In the entire Southwest region, there were only a handful of people who had the qualifications to enter the Marquis Platform to rest and entertain themselves.

However, the dukedom was now filled with a dense crowd that exuded a strong killing intent.

The two leading the group were none other than the leader of the Xu family, Xu Tianxiong, and the current patriarch of the Xia family, the Xia Wu Hou.

In addition, there was also Xu Dahai, Xia Ying, and many other high-ranking members of the Xu and Xia families.

The atmosphere in the entire luxurious hall was extremely depressing and depressing.

He raised his head and drained the cup of red wine in one gulp. Turning his head, his gaze fell upon Xu Dahai as he coldly said, "It's already been five days, have you still not found any news or whereabouts of that brat?"

"Patriarch, the whole Yu State City has been searched for him, but there is no trace of him!"

Hearing Xu Tian's furious words and seeing his furious appearance, Xu Hai clenched his teeth and spoke.

"Xia Ying, what about you?"

The Marquis of Xiaowang's expression turned ugly. He turned his head and his gaze fell on Xia Ying, who was standing at the side.

"Reporting to the patriarch, we have expanded the search to a radius of 50 miles from Yu State City, but there is still no trace of him! Patriarch, please punish me! "

Xia Ying knelt down on one knee towards the Marquis of Xia and cupped his fists as he spoke.

"A bunch of trash!"

Hearing this, the Marquis's expression became unsightly as he slammed his hand on the table with an icy tone.

"In these five days, we've sent out all our men and even a mouse but you guys can't find a single trace of them. You sure are useful!" Could that guy have evaporated into thin air? "

It was obvious that both the Marquis of Xia and Xu Tianyi were extremely dissatisfied with, and even angry at, this result!

It has to be known that in these five days, all of the members of the Xia and Xu Families had gone out to search for traces of Ye Xuan. They spent countless resources and manpower to actually obtain such a reply.

Hearing the Xia Wu Hou's angry words, everyone lowered their heads, not daring to speak.

"Heh heh... Maybe I know where Ye Xuan is hiding! "

However, at this moment, a light laugh rang out.

As this voice sounded, a handsome young man with long white hair and a white suit slowly walked in, appearing in everyone's line of sight.

"Big brother, why are you here? Didn't the family head tell you to stay home and rest?"

Seeing the young man that walked in, a surprised expression involuntarily appeared on Xu Hai's face as he asked in a puzzled manner.

The person who had come was the young master of the Xu Family, Xu Xingluo!

Before the young man could reply, Xu Dahai continued asking, "And how did you manage to get in here?"

It had to be known that even if he, Xu Hai, did not have the qualifications to enter the marquis' platform alone, he had still basked in the radiance of Xu Tiannan and the Xiaowu dukedom.

Even Xu Xingluo, known as the number one young master of Yu state, didn't have the qualifications to enter alone.

"I didn't come in alone, Mr. Gu, please!"

Looking at Xu Hai's stupefied expression, Xu Xingluo's handsome face couldn't help but reveal a slight smile. Her mouth began to emit magnetic words.

Following the end of his words, a middle-aged man with long, white hair who looked energetic and exuded a sharp aura akin to a sharp unsheathed sword walked into the great hall of the dukedom, followed by a group of men dressed in white robes and wielding swords.

On the white robes they wore, there was an eye-catching "Ancient" character, representing their identity and background.

They were the core strength of the Ancient Sword Sect, the experts among the inner disciples.

"Sword Hero Ancient Spirit?"

Seeing the middle-aged man approaching with the experts from the Ancient Sword Sect, Xu Hai's expression changed as he heard the shocking words coming out of his mouth.

"Brother Gu, what brought you to Yu State City?"

"Brother Gu, long time no see. How have you been?"

Xu Tiannan and the Marquis of Xiaowu also stood up at this moment, smiles plastered all over their faces. They quickly walked up to them and spoke with polite words.

Gu Ling, the peerless expert of the Ancient Sword Sect, was second only to the two leaders of the Ancient Sword Sect. Gu Ling, the peerless expert of the Ancient Sword Sect, was second only to the two heads of the Ancient Sword Sect.

"Haha …" Brother Xu, after two years of not seeing you two, your strength has improved quite a bit. "

Upon seeing this, the Sword Hero immediately laughed out loud before politely replying.

"Come, let's not talk about anything else for now. Let's sit down and drink a few cups first!"

Xu Tiannan and the Marquis seemed to be especially enthusiastic as they sat down with their swords and ancient spirits. The three of them drank a few cups in a row and chatted for a while before gradually getting to the main topic.

"I wonder what Brother Gu's purpose of coming to Yu Zhou city is?"

Xu Tian asked with a smile.

"Because of one!" A cold light flashed through the eyes of the Sword Hero as he replied coldly.

"Oh? "What kind of person could actually cause Brother Gu to personally descend the mountain?!"

Xu Tianxiong and the Marquis of Xiaowu both spoke up in curiosity.

"Ye Xuan, you're all looking for him. He killed many disciples of my Ancient Sword Sect, as well as my junior brother, the Ancient Tomb Immortal!"

A dense killing intent surged within the eyes of the Sword Hero as an ice-cold voice sounded out from his mouth.

Although Xu Tian Nu and Marquis Xia Wu had already guessed the Sword Hero's purpose for coming here, they were still a little shocked when they heard it from his own ears. They didn't expect the Sword Hero to actually come down the mountain because of a person like Ye Xuan.

A helpless and bitter smile appeared on their faces as they said, "Brother Gu, you don't know that we've been searching for Ye Xuan with all our might, but there's no trace of him. It's as if he disappeared into thin air …"

"Really?" However, nephew Xing Luo told me that he knows of Ye Xuan's whereabouts! "

The swordsman Gu Ling smiled. She turned her head and her gaze fell upon Xu Xingluo, who had brought her here.

Hearing his words, Xu Tiannan, Xiahou Wu, Xu Hai, and the others simultaneously turned their heads to look at Ye Xuan.

Xu Tiannan's dignified voice also came out of his mouth. "Xing Luo, do you really know where Ye Xuan is hiding?"

"That's right!"

Xu Xingluo nodded affirmatively.

"Where is he hiding?"

Xu Tian Nu, the Marquis of Xia and the rest asked at the same time.

"Li Family Courtyard!"

A confident smile appeared on Xu Xingluo's handsome face as she spoke at a moderate pace.

"Give me a reason why he's in the Li family?"

Xu TianNu said coldly.

"You spent so much manpower and materials to search the entire Yu Zhou City, but you couldn't find Ye Xuan. Why?"

"Because you didn't send anyone to the Li Family to search for the Li Family!"

Xu Xingluo's gaze fell upon Xu Dahai, and she smiled as she spoke.

"Li family?"

Hearing Xu Xingluo's words, Xu Dahai and the rest were slightly stunned.

A look of understanding immediately surfaced on his face.

Just like what Xu Xingluo had said, they had searched the entire Xuzhou City, but they had yet to search the Li Clan.

Because the Li family was like them, one of the three families in Yu state, no one dared to go.

"You're saying that the Li family hid Ye Xuan? Don't you think they know the consequences of doing that?"

The Marquis of Xia's eyes flashed with a sharp light as he coldly spoke.

"That's right, they hid Ye Xuan!" They've been suppressed by us for all these years, and it wasn't easy for them to find a water where Ye Xuan messed up Yu Zhou City. Naturally, they wouldn't sit idly by and watch Ye Xuan die, so they hid Ye Xuan away. "

"Moreover, they're well aware of the consequences of hiding Ye Xuan. They know that we'll suspect them, but they'll either think that we don't have the guts to search them, or they probably didn't expect that Uncle Gu Ling would bring the Ancient Sword Sect over!"

Xu Xingluo said with a confident smile.

"Heh heh... Not only is it the Ancient Sword Sect's people, Vice Sect Leader Li Yang, and Vice Clan Master Chen Beixuan of the Northeast Chen Family are also on their way here with a large group of experts. It's just that we are closer and have arrived quickly! "

Hearing Xu Xingluo's words, the swordsman Gu Ling teased.

"What?" Li Yang, Chen Beixuan and the rest of the Chen Family have all brought their experts here? "

The words of the Sword Hero had undoubtedly shocked Xu Tianxiong and the Xiaowu Family's people, causing them to exclaim in astonishment.

"Of course, that kid, Ye Xuan, had caused a huge disaster last time in the sea of stars! This time, no matter how capable he is, don't even think of leaving Yu Zhou alive! "

Countless sword images surged within the eyes of the Sword Hero, and cold killing words came out of its mouth.

This time, countless experts had gathered in Yu Zhou City. They were bound to take Ye Xuan's life!

"Haha …" Very good! "So what if he has the protection of the Li family? If the Li family really hides Ye Xuan and protects him, then we'll have annihilated the entire Li family!"

"Haha …" That's right, flatten the entire Li Clan! "

Xu Tianxiong and the Marquis of Xiaowu both revealed expressions of deep joy as they laughed heartily after hearing the Sword Hero's affirmation.

They had always been looking for opportunities to eradicate the Li family, but they never had the chance or the opportunity!

Now that the Sword Hero Gu Ling said that Li Yang of the Aura Sect and Chen Beixuan of the Chen family had brought a large number of experts to Yu Zhou City, this undoubtedly gave them a chance to destroy the Li family and make them extremely happy!

This was simply divine assistance!

"Let's go. We'll directly surround the Li family and make them hand over Ye Xuan!"

Immediately, the Marquis of Xia spoke in a heroic tone.

"And if they don't?"

Xu Tianyou said with a cold smile.

"Then let's kill it together!"

The Sword Hero laughed loudly as he spoke.

If he was able to kill Ye Xuan on this trip down the mountain and even go along with the flow to help Xu Tian Nu and the Marquis of Xia, then this trip to the Li family wouldn't have been in vain. He would surely receive rich rewards from the Xu family and the Xia family!

"Gather the men and follow me to surround the Li family!"

In the next moment, Xu Tian angrily waved his hand, bringing all the experts with him as he rushed back to the Li family's courtyard.

The Li family was completely unaware of everything that had happened on the platform.

Currently, Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and Old Li San had gathered a large number of Li Family experts to surround the cultivation room that Ye Xuan was in.

They had already called out Ye Xuan's name so many times for him to open the cultivation room's door, but he didn't respond at all.

Now, they could only force their way in and see if Ye Xuan was still alive or not!

"Is everything ready?"

Looking at the large amount of explosives at the entrance of the secret room, a cold light flashed in Li Dewu's eyes as he coldly shouted.

"Patriarch, everything is ready!"

A Li family guard carrying an explosive charge spoke in a low voice.

Li Dewu nodded slightly, and words that couldn't be doubted came out from his mouth.

"Get ready, light the fire!"