, and they only felt their throats go dry and their backs go cold.

They never imagined that Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu would be so easily killed by Ye Xuan in a single exchange!

This was undoubtedly something that they found difficult to understand and to believe!

They didn't understand what had just happened in that instant.

Because the instant Ye Xuan released the Soul Breaking Blade into the Soul Breaking Sword, the bright black light robbed them of their vision.

If one were to say who was able to clearly see what had just happened, perhaps only Yi Yi.

Perhaps it was because she was Ye Xuan's teammate, or perhaps it was because of the angle she was at, but the bright black light didn't deprive her of her vision, allowing her to clearly see the scene that just happened …

She saw that moment as if time had stopped. Ye Xuan was like an elegant young master as he leisurely walked through that black light, passing by Black Bear and Xia Yingwu's side. He appeared to be calm and at ease.

There weren't even the slightest bit of ripples or bloodshed. In fact, she didn't even see Ye Xuan pull out his sword …

When she regained her senses, Black Bear and Xia Ying Wu had already fallen into a pool of blood, dead.

Yi Yi, dumbstruck, looked at Ye Xuan, who stood there elegantly, and couldn't help feeling absent-minded.

She felt as if she'd watched an exciting martial arts movie. Ye Xuan was the charming hero, causing her to be unable to recover from her shock. Her heart couldn't help but beat faster …

"Let's go!"

Yi Yi immediately came back to her senses when Ye Xuan's cold and indifferent voice sounded.

Yi Yi watched as Ye Xuan walked out of the bar with the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand. Yi Yi gripped her lily-white hands tightly and quickly followed.


"Leader Xia!"

Upon seeing this, the surviving members of Black Bear Guild heaved a sigh of relief. They hurriedly crawled towards Black Bear and Xia Ying as anxious and worried voices sounded out from their mouths …

However, no matter how hard they tried to shout, Xia Ying Wu and Black Bear would always close their eyes.

"That's right, go back and tell the leader of the Xu Clan and the Marquis of Xia Wu that I will take their lives later!"

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan's footsteps couldn't help but pause as he coldly spoke.


After he finished speaking, he silently left without turning back …

Yiyi carefully followed behind Ye Xuan as they walked down the street without speaking a word.

Looking at Ye Xuan's cold back, Yi Yi hesitated for a moment before gritting her teeth and saying, "Uncle, I …" Where are we going now? "

Ye Xuan stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and saw that Yi Yi was both nervous and scared, but his face was filled with stubbornness. He pretended to be strong and said coldly, "It's time for you to go home."

After speaking, Ye Xuan turned around and continued forward.

"Hey …"

Upon seeing this, Yi Yi could not help but shout.

However, Ye Xuan didn't slow down in the slightest and continued to walk forward by himself.

"Hey …" "Don't go, stop right there..."

Yi Yi Xin panicked. He couldn't help but yell again.

However, Ye Xuan didn't give any response.

He did not want to get involved with any other woman, and Yi Yi was obviously not the same person as him.


Seeing Ye Xuan walk further and further away, Yi Yi Yi immediately became anxious. She clenched her teeth and ran after him. Before Ye Xuan could react, she reached out her lily-white hands and hugged Ye Xuan from behind. Ye Xuan stopped in his tracks and his body quietly froze …

Ye Xuan only felt two balls of softness with a dense elasticity pressing onto his back, giving him a different feeling ….

"Don't go, I don't want to go home, I don't want to marry that man …"

"I beg of you, don't leave. Help me, I don't want to marry him …"

Yi Yi Chenzi embraced Ye Xuan's body and rested his head on her back. His eyes were filled with tears as he pleaded.

Ye Xuan quietly looked at the dark street in the distance, but didn't reply.

"If you want to go, then. Please take me with you! I'm willing to travel the skies with you! "

Feeling the warmth and peace of mind from Ye Xuan's body, and thinking of his valiant demeanor in the bar, Yi Yi gritted his teeth and spoke.

When Yi Yi's words entered his ears, Ye Xuan's body couldn't help but tremble. He couldn't help but recall that peerlessly beautiful face.

What a familiar sentence, but when she heard it again, the one who spoke was no longer her!

"Are you still alive?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help muttering to himself.

"Let's go!"

After a moment, Ye Xuan shook his head and cast away his chaotic thoughts. He gradually recovered from his shock and spoke with an indifferent tone.

After hearing Ye Xuan's reply, Yi Yi finally loosened his arms around Ye Xuan and followed behind him as they walked forward …

Not far ahead, there was a hotel. The eye-catching lights were very glaring!