After leaving the Li family estate, Ye Xuan headed straight for Yi Yi's residence, his eyes glinting with a cold light.

It was obvious that the Xu and Xia families didn't expect them to scheme and force him to show himself. They even targeted Yi Yi. This was extremely despicable and insidious, causing Ye Xuan to feel extremely unhappy. The rage in his heart raged.

Yi Yi's residence, in a small, dilapidated courtyard.

They had long been besieged by the many experts of the Xu family that Xu Xingluo had brought over.

Yi Yi's father, Yi Tian Song, as well as her aunt and uncle were severely injured. Their bodies were covered in blood as drops of blood flowed from their wounds and dyed the ground red …

"Father, how are you?" "Father..."

"Aunt, Uncle, how are you guys? Is it okay?"

Yi Yi's face and hands were covered in blood. He squatted in front of his father and the others, looking at their miserable and miserable appearances. His innocent face was full of anxiety and concern.

"Cough cough …" Relying on someone, I … We're all right, you. Are you hurt? "

Yi Tian Song coughed violently as he clutched his chest. He raised his head with much difficulty and looked at Yi Yi Yi. Weak words came out of his mouth.

"Father, don't worry …" I... I'm fine, just hold on, we'll definitely be fine! "

Yi Yi's big eyes were filled with tears as he tried his best to comfort her.

With a head of white hair, Xu Xingluo stood at the side, wearing a white suit as she coldly looked at everything before her. Her gloomy and cold face didn't show the slightest emotion as she coldly said, "Enough, take him away!"

"Yes sir!"

As Xu Xingluo's words fell, the many experts from the Xu family that he had brought all surrounded Yi Yi Yi and the others. Some of them were even rushing towards him like hungry wolves, their faces filled with evil.

"Everyone stop!"

Seeing this scene, Yi Tian Song somehow mustered the strength to stand up and stand in front of Yi Yi Yi. Furious words came out of his mouth.

"You old thing, you don't know your place!"

However, his words were of no use at all. An expert of the Xu family kicked his lower abdomen, causing him to spit out large amounts of blood as he instantly curled up into a shrimp. His face was filled with intense pain …

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

After that, the two experts of the Xu family forcefully dragged Yi Yiyi away from Yi Tian Song's side and headed towards Xu Xingluo.

"You look pretty good. No wonder that brat had his eyes on you!" However, it was a pity that he had been played by that little rascal … This young master has no habit of picking up trash! "

Seeing Yi Yi, who had a stubborn expression, Xu Xingluo's handsome face revealed a cold smile. She extended her palm and lifted Yi Yi Yi's chin to carefully examine him, and playful words came out of her mouth.

"Who the hell are you? "What do you want?"

Looking at Xu Xingluo, Yi Yi could only endure the pain in his body as he coldly spoke.

"Who am I? I am not a little b * tch like you who has been ridden by others." Take him away! "

Xu Xingluo's eyes flashed with a cold glint as she expressionlessly waved her hand. Many of the experts from the Xu family followed her out of the campus.

"Relying on someone … Relying on someone … You bunch of animals, stop, and let go of my daughter … "

"You bunch of animals, do you still have any humanity left? Return my daughter …"

"You bastards, let go of Yi Yi, where are you going to put Yi Yi?"

Seeing Yi Yi Yi about to be taken away by Xu Xingluo and her group, Yi Tian Song seemed to have gone crazy. He rolled and crawled, ignoring everything else as he chased after Xu Xingluo and her group …

Yi Yi's aunt and uncle followed closely behind, chasing after Xu Xingluo and her group.

"Get lost, you bunch of animals! Stop, get lost!"

It was unknown where Yi Tian Song got his strength from, but he actually used an extremely powerful force to knock aside the several Xu family guards and rushed to Xu Xingluo's side. He tightly hugged Xu Xingluo's thigh and pleaded, "I beg you, don't capture my daughter …"

"I beg of you, don't capture my daughter, I'll be your slave, please don't capture her …"

Being hugged by Yi Tian Song, Xu Xingluo's footsteps involuntarily halted. She turned her head and saw Yi Tian Song's blood-stained hands grabbing onto her dirty pants. Her expression turned incomparably cold …

"Father, go quickly, Father …" If you go back, I will be fine, but if you go back quickly … "

Seeing this scene, Yi Yi Xin, who had been captured, screamed even louder.

"Dammit, old thing, let go of young master …"

"Mom …" You old fogey, you don't want to live anymore, do you? Hurry and let go of my hand! "

Many of the Li Family guards' expressions changed drastically as they faced Yi Tian Song with punches and kicks. Yi Tian Song did not release his grip on Xu Xing Luo's pants, causing killing intent to shoot out from Xu Xing Luo's eyes. A ruthless voice came from his mouth: "Old thing, you've dirtied my pants …"

"I... I beg you, please let my daughter go and return her to me … "

Yi Tian Song didn't pay attention to Xu Xingluo's words. Instead, he tightly hugged his trouser leg as he pleaded.


"Kacha …."

However, before Yi Tian Song could finish his words, Xu Xingluo's eyes flashed with killing intent. The Qi in her right hand burst forth with a powerful force as it viciously slammed down on his head!

"Puchi …"


The sound of a skull being shattered and blood spurting out from his mouth quietly rang out. After being struck by Xu Xingluo's palm, Yi Tian Song's pleas came to an abrupt halt. Yi Yi Yi slowly collapsed amidst his miserable and pained cries …


After killing Yi Tian Song with a single palm, Xu Xingluo casually kicked Yi Tian Song's body, sending his body flying like a soccer ball into the gutter …

"Father... "Father..."

"Wuuu..." "Father..."

Seeing this scene, Yi Yi Ren's expression was pained. Tears continuously flowed from her eyes. She used all the strength in her body to struggle madly and finally broke free from the Li family guards' restraints. She crazily charged towards Yi Tian Song's corpse …

"Murder, you bunch of bastards, killing …"

"Help! Help!"

Yi Yiyi's uncle and aunt were also crying and crying for help …


Seeing this, killing intent flashed in Xu Xingluo's eyes. He took a step forward, turning into a streak of lightning as he charged towards Yi Yi's uncle and aunt …


Like a ghost, he suddenly appeared in front of Yi Yi Yi's aunt and uncle. With a powerful force, he kicked out at their waists …

"Kacha …."

"Puchi …"

A dull sound of collision, the sound of broken spine, and the sound of fresh blood coming out of his mouth sounded one after another at this moment.

He didn't know how powerful the strength carried by Xu Xingluo's foot was, but Yi Yiyi's aunt and uncle had been kicked by him, and their spines were broken and their internal organs were pierced through.

At the same time, a powerful force pushed their bodies like a punching bag towards Yi Yi. They also smashed onto Yi Yi Yi, who was rushing towards Yi Tian Song's corpse with incomparable precision. They pushed her beneath them and completely restricted her movements, causing black blood to spurt out of her mouth.

"Cough cough …" Aunt, Uncle, how are you? "Aunt..."

Being pressed down by his aunt and uncle, Yi Yi struggled to move her body. Looking at their pale faces, she couldn't help but to say something.

"Yes. Relying on someone … Quick... Quick, flee... "

Yi Yi's aunt and uncle's pale faces revealed a wry smile. Weak words came out of their mouths.

"Puchi …"

As their words fell, their bodies suddenly trembled and large amounts of blood mixed with broken organs sprayed out from their mouths. They died on the spot.

In just a split-second, Xu Xingluo had killed Yi Yi Xin's father, her aunt, and her uncle.

This cruel, violent, and bloody scene deeply shocked every single person at the scene, causing many of the neighbors who were peeking out from afar to look out the window to feel fear and shock …

Even the guards and experts of the Xu Family were intimidated by Xu Xingluo's cruel tactics.

Normally, they rarely saw Xu Xingluo take action, but today, they never expected that his methods would be so ruthless. This caused them to feel both fear and a chill in their hearts.

"Ahh …"

Looking at her father who had died such a horrible death and her uncle and aunt who had saved her, tears blurred Yi Yi's vision. The intense pain filled her heart, causing her to let out a heart-wrenching cry …

It wasn't easy for her to meet Ye Xuan, and with his help, she was able to get rid of the harassment from Li Yi and the others, allowing her to live a normal life …

She had originally thought that her life would gradually become beautiful from now on, but suddenly, Xu Xingluo and her group broke all the hopes in her heart for a better life in the future.

Putting her into hell from heaven made her feel endless pain.

Her heart was filled with endless hatred.

She hated the heaven for disagreeing with her.

She hated the bullying of Xu Xingluo's group.

She hated and resented everything in the world.

"Ahh …"

Yi Yi screamed in pain and roared in anger, but nothing could be done about it.

Her voice gradually became hoarse, until it finally disappeared completely. There was not a single sound that came from her throat.

The sorrow is greater than the death of the heart,

There was nothing more sad than silence!

Xu Xingluo looked coldly at Yi Yi, venting all the pain and sorrow in her heart. She did not show the slightest emotion on her face, but her eyes flickered with an intense cold light as an ice-cold voice came out from her mouth.

"What the hell are you all standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and bring that bitch away!"

"Yes sir!"

As Xu Xingluo's words fell, two of the Xu family's guards charged towards Yi Yi Yi!


Yi Yi Yi had somehow managed to muster the strength to lift the corpse. She stood up and charged towards the two Xu family guards with the intent to kill.

If you looked closely, you would realize that Yi Yuan was completely different from her before.

Her left eye's pupil strangely turned red at this moment, appearing extremely bewitching.

If any knowledgeable person saw this, they would definitely be extremely shocked. This was because this was a sign of the Avici Awakening!


Seeing the attacking Xu family guard, a blood-red light flashed in Yi Yi's eyes as a voice filled with killing intent came out from his mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

The instant her words fell, a glaring red light abruptly shot out from her left eye. It pierced through the bodies of the two guards from the Xu family, causing the life force within their bodies to be instantly extinguished and they collapsed with a loud bang …

"This... "This..."

This scene gave Xu Xingluo, the Xu family guards, and many experts a fright.

"Plop …"

However, it was fortunate that Yi Yiyi's red left eye emitted a light that gradually disappeared after killing the two Xu family guards. Her pupils gradually returned to their original state, and the strength in her body seemed to have been completely sucked out as she slowly fell to the ground …

"Take him away!"

Seeing this, Xu Xingluo said coldly.

As his words fell, two experts from the Xu family rushed out like lightning to grab Yi Yi. Seeing that their Demon Claw was about to land on Yi Yi Yi's body, a voice as cold as ice rang out at this moment.

"I, Ye Xuan, am sure you have the guts to touch my friend!"

"Swish …"

The instant the cold voice rang out, two golden needles shot over from the distance, piercing through the heads of the two experts from the Xu family.

The sudden unexpected change caused the expressions of the many experts and guards in the Xu Family to involuntarily change.

A slender figure had already appeared in front of Yi Yi, her wide and powerful hands reaching out and hugging her.

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