"Brother Gu!"

Xu Tianxiong, who'd appeared behind Ye Xuan and was preparing to attack him with a fatal sneak attack when he saw the ancient sword silently toppling over, suddenly changed his expression as he anxiously screamed.

At this moment, he was already scared to death by Ye Xuan's strange and fierce method. He immediately gave up on surprise attack and decisively retreated backwards to open up a distance between him and Ye Xuan!

"Swish …"

But how could Ye Xuan let him do as he pleased?

The instant Ye Xuan killed the spirit, he swiftly pulled the Absolute Soul Sword out of his body. He then abruptly turned around and swung the Soul Breaking Sword toward the terrified Xu Tianyi, causing him to explosively retreat.

"Boom! Boom!"

It was a pity that Xu Tianyi's decision was too quick and decisive the moment the Sword Hero died. He had already left Ye Xuan's attack range, causing Ye Xuan's attack to miss!

However, how could Ye Xuan let Xu Tianyou go just like that?

After all, he was the last resort in the Great Devil Realm. If time passed, he would definitely suffer a backlash!

By that time, he would have no fighting power at all.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to kill Xu Tianyou!

The instant his attack missed, the sole of his foot abruptly exerted force, and with a leap, all the force in his body was channeled into his right arm that held the sword.

"Swish …"

In the next moment, Ye Xuan fiercely threw the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand out.

When the Absolute Soul Sword was sent flying by Ye Xuan, it seemed to transform into an angry dragon that chased after Xu Tianyi and attacked him with lightning speed!

Crazy Dragon Goes to Sea, One Sword Flying Immortal!

A rich life and death crisis spread in Xu Tian's heart, causing his expression to change drastically. All of the hair on his body stood up at this moment.

Because the Absolute Soul Sword's speed was simply too fast, in a few moments, it had already caught up to Xu Tian Nu. In his eyes, it constantly expanded, causing him to let out an angry curse, "Damn it …."

"Blood Bat Great Art …"

Just as he was about to use a secret technique to increase his speed and avoid the Soul Breaking Sword, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he coldly said, "Too slow!"


The instant he said that, the chain on his right hand that was connected to the Absolute Soul Sword trembled.

An even more berserk demonic energy exploded out and was transmitted to the Absolute Soul Sword, causing his speed to increase abruptly and turning into a blinding black light as he chased after Xu Tianyou!

"Ah... "No …."

"Ancestor, save me!"

Seeing the Absolute Soul Sword that had instantly exploded with a terrifying speed, fear appeared on Xu Tianyi's face as he let out a cry of despair.

"Swish …"

However, his shout did not get any response, and a resplendent sword light flashed past.

Under the shocked gazes of the surrounding people, the Absolute Soul Sword pierced through the center of Xu Tianyi's forehead and came out from the back of his head. It carried a powerful force as it nailed him to a building in the distance.

All of this happened in the time it took for a spark to fly. There was simply no time for anyone to rescue them.

By the time everyone regained their senses, the Sword Hero, Ancient Spirit, and Xu Tianyi had already been killed by Ye Xuan and turned into an incomparably cold corpse.

"Great Gu Ling!"


"Lord Gu Ling, patriarch …"

The remaining experts of the Ancient Sword Sect and the Xu Family felt their hands and feet go cold, their faces turned pale, and they let out desperate, fearful words from their mouths.

They didn't think that the person they thought to be invincible would be killed by Ye Xuan in an instant!

"This... Just what kind of combat power is this? "

"Young Master Xuan's strength is too terrifying …"

"Is this where Young Master Xuan's strength lies? He actually killed all four of the Martial Lords — Xu Tianyou, Xiaowu Marquis, Chen Beixuan, Sword Hero, and Li Yang — by himself? "

Seeing Xu Tian Nu, the Sword Hero, and the Marquis of Xuanwu die on the spot without a chance to support Ye Xuan's Li De Wu, Li De Zhong and the others all had their eyes wide open, mouths wide open, and words of shock and terror coming out of their mouths.

The strength and methods that Ye Xuan had displayed were too terrifying and powerful, completely beyond their imagination.

"This kid's potential is limitless …" However, the power that he has displayed, due to overexerting his potential, far exceeds the limits of what his physical body can endure. He will suffer a huge backlash, and I'm afraid that he will have to lie in bed for ten days to half a month! "

Even Zi Yao was shocked by Ye Xuan's iron methods. She looked at them with undisguised praise and spoke in a calm voice.

For Ye Xuan to be able to surpass his cultivation by himself and kill the ancient sword spirits, Xu Tianxiong, Li Yang, and many other experts, the strength and potential he displayed was beyond reproach even to Zi Yao.

"Chi! Chi!"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. He fiercely pulled on the chain on his right hand and the Soul Breaking Sword flew back into his hand!


Xu Tian Nu's body, which was nailed to the wall, fell from its height and onto the ground with a dull thud, raising dust into the air.

"Puchi …"

Ye Xuan's complexion also paled as he spat out a large amount of blood. The magic armor that was made up of demonic energy began to gradually dissipate, causing his aura to gradually become sluggish …

However, his aura was still as sharp as before, like a sharp sword that was hanging above everyone's heads.

His gaze was ice-cold as he looked at the furious Xia family, the Xu family, the ancient sword faction, and many other experts. They were enduring the pain from the backlash and were speaking in icy tones.

"Xu Tianxiong, the Marquis of Xia, Li Yang, Chen Beixuan, and the Sword Hero are all dead. If any of you want to avenge them, then come at me!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing the cold and proud look on his face as he stood there with the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, even though no one knew that he was seriously injured and didn't have much combat strength left, no one dared to make a move. Not even a single one dared to shout that they would take revenge for Xu Tianxiong and his group …

They didn't know what kind of strength Ye Xuan was still hiding!

"If you do not have it, you better give up resisting and throw away the weapon in your hands. Otherwise, I will not mind destroying all of you, even though I do not like to kill people!"

Seeing that no one spoke or moved, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with coldness as he coldly spoke.

"Boom! Boom!"

"Didn't you all hear Young Master Xuan's words?"

Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and Old Li San brought many experts from the Li Family to Ye Xuan's side. They released their auras and shouted at the enemies in front of them.

"It seems like none of you want to live …"

Seeing this, a cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"No …" Don't kill me, I. "I surrender …"

When they felt Ye Xuan's icy gaze, everyone felt a chill run down their backs. The weaker ones didn't dare to meet his gaze, and instead, threw away the weapons in their hands as they trembled in fear …

"I... I surrender too! "

"I surrender too..."

"Don't kill me, I surrender …"

As someone voluntarily threw away his weapon and gave up resisting, the others who were still hesitating were also affected. They completely lost their courage to continue the fight and threw the weapons in their hands to the ground one by one, as weak words came out of their mouths …

"Pata …"

"Clank, clank, clank …"

For a time, the sound of weapons dropping to the ground rang out continuously.

All of the remaining enemies at the scene gave up resisting, giving up their courage and willpower to continue the fight, and chose to surrender instead …

Ye Xuan let out a long breath of relief when he saw this scene. He turned around and his gaze fell onto Li Dewu. An indifferent voice came out of his mouth. "I'll leave the rest of this up to you!"

"Young Master Xuan, don't worry!" Are you alright? "

Li Dewu lightly nodded. He couldn't help but be concerned when he saw Ye Xuan's weak appearance.

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head. He turned around to Yi Yi Yi and Zi Yao, who were sitting beside him, and said, "Yi? Sister Zi Yao, let's go!"

"Kid, I'm afraid it's too late for you to leave!" A big trouble is coming! "

However, Zi Yao gently shook her head and magnetic words came out of her mouth.

"Big trouble?"

Hearing Zi Yao's words, Ye Xuan's expression couldn't help but change.

To be called a big trouble by Zi Yao, this matter was definitely extraordinary.

The current him could be said to have no battle prowess at all.

"Hehe …" There were a lot of casualties. What was going on? "

Just as Ye Xuan was about to speak, a bloodthirsty and mocking voice rang out.

As the voice sounded out, a terrifying gust of wind violently swept through the streets, causing people's clothes to flutter in the wind. It was difficult for them to even open their eyes, and some even found it difficult to stand …

The gale came and went as quickly as it came.

In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared without a trace.

However, there were two figures with unique figures that unknowingly appeared on the street in front of them. They elegantly walked towards Ye Xuan and the others …

The leader was a man with a head of dark golden hair who looked to be in his thirties and had the face of a beautiful western man. On his left ear was a pair of earrings shaped like a skeleton, and his robust body was wrapped in a dark golden armor, causing his entire body to exude a powerful sci-fi aura, as though he was a would-be fighter from the age of science and technology, causing people to feel a strong sense of oppression!

However, his hair was red, and he wore a blood-red battle robe. On the shoulder of the blood-red battle robe, there was a skull badge emitting a strange blood-red light, causing his entire body to emit a thick killing aura, as though he was an Asura from hell.

They were the God of Science, Flanders, and Frank, the Asura Spear God, who had rushed over after seeing the Great Devil Realm from the Xu Family's courtyard!

Ye Xuan's expression couldn't help but change when he saw Flander and Frank, the God of Science and technology, and he clenched his fists so tightly that they creaked. Cold and shocking words came out of his mouth!

"It's actually them? How did they get here? "

Thinking about the Great Devil Realm he'd used just now, Ye Xuan's expression went completely cold!

His identity had been exposed!

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