In the dark night, Ye Xuan focused on driving the car on the highway and didn't know anything about him getting angry.

After a long journey, they were finally about to reach Galaxy. The highway was only two kilometers away from their destination.

Having been on the move for such a long time, coupled with the fact that he had to stop the bus from happening and treating the wounded, he looked exhausted and hungry.

"We're finally here!"

Ye Xuan heaved a sigh of relief as he looked at the toll area of the high speed intersection in front of him.

"Ye Xuan, we're here?"

Yi Yi Tian, who was sitting on the first passenger seat, rubbed his sleepy eyes and spoke in a low voice.

"Yes." Hungry? Let's find a place to eat supper first before settling down … "

Looking at Yi Yi's similarly exhausted appearance, Ye Xuan lightly smiled and nodded his head.

As his words fell, he began to control the Black-Edge Battleship to gradually slow down, preparing to descend at a high speed …

At the exit of the highway, a sapphire blue Porsche was parked in the waiting area.

The gentle and moving Lan Wanting was sitting in the Porsche looking at the slowly approaching Blackedge Battleship. A charming smile appeared on her gentle face.

She gripped her jade-like hands tightly and calmed her extremely nervous heart. Then, she opened the door of the car and carried the packed delicacy of a midnight snack as she walked out.

"Ye Xuan …."

Just as Ye Xuan was about to drive away using his Black Edge Battleship through the high speed tolling station, a beautiful figure stood to the side and waved at him with a smile, causing him to be stunned.

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he looked at that beautiful figure and the smile that brimmed her face. He waved to Lan Wan Ting and stopped the Blackpeak Battleship at the side.

"Obedient, let's go down!" I met a friend! "

Looking at the confused expression of the young man beside him, Ye Xuan turned around and explained.


Yi Yi Yi obediently nodded, then opened the car door and walked out with Ye Xuan.

"Wanting, why are you here?"

Ye Xuan quickly got off the car and walked over to Lan Wanting's side as he smiled.

"Of course I'm here to welcome your return!"

Lan Wanting's gentle face was brimming with a happy smile as she spoke.

After that, she changed the subject of her words, her face full of dissatisfaction. She pretended to be displeased as she said, "Hmph, you didn't even say hello to me when you left. Do you take me as a good friend?"

"This... "I left too hastily, so …"

Hearing Lan Wanting's words, Ye Xuan's heart was filled with warmth and gratitude. He didn't expect that she would come to meet him so late at night and give him a surprise.

Facing Lan Wanting's questioning, she felt a little awkward and said innocently while scratching the back of her head with her palm.

"How is it? After driving for so long, he definitely hadn't eaten yet. Was he hungry? What do you think this is? "

Seeing Ye Xuan's awkward expression, Lan Wanting smiled and shook her head. She took out the snack she hid behind her back as if by magic …

Yi Yi Yi, who just got off the car not far away, couldn't help but feel a trace of disappointment flash across her pure face when she saw Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting, who were immersed in the joy of reunion. A trace of sadness flashed in her eyes.

"Yiyi, don't be so shy. Come over quickly, let me introduce you..."

As if he'd felt Yi Yi's emotions, Ye Xuan turned around and walked beside Yi Yi Yi. He pulled her hand and walked in front of Lan Wanting!

Lan Wanting was surprised when Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and held Yi Yiyi's hand. A trace of sadness and disappointment flashed through her eyes. It was as if she'd been knocked over. That feeling was hard to describe.

She didn't think that Ye Xuan would bring back a beauty. She didn't see it in the video.

"This is my good friend Lan Wanting, you can call her Wanting!"

How could the careless Ye Xuan know what Yi Yi and Lan Wanting were feeling at this moment? He pulled Yi Yi Yi and introduced her to him.

"Wan Ting, this is my good sister Yi Yi. You can call her Yi Yi!"

"Good sister?"

Lan Wanting was stunned when she heard Ye Xuan's words.

"Hmph, I'm not his sister …"

Displeased with Ye Xuan's introduction, she pouted her lips and snorted. She glared at him for a moment, then extended her hand towards Lan Wanting with a smile on her face. "Hello, Sister Wanting!" "Nice to meet you, my name is Yi..."

"She's so beautiful …"

A sweet and gentle smile appeared on Lan Wanting's face as she reached out her hand with her own, and said with a smile.

"How can I be as beautiful as Sister Wanting …" "Sister Wanting is the gentle and sweet one, the most beautiful …"

Yi Yi said with a smile.

"Alright, the two of you, stop playing each other's business here. I'm hungry!"

Ye Xuan said impatiently as he watched Lan Wanting and Yi Yi Yi with modesty. His gaze was focused on the lunchbox in Lan Wanting's hand …

"Hehe …" Someone is hungry! "Come, look at what I've brought you …"

Lan Wanting couldn't help but giggle when she heard this. She placed the packed lunch box on the hood of the car and passed the two pairs of chopsticks to Ye Xuan and Yi Yi.

"Sister Wanting, I'm not hungry, eat!"

However, Yi Yifan didn't take the chopsticks. He pushed the chopsticks back to Lan Wanting.

"Why aren't you hungry after your long journey? I'm not hungry at all. I've already eaten dinner. Let's quickly try it out. The food will get cold after a while. "

Lan Wanting refused with a smile, insisting on handing the chopsticks to Yi Yi!

"No, I'm really not hungry, Sister Wanting …"

Yi Yi Yi shook his head, causing a helpless smile to appear on Lan Wanting's beautiful face. Yi Yi Yi was stunned as she stretched out her palm and broke the chopsticks in the middle.

"Kacha …."

Very soon, the pair of chopsticks became two pairs. Although it was a bit short, it was still able to be used for cooking. She handed one pair of chopsticks to Yi Yi, smiled and said, "Okay, you can do it this time, right? "A pair of each of us..."

"Thank you, Sister Wanting!"

It had to be said that Lan Wanting's actions moved Yi Yiyi. She smiled as she took the chopsticks.

"Now you two don't have to be modest, can I start?"

At this moment, Ye Xuan, who was holding chopsticks and quietly watching the scene, smiled.

"Sure! "Let's start!"

Upon hearing this, Lan Wanting and Yi Yi both had smiles plastered on their faces as they spoke in unison.

As their words fell, the three of them picked up their chopsticks and began to move.

Although the place where they ate and ate was simple, the food that Lan Wanting packed wasn't simple. All of them were Galaxy's specialties, and the taste wasn't bad. It made Ye Xuan and Yi Yi, who had been starved for a long time, eat to their heart's content.

The three of them chatted happily as they ate. Not long after, Lan Wanting and Yi Yi became very familiar with each other as if they were sisters.

This scene caused Ye Xuan's heart to feel comfortable.

The three of them spent an entire hour on a simple night snack. They didn't seem to have finished their conversation.

"Let's go to the city!"

Ye Xuan lazily said as he let out a burp and stretched lazily.

After having eaten his fill, his spirit had recovered quite a bit.

"Good!" "Come on, let's get in the car!"

Lan Wanting smiled when she heard Ye Xuan's words.

As her words fell, she pulled Yi Yi's hand towards her Porsche.

"Ai, to be honest …"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but shout when he saw this, but Yi Yi replied back with a disdainful tone, "I'm not going to ride in a car with you, I'm going with Sister Wan Ting … …"

Towards this, Ye Xuan's face was filled with an innocent smile. He could only helplessly shrug his shoulders.

However, when he saw how intimate Lan Wanting and Yi Yi were, his heart was filled with joy.

Previously, he'd been worried that Yi Yi would find it difficult to get used to coming to Galaxy by himself, and that he'd be in an extremely bad mood. Now that he saw her getting along so well with Lan Wanting, Ye Xuan's worries dissipated quite a bit.

Shaking his head, Ye Xuan got into the car and followed Lan Wanting into the city.

In the royal blue Porsche, Lan Wanting chatted with Yi Yi while driving. The two of them were like a pair of intimate sisters, and the atmosphere in the car was especially harmonious.

Yi Yi was extremely curious about Ye Xuan's identity and past, so he asked for advice from Lan Wanting.

Lan Wanting was also curious about what happened in Yu state city, so the two of them started talking to each other.

"What?" Ye Xuan had been in a car accident before and had been a vegetable in bed for three years? And you were even expelled from the family, despised and ostracized? "

When Yi Yi Yi heard from Lan Wanting that Ye Xuan had previously become a vegetable in a car accident and had been expelled from the family, she couldn't help but be greatly shocked.

She never thought that Ye Xuan would have such a tragic past.

"Um... Ye Xuan's life was indeed difficult in the past. After waking up from his vegetative state, he met me when he went to the talent market to look for a job and saved me … I helped him in the talent market when he was targeted, and then we slowly became friends … "

Lan Wanting smiled and nodded. She recounted what happened between her and Ye Xuan. "Yi, what about you?" How did you get to know Ye Xuan? "

At Lan Wanting's question, Yi Yi sunk into silence. After a moment of hesitation, he told her about how he and Ye Xuan had met.

"I didn't expect you to encounter such a situation. Luckily, I encountered Ye Xuan, or else I really wouldn't know what would've happened to you!" But after being taught a lesson by Ye Xuan, the Li family's father and son didn't come looking for trouble with you, right? "

Having heard Yi Yi's story, Lan Wanting nodded slightly and asked in puzzlement.

"They didn't come, but then …"

A look of intense pain appeared on Yi Yi's face as he recounted what happened after Xu Xingluo had brought someone to his doorstep.

"Obedient person, don't be sad, don't you still have me?" From now on, I am your relative, your best sister! "

After listening to Yi Yi's story and seeing her sad look, Lan Wanting reached out her hand and pulled her into her embrace, comforting her.

She had already made up her mind to take good care of her master!