In the Western Asura World, the lofty headquarters of the Azure Emperor Pavilion stood majestically within a grand hall!

One by one, the black-armored guards stood upright, exuding a strong baleful aura. They were like ghosts that had broken out from hell, brimming with supreme majesty. They quietly stood at the two sides of the hall, adding to the majesty of the hall.

However, if one looked closely, they would be surprised to see that these guards in black armor were all beauties. Not only did they have beautiful cheeks, but they also had a fiery figure that was hard to conceal even with the cold and hard black armor.

If it weren't for the fact that the temperament exuded from their bodies was truly too ice-cold and the fiendish aura emitted from their bodies was truly too dense, causing people to ignore their beautiful appearance and beautiful bodies, they would have definitely fallen for their beauty.

They were the personal guards of Emperor Qing, one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Western Asura World. There were a total of sixteen of them, but for some reason, there was one less person here, a total of fifteen people.

Every single one of them possessed strength that did not lose out to the 72 Earth Fiends of the Western Asura World. They spent their lives walking in the darkness and helping Emperor Qing accomplish various assassination missions.

In front of the hall, there was a throne made of top-grade Obsidian Stone. On the throne, there was a man with slightly elegant features, with long hair, wearing a cyan robe, and emitting a very elegant and free aura.

He lazily laid down on the throne, closing his eyes to rest. He allowed the throne to warm his body up, sending endless energy to his body. It could even be said that he was in luxury.

One had to know that the top-grade Black Light Divine Stone contained supreme spiritual energy and had the ability to nourish the human body, provide it with spiritual energy and help martial practitioners cultivate. It was a supreme divine material for forging Divine Weapons and a priceless treasure.

But now, it was used by this fellow to create a throne. There was no need to mention how extravagant and wasteful it was.

To be able to be so extravagant, the only person in the entire Evil Emperor Pavilion who could sit on this throne was the Azure Emperor himself!

The man in front of him was none other than the person in charge of the current Azure Emperor Pavilion - Emperor Qing!

"Lord Emperor Qing, Lord Sword Emperor has come to seek an audience!"

As Emperor Qing closed his eyes to rest and enjoy the passing of time, a black shadow flew into the great hall like a streak of light and transformed into a woman dressed in black leather.

"Invite him in quickly!"

Hearing the leather-clad woman's words, Emperor Qing, who was resting with his eyes closed, gradually opened his hazy, sleepy eyes and spoke in a magnetic tone.

As his words fell, the leather-clothed woman respectfully retreated outside the great hall.

After a while, a man covered in an aura of unparalleled sharpness walked into the hall.

He had a head full of red hair, and his resolute face exuded a scornful coldness and indifference. Occasionally, a sharp glint of light would flash across his pitch-black, deep eyes, making people not dare to look him in the eye.

He wore a purple striped shirt, black calligraphy brushes and pants, and a black windbreaker with a pair of black boots. It perfectly displayed his slender and muscular body, as well as his cold and noble temperament.

Of course, the most eye-catching part of his body was the red longsword on his back.

The sword was not straight like a dragon, but instead gradually bent at two-thirds of its length. It was like a combination of swords, possessing the domineering aura of the blade, the sharpness of the sword, the way it was held on his back was like a blood dragon coiling around his body, causing his entire aura to become incomparably sharp, wild and tyrannical.

He was the former Sword God, Baqi, one of the three Demonic Eight Gods of the Demonic Palace. He was deeply trusted by all of the members of the Demonic Palace, and was treated as a brother by Ye Xuan.

However, for some reason, he was willing to betray Ye Xuan and cause the entire Demonic Palace to perish.

He was no longer the Sword God who had listened to the commands of the Demon Lord back then. Instead, under the support of Emperor Qing, he became the supreme expert who ruled over a region, established the Sword Emperor Pavilion, ascended the throne of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, and became the supreme Sword Emperor, the supreme ruler.

In the entire Western Asura World, there were very few who could compare to him.

"Ba Zi, what sort of wind brought you here?"

Looking at the Sword Emperor Ba Zi who had walked into the great hall, Emperor Qing Qing's handsome and elegant face couldn't help but reveal a slight smile. His mouth was filled with magnetic words.

"Didn't I come here specifically to pay my respects to Lord Emperor Qing?"

Hearing that, a faint smile involuntarily appeared on the cold and resolute face of Sword Emperor Ba Zi. He walked straight in front of Emperor Qing and sat down on a pure gold throne on the left side of the throne before him, smiling as he spoke.

"Come on, I don't know your temper. What made you go there personally? "

Emperor Qing couldn't help but smile as he clapped his hands. Immediately, the maids came over to pour some tea for the Sword Emperor.

This tea was the color of blood, and it emitted a strong fragrance and hot air. Smelling it would make one feel relaxed and happy, and they would definitely not be able to compare to the Da Hong Pao.

If Ye Xuan was here, he would definitely be able to recognize it. This was because it was the Starry blood-red robe that Ye Xuan had planted in the palace!

However, it had now become a drink for Emperor Qing and the rest!

"Demon Lord... That guy might still be alive! "

After hearing Emperor Qing's words, Sword Emperor Ba Zi raised the teacup to his mouth and took a sip.

"Buzz, stop joking around …" The Demon Lord has already been dead for nearly four years, how could he still be alive? "

"Back then, you and I had personally taken care of him!"

Emperor Qing shook his head slightly and spoke with a helpless expression.

This guy was simply too afraid of the Demon Lord, they were all people who had died and stepped into the ground.

"But... The news that came over from China recently … "

Sword Emperor Ba Te said with a deep voice.

"On China's side? It seems that you care a lot about the other side... "Indeed, recently, a kid named Ye Xuan appeared in China. He boasted that he's a disciple of the Medical Saint, a member of our Azure Emperor Pavilion, has the Azure Emperor's medallion, and even used the Great Devil Realm in Yu state that only the Demon Lord knows. Could it be that you're telling me that he's the Demon Lord?"

As if he knew what Sword Emperor Ba Zi was thinking and what he was worried about, Emperor Qing picked up the teacup and took a sip, then shook his head with a smile.

Sword Emperor Ba Zi couldn't help falling into a long silence upon hearing that. After thinking for a long time, he finally said in a deep voice, "After all these years of investigation, I've discovered a secret regarding the Demon Lord's past. He has another identity! "

"What identity?"

Emperor Qing's eyes turned cold as he asked in a low voice.

"A contemporary medical saint!"

Sword Emperor Ba Zi answered with a deep tone.

"The Medical Saint?"

Emperor Qing couldn't help but be taken aback when he heard the Sword Emperor's words.

"That's right, he is not only the Demon Lord, he is also a Medical Saint! After his death that year, the Medical Saint did not have any trace or news of him, as if he had disappeared into thin air … "

"But now, a guy claiming to be the successor of the Medical Saint has appeared in China. Not only does he possess your Azure Emperor Pavilion's Azure Emperor Token, but he also possesses the Great Devil Realm which only that fellow Demon Lord is able to use. Do you think this is a coincidence?"

Sword Emperor Tyrant told him everything he knew and his guesses.

Pausing, he continued, "Based on my understanding of that fellow, he … I'm afraid he's still alive! He forged the Azure Emperor Token for his disciple to claim that he is a member of the Azure Emperor Pavilion, and relied on the thing that Lord Azure Emperor wants to obtain to provoke your fight against the Evil Emperor Pavilion, and let you two fight to the death, this is a tactic that he has always used … "

"Your conjecture is not without merit, but... Don't forget, we were the ones who killed him personally, and you were worried that he wasn't completely dead, and even used your sword to make up for his injuries.

"Or do you think that death can bring people back to life?"

Emperor Qing's eyes shone with a sharp light as he spoke in a low voice.

For a time, the Sword Emperor was left speechless!

He was the one who confirmed that Ye Xuan was dead, and he even added a knife to his corpse!

He definitely did not believe that a dead person could come back to life.

"What do you mean?"

Sword Emperor Baqi hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"I'm afraid that someone is deliberately playing tricks on us behind the scenes. However, we don't know what his motive is yet. Let's temporarily pay attention and wait to see what happens!"

Emperor Qing said after thinking for a while.

"What about the expert behind that brat Ye Xuan? "She easily killed the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank. Her power is extraordinary!"

Sword Emperor Ba Te said with a deep voice.

"That is not something we and you should worry about, it should be something that will give that Evil Emperor a headache, is it not so?"

Emperor Qing raised his teacup and took a sip as he spoke, neither too fast nor too slow.

"Haha …" "That's right..."

Hearing Emperor Qing's words, the worry in the Sword Emperor Ba Zi's heart disappeared. He and Emperor Qing both started to laugh.

Western Asura World, Evil Emperor Pavilion!

With so many skulls piled up in front of him, the hall was burning with a ghostly green light. It was extremely dark.

A middle-aged man with long, dark green hair and an extremely cold, sinister, and handsome face was lazily lying down on a throne carved from white bones, taking an afternoon nap.

Five beautiful and sexy maids stood beside the throne, respectfully patting his back. They gave him a gentle massage that made him feel as if he was an emperor.

It filled the entire eerie main hall with a sense of desolation. The smell of lust.

The middle-aged man sleeping on the throne of bones was the current founder of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Western Asura World, the Evil Emperor.

With the help of the five top-grade maids, the Evil Emperor had completely fallen asleep.


However, right at this moment, a group of black crows flew in from outside the hall, howling. They then condensed into a shadow that was completely shrouded in darkness.

"Reporting to the Lord Evil Emperor, there is news from China!"

He knelt on one knee towards the Evil Emperor who was on the throne in front of him, and spoke with incomparably respectful words.

As his words fell, the Evil Emperor who was originally sleeping soundly on the throne gradually opened his eyes. Looking at the figure who was respectfully kneeling in the middle of the hall, he frowned, his eyes flashing with a cold light.

Hearing the Evil Emperor's words, the shadow could not help but fall into silence, after hesitating for a moment, he clenched his teeth and spoke.

"Master Evil Emperor, Master Flanders and Master Frank are in China … "He's fallen!"

"What?" Flanders and Frank died? "

Hearing the shadow's words, the Evil Emperor's face could not help but change, his eyes were extremely cold, and some cold words came out of his mouth.

One must know that the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank were the core members of his Evil Emperor Pavilion, the existences of the thirty-six spirits of the Western Asura World. Moreover, they were in charge of the research and research of his Evil Emperor Pavilion.

"Evil Emperor, Lord Fran and Lord Frank have indeed fallen, this … This is an image from when they were killed! "

The figure respectfully handed over a piece of A.I. Chip in front of the Evil Emperor.

The Evil Emperor took the A.I. Chip and inserted it into the multifunctional watch he was wearing.

The scene of the God of Science, Flander, and the Asura Goddess of Spear Arts Frank being beheaded by Zi Yao was gradually broadcasted.

"Damn it!"

After looking at the image, the Evil Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light. He clenched his fists until they made cracking sounds, and smashed his fist on the armrest of the throne, releasing angry words from his mouth.

The deaths of the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank were undoubtedly an immeasurable loss to their Evil Emperor Pavilion.

He did not expect that there was actually an existence in China that could easily kill the God of Science and Technology Flanders and the Asura Spear God Frank!

"Have you found out this woman's identity?"

Immediately, the Evil Emperor spoke coldly.

"Lord Demon Emperor, I haven't found any information regarding this woman. I only know that he has an extraordinary relationship with that guy called Ye Xuan!"

"It's precisely because of Ye Xuan that she killed the God of Science and Technology Lord Flander and the Asura Spear God Lord Frank! The people here have analyzed and estimated her strength. Her strength is at least on the level of a Demon Lord … "

The shadow replied respectfully.

Hearing that, the Evil Emperor's eyes flashed with a bone-chilling cold light, and cold words came out of his mouth.

"Prepare yourself. This Emperor will personally make a trip to China!"