As Ye Xuan pierced the third needle out of the thirteen needles, the Supreme Yin Yang Qi within Ye Xuan's body actually fused together at this moment. Under the incomparably shocked gazes of the surrounding people, it turned into an emerald colored air current that filled with an intense life force energy that followed the silver needle and entered the head of the bus driver.

The driver's brain began repairing his ruptured cerebral arteries as a stream of emerald green air from the yin and yang flowed through the silver needle and into his brain.

If one were to observe his cerebral hemorrhage through medical endoscope, they would see an incomparably shocking scene.

The walls of his ruptured blood vessels actually began to recover bit by bit under the wrapping of Ye Xuan's emerald green Qi. In the end, the blood vessels were completely restored after blocking the bleeding point bit by bit.

Not only that, it felt as if all the cells in its brain came to life. The hematoma that was the result of the blood flowing out of its ruptured blood vessel was slowly swallowed up by them, and even the hydrocephalus was restored along with it.

The entire healing process lasted less than six minutes. It wasn't long, nor was it short. However, it consumed a great deal of Ye Xuan's energy.

He was originally in high spirits, but at this moment, he looked somewhat dispirited and pathetic. His forehead was covered in sweat, and his clothes were completely drenched in it.

Even though in his previous life, he had already cultivated the Thirteen Heaven-defying Needles to the ninth needle, after his rebirth, he needed to practice and grasp it once again.

With his current strength, he was barely able to execute the three needles. This was because the third needle did not only consume his life force and the Supreme Yin Yang Qi nurtured by the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, it also consumed his mental energy.

Although the reborn Ye Xuan's Spiritual Force was much stronger than an ordinary person's, he didn't start cultivating his Spiritual Force. Therefore, using needles to save others caused his Spiritual Force to be unable to endure it.

"Quick... Look, his face is gradually turning red! "

"Did you see that? "I just saw the driver's eyelashes flutter …"

"The left side of his face just started to swell, but now the swelling has subsided..."

"Wow, that's amazing! The bus driver has woken up …"

Under the shocked and astonished gazes of the surrounding people, Ye Xuan's treatment was finally over. As he withdrew the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle, the unconscious bus driver gradually woke up …

He first looked around in confusion before his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan, who looked extremely exhausted as he wiped off his sweat.

"Little brother, thank you …" Thank you for saving me, thank you for saving us all. If it weren't for your warning, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to change direction and pull the brakes before I lose consciousness! At that time, the entire car will go out of control, and I don't know what kind of traffic accident will happen … "

In the next moment, he got up and kneeled before Ye Xuan, kowtowing as he thanked him.

Even if Ye Xuan wanted to, he couldn't stop him.

The bus driver did not know that his car had not been completed and that his brakes had not been fully lifted.

What's more, he didn't know that Ye Xuan had risked his life to save all of them!

Because his consciousness was still stuck a second before he fainted.

"Uncle, no need to thank me. Get up!"

Looking at the bus driver's persistent thanks, Ye Xuan calmly accepted his bow before helping him up.

When the bus driver saw the battleship that was almost pushed into the river, his expression changed as he said in astonishment, "What's going on?"

Immediately, someone began to explain to him what had happened after he had fainted.

When he finished listening to the others and understood what had happened, his expression couldn't help but greatly change. He once again kneeled before Ye Xuan, and because he was too excited, he didn't know what to say. "Little brother, I …. "I …"

"Little brother, thank you. We will forever remember your great kindness!"

The other passengers, who'd avoided a tragedy, knelt down towards Ye Xuan to express their gratitude.

"Rise, big guys. No need to thank me …" There are injured friends here, I'll show you. "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but lightly shake his head. He helped everyone up as he smiled.

As his words fell, he brought Yi Yi to treat the injured.

Soon, the traffic police and ambulance arrived at this moment to investigate, verify and deal with the situation on the scene.

When they understood what happened, they were amazed by the extremely small amount of casualties. They felt incomparable admiration and praise for Ye Xuan's actions.

Because of Ye Xuan's reminder, the bus driver lost consciousness due to an acute cerebral hemorrhage, so he controlled the bus and made the correct reaction. In addition, Ye Xuan's timely rescue decision prevented an important accident from happening on the highway.

The damage was minimized, with only minor passenger injuries and damage to the front part of the bus.

Ye Xuan's name was also gradually remembered by these people, and a large number of the passengers recorded this scene in a long video before sending it to a certain voice.

Of course, Ye Xuan didn't care about any of this.

With the help of the traffic police and the trailer, his Blackvanguard was towed up the driveway.

It has to be said that this car's defensive capabilities and materials were indeed unique. It was created from Tyrant Blue Wind's Dragon-Subduing Battleship!

After such a collision, the entire body of the car wasn't affected in the slightest. Even the car's paint hadn't been scratched at all. This caused Ye Xuan and the others to be shocked.

"Take care, big guy! Let's go!"

Ye Xuan waved goodbye to Yi Yi. Under everyone's gazes of reverence, he continued to drive the Black-Edge Battleship in the direction of Galaxy and set out on his journey again.

Galaxy, in a high-class villa area.

A beautiful woman with long, flowing hair and a gentle, charming face was currently lying on a comfortable sofa, playing with her cellphone.

Her gentle and beautiful face had a charming smile, her slender and graceful figure was wrapped in an azure long skirt. As she laid on the sofa, she was filled with the allure of beautiful books, like a stranded mermaid.

She had a name that matched well with her appearance and temperament, Lan Wanting.

Looking at the video that was playing in her hand and the man's relaxed appearance, Lan Wanting's gentle face was full of infatuation. Deep down in her heart, she was filled with longing.

This video was the 'Remote Life' video that she and Ye Xuan had recorded together. After she sent it over to a particular note, it had already become popular for a long time. Just the number of views on the video had long since passed a hundred million.

The number of fans of this account of hers had even reached over 50 million, far surpassing those of the top celebrities. It could even be said that they were shaking voices!

Many people left messages asking why she hadn't recorded any short videos with that handsome guy recently, leaving Lan Wanting at a loss as to how to respond.

When Ye Xuan left Xinghai, he didn't tell her nor did he bid her farewell. He hadn't called her for so long either.

It had been three months since Ye Xuan left Galaxy, yet she still hadn't received a single message or phone call from him. This made her sad, and she could only watch videos to reminisce about that happy time.

She had wanted to call him and send him a message countless times, but she didn't have the courage. She could only helplessly sigh from the bottom of her heart.

Furthermore, he kept on telling himself that he did not belong to her. He already had a wife, and her name was Leng Qingcheng!

She tried to forget him, but her mind was full of him.

"Sigh …"

With a sigh, Lan Wanting opened a certain voice page and started to play a video to pass the time.

After watching several videos of sneering in a row, Lan Wanting only felt that it was boring. She decided to find another video and go to bed.

However, the next one was a high-speed storyline. Moreover, the praises reached a million level in a short time, and the comments broke through a hundred thousand. This made her a bit more interested, so she patiently watched.

"There was a major traffic accident on the highway in North Yu. The bus driver suffered an acute cerebral hemorrhage, which caused the vehicle's trajectory to shift. The driver of a black-pointed SUV in front of them blew his whistle, causing them to lose consciousness. At the last moment, the bus driver reacted and pulled over to the side to stop the car …"

Inside the video, it was showing the scene of the bus going out of control as well as the commentating text.

"However, his cerebral hemorrhage was so severe that he was unable to complete this series of actions, causing the car to fall unconscious and causing it to be out of control. Due to the long distance driving, all the passengers on the bus were in a deep sleep, so they didn't notice the abnormal behavior of the bus …"

"Just when the bus is about to crash into the fences of the high-speed bridge and fall into the river! At such a critical moment, the driver of the car behind actually made a decision that exceeded everyone's expectations … "

"In order to prevent the bus from falling into the river, he had actually driven his Black Edge to suddenly overtake the bus. He blocked the bus on the right side to prevent it from falling into the river after smashing into the guardrail …"

The scene changed to the thrilling scene of Ye Xuan driving the Blackedge Battleship and fiercely driving it to stop the bus from colliding with the fence.

"From the video, people can clearly see that in order to prevent the bus from smashing the fence and falling into the river, Black Edge crashed into the fence while blocking his way for a long distance, and even half of the body of the Black Edge Battleship was squeezed out, threatening to fall into the river at any moment …"

"Fortunately, the passengers on the bus woke up in time and did their best to stop the bus. This was to prevent Black Wind from being knocked into the river..."

Looking at the frightening video and the unique Black Edge Battleship inside, Lan Wanting's jade hands had already clenched into fists without anyone noticing. Her heart rose to her throat and only after the car stopped and Ye Xuan walked out of the car safe and sound did she let out a long sigh of relief. It was unknown when her palms had already been drenched in sweat.

Because she recognized this car, it was the Blackedge Battleship!

She also recognized the driver of this car. It was Ye Xuan!

This must have happened on Ye Xuan's way back to Su Hai.

After a moment of silence, she looked at the time the video was released. It was half an hour ago.

She hastily found a relationship to determine the time and place of the accident. After confirming that Ye Xuan was safe, she estimated the time and place. In his heart, he'd already decided to drive to the highway entrance and wait for Ye Xuan!

She opened up the comments section and found that the entire comments section had exploded!

"F * ck, brother is awesome, too awesome!"

"Hero, a true hero. He risked his life to save a train of people! "If it was me, I definitely wouldn't be able to do such a thing!"

"Not only is he awesome, he's also awesome!" "Did you see such a collision and you didn't expect it to happen..."

"F * ck, isn't this brother the handsome guy that Wan-Ting released to sing with him a while ago?"

"Top." I, I know this brother of mine. His name is Ye Xuan. I've met him before when he was a security guard at Star Sea Hospital … "

"Can you stop upstairs? He's the chairman of our Divine Medicine Company, Ye Xuan! "

"Upstairs, is he really the chairman of the Divine Medicine Company? I'm a member of the Divine Medicine Industry, why didn't I know? "

"He's too handsome, he's really too handsome!"

… ….

It had to be said that this particular voice caused Ye Xuan to be completely speechless. Fire, not in the sea of stars, but all over the country, even abroad.

Everyone only has this kind of awesome man. His name is Ye Xuan!

However, his identity was a mystery, because some people said he was a security guard at Xinghai Hospital, some people said he was a Godly Doctor for free medical treatment, some people said he was the chairman of the Divine Pharmacy Group, and some people even said he was my brother …

There were even a large number of women who said that he was their husband!

Currently, the entire web was searching for Ye Xuan, the person who had risked his life to save a train of people and avoid a major traffic accident.

In short, as long as Ye Xuan was in the video, everything was going viral!

At this moment, this man seemed to have become a kind of faith, a kind of temperament!

It's not that people want him to be handsome,

It was definitely not his miraculous medical skill.

Furthermore, it was not the Black Vanguard battleship that he had chosen that was said to have the global limit and was built by the western world of darkness.

Furthermore, it was not because he was interested in the trillions of dollars that he owned.

It was the quality that emanated from his body!

Rather, it was the spiritual light that radiated from his body!

Maybe a lot of people have some prejudice against people who drive luxury cars.

However, Ye Xuan's actions brought back a bunch of people who drove luxurious cars!

People were quickly commenting about the video. Countless people were forwarding comments, causing the video to explode with excitement, sweeping across the entire internet … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Lan Wanting put away her phone, looked at the time, stood up, picked up her car keys and walked out of the room …

Not long after, a royal blue Porsche drove away from the garage. It first headed to a restaurant in Galaxy, packed its bags for a few nights, and then headed to the high-speed intersection of the city...