In a warm and cozy room.

Yi Yi's face was pale. He closed his eyes and lay quietly on the warm bed.

Her delicate and pure face was filled with intense pain. Sparkling tears also slowly rolled down her face.

Even in her sleep, she still could not forget the pain she had experienced, making her feel an incomparable amount of pity.

He was clearly in his youth, yet he had experienced so much pain and frustration, it was unbearable to the heart.

"Sorry …" I've implicated you. "

Looking at Yi Yi, who was unconscious and sleeping on the bed, Ye Xuan's face was filled with regret and bitterness. He extended a hand to wipe away the tears on her face as he spoke in a low voice.

As far as Ye Xuan was concerned, Yi Yi was only in this state because of him. After all, the reason Xu Xingluo and her group went to Yi Yi Yi was to force him to show himself, as well as the troubles of his family.

If Ye Xuan hadn't been related to Yi Yi, she wouldn't have been implicated like this, and her father wouldn't have died because of that.

Ye Xuan's heart was filled with apology towards Yi Yi.

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xuan extended out his palm to carefully check Yi Yi Yi's pulse as he examined the condition of her body.

Due to her excessive grief and anger, Yi Yi Yi's pulse was extremely weak and unstable. Moreover, the worst part of it was that Yi Yi was not sure if Yi Yi had experienced this setback or if it was due to some other reason, her entire body's essence energy seemed to have been sucked out, causing her to be in an extremely weak state.

Although the consciousness of those who experienced setbacks would be greatly affected, it was still the first time that Ye Xuan had seen Yi Yi Yi's entire mind empty.

For a moment, he was silent. He carefully thought about the situation Yi Yi Xin was in when he first arrived.

Back then, he seemed to have seen two beams of blood-red light shoot out from Yi Yi's eyes, killing two of the Xu family's experts.

But Yi Yi didn't know martial arts, then what were those two blood-red lights?

Ye Xuan frowned. He pondered for a moment, then extended his hand to pry open Yi Yi's eyes and carefully examined her pupils.

Her left pupil was pitch-black and deep, like a black whirlpool that could swallow a person's consciousness. Her right eye emitted a fiendish red light that was extremely bizarre, causing Ye Xuan to almost jump in fright.

"Strange eyes, what is going on? Why would a person's eyes change to an unusual color? "

"Could it be that relying on someone caused her to awaken her mutant pupils due to some external stimulus?"

Looking at Yi Yi's strange eyes, Ye Xuan's heart was filled with doubt as he spoke in astonishment.

With the development of science and technology in this era and the continuous development of mankind, through the research and discovery of countless scientists, human genes were constantly undergoing evolution and mutation, and there were even many super genes appearing.

Once these super genes were awakened, they would gain great power. They were existences that surpassed ordinary people.

In fact, there was even a special superhuman ability training institute in the world.

The Avici Pupil is one of the super genes that humans have discovered so far.

Generally speaking, once the Avici Awakened, it would gain some sort of power, but this power was also different depending on the genes' different abilities.

According to Ye Xuan's observation and judgement, the reason why Yi Yi was exhausted was probably because she had awakened her special color pupil and used some kind of superpower to kill the two Xu masters.

"It seems like the only thing I can do now is to help her replenish her exhausted energy and spirit!"

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xuan spoke in a low voice.

As his words fell, he quickly took out a three inch long Crossing Disaster Gold Needle.

After which, he stabbed the Crosscut Gold Needle into Yi Yi's forehead for three points.

In the next moment, Ye Xuan quietly activated the 13 needles.

Thirteen heaven defying needles, one needle to nourish your body!

As Ye Xuan activated the 13 needles, his essence, energy, and divine transformed into a warm current of energy that flowed through the needles and into Yi Yi's body, nourishing her body.

Ye Xuan didn't know how much energy Yi Yi was expending. He spent an entire hour inserting needles into Yi Yi. Only then did he retrieve the needles and let out a long sigh of relief.

After that, he sat down cross-legged on the balcony to cultivate, replenishing the energy he had consumed.

The moon was like a silver plate, filling the sky with stars!

The Xu family's courtyard was brightly lit.

Xu Tianyou, Marquis of Xiaowu, Sword Hero, Xu Dahai, and Xia Ying stood in the courtyard with ugly expressions on their faces. Their eyes were filled with anxiety and impatience.

It had been a long time since Xu Xingluo had taken her people to Yi Yi's residence, but she still hadn't come back. This undoubtedly worried everyone.

"Xingluo and her people have been gone for so long, and they haven't come back yet. Could something have happened to them?"

Xu Hai hesitated for a moment and could not help but ask in a deep voice.

"Accident? What kind of accident could have happened? I just received news from the scouts. There's no movement from the Lee family! Xing Luo and the others brought so many experts and weapons with them. Even if they were to meet that brat Ye Xuan, it would be more than enough to kill him. "

"That brat still hasn't come back yet. He most likely brought that girl Yi Yi to have some fun. I heard that Yi Yi seemed to be quite pretty."

Xu TianNu lowered his head to look at the time on his watch as he spoke in a neutral tone.

"That woman is indeed pretty. Isn't that brat, Li Wen, interested in her?" Unfortunately, in the end, it was still that kid, Ye Xuan, who got his hands on it. "

Marquis Xia Wu said with a smile as he lazily stretched.

"I got the news not long ago that Chen Beixuan took the Chen family to Yu state, and they are heading towards that woman Yi Yi. Xingluo, you don't have to worry about them …"

At this moment, the swordsman Gu Ling also spoke in a low voice.

"Oh? Chen Beixuan and his group have arrived? "

When they heard the words of the Sword Hero, joy surfaced on the faces of Xu Tianxiong, the Marquis of Xia Wu, and the rest.

"Reporting to the patriarch, the Chen Family of Northeast China, Sir Chen Beixuan, has brought many experts from the Chen Family to pay a visit …"

Just as they finished their words, a manservant hurriedly ran over to report to Xu Tianxiong.

"Haha …" He had indeed arrived! "Hurry up and invite him in..."

Hearing the words of the boy, Xu Tianyi laughed out loud. Seemingly feeling that something was amiss, he changed his tone, "No … Let's go welcome them personally. "

As soon as he finished speaking, he, the Marquis of Xuanwu, the Vanguard Sword Hero, and many other experts hastened out of the courtyard.

"Brother Bei Xuan, long time no see, don't come for no reason... Brother Beixuan, how did you become like this? "

When they arrived at the courtyard, Xu Tiannan and the rest saw Chen Beixuan and the rest who had just entered the courtyard. Their faces were filled with respect as they clasped their hands and spoke.

However, their expressions could not help but change when they saw Chen Beixuan's incomparably miserable appearance. They asked in a concerned voice before they could finish their questions.

"I met Ye Xuan when I was coming here, but he was made into such a state. This is quite a joke!"

A helpless and bitter smile surfaced on Chen Beixuan's face as he apologized.

"Brother Bei Xuan, you don't have to be modest. That kid, Ye Xuan, is indeed very hard to deal with. Since Brother Beixuan is already like this, then that kid must have already been hacked to pieces by you and sent to hell, right? "

The Marquis of Xia nodded slightly and said with a smile.

"Does that even need to be said? "Brother Guan Bei Bei's aura has already reached the peak of the Four Symbols Earth Realm, and it's already difficult for him to find a match for someone of the same cultivation level. Even if it's Brother Wu Zong who has just entered the Carefree Sky Realm, he would still be able to put up a fight.

Xu Tiannan was also smiling as he flattered Chen Beixuan.

Although the Xu family was the overlord of the southwest, their overall strength was still weaker than the Chen family of the northeast. As for Chen Beixuan, he was the deputy head of the Chen family.

"Haha …" Brother Xu is right. That Ye Xuan must have fallen at the hands of Brother Bei Xuan this time. "

At this moment, the Sword Hero laughed heartily.

The three of them understood and trusted Chen Beixuan's strength very well.

"Let him escape."

Chen Beixuan's face was filled with helplessness and bitterness when he heard their words. A low and deep voice was emitted from his mouth.

"What?" Let him escape? "

"How is that possible? "Although that kid has the strength of four Earth Realm warriors, how could he possibly escape from you, Brother Bei Xuan?"

"You are an expert at the peak of the Four Symbols Earth Realm, this is simply impossible."

Hearing Chen Beixuan's words, regardless of whether it was Xu Tianxiong, the Marquis of Xiaowu, or the Sword Hero, all of them were greatly shocked. An incredulous voice came from their mouths.

Could it be that in just a few short days, Ye Xuan was able to fight against a Martial Marquis at the peak of the Four Symbols Earth Realm?

"That brat is extremely despicable, he has a large amount of grenades in his hands … Otherwise, how could he possibly escape from the hands of our Bei Xuan Patriarch! "

One of the Chen family experts couldn't help but to explain to Chen Beixuan.

"So that's how it is. Truly a despicable and shameless boy."

When they heard the explanation given by the expert from the Chen family, a look of understanding appeared on the faces of the Xiahou Family and the others.

Although Chen Beixuan was indeed powerful, he couldn't withstand the bombardment of the grenade either.

"Oh yeah... Brother Beixuan, have you ever seen my son Xu Xingluo? "

As if he had thought of something, Xu Tianyi asked.

"Brother Xing Luo, he … He's dead! "

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Beixuan said in a low voice.

"What?" Xing Luo died? How is that possible? "

Hearing Chen Beanxuan's words, the expressions of Xu Tianxiong and the others all changed. Xu Tianyi was even more dumbfounded. He did not know what to do, and found it hard to believe the truth before his eyes.

One must know that Xu Xingluo was his own son. However, he had always been strict with Xu Xingluo, and would call her the Clan Head no matter the situation.

Xu Tianxiong knew a lot about his son's capabilities and was extremely confident in his actions, but he never would have thought that Chen Beixuan would actually say that his son was already dead.

This was something that Xu TianNu found hard to believe and hard to accept.

"By the time I arrived with my men, nephew Xing Luo was already dead, and …" My son, Chen Xuan, is dead as well! "

A cold light flashed in Chen Beixuan's eyes as he clenched his fists so hard that they cracked. "Bring it in!" he shouted in a cold voice.

As his words faded, the Chen family's experts carried Xu Xingluo and Chen Xuan's corpses in …

"This... This … How could this be? "Xing Luo!"

"Eldest Young Master!"

Looking at the corpse that was carried in, the expressions of Xu TianNu and many other members of the Xu Family all changed drastically as trembling words came out of their mouths …

"Brother Xu, brother Beanxuan, I'm sorry!"

Seeing this, the Marquis of Xuanwu and the Sword Hero could not help but comfort him.

"All members of the Xu Clan, listen up! Carry your weapons and slaughter the Li Clan with me!"

In the next moment, an angry roar came out of Xu Tiannan's mouth.

"Brother Xu, you mustn't!"

The Xiaowu Marquis and the Sword Hero hurriedly spoke to stop him.

"Why not?"

Xu Tiannan clenched his fists so hard that they made 'ka ka ka' sounds, as dense words came out of his mouth.

"Brother Xu, Ye Xuan isn't in the Li Family right now, and the Li family's old man broke through to become a Martial Ancestor Realm, so Brother Beixuan is seriously injured …" If we were to rashly kill our way to the Li Clan right now, the situation would be bad for us! "

The Marquis of Xuanwu quickly explained.

"Yes, Brother Xu …" "We have to consider this matter carefully!"

The Sword Hero said in agreement.

At this moment, a Xu family guard also ran in and reported respectfully.

"Reporting to Patriarch, the Vice Sect Leader of the Astral Energy Sect, Lord Li Yang, has brought many experts of the Astral Energy Sect with him …"