"Reporting to the Patriarch, we've searched the entire area that we're in charge of, but we didn't find any traces of Ye Xuan!"

In a courtyard filled with birdsong and fragrant flowers, Xu Tiannan, the Marquis of Xiaowu, and the Sword Hero looked coldly at Xia Ying's report, their eyes glinting with an icy cold light.

An ice-cold voice came out of the Marquis's mouth.

"Are you sure you've searched everything?"

Hearing the Marquis' words, Xia Ying lightly nodded, clenched his teeth, and said: "We have indeed completely searched the area we were in charge of. We did not discover anything."

Hearing this, the Marquis of Xuanwu slightly nodded his head and didn't say anything more. Xu Tianxiong turned around and his gaze landed on Xu Xingluo, who was in charge of leading the Xu family's experts in their search.

"Xing Luo, what about you?"

"A total of eleven of the twelve search squads have returned, but they haven't found any trace of Ye Xuan. Only the twelfth squadron led by Xu Chen remains. I just don't know why they haven't returned yet!"

Xu Xingluo respectfully cupped her fists and said.

"Where are they looking?"

A cold light flashed in Xu TianNu's eyes as he coldly asked.

"It's a small courtyard located in the deepest part of the Li family's backyard!"

Xu Xingluo respectfully replied with a cupped fist.

"That's the old man's residence!"

Hearing Xu Xingluo's words, the complexions of Li Dewu, Li Dazhi, and Old Li, the three brothers, couldn't help but change at the same time.

"Save … Save … "Help, patriarch …"

However, just as they finished their words, a cry for help filled with deep fear and trembling quietly sounded out at this moment.

As this voice rang out, under the ugly gazes of Xu Xingluo, Xu Tianxiong, and the Marquis of Xiaowu, a disciple of the Xu family came crawling out of the back courtyard of the Xu family in fright.

Within a few flashes, he had already scrambled to the front of Xu Tiannan's group.

"What happened?"

Seeing the Xu disciples who were drenched in cold sweat and gasping for breath, Xu Tiannan, Xu Xingluo, and the rest all furrowed their brows as they asked in a low voice.

"Open …" Reporting to the Patriarch, I … We're … This team that was in charge of searching all died, they were … I was killed by an old man, and he told me to come back and call someone to carry those corpses away! "

The Xu family disciple replied with a frightened expression.


Hearing the words of that Xu family disciple, the complexions of Xu Tiannan, Xu Xingluo, and the Marquis of Xiaowu all involuntarily changed as angry voices rang out from their mouths.

It was obvious that they did not expect someone to dare to attack their men.

"Li Dewu, what do you mean? Are you all determined to die? "

In the next moment, Xu Tiannan raised his head and directed his gaze at Li Deshu as he let out a furious voice.

"They've only disturbed my old man's cultivation and enraged him, that's all!" "They brought this upon themselves, no wonder I …"

Li Dewu replied coldly, neither servile nor overbearing.

"You're courting death!"

A strong killing intent surged in Xu Tian Nu's eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and was about to smash Li De Wu to death, but was stopped by the Marquis of Xiaowu, "Please calm your anger Brother Xu. This really has nothing to do with them …"

"But that means that the Li family's old man's courtyard hasn't been searched. Since we've come, then logically speaking, we should pay a visit to the Li family's old man … Brother Gu, am I right? "

The Marquis of Xuanwu smiled slightly before he slowly turned his head around. His gaze landed on the Sword Hero, as he asked with a smile.

"That's right, we should indeed pay our respects!"

The swordsman Gu Ling lightly smiled and nodded her head, her gaze falling upon Li Dewu: "Compared to brother Li, you won't stop him right?"

"You can do as you wish, but the old tutor's temper has always been strange. If there's any consequences, you can bear them yourself!"

A trace of anger appeared on Li Dewu's face as he replied in a low voice.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "Also, if you can't find Ye Xuan, don't forget to apologize to us!"

"Of course! Let's go, lead the way! Let's go pay a visit to the Li family's old man! "

Xu Tian angrily waved his hand and said to the Xu disciples who had escaped.

"Yes sir!"

The Xu family disciple nodded his head respectfully as he strode towards the Li family's rear courtyard, bringing Xu Tianyi, the Marquis of Xiaowu, and the Sword Hero with him …

"Big brother, are we really going to make them search the old man's residence? "That kid is hiding in there."

Looking at Xu Tianxiong, the Marquis of Xia and the others walking towards the Li family's rear courtyard, Third Elder Li hesitated for a moment before he spoke in a low voice.

"Do you think the old man will let them search with his temper?"

Li Dewu sneered and felt something. He turned his head and looked at Old Li with doubt in his eyes, "Didn't you hate that kid before? Why do I suddenly feel like your attitude towards him has changed? "

"No, I'm only doing it for our Li Clan!"

Third Elder Li replied indifferently.

"Let's go and have a look!"

Li Dewu didn't say anything, he waved his hand and brought Li De Zhong and the rest towards the depths of the backyard.

The Li family's old patriarch was sitting on a tree in the courtyard, smoking an old-fashioned leaf smoke. A thick smoke was being exhaled from his mouth, as if to express the rage in his heart.

When they saw that many of their subordinates, who had turned ice-cold and been killed by the leaves on the ground, sweep their gazes over the wounds on their bodies with a grave expression. When they saw that there were even some leaves that had sunk directly into their bodies but still remained in a hard state, Xu TianNu, Xiaowu, Jian Hao, and Gu Ling could all sense the terrifying strength of their opponent.

Xu Tian Nu bent down and took out a leaf that had cut through one of his subordinates' throat and embedded it into his neck. After examining it for a while, he handed it over to Xia Wu Hou and the Sword Hero.

They carefully examined the leaf for a while, but their expressions didn't change much. However, great waves of shock surged through their hearts.

Because after being wrapped by the Li family's old man's force, the leaf became incomparably hard, turning into an extremely sharp concealed weapon.

Although they could also pluck and kill leaves and use their own energy to make the leaves tougher, they would not be able to last as long as Old Man Li did.

In addition, it had been quite some time since these people had died, but these leaves still maintained their tough, sharp bodies.

What did this mean?

This explained the terrifying strength of the Li family's old man.

The reason they're here is to search for Ye Xuan, and the reason they're here is to check out the strength of the Li family's old man.

Although they hadn't found Ye Xuan yet, they already had an answer towards the strength of the Li family's old man.

The three of them exchanged glances. All of them could see the solemness and fear in the other party's eyes.

In the next moment, Xu Tianxiong, the Marquis of Xiaowu, and the Sword Hero all cupped their fists towards the Li family's old man, respectfully speaking.

"Xu Tian Nu, Marquis of Xiaowu, Gu Ling greets the Old Master!"

However, the Li family's old man didn't even look at them. He continued to smoke his own pipe, causing Xu Tianyi and the other two to feel somewhat at a loss of what to do and embarrassed, as well as a trace of anger.

After all, no one in the outside world had ever dared to treat them in such a manner before.

"Old Master, the reason we're here this time is to pay our respects to you, and the second reason we're here is to find someone …"

Seeing this, Xu TianNu hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth and speaking in a low voice.

However, the Li family's old man still ignored them.

"Since you won't speak and you won't respond, then we'll consider it your tacit consent!"

"Men, search!"

Seeing the Li family's old man's arrogant attitude, a strong rage rose up from the bottom of Xu Tianyi's heart. He waved his hand and coldly said.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As soon as he finished speaking, many of the experts of the Xu and Xia families that they had brought began to move, charging towards the small room where the Li family's old man lived …

"Hmph …"

"Swish, swish, swish …"

A cold light flashed within Old Man Li's eyes when he saw this scene. He snorted coldly, and an invisible force was quietly released from his nose as a tremendous amount of Spiritual Force was released at this moment without restraint, attaching itself to the leaves, controlling them to attack the experts from the Li Clan and Xia Clan that were charging towards his residence at lightning speed.

"Ahh …"

Chi chi chi …

In the next moment, the sound of a knife slicing through throat and clothes and miserable screams rang out incessantly.

The experts they had sent out to search under the unsightly gazes of Xu Tian Nu, the Marquis of Xuanwu, and the Sword Hero had their throats or bodies sliced through by the sharp leaves, turning them into ice-cold corpses …

Seeing the deaths of so many of their subordinates, Xu Tiannan and the Marquis of Xiaowu had ugly expressions on their faces. They clenched their fists so hard that they let out cracking sounds, their eyes flashing with a heavy look of undisguised shock.

Space Control Item: The ability that only a Carefree Sky Realm Martial Ancestor Realm expert possessed required an enormous amount of Mental Energy to support it and use it to control objects!

If the release of Supreme Force was a special symbol and method used by Martial Lords of the four earth realms, then it could be said to be.

In that case, telekinesis was a unique symbol and terrifying method used by the Free and Unrestrained Sky Realm Martial Ancestor Realm experts.

Could it be that this Li family's old man had already stepped into the Carefree Sky Realm and became a Martial Ancestor Realm expert?

Even Li Dewu, Li De Zhong, and Old Li San, who came after him, were fiercely shocked by the Li family's Old Man's methods. Their faces were filled with a strong sense of ecstasy.

After a short period of shock, Xu Tianyi, the Marquis of Xiaowu and the rest finally managed to suppress the shock in their hearts as they gradually regained their senses.

"You …"

Just as they wanted to speak up, they were interrupted by Old Man Li's unquestionable voice: "I didn't call you here to chatter, but to collect your corpses! Hurry up and f * ck off with these corpses! "

The voice of the Li family's old man contained a strong mental pressure. When it entered Xu Tianyi and the others' ears, it was like thunder exploding and filled with an irresistible might.

It was obvious that he didn't expect the Li family's old man to be so tyrannical!

"Let's go!"

Xu Tian Nu, the Marquis of Xuanwu, and the Sword Hero looked at each other before clenching their teeth and leaving with their underlings in tow …

Seeing Xu Tian Nu and his group leaving like homeless dogs with their tails between their legs, Li De Wu and the rest felt extremely happy as they laughed heartily.

"Brother Xu, don't be in such a hurry to leave. You have yet to apologize to us!"