"Go to hell! "Blazing Sun Burst Palm!"

As the cold and bloodthirsty voice echoed in Ye Xuan's ears, an intense sense of life and death crisis filled his heart, causing his expression to become incomparably heavy and unsightly. It was as if he'd fallen into an immortal hell, causing his expression to become as unsightly as unsightly could be.

"Ye Xuan, be careful!"

Yi Yi Yi became even more anxious when he saw this scene. He could not help but cry out in concern.

Even Zi Yao's eyes turned cold as a cold ray of light flashed across her eyes. She muttered, "Little brat, don't tell me you only have that little ability and potential? If that's really the case, then you have truly disappointed me. "

Although she clearly knew that there was an enormous difference in strength between Li Yang and Ye Xuan, Zi Yao still held extremely high expectations for Ye Xuan.

"Young Master Xuan!"

"Young Master Xuan, quickly dodge it!"

Li Dewu, Li De Zhong, and Old Li San who were fiercely fighting on the side had their expressions drastically changed at this moment, and they started to anxiously shout out loud.

However, with such a close distance and the fact that Ye Xuan had just killed Chen Beixuan and used up too much of his physical strength, how could he possibly dodge Li Yang's surprise attack?

In the eyes of everyone present, Ye Xuan would definitely take a fatal surprise attack from Li Yang.

Under Li Yang's sudden attack, Ye Xuan was bound to die.

"I, Ye Xuan, have never experienced any sort of danger or despair in my life! Just based on the fact that you, a mere Li Yang, killed me, aren't you being too arrogant and conceited!? Blooming, Great Devil Realm! "

As he turned around to look at Li Yang's palm that was filled with burning hot astral energy, the demonic qi in Ye Xuan's eyes surged. His hair seemed to be growing longer at this moment, causing his entire temperament to instantly undergo a heaven-shaking change …

He became lonely.

It became cold …

Become merciless,

He became violent.

Become cruel!

He was like a peerless fiendish demon that had regained control of the entire Infernal Realm of the Unbroken Realm.

A monstrous demonic energy spread out from his body in all directions, stirring up endless demonic wind.

At this moment, the entire restaurant was trembling from the demonic aura that was being emitted by Ye Xuan.

The corrosive demonic energy turned into a black pillar that rushed out from the bottom of Ye Xuan's feet, enveloping him within. Moreover, the range of the pillar expanded in every direction with Ye Xuan as its center.

"This... "What the hell is going on?"

At this moment, Li Yang's expression drastically changed. The Blazing Sun Burst Palm that he executed was about to land on Ye Xuan's body, but it was blocked by the demon aura pillar that rushed out from underground, causing his attack to be unable to advance at all. Moreover, his Sun Force Qi was being consumed bit by bit by the demon aura, causing him to utter a few words of shock.

This was the first time he encountered such a situation!

"Puchi …"

Just as he finished speaking, an even more terrifying demonic qi spread out, causing the area covered by the demonic qi pillar to suddenly expand, causing his face to turn pale. All of the fiery Yang energy in his palm was completely devoured, and a large amount of blood sprayed out from his mouth from the terrifying force of the expanded Demonic Qi pillar, causing him to fly backwards like a cannonball …

"Ahh …"

Under the terrified gazes of the people in the distance, Li Yang, who was sent flying, was instantly overtaken and enveloped by the demonic qi pillar.

He didn't manage to escape the range of the Demon Qi Pillar at all. Under the corrosive and destructive devouring Demon Qi, the Sun Force that he used to defend his entire body was swallowed bit by bit, corroded, and finally disappeared completely. His whole body was completely exposed to the Demon Qi …

His clothes were instantly corroded and destroyed, his skin instantly corroded and festered, his aura went from strong to weak as he constantly let out miserable shrieks. In the end, his body was swallowed up into nothingness bit by bit, as if he had never appeared in the first place …

"Vice Sect Leader!"

"Vice Sect Leader..."

"Ah... "My hand …"

"My feet, my eyes …"

"This... "What the hell is going on?"

The instant Li Yang was sent flying by the Great Devil Realm, a large number of experts from the Gale Sect rushed towards him. They charged into the Great Devil Realm's encirclement in order to save him …

However, just as they had charged into the area shrouded by the Great Devil Realm, a large number of devil dragon shadows formed from devil energy had charged out from underground without any warning. They had enveloped their bodies and began devouring them, causing their robust bodies to gradually become thinner and slowly disappear …

Of course, they weren't the only ones that were affected by Ye Xuan's Great Devil World. There were also many experts from the Xia family, Xu family, Ancient Sword Sect, and Chen family who didn't have time to dodge …

They struggled violently in the area covered by the Great Devil Realm. They wanted to rush out, but to no avail. They were still engulfed by the demon qi …

"Ga beng beng …."

"Crack, crack, crack …"

It sounded like some demonic mist was gnawing on the bones, which made everyone's hair stand on end.

Only the experts from the Lee family were not affected by this demonic energy. Their bodies became even more lithe in the Demon World, causing them to be shocked and amazed.

Looking down from the sky, the ceiling of the two story restaurant was completely penetrated by Ye Xuan's Great Devil World. The entire building was enveloped in a terrifying demonic energy and gradually disappeared, being razed to the ground.

There was one with a radius of fifty meters that pierced the sky and reached the clouds, so that the entire Yu State City could see it.

This was the Great Devil Realm that Ye Xuan had used in the desperate situation!

With the increase in his strength, he could more accurately control the power of the Great Devil Realm and increase the destructive power of the entire realm by multiple folds.

"This... "What the hell is going on?"

"What happened?"

"Dammit, what the hell! Run! Run!"

On the other hand, the pedestrians who were walking on the streets outside the restaurant suddenly saw the restaurant being swallowed up into nothingness by the terrifying demon air pillar, as if the day of doomsday had scared them to the point that they peed their pants, causing them to scream in fear as they fled in all directions.

Deep in the Li family's courtyard.

The Li family's old man was currently sitting cross-legged in the wooden barrel, tempering his body and stabilizing his cultivation.

After all, he had just broken through not too long ago.

However, as if he had felt something, his expression changed. He abruptly opened his eyes and looked towards the horizon.

Under his astonished gaze, a black pillar of demonic energy shot up to the sky from the center of Yuzhou City. It created a violent wind that shattered the clouds in the sky.

Moreover, at the top of the pillar, there was an astonishingly cool looking skull. It was as if it was roaring towards the sky, declaring war towards the heavens!

"This... What exactly is this thing? "

"What a terrifying devil aura, what a terrifying energy fluctuation!"

"What happened? Could someone have used a biochemical virus weapon? "

A voice that was filled with shock came out from the Li family's old man's mouth.

With his words, he quickly put on his clothes and ran in the direction of the demonic qi pillar.

Deep in the Xu family's backyard, there was a villa that was restored to its original appearance.

On the rooftop of the villa, there was not only a swimming pool, but also all sorts of training tools.

Wearing a long white robe, an old man with long white hair and looking extremely young, was leisurely sitting on a sun chair, enjoying a cup of golden gourd tea, while chatting with three men of different shapes and ages.

If others were to see him, they would definitely be able to recognize his identity.

He was the strongest person in the entire Yu State, the highest existence in the city - the ancestor of the Xu family!

Next to the Xu Ancestor, there was an old man with white hair who looked to be in his seventies. His eyes were sharp and occasionally flashed with a bright light, and his figure was pretty good. If he did not look old, it would be hard to imagine that he would have such a figure.

He was the strongest existence in the Xia Clan, the patriarch of the Xia Clan!

He did not know what level the strength of the Xia and Xu Ancestor had reached.

Opposite the Xu ancestor sat an extremely extraordinary man.

His left ear was wearing a pair of earrings shaped like a skeleton, and his robust figure was wrapped in a dark golden armor, causing his entire body to exude a science fictional yet powerful aura, as if he was a futuristic soldier from the age of science and technology, causing people to feel a strong sense of oppression from him!

If Mad Demon Lin Feng was here, he would definitely be able to recognize him.

This was because he was a core warrior general from the Western Asura World's Evil Emperor Pavilion. He possessed unparalleled divine strength and was known as the God of Science and Technology, one of the thirty-six Gods of the Western Asura World - Flanders!

Rumor has it that his entire body had been modified and remodeled by technology, and that he possessed a destructive power that could destroy the world. He had once destroyed a capital of 500,000 people all by himself, and he was known as a walking bomb.

Beside the God of Science and Technology, Flanders was sitting. He looked to be in his forties, had long red hair, was wearing a blood-red battle robe, and on the shoulder of the blood-red battle robe was a skull badge emitting a strange blood-red light. This made him give off a thick aura of slaughter, as though he was an Asura from hell.

He came from the Western Asura World just like the God of Science, Flanders. He was one of the thirty-six spirits of the Western Asura World, a core warrior of the Evil Emperor Pavilion.

His name was Frank, and he was a pair of twin brothers with Flanders. His strength was extremely terrifying and tyrannical.

It was rumored that the two brothers had once escaped from the hands of a powerful figure among the Eight Devils of the Dark World in the west.

They came to China from the Western Asura World with two missions and a goal!

The first was to investigate the death of the Evil God and get rid of Lin Feng and Ye Xuan!

The second was to open up a new territory for the Evil Emperor Pavilion, preparing to cooperate with the Xu family, and take the entire Southwest into the Evil Emperor Pavilion's territory!

Even Yu Zhou's strongest two elders, the Xu family's patriarch and the Xia family's patriarch, felt a sense of pressure when facing the two of them.

"Patriarch Xu, I don't know …."

"Boom! Boom!"

Just as the God of Science and Technology, Flanders, was having a discussion with the Xu Ancestor and the others, an enormous explosion suddenly sounded in the sky, interrupting their conversation. It caused their expressions to involuntarily change as they looked towards the source of the sound.

What appeared in their line of sight was an enormous demon pillar that soared straight into the sky!

"This... This is the Demon Lord's Great Devil Realm? "

"Great Devil Realm? How was this possible? Didn't the Demon Lord die? "

Looking at the gigantic magic pillar that shot up to the sky and the unique skull at the top of the magic pillar, the faces of the God of Science, Flanders, and the Asura Spear God Frank all changed simultaneously. Shocked words came out of their mouths.

"Let's go take a look!"

In the next moment, the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank both swiftly stood up, turning into two streaks of light and charging towards the Great Devil Realm …

"Such a violent energy fluctuation, just what is going on here?"

Looking at the terrifying pillar of demonic energy and feeling the violent and terrifying energy, the Xia clan's patriarch's expression also changed as he spoke in a low voice.

"I can't care so much anymore, I'll go take a look first!"

The Xu Ancestor coldly replied.

"Swish …"

Following his words, he also turned into a streak of light and explosively shot towards the direction of the Great Devil Realm. The Xia clan's patriarch followed closely behind …