"It's finally here!"

As the sound of Ye Xuan's mumbling faded, a large amount of dust suddenly rose up from the distant road. It was a dozen black Rolls that formed a long dragon that roared over, shocking everyone's eyes.

After all, a single Rolls Royce was extremely eye-catching on the streets, not to mention this was a convoy of over a dozen Rolls Royces. Each of them was priced at over five million, so it was impossible not to attract attention.

The Rolls Royce's caravan moved at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of the small courtyard and stopped outside the small courtyard.

The door opened, and a group of powerhouses in black suits with a domineering aura walked out. They quickly arrived at the sides of the leader's Rolls-Royce Führer. They stood in two neat rows, emanating a solemn aura that prevented people from approaching them.

Only then did the front door of the Rolls-Royce Führer gradually open. An old servant in western style clothes stepped down from the car, quickly went to the back of the car, opened the door, and respectfully bowed while gesturing for him to come in.

A middle-aged man around the age of fifty, whose entire body radiated boundless majesty and domineering might, gradually walked out from the carriage and appeared in front of everyone.

"Big brother!"


Seeing the middle-aged man alight, a look of ecstasy appeared on the faces of Old Li San and his son, Li Wen. They hurriedly went up and greeted him with respectful words.

This person was the current Patriarch of the Li Family, the elder brother of Old Li San — Li Dewu.

It had to be said that as the current Patriarch of the Li family, Li Dewu's display of power and prestige was truly enormous.

Even Ye Xuan was slightly surprised.

Just from the appearance of Li Dewu and the others, it could be seen that the Li family's background was extraordinary.

The people that Li Dewu brought over were all elite Li family experts. Each of them had reached the small success stage of the Astral Energy Transformation, and there were even some at the large success or peak stage of the Astral Energy Transformation. This showed just how powerful the Li family was.

"How did it become like this?"

Looking at Old Li San's miserable appearance along with his son, Li Wen, Li De Wu's brows furrowed without a trace. A trace of astonishment and astonishment flashed across his face.

He was well aware of the extraordinary strength of his Third Brother, Old Li. He was a powerhouse at the peak of the Astral Energy Transformation Stage, and he also cultivated the Li Family's strongest Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's Strength.

"Big Bro, don't ask anymore questions. Get someone to kill that damn little bastard for me!"

Hearing Li Dewu's words, Old Li San forcefully endured the pain in his body and pointed at Ye Xuan, who was in the courtyard, with eyes that emitted dense hatred, as he fiercely spoke.

Hearing this, Li Dewu's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan, who was leisurely sipping his tea in the small courtyard, and didn't even budge from the fact that Li Dewu had brought a powerful expert over.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

In the next moment, Li Dewu waved his hand and led many of his subordinates into the small courtyard.

"It's over, it's over..."

"Although that young lad is quite strong, and his performance is extraordinary, I like him!" But now that he has provoked the Li Family, and even had Li Dewu personally lead them here, he's probably done for! "

"Sigh... There's a good chance that someone will die today. "

"Everyone says that Li Dewu is an enlightened lord, I wonder how he will deal with that kid?"

"What else can we do? We should kill them to establish our might!"

Watching Li Dewu and the many elite Li family experts enter the courtyard together with many experts, the surrounding spectators had worried and complicated expressions as they discussed amongst themselves.

"That kid's strength is extraordinary. Even San Ye lost to him. Do you think the family head will …?"

"Hmph, don't talk nonsense! "The Patriarch is a Martial Marquis of the Four Divisions Earth Realm. Now that the Patriarch is here, the kid is definitely going to die!"

"This time, we can finally get our revenge!"

The Li family experts, who were heavily injured by Ye Xuan, were also discussing in soft voices.

"Uncle, it's this damnable brat that insulted our Li family. Just now, his battle with my father consumed a lot of energy. Quickly, get someone to kill him!"

Li Wen stood beside Li Dewu and glared venomously at Ye Xuan, who was leisurely enjoying his tea in the sun, as angry words came out of his mouth.

"That's right, Big Brother … Let them do it! "

At this moment, Old Li San also spoke with an ice-cold expression.

Li Dewu did not listen to their words, but his gaze slowly swept across the traces of fighting left in the small courtyard, an indifferent tone came from his mouth, "I know what I'm doing!"

After he finished speaking, he no longer paid attention to Old Li San and Li Wen. Instead, his gaze was focused on Ye Xuan as he carefully examined and felt Ye Xuan's aura. He was inwardly shocked!

From Ye Xuan's appearance, he didn't seem to have any injuries and his aura was steady and profound. It didn't seem like he'd experienced a battle at all. This showed that his strength was far above his third brother's.

Moreover, he appeared to be calm and unhurried. Even though he had arrived, he hadn't changed in the slightest. This undoubtedly showed that he was confident in his own strength and background.

Otherwise, if it was an ordinary person like him, Li Dewu, who came here with such a huge force, would have been scared to the point of peeing his pants. How would he be able to leisurely drink tea like this?

After observing Ye Xuan for a while, Li Dewu recalled the recent annihilation of the Twin Bears and the death of Marquis of Xia's brother, Xia Yingwu. He had already come to a conclusion regarding Ye Xuan.

This guy was probably the one who annihilated the Twin Bear Gang and killed Xia Ying Wu, a Martial Marquis that had stepped into the fourth level of the Earth Realm. His strength was probably on par with his!

However, what puzzled Li Dewu was that the aura exuded by this fellow was not that of a Martial Marquis of the Four Symbols Earth Realm, but that of an ordinary Martial Disciple with Supreme Force.

It had to be said that Li Dewu was worthy of being the Patriarch of the Li family. He was able to think of so many things in such a short amount of time, thereby confirming Ye Xuan's identity.

At that moment, under the astonished gazes of everyone, including Old Li San and Li Yi, Li Dewu didn't attack Ye Xuan. Instead, he walked over to a stone chair beside him and sat on it, then started speaking.

"Heh heh... If I didn't guess wrongly, this brother here is the person who caused so much trouble in Yu Zhou City and killed Xia Ying Wu, right? "

"What?" He's the one who killed Xia Ying Wu and the two bears, Ye Xuan? "

"This... How was this possible? He looks so young? "

"It can't be, it's actually him? Didn't the Patriarch order him to be our Li Family's esteemed guest? "

"Holy shit, you can't be that unlucky, right? The person we were dealing with was actually Ye Xuan? "

When Li Dewu's words entered the ears of the surrounding Li family members, it undoubtedly caused them to be stupefied and astonished. They never imagined that the person they wanted to beat up was actually Ye Xuan.

Even Li Yi and Old Li San were stunned. They dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan and quietly waited for his response.

"As expected of the Li family's master. Indeed, nothing can be hidden from you!"

Ye Xuan's gaze went cold when he heard Li Dewu's words, and he couldn't help but slowly put down the teacup in his hand. His gaze descended onto Li Dewu, and a smile appeared on his face.

For Li Dewu to be able to deduce his identity in such a short period of time, and also come here to see his own brothers heavily injured, and many Li family experts to be able to sit down and talk to him after being crippled, it was sufficient to show that this fellow's vision and shrewdness were extraordinary.

"Ah?" "Alright!"

Ye Xuan's words caused Yi Yi Yi, who was standing in the room with a worried expression, to be slightly stunned. Yi Yi quickly took the teapot and teacup out of the room, poured some tea for Li Dewu, and silently retreated.

"What?" It really is him! "

"It really is him!"

Looking at Ye Xuan's indifferent reply, the Li family experts that were madly beaten up by Ye Xuan were completely stupefied.

Even Old Li San and Li Wen, the father and son pair, were stunned. They didn't expect that the person in front of them was the person who killed Xia Ying Wu and destroyed the Twin Bear Gang, Ye Xuan.

Before this, the Li family's Patriarch, Li Dewu, had personally ordered not to offend Ye Xuan, and instead to treat him as a guest, inviting him to the Li family.

But not only did they not listen to Li Dewu's orders, they even started fighting with Ye Xuan.

Such a dramatic scene undoubtedly caused Li Wen, Old Li San, and the others to not know what to do.

"Little Brother Ye Xuan possessing such extraordinary strength at such a young age, to have performed such a magnificent feat as destroying the Twin Bears Association and destroying Xia Ying Wu is truly admirable. A hero coming out of a youth is truly frightening!"

Li Dewu couldn't help but smile as he looked at Ye Xuan's indifferent expression, receiving such an affirmative answer. Li Xuan didn't have any intention of blaming Ye Xuan for injuring his third brother.

"The Patriarch is too courteous."

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head.

Seeing that Ye Xuan had completely shut his mouth and didn't mention that he'd injured Old Li San and the other Li Family experts, Li Dewu could only speak in a low voice, "I've already ordered for Little Brother Ye Xuan to be our Li Family's honored guest!" I wonder if there's any misunderstanding between little brother Ye Xuan and my third brother? "

"Misunderstanding? "Not really!"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head, then changed the subject. With a calm expression, he said, "However, there are quite a few grudges!"

As Ye Xuan finished speaking, Li Dewu stopped tasting. The smile on his face quietly froze, and the atmosphere in the small courtyard abruptly became quiet.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

There was only a gust of cold wind blowing through the small courtyard, causing the leaves on the Pagoda tree to fly down like dancing butterflies.

The Li family elite experts that stood in a straight line exploded forth with their fists clenched tightly. As long as Li Dewu gave the order, they wouldn't hesitate to kill Ye Xuan!

An invisible chill quietly spread in the yard.