"Little bastard, you actually dared to kill my son!? If I don't cut you into ten thousand pieces today, you'll be unable to dispel the hatred in my heart!"

The ancestor of the Xu family clenched his fists tightly as he coldly stared at Ye Xuan. The intense killing intent in his eyes surged and a violent aura unreservedly spread out from his body.

This little bastard had first killed his grandson, then killed his son, Xu Tian Nu. This completely enraged him!

"You little bastard, return my life!"

The old ancestor of the Xia clan stared at Ye Xuan with killing intent. His feet abruptly exerted force and the force of his claws swept out. Just as he was about to attack Ye Xuan, he was cut off by the God of Science Flanders. "Wait!"

The sudden words from the God of Science, Flanders, caused the Xia clan's ancestor to pause. He turned his head and cast a doubtful gaze at Flanders. "Lord Flander, you …"

"Leave this brat to us!"

However, what answered him was the cold words of the God of Technology, Flanders.

As soon as the God of Science, Flanders, finished speaking, he slowly walked toward Ye Xuan with ice-cold steps. His eyes flickered with a cold light as unquestionable words came out of his mouth.

"Brat, if you don't want to be tortured to death, then obediently tell this god why did you use a move like the Great Devil Realm?"

"What is your relationship with that scumbag Demon Lord?"

"This god has never heard of him having any successors. Your Great Devil Realm was passed down to you by him. Where is he now? "

With every step that the God of Science and Technology took, the aura emanating from Flanders' body became increasingly terrifying and powerful.

A dark golden energy flame ignited on the surface of his body. A terrifying might came crushing down like the might of heaven, causing the complexions of Li De Wu, Li De Zhong, and the rest to change drastically. It was extremely difficult for them to stand still …

"Puchi …"

Some of the weaker members of the Lee family vomited blood as they were crushed by the God of Science and Technology's aura, and fainted on the spot.

Even the Li family's Old Man, who was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, had a grim expression on his face. He could feel that all his muscles and bones were trembling under the violent aura of the God of Science and Technology, Flanders.

Only Ye Xuan still stood there calmly, as if he completely ignored the aura released by the God of Technology, Flanders.

He had seen all sorts of people at his peak, so how could he be afraid of this God of Technology, Flanders?

In the face of the God of Science and Technology's questioning, a teasing smile appeared on Ye Xuan's cold face as he coldly said, "Flanders, you really have a lot of questions as usual … …" This sovereign truly regrets that I did not cut off your tongue in the endless ruins! "

The instant Ye Xuan's voice sounded out, his heart jerked as he controlled the eight Crossing Disaster Golden Needles to fiercely pierce into the eight acupuncture points in his body that were headed by Yongquan. His dispirited aura seemed to have been infused with a completely new life force as it crazily surged …

Torrents of demonic energy crazily surged out from his body, spreading in all directions and causing a terrifying wave of demonic wind. In the end, under the shocked and horrified gaze of the God of Science and Technology, it condensed into a magic armor that wrapped around Ye Xuan's body …

At this moment, Ye Xuan's hair also grew rapidly, fluttering in the wind!

At the same time, a figure of a devil god that looked down on the world strangely appeared behind Ye Xuan, causing his aura to rise bit by bit, as if he'd quietly awoken as a peerless devil …

Behind him was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood formed from the blood of countless experts. There were all kinds of corpses and bones floating in the air …

At this moment, Ye Xuan's aura was even more terrifying and tyrannical than when he'd used the Great Devil Realm.

Because at this moment, Ye Xuan had activated the 13 heaven defying needles' secret technique, completely stimulating his potential, and maximizing the momentum in his body …

It was true that he had Zi Yao at his side as his trump card, but the Demon Lord's heart was filled with an unparalleled arrogance. How could he lose in terms of aura when facing off against a formidable foe from his previous life?

Humans could die!

He could not lose his anger!

Even the berserk aura of the God of Science and Technology, Flanders, was completely annihilated by Ye Xuan's aura.

"Boom! Boom!"

As Ye Xuan's aura rose to its peak, a violent demonic aura spread out in all directions, causing the surrounding people's expressions to greatly change. They had to retreat for several tens of meters before stabilizing their bodies …

Raising their heads to look at Ye Xuan, who was clad in armor and holding the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, and the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood behind him, they all opened their eyes wide and opened their mouths wide. Gasps came out from their mouths one after another.

"Alright... "What a terrifying aura …"

"Then... Are those mountains of corpses and seas of blood the strong warriors that fell under his feet? "

"Gu …" Aren't you asking about nonsense? This was an aura that came from killing countless experts and obtaining a large amount of slaughter energy. "Legend has it that this kind of imposing aura is only possessed by those experts who stand at the top of the pyramid …"

"Too terrifying, he already killed so many people at such a young age?"

Even Li Dezhong, Li Dewu, and even the Li family's old man were shocked by Ye Xuan's explosive aura. Their gazes were filled with undisguised shock and fear.

"This guy is too reckless. Isn't he afraid of playing around with himself until he dies, even though he's squeezing out his body's potential?"

Seeing this, Zi Yao furrowed her brows and coldly spoke.

As for Yi Yi Ren, he tightly held onto his lily-white hands as he nervously stared at Ye Xuan, his eyes filled with concern.

"Damn it …" This familiar aura, what exactly is this familiar aura? "

The instant Ye Xuan released all of his aura, the expression of the God of Science, Flanders, abruptly changed. He felt an enormous demon god looking down on him from above, shocking him.

This kind of pressure, only he could feel it from the supreme Evil Emperor.

"Flanders, didn't you just ask me where the Demon Lord was?"

"Now he's in front of you! What, you don't recognize it? "

Ye Xuan's pitch black eyes were filled with endless indifference. He slowly walked toward the God of Technology, Flanders, and coldly stared at him as he spoke words of contempt for the world.

The furious Ye Xuan revealed his identity without hesitation.

However, would the God of Technology, Flanders, and the others believe him?

"What?" You are the Demon Lord? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and feeling his incomparable aura, the expressions of the God of Science, Flander, and the Asura Spear God, Frank, changed drastically. They were so frightened that they retreated a few steps before stabilizing themselves.

Obviously, they didn't expect this guy to say such words.

However, after a brief moment of shock, they quickly returned to their senses. Their gazes carefully sized up Ye Xuan, and their faces couldn't help but show a strong sense of playfulness as a domineering voice sounded from their mouths.

"Haha …" You say that you are the Demon Lord? "Stop being so f * cking scary. Do you think we brothers haven't seen this Demon Lord's true body before?"

"It's really funny. Do you think you can scare people with just a little of your aura?" Boy, you are too naive! Your aura is just a facade. Your body is not on the same level as your aura. You want to scare us? In your next life! "

As the Asura Spear God Frank's words fell, he took a step forward, blood-red energy surging from his body. His left hand reached out and lightly pressed on the watch on his right hand.

Bright rays of light spread out in all directions as a blood-red long spear appeared within his body, causing his aura to soar wildly. An eight-armed Asura figure also appeared behind him.

"Kid, have you prepared for death?"

The Asura Spear Deity Frank pointed his Asura Spear towards Ye Xuan as he coldly said those words.

Feeling the Asura Spear Deity Frank's imposing aura and the killing intent in his eyes, Ye Xuan looked at the Asura War Spear in his hand that was glinting with a blood-red light. He gripped the Absolute Soul Sword tightly, and his eyes gradually became heavy.

Although he had gone against the heavens and changed his fate, he was still in a hopeless situation. However, his body was too weak, causing his current strength to be less than 10% of his peak state!

Just like what the Asura Spear God Frank and the others had said, although his aura was strong enough to scare many people, it was useless in front of a true expert like them because the other party could clearly feel that he was lacking in confidence!

Moreover, the reason why Frank could be called an Asura Spear God was not only because of his terrifying strength, but also because his Asura Spear was never easily revealed.

Even if Frank, the Asura Spear God, had only fired a single shot, the current Ye Xuan didn't have enough confidence to take it head on.

What should he do?

This fellow seemed to be unable to continue acting!

However, he was forced to send it!

"What is it? "Kid, are you scared?"

Feeling Ye Xuan's emotions, an icy expression appeared on Frank's face. He extended his bright red tongue to lick the corner of his mouth as bloodthirsty words came out from his mouth.

"What a pity, it's already too late!"


The instant Frank's words left his mouth, he bent over with the Asura Spear in his hand, and fiercely rushed towards Ye Xuan like a bloodthirsty cheetah.

His terrifying speed caused a large amount of dust to fly into the air, leaving behind a blood-colored afterimage. Like a bolt of lightning that cut through the night, he instantly appeared in front of Ye Xuan.

At this moment, the Asura Spear in his hand exploded with a dazzling bloody light. Like a bloody python howling, it violently opened its mouth and bit towards Ye Xuan's chest, causing his expression to greatly change.

Berserk Python Spear!

"MMP, it's a killing move from the very beginning …"

Even the usually calm Ye Xuan couldn't help but curse.

F * ck you, why did you have to act like this from the very beginning?

Will you die if you don't use your killing move?

Don't you f * cking need to waste mana to cast a skill?

He allowed Ye Xuan's speed to reach its limit, but the Asura Spear Deity Frank was already following him like a shadow. Moreover, the giant blood python that was biting him was getting closer and closer to him, and a thick sense of life and death filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing all of the hair on his body to stand up.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's heart was filled with ten million mud horses roaring.

Big sister Zi Yao, why aren't you making a move?

Sister Ziyao, hurry up and stop him?

F * ck, sister Zi Yao, do you really have to make a Demon Lord like me come and beg for your face?

Don't be like this, hurry up and make a move. I can't hold on any longer, just leave me some face, okay?

No matter what, I am a Demon Lord, don't make me lose face!

At this moment, too many thoughts flashed through Ye Xuan's mind!

Seeing the Asura Spear Deity Frank's fatal strike was about to land on Ye Xuan, the cold and dignified voice quietly sounded out.

"If you dare to hurt him today, I will use your life to compensate him!"