It had to be said that Li Dewu and Old Li San's efficiency was truly quick. To be able to prepare so many expensive medicinal ingredients in such a short period of time had somewhat exceeded Ye Xuan's expectations.

After all, according to his estimation, it would take at least three days for Li Dewu and the others to collect all these medicinal herbs, yet it only took a day.

Ye Xuan first sorted out the various medicinal materials and picked out a few for Old Li's men to torture in accordance to his method.

As for Ye Xuan, he instructed Li Dewu and the others to gather a large barrel of morning dew and concoct the medicinal liquid.

After all, the Li family's old man was already old and had suffered from internal injuries, causing his body to be riddled with internal injuries. His vital energy and blood were completely exhausted, and it was far from enough to just rely on the traditional Chinese medicine to heal him.

Very quickly, a large barrel of Morning Dew was collected by Li Dewu's group.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head before tossing the medicinal materials into the barrel in a different order.

Immediately, a strange scene that shocked Li Dewu and the others quietly happened.

As Ye Xuan tossed numerous medicinal materials into the wooden barrel filled with morning dew in a different order and at different intervals, the crystal clear and incomparably cold morning dew actually began to emit large amounts of steam like boiling water, and began to boil strangely …

The numerous medicinal ingredients that had been thrown into the wooden barrel began to strangely dissolve, causing the clear morning dew in the wooden barrel to gradually turn dark red. After that, it turned from dark red to a scorching blood-red, emitting a boundless vitality and the medicinal fragrance.

A cool breeze blew by, blowing the fragrance away. Li Dewu, Old Li, and Old Third all felt refreshed and spirited, even more so in their undisguised admiration for Ye Xuan's miraculous method.

It was unheard-of and unprecedented for such a miraculous reaction to occur between multiple medicinal ingredients. This required a deep understanding and study of the medicinal properties and effects of these medicinal ingredients in order to understand the medicinal effects between them …

"Bro, your understanding and understanding of medicinal ingredients is truly admirable. It has really broadened my horizons …"

The Li family's old man couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

"Bro, you're too kind. This potion should be able to completely improve your body and help you regain your vitality. After a while, you should be able to fully recover all of the hidden injuries in your body with the help of my [Gold Needles]. "

"Brother, quickly take off your clothes and enter!"

Ye Xuan carefully observed the color of the medicine in the wooden barrel. He extended a finger, stirred it once, then placed it on his nose and sniffed it. Only then did he speak in a low voice.


The Li family's old man lightly nodded his head before quickly taking off his clothes and sitting in the wooden barrel.

"Brother, circulate your cultivation technique and absorb the essence of this medicinal liquid. Let me see it!"

Ye Xuan pondered for a moment.

"Brother, the cultivation technique I cultivate is called Sobbing Blood Demonic Wolf's Strength. It can cause the astral energy to change, giving cultivators the strength of Sobbing Blood Demonic Wolves. Watch carefully …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Li family's old man slowly circulated the Sobbing Blood Demon Wolf's Strength along his meridians, absorbing the medicinal liquid within the wooden barrel …

Ye Xuan arrived next to the wooden barrel and circulated the Yin Yang energy in his eyes. He placed his hand on Old Man Li's shoulder and carefully observed and felt the circulation route of the Li family's Old Man's energy in his body …

As the Li family's old man circulated the Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's might, the image of a Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf appeared on the surface of his body. A large amount of force circulated through his meridians, then it gathered towards his dantian …

"Hmph …"

However, at the instant when the Li family's old man channeled all of his energy into his Dantian, a stuffy groan came from his throat. A hint of pain appeared on his face, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Because the meridians near his dantian had been severely injured and damaged, they had become extremely weak, causing the circulation of the Qi Qi to be hindered.

Not only that, Ye Xuan also felt the same problem in his heart.

Furthermore, from what Ye Xuan could sense, the Li family's Old Man Li's Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's strength cultivation technique had extremely obvious flaws and flaws.

"Brother, the injuries in your body are mainly caused by the serious injuries to your heart meridian and the meridians near your Dantian, causing you to suffer greatly." Brother, the injuries in your body is mainly caused by the serious injuries to your heart meridian and the meridians near your Dantian, which caused you to suffer greatly.

Ye Xuan said in a low voice.

"Brother, your medical skills are truly extraordinary. You actually managed to tell me all of the problems within my body." Back then, when I fought with the ancestor of the Xu Clan, he wanted to destroy my dantian and blow away my heart. Unfortunately, I was able to react quickly in time, otherwise I would have died a long time ago! Even so, my dantian and the meridians near my heart have suffered great injuries! "

"The destruction of my meridians near my Dantian caused my cultivation to be in pain, making it difficult for my martial arts to have any progress or breakthrough!" The damage to my meridians near my heart caused the blood in my body to not flow smoothly, causing the blood in my body to dry up.

Old Man Li lightly nodded his head in response to Ye Xuan's words.

"Of course there's hope! After that, I will apply acupuncture to repair your meridians. You will sink into your mind to carefully feel the energy that I have poured into your body, and bring it to your heart and dantian's meridians … "

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he teased.

"No problem!"

The Li family's old man nodded.

"Swish …"

The instant he finished speaking, Ye Xuan waved his hand, and an eight inch long Crossing Disaster Gold Needle was shot down like lightning from the top of the Li family's old man's head under the shocked and furious gazes of Li Dewu and Old Li.

After a burst of stabbing, it entered eight points!

"You …"

This scene undoubtedly gave Li Dewu and Old Li San a fright. Their faces filled with rage and they were just about to be interrupted by Old Man Li, "Don't worry!"

"Brother, sink into your mind and feel it carefully!" "It's starting!"

Ye Xuan's expression was grim as he coldly spoke.

The moment he finished speaking, he activated the 13 needles!

Thirteen heaven defying needles, one needle to nourish your body!

As he executed the first of the 13 heaven defying needles, the boundless life force entered the body of the Li family's old man through the golden needle, causing his entire spirit to tremble.

Afterwards, Old Man Li focused on sensing the life force that Ye Xuan had poured into his body, guiding it along his meridians towards his heart meridian in accordance to Ye Xuan's previous instructions.

When the boundless life force reached his damaged heart meridian, it was not like his Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's Might, which made him feel especially painful. Instead, it made him feel not the slightest bit of pain, and he felt extremely comfortable …

He felt as if the cells in his body seemed to have come to life at that moment. Those cells received some sort of guidance and were unceasingly converging towards his damaged heart meridian, merging with the life force and beginning to repair it …

Half an hour later, the restoration of the heart meridian was complete!

"Lead them to the damaged meridians near your Dantian!"

The wisdom in Ye Xuan's eyes surged as he spoke in a low voice.

The Li family's old man lightly nodded, directing the life force in his body towards the damaged meridian in his Dantian, then started a series of repairs …

The Li family's old man's meridians near his Dantian suffered serious damage, several times more serious than his heart meridian.

This time, Ye Xuan had spent a full two hours to repair it. His body's consumption of essence, energy, and spirit was enormous. Beads of sweat had already appeared on his forehead.

When his meridians were completely repaired, Ye Xuan took a deep breath and said in a serious tone, "Next, circulate your energy along every corner of your meridians, and I will reconstruct all of your meridians from top to bottom! "First, I will control the two meridians, then I will enter the Lunar Meridian …"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the thirteen heaven defying needles' mental cultivation method abruptly changed.

Thirteen heaven defying needles, two needles to drive away evil gods!

As Ye Xuan activated the second of the heaven defying thirteen needles, an even more boundless life force entered the body of the Li family's old man through the needles, then flowed through his meridians …

"This... This … That's amazing, isn't it, old. The old man's hair has actually turned black! "

The nearby Third Elder Li, who was silently watching this scene, was completely shocked. He looked at the Li family's Old Man's graying hair that was gradually turning black, and his mouth emitted incomparably astonished and shocked words.

"Not only that, the lordmaster is actually gradually becoming younger?" How is that possible? "

Even the normally calm Li Dewu had a face full of shock and disbelief as he let out these incredulous words.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it would have been hard for him to believe everything that was happening in front of him.

The Li family's old man's grey hair was gradually turning black, the wrinkles on his wrinkled and ancient face were gradually disappearing, his flabby and shrivelled skin was gradually becoming filled with water, and his entire person was gradually becoming younger …

"Chi! Chi!"

At a certain moment, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. He abruptly stopped cultivating and withdrew the golden needle from Old Man Li's body.

"Huff, puff …"

When Ye Xuan withdrew his cultivation and withdrew the golden needle from the Li family's old man, Ye Xuan let out a long breath of relief as he gasped for air …

Obviously, the treatment he'd given the Li family's old man earlier had consumed a great deal of energy.

As for the Li family's old patriarch, he was radiating a radiant light. His entire being seemed to have aged more than ten years, and was brimming with vigor and vitality.

He circulated the Sobbing Blood Demonic Wolf's Strength to carefully feel the changes in his body. He discovered that not only had the damaged meridians been completely restored, but they had also become tougher and smoother. He could not feel any pain from circulating his inner strength and they even became smoother, as if they had returned to their peak!

"Brother Ye Xuan, thank you!"

At that moment, the Li family's old man cupped his hands in thanks to Ye Xuan.

"Brother, no need to be so polite …" I have just improved the route of your Sobbing Blood Demonic Wolf's Strength. In the future, you can just follow the sequence of the meridians in your body that I helped you circulate the Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's Strength. You can try it once … "

Ye Xuan lightly waved his hand as he smiled.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Li family's old man hurriedly circulated the Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's Essence according to the method that Ye Xuan had taught him. He was shocked to discover that the Blood Weeping Demonic Wolf's Essence had become even stronger, and was able to give his body an even stronger strength.

"Bro …"

The Li family's old man was just about to thank Ye Xuan again, but he was stopped by Ye Xuan's wave of his hand. "Brother, there's no need to say anymore words of thanks between you and I. It's obvious that you don't care! "You should absorb all the medicinal liquid in the wooden barrel and recover your energy and blood. If you can absorb all of the medicinal effect of the medicinal liquid, your body will be able to recover to fifty years old …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Li family's old man was extremely excited and hurriedly circulated his cultivation.

"Open …" Reporting to the Patriarch, something terrible has happened! "

However, right at this moment, a Li family guard hastily ran in, his expression anxious as he spoke.

"What happened?"

Seeing this, Li Dewu's eyebrows wrinkled in suspicion.

"Patriarch, we just received news that Xu Xingluo has brought a large group of people to Miss Yi Yi's residence. They want to use Miss Yi to force Young Master Xuan to show himself."

The Li family guard hastily said.


Hearing this, Li Dewu and Old Li San's expressions couldn't help but change, and Ye Xuan's gaze couldn't help but go cold.

The next moment, Li Dewu said without any hesitation, "Gather the clan's experts to follow me …"

"Chief Li, I'll go!"

However, before Li Dewu could finish, he was interrupted by Ye Xuan.

"But Young Master Xuan, you …"

Li Dewu was just about to speak when Ye Xuan lazily stretched his back and walked out of the courtyard, an indifferent tone emitting from his mouth.

"I've been here for so long, it's time for me to go out and exercise!"