Not long after Ye Xuan left, the room upstairs slowly opened. Song Yuanhang walked out of the room while hugging a beautiful woman whose clothes were in disarray.

Looking at the mess on the ground, the members of the Evil Wolf Gang that were constantly screaming and wailing, Kunge's handsome face gradually darkened. A voice filled with coldness and dissatisfaction came out of his mouth, "The Wolf King's men are really a bunch of useless trash. They can't even deal with a clown …"

"However... This is a good map. "

As he spoke, Song Yuanhang took out his phone and looked at the photo that was sent over. A playful and sinister smile appeared on his handsome face.

This photo was the scene where Ye Xuan took out the money from the Count's palace to chat with the cat waitress. Who knows how this guy obtained it?

After a moment of silence, Song Yuanhang smiled sinisterly. He took out his phone and dialed a number, "Send this photo to me on Leng Qingcheng's cell phone …"

After hanging up the phone, Song Yuanhang pondered for a moment before dialing another number.

In an advanced ward of the Star Sea People's Hospital.

A middle-aged man was lying on the sickbed, his body wrapped in bandages, staring at the ceiling in a daze. He looked like a patient suffering from dementia, a very tragic sight.

If Ye Xuan was here, he would definitely be able to recognize this young man, because he's the Ghost Scorpion that Ye Xuan madly beat up in the bar.

After being heavily injured by Ye Xuan, this fellow was already half crippled. The situation was extremely bad!

On the bed beside the Ghost Scorpion was a young man who was similarly wrapped in a plaster cast. There were multiple fractures all over his body, and he had lost his ability to move.

He was the Young Master of the Evil Wolf Gang, Young Master Lang!

A middle-aged man with a sturdy stature like a Ash Wolf stood by the side of the sickbed. Looking at the young wolf lying on the sickbed like a mummy, his fists were clenched until his fists were crackling and his eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. He said furiously, "Who can tell me who the fuck did this?"

If there was a big shot of Xinghai here, he would definitely recognize this middle-aged man. He was the gang leader of the Evil Wolf Gang, one of Xinghai's most famous figures, the wolf king's father!

"Help …" Sect Master... It was … It was a brat named Ye Xuan. "

Hearing the words of the Wolf King, yellow-hair's body couldn't help but tremble from the force of Ye Xuan's slap.

"Ye Xuan?" Which Ye Xuan? " The Wolf King suddenly turned around, reached out its hand to grab the yellow hair by his collar and lifted him up. Its eyes flashed with a murderous intent as it spoke.

"Then... "It's that Ye Xuan who was kicked out of the Ye Clan …"

Being stared at by the Wolf King, the yellow-hair felt as if all the hairs on his body had stood up. He forced down the fear in his heart and opened his mouth with great difficulty.

"He's only a piece of trash. How could he possibly injure so many of you?" Killing intent surged in the Wolf King's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

At this moment, his phone vibrated.

Looking at the number on his phone, the Wolf King's expression changed slightly. He quickly pressed the answer button. His face was full of smiles as he said respectfully, "Young Master Song, you're looking for me?"

"Wolf King, your subordinates are a bunch of trash that couldn't even deal with a clown. Your Count's palace was smashed by a trash called Ye Xuan. Hurry up and deal with him …" As for our collaboration, we'll have to delay it for now. We'll discuss it after you finish that trash, Ye Xuan, off your hands! "

From the phone, Song Yuanhang's faint words rang.

"Song... Young Master Song … "

Hearing Song Yuanhang's words, the Wolf King's expression changed greatly. He was about to speak, but the other party had already hung up, causing his expression to become gloomy and extremely angry.

"Come, follow me to the Count's palace!"

In the next moment, he rushed towards the Count's palace, brimming with killing intent and fury.

Unfortunately, by the time he arrived at the Count's palace, both Ye Xuan and Song Yuanhang had already left. What remained behind were the mess on the ground, as well as the members of the Evil Wolf Gang who were constantly screaming and wailing …

"What are you all standing around for?" I'll find out the whereabouts of Ye Xuan at all costs! "

Looking at the mess and the wailing members of the Evil Wolf Gang on the ground, the Wolf King's eyes surged with killing intent, while an angry roar came out of his mouth.

Ye Xuan didn't know about any of this.

After leaving the Count's palace, Ye Xuan found a roadside stall and had a supper. After all, he had consumed a lot of his physical strength in the Count's palace.

If it wasn't because he was weak and didn't have much strength left, he would have asked Brother Kun to call over the leader of the Evil Wolf Gang and completely smooth out the evil wolves. This way, he would be able to eliminate any future troubles and have no worries.

After all, the Evil Wolf Gang in front of him was his closest enemy, and the conflict between him and the Evil Wolf Gang could not be resolved.

The wolf would not be eliminated for a day. In the end, it was still a disaster.

Ye Xuan was well aware of this fact, but he didn't have any other way for now.

With his current strength, he did not have enough confidence to walk out of the headquarters by himself.

Therefore, Ye Xuan decided to let the matter of the Evil Wolf Gang go for now. After all, he still has other enemies …

For example, Ye Wen Feng, Qian Jianchen, etc.

Of course, the most important thing for him to do now was to increase his strength as soon as possible.

He looked at the balance in his phone. He had already decided to buy some medicinal herbs from the Medicinal Herbs Market tomorrow to nourish his body and improve his physique …

Ye Xuan paid his bill and was about to leave after eating supper.

His gaze turned cold as he looked across the street at a woman dressed in a black nightgown and a black veil. She was holding a short sword in her hand and was dressed as an ancient beauty killer.

A cool breeze blew past. Her long hair floated in the air, filled with a unique sense of beauty.

However, this beauty didn't cause Ye Xuan to feel pleasant surprise and enjoyment. Instead, it gave him an unprecedented seriousness.

This beautiful assassin was obviously here for him …

Ye Xuan was the target of her hunt …


Looking at the beautiful woman that walked over, Ye Xuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the dense foul air from his mouth in order to calm his heart.

"Beautiful girl, it's very dangerous to walk outside so late at night …"

Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest intention to let this beauty escape. Instead, he stepped forward and teased her.

However, the beautiful assassin only coldly glanced at Ye Xuan before continuing to walk forward.

Ye Xuan also didn't stop moving. The two of them walked towards each other …

"Chi! Chi!"

The instant Ye Xuan and the beautiful assassin brushed past each other, the dagger in the beauty's hand was abruptly unsheathed. The sharp sword aura directly pierced through Ye Xuan's throat, causing an unprecedented sense of danger to surge within him.

The strength of this beautiful killer was very strong, it was more than one grade stronger than Kunge.


However, Ye Xuan was already prepared and on guard.

In the instant that the beautiful assassin's sharp short sword slashed towards Ye Xuan's throat, he didn't even look at it. Instead, he raised his sword to block in front of her, easily blocking her attack.

With her attack blocked, the beautiful assassin's face didn't fluctuate at all. It was as if everything was within her expectations. Her right leg formed a whip as it whizzed towards Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan smiled. He turned around abruptly and easily grabbed the whip leg that the beautiful assassin kicked with his palm. Moreover, the hand that Ye Xuan used to hold the military knife suddenly exerted force, causing the beautiful assassin's body to be pressed down.

Along with Ye Xuan's action, the two of them stood face to face. Not only was Ye Xuan's body almost on top of that of the beautiful assassin, he was also holding onto the long and sexy legs of the beautiful assassin, causing their postures to be especially warm. Obscure and intimate.

Of course, all of this was built on the fact that they did not have the ice-cold bone-piercing saber or the short sword that cut through iron like mud.

When this scene appeared in the eyes of the stall's owner and the Lady Boss, they were all stunned, their faces immediately filled with ecstasy. They thought that all of this was a movie being made by some film crew, so they quickly organized the stall image of their stall, hoping to rely on the movie's setting to catch on fire.

It had to be said that the way the boss and the Lady Boss thought was truly different from ordinary people. Their imaginations could be said to be incomparably rich.

However, they could not be blamed for that. After all, this beautiful assassin's outfit was simply too unique. It could only be seen in TV or movies …