On the balcony, a strong wind was blowing.

Yu Ji had her hair tied up in a bun, revealing her beautiful face that was filled with a strong classical taste. Her slender body was wrapped in a white shirt and black leather skirt, revealing her beautiful figure perfectly.

Her exquisite face was filled with ice and frost, and her cold eyes stared at the three men in black custom-made suits in front of her. She was tall and slender, but her entire body was emitting an endless, sharp light, as if three sharp swords had been unsheathed.

"You are disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect?"

Hearing Yu Ji's words, the handsome, long-haired man in the lead had a smile plastered all over his face. His gaze was filled with undisguised greed and passion as he stared at Yu Ji. Tricks of ridicule could be heard coming from his mouth.

"Heh heh... As expected of someone who was raised by the Hidden Sword Martial Uncle, to actually be able to recognize us! My name is Jun Hao, I assume you've heard about me from the Hidden Sword Martial Uncle? According to the rules, you should call me Big Senior! "

"Jun Hao?"

Yu Ji's expression couldn't help but change.

Jun Hao was the strongest disciple of the previous generation, and was revered as the Eldest Brother! He had long since reached the peak of the Astral Energy Transformation many years ago, and his swordsmanship was inherited by the Sword Hero. Afterwards, he entered society and left the mountain, relying on his outstanding strength to make many people on the path open the way for him, he was now the king of an underground world in a certain city.

Jun Hao's two companions were also former disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect, and their strengths were equally terrifying. They had received guidance from the Sword Hero, and were taught by his younger brothers, Zhang Shan and Li Wu!

This time around, the reason why they came to the sea of stars was because the sect leader of the Ancient Sword Sect had issued an order for them to bring Leng Qingcheng back to the Ancient Sword Sect.

They had originally wanted to take advantage of the chaos caused by the Chen Clan's men to kidnap Leng Qingcheng, but they hadn't thought that they would meet Yu Ji, who had exposed their location. They had intentionally set up a trap to lure her here.

"Seems like Junior Sister has heard of my name before. Since it's like this … "Then this matter will be easy to settle!"

Seeing the slight change in Yu Ji's expression, the smile on Jun Hao's face became even wider. He said at a moderate pace, "Junior Sister, as long as you obediently listen to eldest senior brother's words and bring Leng Qingcheng out, and follow us back to the sect, then you will have done a great deed. You will definitely receive a reward from the Sect Master and regain your identity as an Ancient Sword Sect disciple …"

"And if I don't?"

Before Jun Hao could finish his words, Yu Ji's cold voice interrupted him.

"Then don't blame us for not being friendly with the sect! You're so beautiful, your figure is so voluptuous, and rather than letting other men get away with it, why don't you let your three senior brothers have a good time first … "

A trace of lust flashed through Jun Hao's eyes. General Xie's greedy and passionate eyes swept across Yu Ji's body, and an evil voice came out from his mouth.

"Eldest Senior Brother, why are you wasting your breath on this slut? She was abandoned by Martial Uncle Sword Burying!" Let's go and take her down and give her a good thrashing, then we'll wake her up, so that she won't listen obediently and bring Leng Qingcheng out, right? "

Zhang Shan, who was standing at the side, swept his gaze across Yu Ji's entire body. He couldn't help but to urge her as he was unable to endure the hunger and desire in his heart.

"That's right, eldest senior brother … Stop wasting time with her. We, the two brothers, have no time to play here. Let this slut serve us first, let us be evil, tsk tsk... This body, this face and this temperament are so amazing, I can't even hold it in anymore. I just don't know if I've been played by Martial Uncle Hidden Sword! "

Li Wu rubbed his hands excitedly and said.

"You're courting death!"

Hearing their shameless words, Yu Ji's expression turned cold as she dashed towards Li Wu, who had a vulgar smile on his face, carrying a strong killing intent.

In just an instant, she appeared in front of Li Wu. A cold light flashed in her eyes as her killing intent surged. The whip carried a powerful force as it whizzed towards Li Wu's vulgar face.

"Junior Sister, you little slut …" "Don't be so anxious, I can't help but want to be stronger than you, senior brother." Violent? Come on, senior brother will help you review your studies first. You don't even know how to use your sword? "

Seeing this, Li Wu's face revealed a strong sense of playfulness and playfulness. From his mouth came some vulgar words of ridicule.

"Swish …"

The instant his words left his mouth, he abruptly retreated backwards to avoid Yu Ji's whip kick. At the same time, a cold gleam flashed in his eyes as the sword in his sleeve suddenly unsheathed and pierced towards Yu Ji's throat with a resplendent sword light …

Before the sword even reached her, the sword beam that it was carrying took the lead to attack, causing Yu Ji's expression to change slightly as her body violently retreated!

"Junior-apprentice Sister, it's not good enough to only play with Second Senior Brother Li Wu. Let me, Third Senior Brother, play with you as well!"

However, just as Yu Ji took two steps back, a sneer appeared on the face of Zhang Shan, who was standing to the side, as he spoke in a mocking manner.

His body moved like lightning, appearing behind Yu Ji. Both of his hands shot out like lightning, one of his hands grabbing towards Yu Ji's plump butt, while the other was grabbing towards Yu Ji's waist. It could be said that he was extremely vulgar, causing Yu Ji's expression to turn extremely cold!

After that, Yu Ji's right foot pushed off with all her might, causing a strong burst of power to burst out, causing her to jump up while swinging her shoulder to spin. As she dodged Zhang Shan's perverted, salty pig hand, the whip kicked towards his face.


"Puchi …"

Zhang Shan didn't expect Yu Ji's reaction to be so fast. He was whipped by her whip kick right away, and a large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth as his body was sent flying to the side.

"He actually dared to attack me right in front of my eyes. He's simply acting recklessly!"

A cold light flashed across Jun Hao's eyes when he saw this. The instant that Yu Ji kicked Zhang Shan into the air, he suddenly leaped out like a flood dragon, bringing with it a strong killing intent and a strong gale.

In the space of a single breath, he flew to Yu Ji's side in midair. He reached out with his right hand and touched the ring on his left hand, which released a dazzling red light. A three feet long blade appeared in his hand, causing his aura to soar as he fiercely thrust it towards Yu Ji.

It was only a split-second since Jun Hao had attacked that Yu Ji had already felt the danger. However, what had appeared before her eyes was the sharp sword in Jun Hao's hand that had been thrusting towards her!


"Swish …"

In this critical moment, Yu Ji could only grit her teeth and move her body to the side, causing the long sword to pass by her!

But even so, the sword in Jun Hao's hand still cut through her clothes, leaving a trail of blood on her shoulder.


"Puchi …"

Not only that, in the instant that Jun Hao and Yu Ji brushed past each other, a tyrannical energy gushed out from his palm and slapped on Yu Ji's back. The impact caused Yu Ji to spit out a mouthful of black blood as her body heavily smashed against a fence.

It was unknown how strong the force behind Jun Hao's palm strike actually was. When Yu Ji's body slammed into the fence, a dull thud could be heard. That terrifying force had shattered the fence, causing half of Yu Ji's body to fall outside the balcony.


Just as she was about to stand up while enduring the pain from her body, Zhang Shan and Li Wu, whose faces were as swollen as a pig's head, already took the opportunity to appear beside her. Furthermore, the swords in their sleeves were placed less than half a foot away from Yu Ji's throat, causing her body to freeze and she had no choice but to stop moving.

"Tsk tsk … Junior Sister, oh junior sister, you should have listened to us obediently earlier and served your three senior brothers well. You had to resist, but now you're injured right? "

"Tsk tsk … With such a beautiful face and sexy body, I am a little reluctant to be your assistant! "

Holding the sword in his sleeve, Li Wu looked down at Yu Ji from above, his gaze sweeping across her enchanting body. His eyes revealed an undisguised burning passion, and a mocking voice came from his mouth.

"Damn it, you little slut. 'Human, you actually dare to hit me. Do you believe that I'll do it right now? ' Dead. "You bitch?"

Zhang Shan covered his face with one hand as he glared at Yu Ji, who had been forced into a corner, as malicious words came out of his mouth.

"If you have the guts, come at me!"

When she heard Zhang Shan's words and saw how furious he was, disdain flashed across Yu Ji's eyes. A cold sneer appeared on her exquisite face as she coldly provoked him with her words.

"F * ck!" "You bitch …"

The fiery Zhang Shan couldn't stand Yu Ji's provocation at all. He was so enraged that he threw away his coat and pounced towards Yu Ji like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. Angry roars came from his mouth.

"I'll kill you today!"

Seeing Zhang Shan pouncing towards her, a cold sneer appeared on Yu Ji's beautiful face instead of panic.

The instant Zhang Shan pounced over, her slender legs stretched out like lightning. Before Zhang Shan could even react due to his overwhelming desire, she had already gripped his neck and forcefully flung him away!

"Ahh …"

This sudden turn of events caused Zhang Shan's expression to change drastically. His face revealed a strong sense of fear as his eyes widened and he let out a mournful and terrified cry …

But it was useless.

He was sent flying off the rooftop by Yu Ji. Under the furious gazes of Li Wu and Jun Hao, he landed on the ground as he screamed anxiously …

"Second senior brother!"


However, the response they got was the sound of the glass exploding as Zhang Shan's body crashed to the ground.

"You damned bitch, I'll kill you!"

Zhang Shan's sudden death enraged Li Wu and Jun Hao. They charged towards Yu Ji like fierce tigers, the long sword in their hands piercing towards Yu Ji's heart, causing her expression to turn incomparably grim and ugly.

The speed at which the furious Li Wu and Jun Hao exploded was too fast, so fast that she could only twist to the side and dodge.

Relying on her body, Yu Ji cleverly dodged Li Wu's and Jun Hao's furious slashes, but she didn't avoid their punches that were filled with boundless rage.


"Puchi …"

As the long sword missed, Li Wu and Jun Hao swung their fists fiercely, smashing into Yu Ji's lower abdomen with a violent and violent force. This caused her to spray out a large amount of black blood, and her body was sent flying from the balcony, falling towards the ground …

"Is he finally free?"

Yu Ji was sent flying from the rooftop. She didn't even have the slightest bit of strength left in her body. In the next second, she was affected by the gravity and fell towards the ground. She lowered her head to look at Zhang Shan, who was smashed into a puddle of blood and flesh on the ground …

A bitter and bitter smile appeared on Yu Ji's face. Her mind recalled how Ye Xuan stood up to support her when she was abandoned by her Master, the Hidden Sword Old Man.

"What a pity … I haven't had the time to repay the debt I owe him! "


As the words left Yu Ji's mouth, her body began to fall downwards.


However, at this moment, the tightly shut door to the roof of the rooftop was forcefully kicked open. A domineering figure with a strong killing intent charged in at this moment, appearing in her line of sight, causing a satisfied smile to appear on her face …

"If I can see you one last time before I die, I'll be able to rest in peace!"