Ye Xuan wanted to kill him!

In the next moment, he took a step forward. Lightning flowed beneath his feet, and the winds and clouds surged, transforming into countless shadows that charged like lightning towards the group of people where Xu Xingluo and the others were at, causing a large number of bullets to graze past his body, ripping his clothes apart …

In just an instant, Ye Xuan closed the distance between them, and at this moment, he pressed the deformed button on his Soul Saber.

Blooming, Soul-Shattering!

"Boom! Boom!"

In an instant, a pitch black light bloomed on the Absolute Soul Saber and spread in all directions, engulfing everyone around them and stripping them of their vision …

From afar, it looked as if Ye Xuan and the others had turned into darkness in an instant. It was dark and lifeless, shrouded in a cage of black light.

"Swish …"

In the next moment, a blinding and resplendent sword light bloomed from the black light. The sound of the sword tearing through the clothes and throat could be heard one after another.

All of this happened in an instant. Only when the black light had completely dissipated did Ye Xuan's figure gradually reveal itself.

He held the Absolute Soul Sword in one hand and Yi Yi Yi in the other. The Li family guards and experts that Xu Xingluo brought along were covered in sword scars, coldly falling around Ye Xuan. Bright red blood flowed out of their bodies, dyeing the ground red.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"

"Boom …"

The Gatling Heavy Cannon in Xu Xingluo's hand even began to crack, and fine sword marks appeared on it. In the end, under Xu Xingluo's astonished gaze, it exploded, turning into a pile of scrap metal …



He looked at the Gatling cannon in his hand that had shattered into a pair of scrap iron, then raised his head and swept his gaze onto the Li family experts that were lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Surprise and shock appeared in his eyes, his throat moved, and he subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he sucked in a breath of cold air …

He didn't think that in such a short time, all of the Li family experts he'd brought would be killed by Ye Xuan.

One had to know that there were more than twenty experts who had mastered the Supreme Force and eight experts who were at the peak of the Supreme Force.

At this moment, the intelligent Xu Xingluo who had calculated everything discovered to her astonishment that he'd completely underestimated Ye Xuan's strength and his actual combat strength.

From the looks of it, the experts he brought along along along with his many powerful weapons ought to have completely beaten up Ye Xuan and easily annihilated him. Yet, things turned out like this …

It's true that heated weapons are able to deal enormous amounts of damage to Ye Xuan, but the key point is that heated weapons can't hit him!

"Tap, tap, tap …"

As he watched Ye Xuan carry Yi Yi Yi like a peerless beauty with a single hand and sense the ice-cold aura emanating from him, Xu Xingluo subconsciously took two steps back. Fear actually surged in her heart.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. With the Absolute Soul Sword in hand, he walked expressionlessly toward Xu Xingluo.

"Ye Xuan, for you to be able to take down so many of my subordinates, I admit that you have some ability! But you want to fight with me, Xu Xingluo?

Seeing that step by step, getting closer and closer to Ye Xuan, Xu Xingluo clenched her fists. The intense killing intent in her eyes blossomed, and incomparably furious words came out of her mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

As his words fell, the storage ring on his hand suddenly burst out with a dazzling brilliance. A rocket appeared in his hand and he pulled the trigger at lightning speed.

"Swish …"

A rocket carrying boundless killing intent whizzed out and attacked Ye Xuan, causing his expression to go cold.

The moment the rocket came whistling through the air, the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand slashed out!

A resplendent light burst forth as Xu Xingluo watched as the rocket was split in half by the sword Qi and exploded.

"Ahh …"

Moreover, the resplendent sword light continued to attack him without slowing down at all. Before he could even react, it had cut off his right arm that was still wearing his storage ring …

With his arm cut off, bright red blood spurted out from Xu Xingluo's severed arm like it was free. His expression was hideous yet painful as he let out a mournful scream …

He extended his hand to pick up his severed arm, but was sent flying by Ye Xuan's kick.

Under his despairing and ugly gaze, Ye Xuan picked up his arm and slowly removed the storage ring.

This game was pretty practical!

"Damn bastard, give it to me …"

Seeing this, Xu Xingluo's eyes emitted dense hatred as she angrily howled at Ye Xuan while sending a letter.

"Return you?" Since you have begged me like this, you can pay me back! "

Ye Xuan sneered. His palm suddenly exerted force and threw Xu Xingluo's severed arm out.

"Bastard, go to hell …"

The instant Ye Xuan threw his severed arm out, killing intent exploded out from Xu Xingluo's eyes. He pulled out the gun hidden at the back of his waist and pulled the trigger at Ye Xuan …


An ear-piercing sound of gunfire rang out as the sharp bullets shot towards Ye Xuan. However, Ye Xuan dodged them all.

"Ahh …"

However, Xu Xingluo wasn't as lucky as Ye Xuan. The arm that was thrown by Ye Xuan contained a powerful force that was akin to a sharp spear as it flew towards Xu Xingluo.

Under his furious gaze, his severed arm's palm accurately stabbed into his mouth, causing him to scream out in pain …

Following that, the severed arm ruthlessly pierced through his mouth and pierced through the back of his head, causing his body to quietly freeze and slowly fall backwards, ending his life.

If it wasn't for the fact that this guy suddenly attacked Ye Xuan to kill him, this severed arm wouldn't have taken his life.

[This guy died in my hands. His head was pierced through. He deserved it!]

After killing Xu Xingluo, Ye Xuan was just about to turn around and leave with Yi Yi Yi. However, at this moment, a cold voice that seemed to come from the nine heavens of hell quietly rang out.

"You want to leave after killing someone? There's no such thing as cheap in this world!"

As the icy voice sounded out, under Ye Xuan's ugly gaze, a dignified middle-aged man and an overbearing young man brought along large numbers of experts that emitted dense killing intent from their bodies as they rushed over from the horizon.

In just a few breaths of time, they'd arrived at Ye Xuan's location and encircled him, completely sealing off his escape route.

There was a unique badge on each of their chests. The word "Chen" was eye-catching on the badge. In Ye Xuan's eyes, it caused his expression to gradually turn icy cold and unsightly. Cold words came out of his mouth.

"Are you guys from the Chen Clan of Northeast China?"