"To be able to defeat the three ghosts of Yu State, you do have some ability!"

"But, boy. Your path ends here! "

The instant Xu Tianhe's words left his mouth, he took a step forward. Wind rose and clouds rose beneath his feet as he charged towards Ye Xuan at an extremely fast speed. His speed was so fast that it left behind a series of afterimages in the air that made it difficult for others to track his movements, causing Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold.

A demonic intent surged within Ye Xuan's eyes. He clenched his fists tightly and fiercely smashed forward with a powerful force.

Collapsing Dragon's Strength!

Dragon Rage!


In the next moment, muffled sounds of collisions rang out. Xu Tianhe had already appeared in front of Ye Xuan and swung his fist at him, colliding with Ye Xuan's fist.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Under Ye Xuan's punch, Xu Tianhe's body didn't move an inch. Instead, a powerful force spread out from Xu Tianhe's fist, shaking Ye Xuan until he retreated dozens of steps before stabilizing his body.

Ye Xuan raised his head and directed his gaze onto the uninjured Xu Tianhe. His eyes flashed with a serious light.

With his current cultivation level, it would be extremely difficult for him to deal with Xu Tianhe if he didn't enter the Thunderclap state or the Bedevilment Realm. Just now when their fists collided, Ye Xuan was able to feel the difference in strength between the two of them.

No matter what, this Xu Tianhe was a Martial Marquis of the Four Divisions Earth Realm. Even if he had just entered the Four Divisions Earth Realm, he could not be compared to an expert of the Supreme Force.

If Ye Xuan could completely refine all of the bones in his body and cultivate the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the second layer, then even without using the Thunderclap state and the Bedevilment Dao, he would still be able to fight against the Martial Marquis.


In the instant Ye Xuan was pushed back by a punch, Xu Tianhe didn't give him the slightest chance to breathe. Like a fierce tiger that had just left its cage, he pounced towards Ye Xuan with a violent strength.

The instant they neared Ye Xuan, Xu Tianhe's fist surged with dark red astral energy as he punched at Ye Xuan. The terrifying dark red astral energy whistled out from his fist like a bloodthirsty dragon, tearing at Ye Xuan, causing him to feel an intense sense of danger.

The four Earth Realm Martial Lords were not only able to materialize their astral energy, they were also able to release it outwards. Their killing power was even more terrifying and powerful. Even if they were ten meters away, they would still be able to take one's life.

"The wrath of the Wind God!"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. The instant the Bloodthirsty Dragon formed from astral energy tore through the air, the bones in his right leg instantly turned gold.

"Aooo …"

Ye Xuan's whip leg heavily smashed onto the flood dragon's head, causing it to let out a roar of pain. The dragon gradually dissipated, dispelling Xu Tianhe's powerful attack.

"Divine Feet of Heavenly Dipper!"

However, Xu Tianhe took advantage of that split-second to complete his transformation. He moved, appearing in front of Ye Xuan as if he'd teleported. His right leg was surrounded by a terrifying Heavenly Energy, causing his entire leg to be covered with dark scales as he lashed out at Ye Xuan.

"Thirty-six Wind Thunder Kick!"

Ye Xuan's expression was grim. Circulating his Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, the bones in his legs instantly turned gold. Bringing along the power of wind and lightning, he kicked out with lightning speed, colliding with Xu Tianhe's Heavenly Dipper Leg.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The muffled sounds of whip kicks colliding continuously rang out. It was Ye Xuan's whip kicks that continuously collided with Xu Tianhe's whip kicks, causing the two of them to be enveloped by a sky full of leg shadows.

From afar, all that could be seen was a sky full of shadows shuttling back and forth in the hall.


It wasn't until the sound of bones colliding that both Ye Xuan and Xu Tianhe, who were madly moving, stopped moving. A terrifying force spread out from their bodies, spreading in all directions, causing the afterimages that they left behind to completely dissipate.

"Crack crack crack …" Crack... "Crack …"

Numerous cracks that were as thick as hands spread out in all directions under their feet, causing the expressions of the surrounding Xu Clan disciples to change drastically as they hurriedly dodged to the side …

"Brat, you are already proud of yourself for being able to block my Heavenly Dipper Legs. The Divine Feet of Heavenly Dipper is only my weakest martial skill! "

Xu Tianhe coldly stared at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"Earth Fiend roundhouse kick!"

The instant Xu Tianhe's voice fell, a large amount of black astral energy abruptly shot out from the soles of his feet that were supporting his body. As he forcefully spun his body and pushed Ye Xuan's whip kick away, he fiercely swung his leg and sent a roundhouse kick towards Ye Xuan's chest!

With one strike, the Heavenly Energy from the whip kick seemed to have transformed into a malicious ghost that bit towards Ye Xuan's chest, causing a bone-piercing cold wind.

Devil Dragon's Strength!

The Demon Dragon was enraged!

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold as he instantly dove into the first stage of the Demon Realm. His fists surged with demonic energy as he fiercely smashed it towards Xu Tianhe's leg whip kick. The terrifying demonic energy transformed into a demonic dragon that coiled around Ye Xuan's fist and collided with Xu Tianhe's leg whip kick.

"Boom! Boom!"

The fist and the whip leg collided, and a deafening explosion set off a violent wind in the hall.

Ye Xuan's body flew out like a cannonball, smashing heavily onto the wall at the end of the hall. He smashed the hard wall into pieces, raising a large amount of dust.

However, Xu Tianhe wasn't in a good condition either. His body was forced back more than ten meters by Ye Xuan's fist force before being able to stabilize himself. A trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. He'd obviously been heavily injured!

If one were to look carefully, they would notice that this fellow's legs were trembling because of the collision of his whip-like legs with Ye Xuan's.

Although this fellow was a Martial Marquis of the Four Directions and was able to form or even release astral energy from within his body, allowing astral energy to be attached to his body for attack and defense, his physical body was far inferior to Ye Xuan's, who had completed the tempering of his four limbs.

In this continuous, high-intensity clash, he naturally couldn't compare to Ye Xuan.

Especially when the power of Ye Xuan's Devil Dragon's Fury from the 1st level of the Bedevilment Realm instantly increased, causing this fellow to be caught off guard and caused a certain amount of damage.

"This damned b * stard actually cultivated his outer force to such an extent …"

"However, he must have suffered some serious injuries after receiving my Earth Fiend roundhouse kick!"

Steadying his body, Xu Tianhe stretched out a hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth. He raised his head and stared coldly at the center of the dust cloud, as he spoke with ice-cold words coming out of his mouth.


However, just as he finished speaking, a loud explosion rang out from the center of the dust cloud. A black demonic wind whistled out like a demonic dragon from the center of the dust cloud as it charged like lightning towards Xu Tianhe, causing his pupils to constrict and his expression to change drastically.

"Earth Fiend Form Fist!"

It was too late for Xu Tianhe to dodge, he could only grit his teeth and grit his teeth. Circulating the Heavenly Energy within his body, he poured it into his fists, causing his entire being to seem like a king of hell. With surging strength in his hands, he smashed them towards the incoming demonic dragon, causing a loud explosive sound to ring out from his mouth.

This was a clash between evil spirits and devils!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A terrifying force swept through the air, causing the Xu Clan disciples in the hall to feel the ground shake. The Xu Clan disciples, who were relatively weaker than Ye Xuan and the others, were even sent flying backwards as they vomited blood on the spot from the terrifying force …

"Puchi …"

Fortunately, the frenzied collision only lasted for a short while. In the center of the battle, Xu Tianhe and Ye Xuan both spat out a mouthful of black blood and were sent flying by the terrifying rebound …

Chi chi chi …

"Tap, tap, tap …"

The two of them could no longer control their bodies due to the strong force. They glided on the ground for a long distance and continuously retreated until they hit the wall to stabilize themselves …

Traces of blood trickled from the corners of their mouths.

That strike just now had been of equal strength. It had been a draw!

"As expected of a Martial Marquis of the Four Divisions, his ability to use Supreme Force is far beyond what a martial artist of the Astral Energy Transformation can compare to. He can actually suppress my Demonic Qi and cause harm to my body by rushing into my body …"

After stabilizing himself, Ye Xuan slowly raised his head and directed his gaze onto Xu Tianhe. His eyes flickered with a dignified light as he coldly spoke.

Such a clash allowed him to gain a better understanding of the combat prowess of a Martial Marquis of the Four Symbols Earth Realm.

"What was that black wind just now? Supreme Force? Could it be that this kid wasn't just cultivating external techniques, but both internal and external? My five visceras were damaged from that collision … "

"If this continues, I'm afraid the situation will become even more disadvantageous for me …"

Compared to Ye Xuan, Xu Tianhe was even more shocked by the strength that Ye Xuan had displayed. Thoughts continuously flashed through his mind.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had recently entered the Four Symbols Earth Realm and became a Martial Marquis, he probably would have lost at the hands of this kid a long time ago.

At the moment, Xu Tianhe was already having the thought of a quick and decisive battle!

At this moment, the astral energy within his body quietly circulated through his meridians as he stared coldly at Ye Xuan. Endless icy-cold words came out of his mouth. "Brat, you're proud enough to force me to such an extent. Now, prepare to go to hell!"

As soon as Xu Tianhe finished speaking, he stomped his foot, causing a terrifying aura of Heavenly Energy to explode out, causing the hard ground to shatter layer by layer. The aura covered the sky and rushed towards Ye Xuan, blocking his line of sight.

At the same time, all of the Heavenly Energy within his body was crazily poured into his palms, bringing along a frightening amount of energy as he fiercely slapped towards Ye Xuan.


"Heaven Shattering Palm!"

A terrifying aura turned into a giant palm that charged towards Ye Xuan, who was covered by the floor!

With this move, Xu Tianhe displayed all the abilities he possessed as a Martial Marquis of the Four Symbols Earth Realm.

When the Supreme Force was released, it could kill the enemy without any form of form!

Dense life and death crisis filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to turn ice-cold and solemn.

The attack that Xu Tianhe had unleashed with all his might was indeed terrifying and powerful, bringing him a sense of impending doom.

Moreover, this move had completely sealed off his retreat path, making it impossible for him to dodge.

"If that's the case … Second Stage of Bedevilment! "

Seeing this, the dense battle intent in Ye Xuan's eyes quietly surged. His eyes were instantly devoured by the demonic qi, and his entire body was surrounded by the corroding demonic qi. The Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, which was extremely yin and yang, quietly circulated at this moment!

He instantly entered the second level of the Bedevilment Realm.

The instant the attack closed in, Ye Xuan's fist burned with dense demonic qi and was fiercely smashed forward.

Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique's number one martial skill!

Burning Sun!