The next morning before dawn, Ye Xuan brought Yi Yi and set out on their journey back to the sea of stars.

As for Nan and Master Long, they didn't leave with the rest of the family because they still had some matters to attend to.

Yi Yi's hair was long and loose, and he was wearing a pure white long skirt. Sitting in the passenger seat of the Blackedge Battleship, he looked very pure and elegant.

Her beautiful eyes looked out of the window at the rapidly changing scenery. Her jade-like hands couldn't help but clench together. For someone like her who had left her native Yu Zhou City to a completely foreign city, she couldn't help but feel a little nervous and a little disappointed.

She didn't know what the Star Sea that she'd gone with Ye Xuan looked like or what kind of life awaited her.

"Esteemed person, you look very nervous and apprehensive. Do you have something on your mind?"

Ye Xuan turned his head around to look at Yi Yi, who was tightly clenching her jade-like hand. He couldn't help but smile as he spoke.

"I don't have anything on my mind, but I'm a little nervous and nervous. I wonder if that city suits me …" What can I do there? "

After hearing Ye Xuan's words, Yi Yi said in a low voice after a moment of hesitation.

"Haha …" Silly girl, don't worry, I will take care of everything! "

Ye Xuan patted her shoulder as he consoled her.

"But... I... "I'm still a bit worried. Is it easy to find a job over there?"

Yi Yi said in a low voice with his head down.

"Work? "Don't worry, leave it to me. You can do whatever you want!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head.

"I want to be independent. I can't just rely on you for everything, and give you trouble."

Yi Yi's man raised his head to look at Ye Xuan and said with a serious expression.

She wanted to grow, let herself mature, and be able to shoulder the burden of helping Ye Xuan. She didn't need Ye Xuan to protect her everywhere, and would only be adding to his troubles!

"Okay, no problem!" I'll do as you say! "

Looking at Yi Yi's serious and stubborn expression, Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he nodded his head.

He seemed to have thought of something as his eyes flashed. He smiled and said, "That's right, I've handed this little guy over to accompany you. It's almost asleep!"

Following Ye Xuan's words, a light flashed on the belt, and the cute Xiao Bai lazily came out.

Perhaps it was because Ye Xuan had closed up a few times and absorbed enough Supreme Yin Yang Qi, then hugged Dragon's Tears on his neck every day, his appearance had undergone some slight changes.

Its watery eyes gradually changed color. One of its pupils turned golden while the other turned blue. Not only that, its little paws that it usually hid behind also turned gold, giving it a unique majesty!

This little guy was actually able to awaken a different color pupil just like Yi Yiyi. It was just that it did not know what kind of ability it currently possessed.

"Wow, where did this little cute pet come from? It's really obedient!"

Seeing Whitey popping out all of a sudden, Yi Yi's pure and beautiful face revealed a deep sense of surprise. His mouth was filled with great excitement and amazement.

Sure enough, most women liked cute and cute little pets.

As Yi Yi's voice fell, it extended a hand to stroke Little White's head. However, Little White rolled its eyes at her and lightly dodged Yi Yi's hand, then jumped onto Ye Xuan's shoulder. Its little claws seemed to be declaring its sovereignty.

This little fellow's reaction caused Yi Yi to be extremely shocked. Ye Xuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Ye Xuan, what type of pet is this?" "So obedient, so cute …"

Seeing this, Yi Yi could not help but ask curiously.

"Cough cough …" It's not a cute pet, but an extremely rare divine beast in this world. I gave it a name, Little White! "

Hearing Yi Yi's question and looking at the infuriated Xiao Bai that she called Xiao Meng, Ye Xuan held the transmission in his hand as he controlled the Black-Edge Battleship to speed forward, smiling as he spoke.

ji ji ji … *

Lil 'White was extremely satisfied with Ye Xuan's introduction. It stood on Ye Xuan's shoulder with its head held high as it arrogantly called out.

It was a pity that its cries did not possess any domineering and imposing aura, making it look extremely comical.

"Hehe …" What an interesting little fellow! "

Seeing this scene, Yi Yi couldn't help but cover her mouth and giggle, looking extremely charming.

Chi chi chi …

Being mocked by Yi Yi's people like that, the little fellow's eyes flashed with a trace of human fury. Its little claws extended and lightly swiped, causing a golden bolt of lightning to appear in midair with a "chi chi" sound, shocking both Ye Xuan and Yi Yi.

Especially Ye Xuan. His face was filled with astonishment and surprise. He never imagined that this little fellow would actually possess the power of thunder.

Could this be the result of this little fellow absorbing so much Supreme Yin Yang Qi?

"Wow, you even know lightning? Are you for real? "

Seeing the lightning and thunder that appeared from Whitey's paw, Yi Yi opened his eyes wide with a look of amazement on his face.

Chi chi chi …

As if it was very satisfied with Yi Yi's exclamations and reactions, Little White waved its claws again and more golden lightning appeared, putting more effort into its performance.

"Wow, Little White, you're so awesome. So you really are a God Beast!"

Looking at Whitey summoning the golden lightning and its spectacular performance, Yi Yi clapped excitedly, making Whitey enjoy and enjoy itself …

This little guy had a proud and complacent expression on his face. He leaped off Ye Xuan's shoulder, knelt on the ground, and floated in the air before quickly rolling around, causing the lightning surrounding him to sizzle and form a ring of lightning. It was extremely cool.

"Plop …"

This little guy was playing happily and arrogantly, wanting to flip again, but its entire body seemed to have deflated like a balloon. The lightning surrounding its entire body suddenly disappeared, causing its body to fall down heavily, causing its proud appearance to disappear, finally crashing onto the floor of the carriage, making it look extremely pathetic …

"Haha …"

Looking at this hilarious scene, Yi Yi started to laugh without any respect for his image …

Little White struggled to stand up. However, just as it stood up, its legs went weak and it fell to the ground once again.

It had been like this for several times, causing it to feel extremely depressed. Its raised head could only droop down powerlessly …

"Little White, you can't get up anymore, right? "Come, little big sis will help you …"

Seeing this, Yi Yi bent down and stretched out her long, white, jade-like hand towards Whitey …

However, Little White stubbornly turned its little head to the side and looked pitifully at Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan completely ignored him …

After a few fruitless attempts, Lil 'White was finally unwilling to compromise. He turned around and gave Yi Yi Yiyi a deep look, then slowly stretched out his little claw towards her …

It first carefully touched Yi Yi's hand, then after confirming that there was nothing wrong with it, it jumped onto her hand.

Yi Yiyi couldn't help but smile and picked Lil 'White up.

The moment Yi Yi picked up Lil 'White, Lil' White's golden-blue eyes met Yi Yi's crimson blue eyes.

Instantly, a unique feeling filled Yi Yi Yi's heart. A large amount of blurry thoughts flashed through her mind …

This feeling only lasted for an instant. When she came back to her senses, both her and Lil 'White's eyes strangely returned to their normal color at that moment.

Soon after, Whitey, who seemed to dislike Yi Yi, became extremely docile in front of her, as if it was tamed by her. One person and one pet, they were having a lot of fun here …

Seeing the harmonious relationship between Xiao Bai and Yi Yi, a faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he focused on driving the car.

In the black night, the Blackpeak Battleship sped along the highway.

Perhaps it was because Lil 'White and Yi Yi, who sat in the front passenger seat, were too tired from playing, but they had already fallen asleep. The atmosphere in the car was especially quiet and tranquil, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

Ye Xuan turned his head to look at Yi Yi, who was sleeping soundly beside him. His cold face couldn't help but reveal a faint smile as he seriously drove his car, hoping to reach the sea of stars by midnight.

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the long distance bus in front of him, whose route had begun to shift and sway.

Driving like this on the highway is undoubtedly extremely dangerous.

Could it be that the bus driver was too tired from the long journey and was about to fall asleep?

"Beep, beep, beep …"

At this moment, Ye Xuan continuously pressed his horn a few times and turned left to signal the driver of the bus to come forward.

However, it did not seem to have any effect, and the strange deviation of the coach was getting more and more serious.

"Swish …"

Ye Xuan was just about to press the horn to warn them, when the body of the long-distance bus suddenly shook and changed lanes, crossing two lanes to crash into the emergency parking lot …

They were on the bridge now, you know, and outside the emergency parking lot was a big river.

If that coach were to crash into it directly, it would definitely destroy the fence and fall into the river, causing a serious traffic accident and causing a whole carriage of people to fall to their deaths!

"Wake up and sit still. There will be a major collision and bumps in a while!"

This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's face to go pale. He fiercely signaled the cars behind him with his right turn light and followed the long distance bus's route change.

At the same time, Ye Xuan quickly pressed the deform button on the Black-Edge Battleship, causing the car's body to grow taller, and the chassis to rise up from its sportscar to become cross-country.

He stepped on the gas pedal with his hands, and under the shocked gaze of the driver of the car behind him, the black battleship's exhaust spouted out a large amount of flames. Like a roaring black dragon, it suddenly overtook the coach from the right side and charged straight at the front of the car that was about to crash into the fence!

He wanted to stop the coach from crashing into the river!


In the next instant, a deafening collision resounded through the black night!

It was the Blackedge Battleship that collided with the long-distance bus that had lost control of itself.