The Li family's old man had an ice-cold expression. His expression was grave as he looked at the Asura Spear Deity Frank who had easily blocked his attack. A cold light flashed in his eyes and his heart stirred up heaven-shaking waves.

One had to know that his strength had still broken through to the Carefree Sky Realm, and he had become a supreme Martial Ancestor Realm expert.

His body had been improved on all fronts, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and he was one of the few enemies in the entire Yu Zhou city.

However, this strange man who suddenly appeared was able to easily block his attack. This was undoubtedly a blow to him, who had just broken through.

Could it be that the Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Carefree Sky Realm had already reached a level where they could be seen everywhere?

"I never thought that there would be a third Martial Ancestor Realm expert in Yu State City other than the Xu and Xia Ancestor!" However, old thing, do you think that you can contend against this god just because you're a Martial Ancestor Realm expert? "

"You are too naive. Are you ready to endure this god's anger?"

After blocking the attack of the Li family's old man, a hint of a sneer appeared on the face of the Asura Spear Deity Frank. Cold and mocking words came out of his mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

The instant his words left his mouth, his waist suddenly straightened, and his spine swung out like the tail of a huge dragon. A frightening dark red energy crazily poured into his fist, turning into a bloody dragon that charged out.

Asura's Wrath!


The sudden burst of power from the Asura Spear God Frank caused the Li family's old man's expression to change drastically. He withdrew his fist without any hesitation and retreated explosively, crossing his arms to block in front of him.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Although the Li family's old man's reaction speed was extremely fast and he dodged the fist from the Asura Spear God Frank, he was still unable to dodge the Asura Fist Force that was whizzing out of his fist.

From afar, he could see that the Asura Fist Art was like a roaring, raging dragon as it smashed into the chest of the Li family's old man, causing his face to turn pale.

"Puchi …"

The Li family's old man had just stabilized himself when he felt a pain in his chest, a sweet taste in his throat, and a mouthful of jet-black blood spraying out of his mouth ….

Even though Old Man Li had broken through to become a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, he was still injured by the power of the Asura Spear God Frank's fist. From this, it could be seen that the Asura Spear God Frank's strength was far above the Martial Ancestor Realm.

Furthermore, he was the only one who acted just now. The God of Science and Technology beside him, Flanders, didn't do anything at all.

"Lordmaster …"

"Old patriarch …"

Seeing the Li family's old man that was shaken to the point of vomiting blood, the faces of Li De Wu, Li De Zhong, and the others couldn't help but change, and they started shouting anxiously.

"Swish …"

The Li family's old man waved his hand, forcefully suppressing the blood in his heart. With a leap, he arrived in front of Ye Xuan, Li Dewu, and the others.

"Bro, are you alright?"

The Li family's old man's gaze slowly swept past Ye Xuan, Li Dewu, and the others as he asked in a low voice.

"Brother, are we alright? Are your injuries alright? I'll treat you first! "

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head. His gaze fell onto the Li family's old man's chest. He looked at the burn marks on it and spoke out words of concern.


The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, he took out a silver needle and pierced it into the Li family's old man's body to treat his injuries.

After all, the Li family's old man was the most important person in their group right now.

"Thank you, brother!"

Not long after, the Li family's old man's injuries were healed by Ye Xuan, causing him to be overjoyed as he hurriedly expressed his thanks.

Following which, his gaze landed on the two standing gods of science and technology, Fland and Frank. His eyes were filled with undisguised seriousness, and low words came out from his mouth.

"Bro, do you know where they come from?"

"What kind of background?" Let us tell you! "Haha …"

However, before Ye Xuan could reply, a voice filled with ridicule and mad laughter sounded out.

Li Qingdao was the life of the Li family's Old Master!

As the voice sounded out, under the cold and ugly gazes of Ye Xuan, the Li family's old man, and Li Dewu, two old men that had a bit of an air of immortality slowly walked over. In a few flashes, they arrived beside the God of Science, Flanders, and the Asura, Frank, and the others.


"Greetings, Patriarch!"

Seeing the two old men who had suddenly arrived, the members of the Xia and Xu Families who had originally abandoned their weapons all had expressions of extreme joy on their faces. Their mouths were filled with an incomparably respectful voice.

The two old men who had suddenly arrived were shockingly the ancestor of the Xu and the ancestor of the Xia clan.

The ancestor of the Xu family and the ancestor of the Xia family nodded slightly. Their eyes swept across the messy scene but they could not find Xu Tianxiong and the Xiahou Family.

"Where is your Patriarch?"

Hearing the words of the Xu and Xia clansmen, many of the Xu and Xia clansmen's faces became overcast and they could not help but lower their heads.

"What is it? Can't you hear what we're asking? "

Seeing this, the expressions of the Xu and the Xia clan's Patriarchs couldn't help but turn cold as they coldly spoke.

However, the Xia family and the Xu family still kept their heads down in silence …

A hint of doubt surfaced on the Li family's old man's face. He swept his gaze over the surrounding people and did not discover the Marquis of Xia, Xu Tiannan, Chen Beixuan, and the Sword Hero. He did not understand why they would be absent at a time like this.

"Xia Ying, tell me what happened?" Where did the Marquis of Xia and Wu Hou go? "

The Xia clan's patriarch's expression was cold as a premonition flashed in his heart. He reached out with his hand and grabbed the heavily injured Xia Ying, who was hiding in the crowd, with an unquestionable force.

"Reporting to the Royal Elder... The Xu Family Head and the Xia Family Head are … All dead! "

Feeling the cold and heartless gaze from the Xia clan's elder, Xia Ying's face turned pale as he clenched his teeth and spoke.


"How is that possible? Who exactly killed them? "

Hearing Xia Ying's reply, the expressions of the Xu ancestor and the Xia ancestor couldn't help but change as shocked words came out from their mouths.

Apparently, he did not expect to receive such an answer.

And there was even Chen Beixuan from the Chen Clan, Li Yang from the Divine Aura Sect, and the ancient sword hero of the ancient sword faction, Gu Ling, with them.

Not only that, Li Qingdao had just arrived here as well. With Chen Beixuan, Li Yang, Jian Hao and Gu Ling, there was no way anyone would be able to kill them.

"Ancestor, that damned brat …" Even Lord Chen Beixuan, Lord Li Yang and Lord Sword Hero, Lord Ancient Spirit have all died in his hands! "

Xia Ying could only clench his teeth and reply.

Right now, he'd experienced defeat and witnessed the iron-bloodedness and power that Ye Xuan had displayed. He'd long since been scared to the point that he didn't even have the courage to fight anymore.

"That's right, Ancestor … It was them who killed the Patriarch of the Xu Family and the head of the Xia Family … "

"Ancestor, you must avenge the Patriarch and the clansmen!"

"Royal Elder, please kill them all …."

At this moment, the other Xu and Xia clansmen also chimed in.

"What?" Boy, you. You really killed Xu Tianxiong, Chen Beixuan, Gu Ling, and the Xia Wu Hou all by yourself? "

Hearing the pointed fingers of the Xu and Xia clansmen, a trace of shock appeared on the Li family's old man's face. He looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment, and his eyes were filled with undisguised shock.

Never would he have imagined that Ye Xuan would be able to rely on just his own strength to annihilate Xu Tian Nu and his group …

"What is going on? Explain the situation to me clearly? "

Killing intent surged in the eyes of both the Xu and Xia ancestors. Powerful killing intent emanated from their mouths as cold words emanated from their mouths.

Feeling their nearly devouring gazes, Xia Ying could only recount what had happened in detail, including the details of how Ye Xuan had suddenly displayed the might of the Great Devil Realm …

"You're saying that the enormous pillar of demonic energy was something that kid, Ye Xuan, used?"

Hearing Xia Ying's words, the eyes of the God of Science, Flanders, and the Asura Spear God Frank went cold. Killing intent filled their eyes as they coldly stared at Ye Xuan. Extremely cold words came out of their mouths.

"That's right, my lords. That strange pillar of demonic energy was created by that brat, Ye Xuan. Not only can that demonic energy devour people's essence, energy, and spirit, it also seems to be able to provide him with strength and increase his strength … "

Xia Ying hurriedly said with a respectful expression.

"Is that so?"

The God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank swept their eyes over the crowd and spoke coldly.

"These two lords are the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank from the Western Asura World's Evil Emperor Pavilion. Didn't you hear what they asked you?"

Seeing that the surrounding people all lowered their heads, not daring to reply to Flanders and Frank's words, the Xu Ancestor said with an ice-cold expression.


"Are they the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank from the Western Asura World?"

"No wonder their strength is so terrifying. Even the Li family's old man is no match for them …"

"From the looks of it, the Xu and the Xia family's ancestor have reached an agreement with the God of Science, Flanders, Frank and the Asura Spear God. Although Xu Tianyou and the rest died, the current situation is clearly not good for the Li family …"

"That's right, it seems like the Li Family is in trouble today. They are going to be removed from Yu State City!"

Hearing Old Master Xu's introduction, the expressions of the surrounding people could not help but greatly change. Their faces were filled with shock and horror as they looked at the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank. Shocked voices could be heard from their mouths.

"Damn it, they're actually the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank who came to the Western Asura World!"

"Bastard, when did they get involved with the Western Asura World's Evil Emperor Pavilion?"

"Dammit, even the Xu and Xia Ancestor found it difficult to deal with them, much less these two gods from the Western Asura World. This is going to be troublesome …"

Even the complexions of the usually steady Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and Old Li San greatly changed as flustered and exasperated voices came from their mouths.

The Li family's old man also had an extremely ugly expression on his face. His fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard.

The Xu Ancestor and the Xia Ancestor were both experts at the Carefree Sky Realm. He could only deal with one of them at most, not to mention the fact that there were two gods from the Asura World of the West.

"Bro, you should have long known the identities of those two fellows, right?"

Suppressing the panic in his heart, Old Man Li turned around and looked at Ye Xuan. Looking at his calm face, he spoke in a low voice.

"I recognized them when they appeared, but before I could say anything …"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as he smiled bitterly.

Now that the God of Science, the Asura Spear God Frank and the others all knew that he was the one who unleashed the Great Devil World, these guys would undoubtedly focus all their attention on him, locking him in place.

"Is there any way to deal with it?"

Old Man Li asked again after hearing Ye Xuan's reply.

He trusted Ye Xuan quite a bit.

Ye Xuan glanced at Zi Yao, who was sitting leisurely to the side. He didn't say anything and merely nodded his head.

Zi Yao was his greatest trump card. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Ye Xuan wouldn't use it.

"Phew!" "That's it..."

Seeing Ye Xuan nod his head, the Li family's old man heaved a sigh of relief.

He was full of confidence!

The God of Science and Technology Flanders, the Asura Spear God Frank and the others are awesome?

This father is afraid of him!

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