Time flowed by, and in the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

In these three days, Li Jun wanted to bring a lot of special forces soldiers to carry out a blockade and search of the Xia Family's courtyard and the Xu Family's courtyard.

A large number of biological and viral weapons as well as various viral genes that were under research were found in the underground warehouse of their race.

He didn't know what the two families were planning in the dark, so he decided that his scheme had long since been exposed. Moreover, it was destroyed by Ye Xuan and Li Xuan.

Otherwise, once their conspiracy was completed and these biological weapons were brought out, it would result in a large number of deaths and injuries.

A large number of the Xu and Xia clansmen were captured and detained for investigation. The entire Xia and Xu courtyards were completely sealed off to prevent anyone from entering.

It could be said that the Xu and Xia families have already embarked on the path of destruction and no longer existed.

Even the Xu family, the Xia family, and many of their businesses had been bought over by Li Dewu and the others during this period of time. Only the Xu family's Xu Hai did not appear on the day of the battle for some reason, as if he had vanished into thin air!

After the acquisition of the Xu and Xia families' businesses, both the Li family's power and wealth had experienced a huge increase in the past few days, becoming the new hegemon of Yu state. And it was a one-of-a-kind business!

Not only that, with the help of Li Dewu, Master Long and Xia Nan had completely reshuffled the entire underground world of Yu Zhou City, creating a branch of the Wild Dragon Association.

Moreover, Li Dewu, Li Dezhong, and Old Li San immediately announced that they would lead the entire Li Family to join the Raging Dragon Gang, causing the Li Family to become a member of the Raging Dragon Gang, and expand their influence.

As long as they could digest everything that had happened this time, they would definitely become the overlord of the Southwest!

However, this would require a certain amount of time and effort. Fortunately, Southern Summer, Lord Long, and Li Dewu had some experience and connections in this area, so they believed that it wouldn't be long before this matter could be resolved …

As for Ye Xuan, he went into closed-door training after cooperating with Li Xuan to resolve many issues.

Having gone through battle after battle, he naturally suffered a lot of injuries. However, most of the time, it was his comprehension towards his own strength that increased.

As a result, he was in closed-door seclusion and did not know anything about the outside world.

As time passed, the events in Yu state began to spread in the southwest, causing many people to be excited. Ye Xuan's name gradually spread to many people's ears, and he gradually entered into many people's field of vision without exception.

If one were to ask who the biggest winner of the Yu State battle was, it would undoubtedly be Ye Xuan, followed by the Li family.

It was because at present, the entire Li family had joined the Raging Dragon Association and became a member of it. Moreover, the members of the Raging Dragon Association were all members of the Li family.

As for Lord Dragon and Xia Nan, they were currently assisting the Li family to establish a branch of the Raging Dragon Society. They weren't in charge here to organize things, because they wanted to chase after Ye Xuan's footsteps.

Even if Ye Xuan walked further and further away, they would still work hard to chase him.

During their time in the military, they had experienced many battles and battles, had been sparring with many special forces in the base every day, and had even merged the military's training methods with their own, resulting in a great increase in their own strength and breakthroughs.

The tempering of their limbs and bones had already been completed, and the tempering of their torso bones had also reached the final stage. As long as they completed the final portion of their spine and cultivated the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique to the first stage of body refining, their strength would once again rise to another level.

Of course, their rapid improvement wasn't only due to Ye Xuan's improvements to the Sun God's Tyrant Body Technique, but it was also because they had a deep foundation, and were able to endure pain that ordinary people weren't able to endure. They possessed a firm will to become Ye Xuan's right-hand men.

The two of them felt extremely vexed and remorseful that they weren't able to fight alongside Ye Xuan.

During the time that Ye Xuan was in closed door cultivation, they'd similarly gone through bitter cultivation and sparred with Li De Wu and Li De Zhong.

As for Li Jun, she was busy with various things in the army. She rarely stayed with them, and rarely returned to the Li family.

And in these past few days, Ye Xuan had led the Li Family and completely destroyed the Xu and Xia Clans. The entire Li Family could be said to be like a market!

However, the Li family did not open the door to welcome him. Instead, they closed it and refused to see him!

Previously, when the Li family was at a low point, no one cared about them. Now that the Li family had risen to prominence, how could it be so easy for them to climb high?

As Li Dewu put it: In the future you will never pay attention, today you can't climb!

Li Dewu's words made many of the small and middle-sized families in Yu state city and even in the Southwest, extremely nervous.

For the next few days, he waited outside the Li family's courtyard gate, but from beginning to end, he never came out. He never entertained anyone!

Even though it had been seven days since the Yu State war, the Li family still hadn't opened its doors.

Of course, the reason they did this was to teach these fellows a lesson. The second reason was because they were afraid of disturbing Ye Xuan's closed door cultivation.

During these seven days, the news about the war in Yu state had spread not only to the southwest, but also to the northeastern part of the country, and even to some of the ancient sects!

At the Chen family residence in the northeast.

In the resplendent Chen family meeting room.

The head of the Chen family had gathered the upper echelons of the Chen family to discuss a series of matters regarding the Chen family. They were planning out the future of the Chen family.

His plans were especially purposeful, causing many of the Chen family's higher-ups to silently nod in approval.

Thinking of something, the Chen family's Patriarch's gaze landed on a skinny young man. He frowned and asked in a deep voice, "Chen Si, is there any news from the people that were sent to the Star Sea?"

Patriarch, we haven't heard from them yet. However, we just recently received news that Ye Xuan's Godly Medicine Company has become very popular and has released a type of health care company that sells three million boxes every month. The monthly profit is estimated to be around ten million.

Hearing what the Chen family Patriarch said, the skinny young man instead spoke in a low voice.

"Really?" Get the people over there to get me their prescription! "

Hearing this, the Chen family's patriarch's eyes flashed with wisdom. If he was able to obtain the medicinal formula, with his Chen family's property, a monthly profit of over 100 million wouldn't be a problem at all …

"Yes sir!"

The skinny young man quickly replied respectfully.

"Oh right, Bei Xuan brought his men and went to Yu Zhou city for such a long time, where did the news come from?"

After pausing for a moment, Patriarch Chen asked.

"Reporting to the Patriarch, ever since the Beanxuan Vice Patriarch arrived at Yu state, we have kept in contact with him. However, for unknown reasons, we have not been able to contact him for the past few days!"

A middle-aged man wearing thick glasses answered with a deep voice.

"Really?" "Send someone to ask the intelligence department …"

The Chen family's Patriarch frowned as he coldly spoke!

"Dong, dong, dong …"

However, just as he finished speaking, there was a hurried knock on the door. A clan member rushed into the meeting room in a panic!

"Did I let you in again?"

Seeing this, the Chen family's Patriarch's expression turned cold as he asked.

"Reporting to the patriarch, something bad has happened. There is news from Yu State!" The Xu Clan and the Xia Clan have been annihilated, and the Deputy Patriarch and the others have all died in battle! "

The Chen family member said with a flustered and panicked expression.


Upon hearing his words, the expressions of many of the Chen Family higher ups could not help but change at the same time, and they all stood up in an instant.

"What's going on?"

The Chen family's Patriarch even reached out his palm and grabbed that member of the family.

"Yu state city has gathered the Xu family. All of the Xia family's troops, including Lord Gu Ling from the ancient sword faction, Lord Li Yang from the Supreme Wind Sect, Vice Patriarch Bei Xuan, and many other experts have surrounded Ye Xuan and the Li family."

"But Ye Xuan went berserk and killed them all by himself! It was rumored that the Xu Family's ancestor and the Xia Family's ancestor also took action. There were even two technology gods from the Western Asura World, Flanders and Frank, that attacked Ye Xuan simultaneously. However, there was a mysterious empress behind Ye Xuan, who single-handedly massacred the four experts! "News from the outside world has spread …"

That Chen family member clenched his teeth and said.

"Damn it, how did this happen?"

Hearing the words of that Chen family member, the Chen family head slapped heavily on the meeting table, and words that were filled with fury came out of his mouth.

"Eastern Lai, send someone to Yu Zhou city to bring my fifth brother's body back!"

In the next moment, he turned his head and his gaze landed on a burly man who was sitting beside him like an iron tower as he spoke in a deep voice.

"Home... Master... Listen... I heard that the corpses of Vice Patriarch Beanxuan and the rest were destroyed … "

That Chen family member whispered.


Terrifying killing intent spread out from the Chen family head's body like a tidal wave. It formed a white frost dragon around his body. It was an oppressive aura that pressured the surrounding people to the point that they couldn't breathe. A voice filled with killing intent came out from his mouth.

"Ye Xuan, no matter who's behind you, if I don't cut you into a thousand pieces, I swear I won't be a human!"

In the depths of the mountain surrounded by clouds and immortal energy, there was an ancient sect.

In this paradise, it was the ruler. People called it the Ancient Sword Sect.

On the huge training field of the ancient sect in the Ancient Sword Sect, there was a tall platform that was tens of meters tall. An old man with a long hair and a pure sword intent radiating from his entire body was sitting gracefully at the head of the hall, leisurely drinking tea while gently stroking his beard and enjoying the competition below.

He was the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Leader that had just come out from the Ancient Sword Sect's Sword Tomb!

However, just at this moment, an inner disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect rushed into the Martial Arts Practice Grounds with an anxious expression on his face.

"Open …" To report to Sect Leader, big... Something terrible had happened! Yu Zhou city's news is that the Sword Hero Gu Ling elders and the ancient sword sect's elites were killed in Yu Zhou city! "


Perhaps it was because this inner sect disciple was too anxious, but his voice was practically shouting out. When it landed in the ears of every one of the Ancient Sword Sect disciples present, it caused their faces to involuntarily change …

Even the two Ancient Sword Sect disciples that were competing in the arena stopped …

The gratified smile on the face of the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Leader disappeared, and replacing it was an endless chill as dense words came out of his mouth.

"Tell me, what is this all about?"