"Lordmaster, you broke through?"

After Xu Tiannan, the Marquis of Xuanwu, and the others left, Li Dewu and the others hurriedly walked up to the Li family's Old Master and spoke with excitement.

Just now, the Li Clan's Old Man's methods were extraordinary. Only the Martial Ancestor had control over the objects in the air, causing them to think that the Li Clan's Old Man had broken through.

"Puchi …" "Cough cough …"

The Li family's old man was about to speak when he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. His face paled and he spat out a mouthful of tainted blood. He began to cough violently, and his originally surging and powerful aura quickly weakened.

"Lordmaster, are you alright?"

"Lordmaster …"

Seeing this, the expressions of Li Dewu, Li Dazhang, and the others couldn't help but change greatly. They hurriedly extended their palms to support the Li family's old man, lightly slapping him on the back.

"Cough cough …" Don't worry, I'm fine. It's just that the forceful application of force just now caused many years of hidden injuries in my body. "

The Li family's old man waved his hand and said indifferently.

Hearing the words of the Li family's old man, the joy and joy on Li De Wu's and Li De Zhong's faces disappeared, and replacing it was sadness.

They had originally thought that the old man had already broken through to become a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, but they had never expected that in order to intimidate Xu Tian, Jian Hao, Gu Ling, and the rest of their group would try their best. His internal injuries had not yet healed, his Qi and blood were still in a state of exhaustion, and he had not broken through at all …

In this way, the Li family would undoubtedly face an extremely difficult situation.

After this conflict, the Li Clan and Xia Clan would surely not be able to take this lying down. In addition to the many experts from the Ancient Sword Sect brought by the ancient sword spirits, at that time, they would surely organize a war against the Li Clan.

This was undoubtedly a life and death calamity for the entire Li family.

"Cough cough …" "You all don't have to worry. After my earlier intervention, they will definitely think that I have broken through to the Martial Ancestor Realm. I will not dare to act rashly for a short period of time."

Seemingly aware of the worries in Li Dewu and the others' hearts, the Li family's Old Man smiled and waved his hand.

"But this isn't a long-term plan either …"

Old Li San could not help but speak up.

"So it's going to be hard on you, Brother Ye Xuan, right? "Brother!"

The Li family's old man smiled. He took a puff of smoke, turned his head, and spoke to his wooden house.

"Can I help Ye Xuan?"

After hearing the words of the Li family's old man, strong astonishment and confusion emerged onto the faces of Li De Zhong, Li De Wu, and Old Li San.

"That's right. Not only does Little Brother Ye Xuan have a way to treat the injuries in my body, he also has a method to help me break through into the Martial Ancestor Realm!" Brother Ye Xuan, am I right? "

The Li family's old man lightly nodded as he spoke at a moderate pace.

"Although elder brother's internal injuries have been hidden for many years, it's not difficult for me to cure it. Furthermore, I have been practicing martial arts for many years, and my martial art conception and mental power have already reached the level of a Martial Ancestor. As long as I can cure the hidden injuries in my body and improve my cultivation technique, I will be able to enter the Martial Ancestor Realm! "

Ye Xuan slowly walked out of the wooden house after hearing the Li family's old man's words. He smiled as he spoke.

"Thank you for protecting me and the Li family members …."

He then cupped his fists towards the Li family's Old Man and Li Dewu.

"What Patriarch of the Li family? We're brothers. In terms of seniority, they're both your nephew, so we have to call you uncle …"

After hearing what Ye Xuan called Li Dewu, the Li family's old man took a drag from his cigarette and slowly exhaled the thick smoke as he spoke with a displeased expression.


The words of the Li family's old patriarch caused Li De Zhong, Li De Wu, and the others to open their mouths and open their eyes wide. They didn't think that they'd be able to climb over Ye Xuan's head with just a single glance.

Even Old Li San, who was at the side, felt embarrassed.

"Lordmaster, this …" "What's going on?"

Li Dewu couldn't help but ask in astonishment.

"Although I haven't become sworn brothers with Brother Ye Xuan, we are brothers and view each other as brothers … "So you all have to call him..."

The Li family's old man reprimanded him with a stern expression.

"Cough cough …" "Brother, let's discuss on our own, on our own …"

The Li family's old man hadn't finished speaking when he was interrupted by Ye Xuan.

"What do you mean by 'separate opinions'? I naturally have to listen to my son, so in the future, all of you …"

The Li family's old man spoke with a rather grandiose tone.

"Don't, don't, don't, don't... Chief Li, from now on, we'll discuss our own matters and hand it over to each other! "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan could only stop the Li family's old man and change the topic. "Brother, let's talk about the hidden injuries in your body first!"

"Young Master Xuan, you said that you can cure my father's hidden injuries and even help him break through. Are you serious?"

Li Dewu's interest was piqued by Ye Xuan's words and he quickly spoke up.

He was well aware of the arrogance in his grandfather's heart. If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Xuan was worthy of his respect, how could the proud and arrogant Ye Xuan have called him a brother?

However, this turn of events had happened too quickly.

They were still hesitating about whether they should take the risk to protect Ye Xuan, but they didn't think that Ye Xuan would call their old man a brother and tie them to a rope.

"Of course, in terms of medical skills, I am ranked third in the entire world!"

Ye Xuan said proudly.

"Ranked third?" Then who are the first two? "

Old Man Li had a face full of curiosity when he heard what Ye Xuan said.

"First place is naturally Tyrant Blue Feng, who appeared a hundred years ago and was hailed as the hero of our nation!" Ye Xuan said in awe and admiration.

He admired Tyrant's hero Lan Feng from the bottom of his heart. He had also read history books and knew very clearly that Earth could still rely on this man to turn the tide and defeat the alien race in space by himself, allowing Earth to exist to this day …

"And the second?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Li family's old man, Li Deshen, and Old Li San nodded in agreement and continued to ask.

"The second was naturally my master, the Medical Saint. He saved the dying and helped the wounded, but his bones were like bones of flesh and blood, creating countless medical miracles. He left countless legends in the history of modern medicine, breaking through the barriers of modern medicine, causing the world's medical standards to rise by several levels, and entering the realm of future medicine …"

Ye Xuan's heart surged with arrogance as he proudly recounted the magnificent feat he'd created in his previous life.

"Indeed... The Medical Saint had indeed started a new era of medical treatment! I never thought that this brother was actually the successor of the Medical Saint. No wonder you have such profound knowledge and dazzling talent, I am impressed! "All of my problems are because of you!"

"De Wu, give me some wine! I want to toast to little brother Ye Xuan!"

The Li family's old man looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised praise in his eyes. He waved his hand and spoke in a heroic manner.

Li Dewu couldn't help but smile when he saw the old man's happy expression. He went to the wooden house and took out two jars of the best hundred years old girl red and handed them over to the Li family's old man and Ye Xuan …

Afterwards, they saw Old Man Li and Ye Xuan drink to their heart's content, completely disregarding Li Dewu and the others. This caused them, Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and Old Third to be flabbergasted.

"Give me the paper and pen!"

After Ye Xuan and Old Man Li finished drinking, Ye Xuan took the opportunity to speak with a curious expression.

"Bro, why are you asking for a pen and paper at this time of the year? They should be allowed to bring wine … "

The Li family's old man seemed slightly drunk as he spoke.

"Of course I can prescribe medicine to treat your injuries, heal your body, and restore your blood essence..."

Ye Xuan said, neither too fast nor too slow.

Hearing Ye Xuan say that the brush and paper were for the Li family's old man, Old Li San hurriedly ran over to take the pen and paper and passed it over to Ye Xuan ….

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Ye Xuan picked up his pen and wrote out a string of names of medicinal materials that many people have never heard of. He passed the formula to Li Dewu, "These medicinal materials are extremely valuable and have an incomparable price in the city. However, with your wealth, there shouldn't be a problem …"

"After getting these ingredients, don't torture yourself with them. Just take them to me directly, because some of them are for torture, while others are for external use in alchemy …"


Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at the name of the medicinal plant that he'd never seen before, Li Dewu slightly frowned and nodded.

"Alright... The three of you should go down and rest first. Don't disturb me while I drink with my little brother Ye Xuan! "

"Let's go, old brother. Let's go and drink in the wine cellar. I've collected a lot of good wine there …"

Old Man Li waved his hand and pulled Ye Xuan towards the wine cellar that he'd treasured for so many years, causing Li Diwu and the others to be dumbstruck ….

The old man's wine cellar never allowed anyone to enter, even if it was stored. Even if they didn't enter, how could they not be shocked when the old man actually invited Ye Xuan to drink in the wine cellar?

There was even a trace of jealousy. It had to be known that they also liked to drink alcohol!

"Sigh... "Let's go and prepare these medicinal herbs!"

Seeing this, Li Dewu lightly sighed, turned around and walked towards the outside of the small courtyard.

"Big brother, do you really want to prepare these medicinal herbs?" He had never heard of most of the names on it! Furthermore, do you really believe that there won't be any problems with this medicinal formula? "

After hearing Li Dewu's words, Li De Zhong hesitated for a moment before speaking in a deep voice.

"Second brother, do you think the old man has become stupid or is he becoming more active and muddled? He's much smarter than us. Otherwise, do you think that brat Ye Xuan can fool the old man with just a few words? "

"Since the old man trusts him, then we should do as he says!"

Old Li San couldn't help but argue for Ye Xuan at this moment.

"Third brother, didn't you hate Ye Xuan a lot before? Why did your attitude change so drastically all of a sudden? Exactly what happened when you sent Ye Xuan over to the old man's place? "

Seeing this, a wise and farsighted glint appeared in Li Dewu's eyes, his gaze falling upon Old Li San as he spoke in a low voice.

"Sigh... Big brother, you might not know this, but when I brought Ye Xuan here, the old man's internal injuries flared up. It was only because that kid used a needle to save the old man that the old man looked so energetic … "So …"

Old Li San hesitated for a moment and spoke in a deep tone.

"No wonder... Let's go and prepare these medicinal herbs! "If the old man's injuries can be healed and his strength can truly breakthrough to the Martial Ancestor Realm, then our Li Clan will be able to safely overcome this crisis!"

A hint of understanding appeared on Li Dewu's and Li DeCheng's face, and Li Dewu even nodded as he spoke.

As if he had thought of something, he paused for a moment before continuing.

"Oh right, send people to watch the Li Clan and Xia Clan, and also pay more attention to outsiders … Previously, the Marquis Xia Xuan said that there were many forces that wanted to take Ye Xuanming's life. It was clear that the Xia and Li Families and the Ancient Sword Sect weren't the only powers. There must be other forces as well.

"Send someone to scout around. If there's any news, remember to report in time!"

After hearing Li Dewu's words, Li De Zhong and Old Li San's expressions were all extremely serious as they spoke in a low voice.

"Yes sir!"