Ye Xuan's cold face still didn't have the slightest fluctuation when he saw the Li family's experts erupt with force. He indifferently smiled, then extended his hand to pick up the teacup and leisurely savored it!

This calmness and boldness was truly admirable.

Even Li Dewu, who sat opposite Ye Xuan, paled in comparison to Ye Xuan in both temperament and aura.

Seeing Ye Xuan completely unmoved by the outside world and sipping his tea, Li Dewu suddenly had a strange illusion.

It was as if the Ye Xuan in front of him had already seen through everything in the world. He was a condescending monarch that ruled the world.

In his eyes, he was nothing more than an insignificant ant.

He didn't even take himself seriously.

It was as if he, as the Patriarch of the Li family, was looking at those ordinary people.

Moreover, this wasn't something that Ye Xuan could fake. Rather, it was the aura he possessed, the bearing he possessed.

Li Dewu had never felt this kind of feeling from anyone before. One had to know that he was the supreme existence in Yu state, the person with the highest authority in the entire Li family.

He had actually lost without a sound to this fellow in front of him in the aura field. This caused Li Dewu's heart to be filled with a complicated and bitter feeling.

He'd actually lost to such a young fellow without even making a sound, not to mention the fact that there were so many Li Clan experts beside him, aiding him in his battle.

What kind of background and identity did this guy have?

If he were to make an enemy out of Ye Xuan, whose status was mysterious and had extraordinary potential, then it would undoubtedly cause their Li family to become even weaker, and sooner or later, they would be eaten by the Xu and Xia families …

On the contrary, if he could form an alliance and cooperate with Ye Xuan, he might be able to fight with the Xu and Xia families and reverse the current disadvantageous situation of the Li family.

Although this would have wronged his third brother and the other Li family experts, it was clearly worth it in the long run.

As the Patriarch of the Li family, Li Dewu knew very well that nothing could be done in front of his eyes, and he couldn't just stare at those grudges and be blinded by them …

At this moment, Li Dewu had too many thoughts in his mind.

He didn't notice at all that the Li Family experts that were standing around him were already unable to endure this oppressive and strange silence. Their hands that were clenched into fists seemed to be trembling slightly, and beads of sweat had already started to appear on their foreheads …

Those who were weaker had cold sweat dripping down their clothes and faces.

All of this was affected by the formless auras that Li Dewu and Ye Xuan released.

"Kill …"

Someone couldn't withstand the formless pressure from the atmosphere in the courtyard. Li Dewu withdrew his aura and couldn't help but laugh loudly, "Little Brother Ye Xuan, what kind of words are you saying? How could my third brother have a grudge with you? You must be joking!"

Immediately after, Li Dewu turned around and his gaze landed on Old Li San who was standing to the side. He smiled and said, "Third brother, what do you say?"

"Big Brother, he seriously injured me and the document holder, and injured so many powerhouses of our Li Clan …."

Third Elder Li's fists were clenched until there were crackling sounds. His eyes flickered with a strong sense of unwillingness as the words that came out of his mouth came out of his clenched teeth.

"Li family's Patriarch, you see that I'm not joking with you, right? I already told you that there is a grudge between us, and you didn't believe me! "

Ye Xuan lightly sipped a mouthful of tea as a hint of a cold smile appeared on his face.

"Brat, you …"

Looking at Ye Xuan's calm appearance, Old Li San's eyes were filled with rage. He clenched his fists until they made cracking sounds, and spoke with a face full of anger.

Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, Li Dewu's dignified voice interrupted him, "Third brother, shut up!"

"Big brother, he …"

Old Li San wanted to argue and argue, but Li Dewu threw him an ice-cold look, which made him shut his mouth obediently.

He cupped his fists towards Ye Xuan and extremely courteously said, "Young Master Xuan, if my third brother has offended you in any way, I'll sincerely apologize on his behalf!"

"Big brother …"

Looking at Li Dewu's attitude and hearing his words, Old Li San's eyes were filled with unwillingness and he couldn't help but speak.

"Shut up!"

However, what responded was Li Dewu's incomparably stern words.

It was obvious that he was angry over Old Li San's insensibility and disregard for the greater picture.

"Young Master Xuan, please give me some face. Is this the end of the grudge between you and my third brother?"

Li Dewu turned around to look at Ye Xuan. His face had changed back to a smile as he lightly smiled.

After the confrontation with Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan had gained a bit of respect from this guy. Unknowingly, his way of addressing him had changed from "Little Brother Ye Xuan" to "Young Master Xuan", and you to "you" as well.

From this, it could be seen how important Ye Xuan was in his heart.

Looking at Li Dewu's sincere expression and hearing his words, Ye Xuan fell into a long silence.

Ye Xuan was rather satisfied with Li Dewu's attitude, but there were some things that had to be resolved.

Since he had made a mistake, he would have to pay a corresponding price.

At that moment, Ye Xuan raised his head and said in a deep voice, "Li Family's Patriarch, for your sake, I can let bygones be bygones when Old Li and his son offended me!" But I can't just ignore the matters of my friends! "

"Young Master Xuan, what do you mean by that?"

Ye Xuan's words caused Li Dewu to be slightly stunned. A trace of confusion flashed through his eyes, and he couldn't help but ask in confusion.

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly said, "The person who just poured tea was my friend Yi Yi, while this fellow's son, Li Wen, coveted her beauty. He repeatedly beat her and her family, even forcing her mother to die …"

"If I wasn't here today, her father and a few relatives and friends would probably be beaten to death by them, and she would also be forcefully taken away … Chief Lee, you are the person in charge of the Li family. Everyone says that you are a wise man, so what do you think about this matter? "

"What should I do? Is it to condone the wrongdoings of one's own people, or to exterminate one's family and uphold justice for the victims? "

After he finished speaking, Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto Li Dewu, quietly waiting for his reply.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Dewu clenched his fists until they made 'ka ka' sounds. His gaze towards Li Yi and Old Li San was filled with undisguised iciness as he coldly said, "Third brother, did you know about this? Is what he said true or false? "

Being questioned by Li Dewu, Old Li San's face became extremely ugly. He hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth and saying: "Big Brother, you also know that Wen Sheng's appearance is not good, and is not very popular with women. It's difficult to find a suitable home! Moreover, he's not that young anymore. It wasn't easy to find a woman he liked, so I indulged him a little. Although I know that his methods were a bit overboard, I didn't go and stop him … "

"This is indeed my son's fault for being undisciplined and lacking in discipline! "But I didn't know that he had killed someone else's mother, and I don't think Vincent would do such a thing, would he?"

Immediately after, Old Li San's gaze fell on Li Wen's body. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he coldly and sternly uttered those words.

"Yeah, Uncle, I'm a bastard sometimes, but …"

At this moment, Li Wen also quickly spoke up.

"Who allowed you to speak while standing?"

However, before Li Wen could finish his words, he was interrupted by Li Dewu's cold and stern voice.


Although Li Wen felt indignant in his heart, at this moment, his knees went weak and he knelt down obediently.

"Continue!" Li Dewu said coldly.

"Uncle, I may be a bastard sometimes, but I also know my limits. How could I force her mother to die? Back then, it was clearly she who couldn't bear it and crashed into the wall …"

Li Wen said with a trembling voice.

"If it wasn't for you forcing her, how could my mother have crashed her head against the wall?"

Yi Yiyi, who was hiding in the room, could no longer stay any longer. She rushed in from inside, her eyes staring straight at Li Wen as she spoke with a face full of anger.

"Pui, you bastard!" There's less people here who are spitting blood. If she can't take it anymore, she might just run into the wall and die, so why can't she blame … "

Looking at Yi Yi, Li's eyes flashed with a murderous light. He clenched his fists so hard that they made 'ka ka' sounds. Killing intent surged from his body as he cursed out loud.


"Puchi …"

However, before Li Wen could finish speaking, a cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he sent a slap over.

Li Wen was slapped on the spot and a mouthful of bright red blood sprayed out from his mouth. The powerful force sent his entire body flying …

"Clang." "Brat, you're courting death!"

Killing intent filled Old Li's eyes as he looked at Li Wen, who was sent flying. Energy exploded from his entire body as he swung his fist towards Ye Xuan with a formidable force.

Li Wen was his own son, yet Ye Xuan slapped him in front of him and so many people. How could Old Li San not be angry?

"Third brother!"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. Just as he was about to make a move, Li Dewu's hand shot out like lightning and grabbed Old Li's hand.

"Big brother, my son, many of the Li family's brothers and I were bullied. It's fine if you don't help, but now you still want to stop me? Do you want to help this little bastard?"

With his attack blocked, Old Li San turned his head and his gaze fell on Li Dewu, his mouth filled with angry words.


However, before Old Li San could finish his sentence, a cold light flashed through Li Dewu's eyes. He slapped Old Li's face and gave him a resounding slap, as authoritative words came out of his mouth.

"I, Li Dewu, have always acted in a way that distinguishes between gratitude and grudges! Right and wrong, I have my own judgment! What was right was right, what was wrong was wrong! The right and wrong of this matter are already very clear. Do you really want me to say everything, do everything, and make my Li family lose all face? "

At this moment, Li Dewu was obviously completely enraged!