"One has already died. Who should we choose next?"

After hearing Zi Yao's bone-chilling words and feeling the intense killing intent radiating from her body, the faces of the Asura Spear God Frank, the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the others all flashed with a cold light as they clenched their fists so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard!

"Milords, kill this slut together!"

The Xu Clan Patriarch also spoke in a low voice.

When he looked at Zi Yao, his gaze was not only filled with intense killing intent, but also full of undisguised lust. Evil and wretched, he would torture and toy with this woman to death in front of him. Only by doing this would he be able to vent the anger and hatred in his heart!


The Xu Ancestor's words were also quickly approved by the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank. They released angry roars as violent energy surged from their bodies. They rushed towards Zi Yao at breakneck speed and launched extremely powerful attacks at her.


The moment the God of Science and Technology, Flanders, rushed out, he did not hesitate to press down on the bracelet on his wrist.

As he pressed down on the bracelet, a violent energy exploded from his body, causing his aura to rise crazily. Not only did the golden armor he was wearing change shape, two flying thrusters formed on his back. The shoes on his feet shot out large amounts of flames, causing his speed to increase drastically!

At the same time, a golden heavy sword appeared in his hands, giving him a strong aura of a future sci-fi golden armored warrior.

At this moment, the God of Technology, Flanders, had entered a battle-ready mode, displaying his strongest battle-ready form without the slightest hesitation.

Chi chi chi …

At this moment, the Asura Spear God Frank's appearance also changed. His hair stood erect as blood-red lightning wrapped his entire body, and the Asura Spear in his hand erupted with a resplendent light. The shoes under his feet also spewed out a large amount of flames, causing him to hold the long spear in his hand and float in the air, turning into a blood-red god of death!

"Boom! Boom!"

Afterwards, the two of them charged toward Zi Yao in a left and right dive. As they approached, the God of Science, Flanders, raised the golden heavy sword in his hands and slashed it down toward Zi Yao like a golden warrior.

Golden Slash!

On the other hand, Frank was like an angry dragon swooping down from the sky. He suddenly raised the asura battle spear in his hand and thrust it down toward Zi Yao.

Lifestealer Halberd!

At this moment, whether it was the God of Science and Technology Flanders or the Asura Spear God Frank, all of them unleashed their most powerful killing move. They were determined to kill Zi Yao!

It had to be said that the combined attack from the two of them was simply too powerful and fierce. They were like two supreme gods that ruled the heavens, mercilessly slaughtering an empress of the mortal world!

Their attacks had just been unleashed, but before they even reached their target, a violent wind arose, causing Ye Xuan, Old Man Li, and Li Dewu, who were standing behind Zi Yao, to have difficulty opening their eyes. It was extremely difficult for them to maintain standing; they subconsciously retreated a good distance to barely be able to withstand the terrifying wind pressure.

One could imagine how terrifying and powerful the attacks of the God of Science, Flander, and the Asura Spear God Frank were, and how powerful they were!

"This... Just how terrifying is this attack? "

"Dammit, is this still the power a human can display?"

"Is this the terrifying power of an Asura World God from the West?"

Seeing that terrifying attack, Li Dewu, Li Dazhang, and Old Li all felt their mouths go dry and their faces go white. Words of shock and fear came out of their mouths.

"I had originally thought that once I stepped into the Carefree Sky Realm and became a Martial Ancestor Realm, I would be able to stand at the pinnacle of power. However, I never expected that the strength displayed by the two of them from the Western Asura World would actually be this powerful and terrifying. They have long since surpassed the scope of Martial Ancestor Realm and reached an even more illusory realm …"

Even the Li family's old man was shocked at this moment. He couldn't help but sigh.

He, who had broken through to the Unfettered Sky Realm to become a Martial Ancestor Realm, could be considered a powerhouse in the entire Southwest. Yet now, he felt as though he was incomparably insignificant …

"Brother, there is no need to belittle yourself, and no need to be so depressed … It was true that the reason why Flanders and the others were able to unleash such a powerful force was due to their extraordinary strength, but there was also the technological power they possessed as well as their weapons and equipment! "That Flanders fellow is known as the God of Science and Technology, and the technology he has mastered has long since exceeded international standards …"

"Their equipment and weapons possess extraordinary might. It is not surprising that they are able to unleash such powerful strength … The path of martial arts is vast and endless. Moreover, I believe that with elder brother's heart of martial arts, this Martial Sect will only be the beginning! "

Hearing the Li family's old man's words and seeing his dejected appearance, Ye Xuan couldn't help but console him.

However, the strength displayed by the God of Science, Flanders, and the Asura Spear God Frank were indeed terrifying and powerful. They were far stronger than three years ago. Zi Yao was injured and her strength had yet to recover.

Ye Xuan was still worried about Zi Yao's situation!

"Haha, bro is right …" The road of martial arts is vast and endless, without boundaries. This Martial Sect is just my beginning! One day, I will also rush out of this confined earth like Tyrant Lord Lan Feng and charge into that vast and boundless starry sky to search for the pinnacle of martial arts! "

Ye Xuan's words had undoubtedly aroused the heroic spirit in the Li family's old man's heart, causing him to laugh loudly as he spoke.

"Li Daqing, you think you're the only one who wants to charge out of this earth? Stop dreaming! Tomorrow will be the day of your death. When Lord Friend and Lord Frank kill that slut in front of us, it'll be your turn. Wash your necks and wait obediently … "

As if he had heard the words of the Li family's old man, the old man of the Xu family, who was unable to enter the arena and attack Zi Yao because of the God of Science, Flanders, and the others' terrifying attacks, started to wildly laugh.

"Haha …" Small. cheap. "Obediently submit to Lord Flanders and Lord Frank, or else you will lose your life later, and we won't be able to finish this!"

"Of course, if you insist on resisting so stubbornly, we will have to reluctantly play with your corpse. Although that seems to be a little heavy, it seems very satisfying …"

In the eyes of the Xu family's old patriarch, Zi Yao, Ye Xuan, and the others were all doomed to die. As a result, the current him was extremely inflated and he didn't feel the slightest bit of fear.

"How reckless!"

Hearing the words of the Xu family's old man and seeing his wild laughter, Zi Yao's face turned ice-cold. Killing intent burst out from her eyes as ice-cold words came out from her mouth.

"Swish …"

The moment her words left her mouth, she did not even spare a glance at the crazy and powerful attacks from the God of Science, Flanders, and the Asura Spear God Frank. Instead, she swung her right hand and charged towards them with a sharp killing intent in her fingers...

At the same time, Zi Yao took a step forward, turning into a ghostly shadow and disappearing from where she stood.

"Goo …"

"Hiss …"

When Zi Yao's figure reappeared, the ancestor of the Xu family was horrified to see her appear before him at some unknown time. It made all the hairs on his body stand on end, and his throat go dry. His body abruptly retreated at an explosive speed …


However, no matter how he explosively retreated, Zi Yao still followed him like a shadow. Moreover, under her shocked gaze, she extended her snow-white hand towards his throat.

Following Zi Yao's actions, countless cold energies spread from her hand, forming a cold hand that instantly grabbed onto the Xu Ancestor's neck, lifting him into the air.

No matter how much he struggled, it was useless!

Also, under the cold air brought by the hand of cold air, the ancestor of the Xu family was horrified to discover that his body was being frozen bit by bit. Large amounts of ice condensed on the surface of his body, causing his entire body to be cold.

"You …"

The Xu Ancestor opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but to his horror, he found that when he saw Zi Yao's ice-cold expression, not a single sound came from his throat …

He really couldn't understand. Wasn't Zi Yao just standing there, receiving the attacks of the two lords, Frank and Flander?

How did she appear in front of him?

The ancestor of the Xu family looked towards the place where Zi Yao had been standing. To his horror, he discovered that Zi Yao was dissipating bit by bit …

Was that an afterimage?

Not only that, the golden greatsword that had been chopping down at Zi Yao to attack the God of Science and Technology, Flanders, had actually been forcefully sliced in half from the middle by her finger strike just now. In the end, under the God of Science and Technology's shocked and despairing gaze, Flanders shot toward the center of his brows, piercing through them.

"Puchi …"

Zi Yao's finger pointed at the Asura Spear God Frank and shot out, turning into a ray of light and accurately hitting the tip of his Asura battle spear. The tip of his spear and the entire spear pierced through, flying out of the spear shaft and piercing into his body, destroying and piercing through his heart …

Bright red blood spurted out from the mouths of the God of Science, Flanders, and the Asura, Frank.

Their rapidly advancing bodies completely lost their life force and vitality. Under the shocked and despairing gazes of the Xu Ancestor, they heavily crashed on the ground, producing muffled sounds and raising up a large amount of dust …

"Boom! Boom!"

Fresh red blood splattered all over the ground!

They would forever be two ice-cold corpses, without any dignity or complacency from when they were alive!

Their faces were still filled with despair and fear of death!

"Lord Flanders and Lord Frank are dead?"

"This... How is that possible? "

Seeing the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank lying on the ground, terrified and desperate, voices of disbelief came out from the mouth of the Xu Family ancestor …

However, he was met with Zi Yao's cold and emotionless reply.

"You're going to die soon too!"

"Boom! Boom!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the ancestor of the Xu family completely turned into an eye-catching ice sculpture. Afterwards, he abruptly exploded, turning into ice crystals that filled the sky and slowly fell from the sky …