"Tell me, what is this all about?"

Hearing the cold words of the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Leader and feeling the boundless pressure that was emitted from his body, that disciple who came to report the news subconsciously gulped, and a trembling voice came out from his mouth.

"Reporting to Sect Leader, from what I know, not only is there Elder Gu Ling, there is also the Aura Sect's Li Yang, the Chen family's vice head Chen Beixuan and the two great families of Yu state's Xu Xia …" "According to the normal pattern, if the five great forces join forces, even if that kid Ye Xuan has three heads and six arms, he would still die without a doubt …"

"However, who would have thought that the boy's strength would increase by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time. With just his strength alone, he could defeat Gu Ling and the other experts and kill them!"

"Later on, when the Xu Ancestor and the Xia Ancestor appeared, even with the arrival of the God of Science and Technology of the Western Asura World, Flander and the Asura Spear God Frank, they would definitely be able to kill this brat. Who would have thought that there would be an enigmatic empress behind her! Just by herself, she was able to easily kill the Xu Ancestor, the Xia Ancestor, and the God of Science, Flanders.

"One must know that the Xu ancestor and Xia ancestor are both Carefree Sky Realm experts, and the God of Science, Flanders, and the others are all stronger. However, they were still instantly killed by the mysterious empress. Fear …. I'm afraid that her martial arts cultivation has long since surpassed the level of the Free and Unrestrained Heavenly Realm and reached a completely different level. "

After hearing the words of the inner court disciple, the head of the Ancient Sword Sect tightly furrowed his brows. His eyes flickered with unconcealed seriousness, and his fists were even tightly clenched with kacha sounds. His face was filled with deep unwillingness.

Although his Ancient Sword Sect was only a second-rate sect in China, it was hard to swallow this down.

However, the strength displayed by the mysterious empress, who could instantly kill both the ancestor of the Xu and Xia family, gave him a sense of pressure …

It seemed that he would have to consider this matter carefully!

Immediately, the head of the Ancient Sword Sect waved his hand and said in a deep voice, "Send the order to dispatch all of the secular disciples to investigate the whereabouts and background of the mysterious empress! "Also, watch Ye Xuan closely and pay attention to his every move. At the same time, send Elder Gu Yuan down to Xinghai so that he can invite Ye Xuan's woman to the sect …"

"Gu Feng, follow me down the mountain to the Astral Energy Sect!"

After the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Leader finished his words, he stood up and walked down the mountain with large strides …

A young man with elegant long hair that made him look especially handsome followed closely behind.

Astral Energy Sect, in the ancient and glorious great hall!

A tall and imposing middle-aged man was leisurely lying on a throne made of pure gold. On one side, a seemingly sexy and exquisite beauty was drinking the fine wine in a cup beside him, enjoying their massage, while on the other hand, she was tirelessly listening to the reports of the elders and deacons on both sides of the hall.

He was the current Sect Leader of the Astral Energy Sect, Li Chunyang!

It was rumored that he possessed a pure Yang body constitution, allowing him to cultivate the Supreme Pure Yang Qi to a superb level. His strength was extraordinary, and he had quite a reputation in the martial dao realm.

Not only did he possess extraordinary means, but he also possessed extremely high EQ and brain.

In the years that he had been in charge of the Astral Energy Sect, the strength of the entire sect had increased by a large amount. Many outstanding figures had also appeared, protecting and escorting many business families, forging a series of alliances.

In fact, this fellow would develop the Gale Sect the way the academy did, sending those who had reached a certain level in their studies down the mountain to join their companies or work with them in an aristocratic family …

The sect elders and deacons on both sides of the stage were currently reporting to him on the situation of the Astral Energy Sect over the past one year.

"Grand master, for the past year, our Gale Sect has signed a total of six contracts with six aristocratic families. We have provided them with martial arts strength and trained them in martial arts, and according to your request, we have created our own brokerage company in the outside world with a cumulative annual income of 600 million …"

"Sovereign, after a year of development, the number of disciples in our Gale Sect has already reached five thousand. Among them, three thousand are outer disciples, eight hundred are inner disciples, and there are one thousand two hundred who have completed their studies and entered society …"

"Reporting to Sovereign, this year, our Gale Sect has three new Martial Grand Masters at the Four Divisions Earth Realm, and three hundred and sixty disciples at the peak of the Astral Energy Transformation Stage …"

As for the deacon elders reporting the situation, Sect Master Li Chunyang's face was full of smiles, obviously extremely happy and gratified!

He was very satisfied with the results of this year's development!

Immediately, he sat up and said with a smile: "This year, the development of our Gale Sect has been pretty good, and it has been growing. All the elders and deacons here have definitely contributed greatly, thank you everyone for your hard work!"

"Men, reward!"

Li Chunyang waved his hand in a heroic manner.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

As Li Chunyang's words fell, more than ten beautiful and sweet female disciples carried a jade tray into the hall and arrived beside the elders and deacons.

On the jade plate, there was not only a purplish-gold bank card, but also a martial art book with a different name.

At this moment, Li Chunyang also said with a smile, "According to the different physiques and cultivation methods of the elders and deacons, I have chosen a different martial art from the sect's treasury. I hope it will be of some help to your increase in strength …"

Hearing Li Chunyang's words and seeing the cultivation method and martial art card in the jade plate, the faces of all the elders and deacons present were filled with ecstasy. This cultivation method was exactly what they had been looking for in their dreams.

"Thank you, Sect Leader!"

Immediately, everyone cupped their fists and greeted.

"Reporting... Reporting to Sect Leader, big... Something big has happened! "

However, at this moment, an urgent voice rang out quietly.

Following the appearance of this voice, a disciple of the Astral Energy Sect rushed into the great hall and knelt down respectfully.

"Since when have you become so flustered?"

An Elder's expression was unhappy as he cried out in a stern voice.

However, Li Chunyang waved his hand to stop him. He gently waved his hand and a gentle gust of wind helped the disciple up. A calm voice came out of Li Chunyang's mouth, "Don't panic, stand up and speak!"

"How … "Many thanks Sect Leader!"

The Astral Energy Sect disciple quickly expressed his thanks, and after a pause, he grit his teeth and said, "Sovereign, just now, from Senior Brother Yu's side down the mountain, we received news that Vice Sect Leader Li Yang is dead!"


Hearing the words of that disciple, the faces of many of the elders and deacons present couldn't help but turn white. Their pupils constricted as they let out shocked words from their mouths.

His cold voice came out from his mouth: "Li Yang is Vice Lord Wu Hou at the peak of the Four Symbols Earth Realm, there are still the Xu and Xia Clans in Yu State City, and even Gu Ling from the Ancient Sword Sect, Chen Beixuan from the Chen Family, have all gone to Yu State to encircle and annihilate Ye Xuan. How could Vice Lord Li Yang die? Is this news even true? "

"Sect Leader, this news is absolutely true! Senior Brother Yu said that it was not only Vice Sect Leader Li Yang who died, Ancient Sword Sect's Gu Ling, Chen Beixuan of the Chen Family, and now the entire Xu and Xia Family have been annihilated! "

The disciple hurriedly said.

"The Xu Clan and Xia Clan are the overlords of the Yu Zhou City, and the Xu Clan and Xia Clan Patriarchs are experts at the Carefree Sky Realm. How could this be the result when they are in charge? "No matter how strong Ye Xuan is, even if he has the Li Family, it's impossible for him to do this. Could there be someone behind Ye Xuan?"

Li Chunyang's eyes flashed with a wise and farsighted light, after pondering for a moment, he opened his mouth and spoke.

To be able to sit in his position and have the Astral Energy Sect grow to its current size, his intelligence and methods were definitely extraordinary. Even if the Astral Energy Sect disciple had not finished speaking, he already had his own thoughts and decisions.

"Sect Master is right! It's said that she killed both the ancestor of the Xu family and the ancestor of the Xia family in a single move. Even if the ancestor of the Xu family and the ancestor of the Xia family had two other gods behind them, the God of Science and Technology from the Western Asura World, Flander and Frank, the Asura Spear God, she would not show any mercy! "

"After killing the Xu ancestor and the Xia ancestor, she will kill the God of Science and Technology Fran and the Asura Spear God Frank who are both from the Western Asura World! You have to know, behind them is one of the Five Emperors of the Asura World, the Evil Emperor.

The disciple quickly told him everything he knew.

"To be able to do this, without giving the Evil Emperor any face, the woman behind Ye Xuan is definitely not simple! According to my judgement, she is definitely not an existence that we can afford to offend! "

Now that Ye Xuan killed Chen Beixuan, Gu Ling and the others would definitely suffer from the revenge of the Northeast Chen Clan and the Ancient Sword Sect.

Li Chunyang lightly tapped his fingers on the seat as he sank into deep thought. A lot of thoughts kept flashing through his mind.

After a moment, a hint of decisiveness appeared on his face and he made a decision. He said in a deep voice, "With the mysterious expert supporting Ye Xuan's back, her strength is extraordinary. We shouldn't make an enemy out of her! Pass down the order, from now on, the grudge between our Gale Sect and Ye Xuan shall be written off. No disciple shall make an enemy out of Ye Xuan! "


"Sect Leader, are we not going to avenge Vice Sect Leader Li Yang?"

Hearing Li Chunyang's words, the faces of many of the deacon elders present couldn't help but change, their faces full of astonishment and anxiety as they spoke.

"For the hundred years of history of our Gale Sect, we will not take revenge, and even with our strength, we will not be able to! The mysterious expert behind Ye Xuan is far beyond what we can handle. Even if he joined hands with the Ancient Sword Sect, he still wouldn't be their match … "

Li Chunyang said calmly.

"But …"

There were also people who wanted to say something, but were interrupted by Li Chunyang with a wave of his hand.

"You should trust my judgment. This matter is settled!"

"In addition, send Li Yifeng to the sea of stars to protect Ye Xuan's family and friends. The Ancient Sword Sect and the Chen family will definitely act against them …"

When Li Chunyang's words entered the ears of the elders and deacons present, they were undoubtedly shocked. Their faces were filled with astonishment, "Sect Master, it's fine if the enmity between us and Ye Xuan is cleared, but we still need to send people to protect his family and friends. Aren't we becoming enemies with the Chen family and the Ancient Sword Sect?"

"How could a mere Chen family and the Ancient Sword Sect compare to the mysterious expert behind Ye Xuan? How could they compare to the potential of Ye Xuan? Do as I say! "

A trace of impatience flashed through Li Chunyang's eyes!

"Yes sir!"

Everyone could only respectfully clasp their fists and agree. Although they didn't understand Li Chunyang's intention, they still had a lot of trust in him.

After all, if it wasn't for Li Chunyang and the others, the Ancient Sword Sect wouldn't have grown to this extent …

"Reporting to Sect Leader, the Sect Leader of the Ancient Sword Sect has come to seek an audience …"

Li Chunyang waved his hand and was about to leave when a janitor disciple hastily ran in.

Li Chunyang's eyes turned cold as he coldly replied!

"That old man must have come to discuss how to deal with the mysterious expert behind Ye Xuan. Tell him that I'm in closed door cultivation and won't see him!"