"What did you say?"

"You said that the increase in your strength was all thanks to Ye Xuan's brat?"

Hearing Li Dewu's words, Xu Tianyi's face could not help but reveal a hint of astonishment. His words, which had lost control of himself, came out of his mouth.

Even the Marquis of Xuanwu, Chen Beixuan, Sword Hero, and Ancient Spirit, Chen Beixuan, and Li Yang were looking at Ye Xuan with faces full of disbelief. The shock on their faces was beyond words.

Clearly, they didn't expect Ye Xuan to have such a method to help Li Dewu break through the martial realm and modify his cultivation method, causing the power of his Supreme Force to increase and his strength to increase greatly.

"That's right, the improvement of my strength is all thanks to young master Xuan's guidance, and it wasn't just me that did."

Li Dewu answered proudly.


As his words fell, Li De Zhong and Old Li San, who were standing beside him, took a step forward together. At this moment, all of the Qi in their bodies unreservedly spread out in all directions, causing the weaker people to subconsciously take a few steps back …

"Mastery of the Four Symbols Earth Realm!"

"Initial Earth Realm!"

"Damn it, since when did this Old Li San step into the Four Divisions Earth Realm and become a Martial Marquis?"

Sensing the aura that Li Dezhong and Old Li San had released, the Marquis of Xia's expression changed drastically as he let out an exasperated voice from his mouth.

His strength was only at the initial stage of the Four Divisions Earth Realm. Under the pressure of Li De Zhong's aura, he even felt a little bit of pressure. Li De Zhong's strength was probably not the least bit inferior to him.

Furthermore... Even more importantly, Old Li San was only at the peak of the Astral Energy Transformation realm before. But now, he had broken through to the Four Symbols Earth Realm and had reached the Small Success Realm.

In fact, because Ye Xuan had helped them improve their cultivation method, the nature of their astral energy and their destructive might had increased greatly. They were able to cross a small realm to fight, and were able to contend against the Marquis of Xia.

The Lee family was originally the weakest of the three great families, but in the blink of an eye, they had become the strongest existences.

If not for the fact that they still had experts like Chen Beixuan, Li Yang, Jian Hao and Gu Ling, this situation would have been completely different.

"Damn it …" These fellows, their strength has increased so quickly! "

The Marquis' expression was extremely ugly as he clenched his fists so hard that they made 'ka ka' sounds. A furious voice came from his mouth.

Even when Xu Tian was angered, his expression became extremely cold and gloomy. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with intense killing intent, as if he wished to eat Ye Xuan alive.

If it wasn't for this guy, how could things have turned out like this?

"Brother Xia, there is no need to panic. They have only increased their strength a bit. Compared to us, they are still nothing to be afraid of!"

Seeing the ugly expression on the faces of the Marquis of Xuanwu and his men, Li Yang couldn't help but pat them on the shoulders and say with a smile.

"That's right, so what if their strength has increased? They still can't compare to us, the beauties!" Let's not even talk about strength, just the numbers alone is enough to crush them! "

"That's right. I'm afraid that they will bite off more than they can chew. How can they weaken their own momentum at this time!"

Hearing Li Yang's words, Chen Beixuan and the Sword Hero also chimed in.

Even though Li Dewu and the others' strength had increased by leaps and bounds, they were still unable to do anything about it, unable to compare to the alliance formed by the five great forces. Just by themselves, they had hundreds of experts at the peak of the Supreme Force.

Not to mention that they had hundreds of experts who had mastered the Great Perfection Stage of the Supreme Force...

This was a domineering combination of strength and numbers!

Xu TianNu nodded slightly. He raised his head to look at Li Dewu and the rest, his voice filled with killing intent, "Li Dewu, since you guys insist on seeking death, don't blame us for being heartless."

"Let's attack together and cripple them!"

Just as Xu Tian's angry words fell, he was the first to transform into a raging rhinoceros that charged towards Li Dewu. Chen Beixuan, Marquis Xia, Li Yang, and the Sword Hero followed closely behind. At the same time, the experts they brought with them also charged towards Ye Xuan and the others.

Seeing this, a cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly and emotionlessly spoke.

"Sword Hero, Li Yang, Chen Beixuan, and the other two from the Astral Energy Sect, leave the rest to me!"

This fellow was actually this crazy. He wanted to use his strength to fight the ancient sword spirits, the Astral Energy Sect's Li Yang, and Chen Beixuan.

"But Young Master Xuan …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the expressions of Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and the others couldn't help but change. Just as they were about to speak, they were interrupted by Ye Xuan's cold voice. "Stop talking, finish this quickly!"


Hearing this, Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and Old Li San didn't say anything else and nodded their heads. They then charged towards Xu Tiannan and the Xiahou Clan respectively, engaging in an intense battle with them.

"Heh heh... If you want to stop the three of us by yourself, you have quite the tone, kid! "

Sword Hero, Li Yang, Chen Beixuan, and the others surrounded Ye Xuan in a triangular formation, and their ice-cold voices sounded out.

In their opinion, Ye Xuan was too arrogant. Although this kid cultivated in external techniques and his combat strength was indeed shocking, it was impossible for him to fight the three of them by himself!


The instant the words left their mouths, they didn't hesitate to launch a fierce attack towards Ye Xuan. They attacked with incomparable sharpness.

The Astral Energy Sect's Li Yang's entire body seemed to have become a golden Buddha as the golden light revolved around him. His fist carried a fearsome force as it smashed towards Ye Xuan.

Killing intent filled Chen Beixuan's eyes. The astral energy in his body surged, causing a large amount of cold energy to emit from the surface of his body. His entire body became incomparably cold, like a berserk, angry bear walking out of an extremely cold world.

The longsword in the hands of the Sword Hero suddenly unsheathed as a resplendent sword light bloomed, piercing towards Ye Xuan's throat with a speed as swift as lightning.

When the three great experts made their move, they instantly sealed off Ye Xuan's escape route without any room to dodge.

A strong sense of life-and-death danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become incomparably cold and unsightly.

The Sword Hero, Chen Beixuan, and Li Yang were already extremely powerful and had reached the peak of the four earth realm. They'd even fought with the Carefree Sky Realm martial ancestor before. They were far stronger than Ye Xuan.

If they'd fought Ye Xuan alone, they would've been able to contend with each other. But now, with the three of them fighting together, Ye Xuan understood how terrifying the strength of the three of them was. This made him understand that he was overestimating them.

After all, he hadn't completely refined all the bones in his body. Right now, he had only reached the Large Success stage of the Bone Refining stage.

"This kid is too arrogant. He actually wants to fight three Martial Lords at the peak of the Four Divisions Earth Realm by himself."

Even Zi Yao, who was sitting elegantly to the side and watching this scene, couldn't help but shake her head. She couldn't help but open her mouth at this moment.

"Then... Will Ye Xuan be in danger? "

Hearing Zi Yao's words, worry and anxiety appeared on Yi Yi's pure and innocent face. She couldn't help but speak up.

"Who knows? It's up to that fellow's ability. In any case, I won't act rashly. "

Zi Yao couldn't help but smile. She lifted her wine cup and placed it next to her mouth, carefully tasting the red wine within.

"Chi! Chi!"

The instant he finished speaking, Ye Xuan had already launched a counterattack towards the Sword Hero, Chen Beixuan, and Li Yang.

The instant they closed in on him, Ye Xuan unhesitatingly used the Second Stage of Bedevilment and Lightning Strike.

Demonic energy emanated from his entire body as lightning and thunder swirled around him. Both his strength and speed had increased tremendously at this moment.

The instant Li Yang's powerful fist arrived, Ye Xuan's face went cold. He clenched his fist, and surrounded by demonic energy and lightning, he fiercely smashed his fist forward!

Devil Dragon's Strength! The Demon Dragon was enraged!


In the next moment, a muffled bang sounded out. It was Ye Xuan's fist that collided ferociously with Li Yang's.

"The wrath of the Wind God!"

The powerful energy that was transmitted over caused Ye Xuan's face to go cold. He stomped his feet, borrowing the force to fiercely retreat, and his whip leg howled as it swung out to collide with Chen Beixuan's whip leg that carried a fierce killing intent.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

The terrifying force directly caused Ye Xuan's entire body to fly backwards. His body continuously flipped backwards a few times on the ground before barely managing to avoid the powerful force of the collision.

"Swish …"

However, before he could even stabilize his body, a bright cold light blossomed in front of his eyes, causing their expressions to change. Without thinking, their bodies abruptly leaned backwards, causing the long sword that the Sword Hero was thrusting towards him to graze across his nose, brushing past his hair.

Even so, the sharp sword qi still cut open Ye Xuan's clothes.

As he watched Li Yang and Chen Beixuan from the Divine Aura Sect unite and attack him from both sides, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. The Soul Saber in his hand abruptly appeared, and he didn't hesitate to press the Transformation button to the side.

Awaken, Absolute Soul Sword!

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, a resplendent black light burst out from the Absolute Soul Saber without any warning, enveloping the three people from the Astral Energy Sect, Li Yang, Chen Beixuan, and the Sword Hero. It completely deprived them of their vision, causing everything in front of them to be pitch-black.

This sudden turn of events caused the expressions of the three of them to simultaneously change. They didn't even think as they explosively retreated, wanting to increase the distance between them and Ye Xuan.

But how could Ye Xuan allow that to happen!?

A cold light flashed in his eyes as he firmly locked onto Chen Beixuan. Wind and lightning surged beneath his feet as he took a step forward. His body suddenly disappeared from where he stood, and with the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, he shot towards Chen Beixuan with a strong killing intent.

Amongst the three of them, Chen Beixuan was the weakest, and Ye Xuan knew him the best when he fought, so he decided to get rid of Chen Beixuan first.

In just an instant, Ye Xuan appeared in front of Chen Beixuan. A resplendent sword light bloomed as it flashed past him.

Thundering Flash, Absolute Shadow Sword!