"Home... Patriarch, big... Something big had happened. Xu Tiannan and the Marquis of Xuanwu have brought a large number of experts to surround the entire Li family's courtyard! "

Hearing the guard's words, the expressions of Li Dewu and Li Dazhang could not help but change, appearing especially grim and unsightly.

Even Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with seriousness.

"Did Xu Tianxiong and the Marquis of Xuanwu come personally? How many people did you bring? "

Li Dewu asked without hesitation.

"That's right, Xu Tianxiong and the Marquis of Xiaowu personally brought their troops here. Both families sent out their elites. There are at least hundreds of them, and they are approaching menacingly!"

The Li family guard replied respectfully.

"Big brother, they're definitely here for Ye Xuan. What should we do now?"

Third Elder Li had an anxious expression as he said this.

Li Dewu's eyes surged with wisdom. After pondering for a moment, he raised his head and his gaze fell onto Old Li San. He grit his teeth and spoke: "Third brother, bring Young Master Xuan to the back courtyard where the old man can hide!"

"Brother, gather the elites of our clan and come with me to have a look!"

Without waiting for Old Li San to respond or refuse, Li Dewu continued speaking.

"Young Master Xuan, the Xu and Xia families' aggressive attacks can only result in you going to my old man's place to drink tea with him!"

Subsequently, Li Dewu turned around and his gaze descended onto Ye Xuan. His face was filled with a bitter smile as he spoke with an apologetic expression.

"Where did the Li family's master come up with those words? Then I'll have to trouble you!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he cupped his fists towards Li Dewu!

"Second Brother, bring the people and come with me!"

In the next moment, Li Dewu led the Li family experts towards the outer courtyard, leaving Ye Xuan and Old Li Third standing there in a daze.

"Kid, although I don't understand why my elder brother would take such a huge risk to protect you, my family's old man isn't that easy to deal with. Be careful!"

Old Li San swept a glance at Ye Xuan and coldly snorted from his nose.

After he finished speaking, he didn't stop and walked towards the depths of the Li family's courtyard with Ye Xuan in tow.

At the entrance of the Li Clan's courtyard.

By the time Li Dewu and Li De Zhong arrived with their men, the place had already been completely surrounded by Xu Tiannan and the other experts from the Xiahou Clan.

A strong killing intent emanated from the bodies of the Xu and Xia family's experts, causing the Li family guards in the courtyard to feel an invisible pressure.

However, they did not retreat even half a step because of this.



Only when the Li brothers arrived with their Li family experts did the invisible pressure dissipate, causing many Li family guards to have expressions of intense joy as respectful words came out of their mouths.

Li Dewu gently nodded his head before raising his head to look at Xu Tianxiong and the Marquis standing straight up in front of him. His eyes were filled with a dangerous light as his ice-cold voice came out from his mouth.

"Brother Xu, Brother Xia …" "Our Li Family has never had any conflicts or conflicts with your two families, but now you're gathering your forces to surround our Li Family's courtyard so that not even a drop of water can leak out. What do you mean by this?"

Hearing Li Dewu's words, a slight smile involuntarily appeared on Xu Tianyi's dignified face. He said at a moderate pace, "We are here to ask Brother Li for a single person!"

"If you want a person from me, who is it? "Brother Xu, you guys are also …"

A cold light flashed in Li Dewu's eyes as he spoke in a neither humble nor haughty manner.

"Li Dewu, you are asking for it even though you know it! Stop playing dumb here and hand over that brat Ye Xuan to me! "

However, before Li Dewu could finish his sentence, the Xia Family's cold and impatient voice interrupted him.

"Heh heh... Brother Xu, Brother Xia, you let them go, but now you come to me for them. Don't you think that's a bit ridiculous? I'm not here to take in refugees. I'm here to take in everyone! Or did you intentionally find such a ridiculous excuse to bully my Li family? "

Li Dewu's face was cold and threatening, and his mouth emitted a chilling tone.

"Li Dewu... Stop pretending! We've searched the entire Yu state city, but we couldn't find any trace of Ye Xuan! "Only your Li family's courtyard wasn't searched. Tell me, if Ye Xuan wasn't hiding in your Li family's courtyard, where would he be?"

"If you don't hand over Ye Xuan obediently today, then don't blame us for mercilessly wiping out your entire Li family!"

The killing intent in the Marquis's eyes surged. He wasn't the slightest bit courteous to Li Dewu.

"You want to flatten my Li family? Xiaowu Hou, you sure are arrogant." Or do you put me, Li De, in your eyes? "

After hearing Marquis Xia Wu's words, Li Dezhong, who was standing beside Li Dewu, also stood up at this moment as he let out angry words.

As Li De Zhong finished his sentence, the Qi of an initial Earth Realm expert unhesitatingly spread out from his body in all directions, causing a violent gust of wind to blow in the courtyard.

"Initial Four Elephants Earth Realm. I didn't expect that Li Dezhong would actually step into the Martial Marquis Realm. His concealment is really deep!"

Sensing Li Deshen's aura, the Xiahou and Xu Tianyi's faces couldn't help but change as a hint of astonishment flashed across their eyes. Obviously, they didn't expect Li Deshen to actually step into the Four Divisions Earth Realm and become a genuine Martial Marquis.

They were well aware that the battle prowess of a initial Earth Realm Martial Marquis was enough to influence the overall situation.

They originally thought that only Li De Zhong and the Li family's Old Man were Martial Lords, but they didn't expect Li De Zhong to be Martial Lords as well. As a result, the Li family had three Martial Lords at the fourth level of the Earth Realm.

If it were just the four Earth-level experts, the Li family would be stronger than the Xia family. After all, the Xia family only had him and the Xia family's old patriarch.

In fact, there were even more Martial Lords than the Xu Family. This was because Sect Leader Xu Tianhe had been killed by Ye Xuan.

Of course, the Xu family still had the old man of the Xu family, the Martial Ancestor of the Carefree Sky Realm!

No one could match him!

This was also the main reason why the Xu family was able to become the overlord of the Southwest region and become the leader of Yu state.

"What is it? Li De Zhong, do you think you can challenge us just because you've stepped into the Four Symbols Earth Realm? "

Xu Tiannan stared coldly at Li Dezhong, and at the same time, he spoke with a cold voice.

Although Li De's breakthrough to become a Martial Marquis caused the Li Family's strength to increase greatly, causing him to be shocked and astonished, that was only shock and astonishment. He, Xu Tianyi, was not afraid at all.

However, at this moment, their plans and plans to wipe out the Li Family had to be delayed to a certain extent. After all, after Li De Zhong, an initial Earth Realm Martial Lord, the Li Family had three Martial Saint experts, and now, Xu Tian Nu and his group, along with the Sword Hero Gu, only had three.

One had to know that the Li family's old man had long since stepped into the fourth level of the Earth Realm. Perhaps he had already reached the peak of the fourth level of the Earth Realm long ago.

Before Li De could reply, a cold light flashed in Xu Tiannan's eyes as he continued, "I'm here to kindly remind you that our two families aren't the only ones who want Ye Xuan's life. There are other forces that want him as well …" Don't be stubborn and stubborn! Obediently hand over Ye Xuan. That is your only way out! "

"I already told you that Ye Xuan isn't in our Li family. Where do you want us to hand him over?"

Seeing Xu Tianyi's overbearing appearance and hearing his words, Li Dewu clenched his fists until they made 'ka ka ka' sounds, cold words coming out of his mouth.

"It's not up to you to decide whether or not I'm in your Li family. We should search him!"

The Marquis of Xuanwu said with a sneer.

"Hehe, you still want to search my Li Family? "The Marquis of Xiaowu and Xu Tiannan, are you two trying to bully my Lee family?"

Li Dewu's eyes burned with fury, and a powerful aura was affected by his emotions, uncontrollably spreading out from his body, causing people to feel extremely powerful pressure.

Li Dewu's strength was much stronger than Li De Zhong's.

"So what if I'm bullying your Li family?"

The Marquis of Xuanwu smiled coldly and took a step forward. His imposing aura, which was at the peak of the Earth Realm, spread out at this moment without restraint, colliding with the imposing aura Li Dewu had released.

"You do not have the qualifications!"

Li Dewu's face was overflowing with killing intent. He clenched his right fist and smashed it towards the Marquis angrily.


A look of contempt flashed across Marquis Xia Wu's eyes as he similarly took a step forward to meet Li Dewu's fist. When his fist collided with Li Dewu's, a deafening sound erupted, setting off a strong wind in the courtyard. The wind caused the fallen leaves on the ground to dance in the wind.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

In the next moment, both the Marquis of Xia and Li Dewu were forced to retreat due to the powerful force.

The Marquis of Xiaowu had to retreat more than ten steps before he managed to regain his balance. Li Dewu, on the other hand, was only able to retreat seven or eight steps, undoubtedly gaining the upper hand in the clash.

"I've said that you do not have the qualifications!"

Li Dewu steadied himself and forcefully suppressed the boiling blood in his heart. He stared coldly at the Marquis of Xiaowu as he spoke in a vigorous voice.

"Is that so?"

Hearing Li Dewu's words, the Marquis of Xiaowu's lips curved up in a mocking smile as playful words came out of his mouth.

"Brother Gu, don't just stand around and watch the show. It's time for you to show your face!"

Hearing this, Li Dewu and Li Dazhong's faces couldn't help but reveal traces of doubt, as they didn't understand the meaning behind the Marquis' words.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Just as they were about to speak, Sha Sha's footsteps quietly came from outside the courtyard, attracting their gazes.

Under their cold and ugly gazes, the Sword Hero brought a large number of experts from the Ancient Sword Sect into the courtyard and walked to the side of the Xia Marquis and Xu Tianxiong.

"Ancient Sword Sect, sword-type Ancient Spirit?"

Li Dewu's and Li Dazhi's expressions changed as they looked at the ancient general who stood beside the Marquis of Xiaowu and Xu Tiannan. Astonished words came out of Li De Zhong's mouth.

It was obvious that they didn't expect the ancient sword genie from the Ancient Sword Sect to actually bring people here.

If it was just now that they were completely unafraid of the Marquis of Xiaowu and Xu Tianxiong, then with the arrival of the ancient sword spirits, their situation would have been at a complete disadvantage.

After all, the swordsman Gu Ling's strength was extraordinary, not to mention they were three against two. Li Dewu and Li Dezhong simply couldn't take it!

And if the Li family's old man were to make a move, then that damnable old man from the Xia family and the Xu family's old man would also make a move.

Seeing the ugly expressions of Li Dewu and Li De Zhong, the Marquis of Xia's face was filled with a playful smile as he spoke in a cold and playful manner.

"Now, are we qualified?"