In a warm and cozy hotel room.

Ye Xuan looked at Yu Ji, who was sitting on the sofa, and frowned.

Now, Yu Ji had taken off half of her shirt to expose the wound on her right shoulder. The wound on her shoulder was very deep, and the surrounding soft tissues had already turned pitch-black. It was obvious that her sword had been poisoned.

Her figure had always been extremely well-built. Combined with her current injuries, it gave her a heart-wrenching fragrance. She looked extremely sexy and lovable.

According to Ye Xuan's observations, not only did Yu Ji's sword wound damage her tendons, but it also injured her bones. If the poison wasn't removed, then the wound would worsen further!

In addition to that, Yu Ji had also suffered from the wrath of Li Wu and Jun Hao. Her internal injuries and internal injuries were severe, and would only worsen her injuries at a faster rate.

"This should be the Bone Devourer Poison unique to the Ancient Sword Sect. It has the poison of the Jomei Crane Head Red Poison, and as long as it is exposed to a little bit of the poison, it will be nibbled clean. In the end, even the bones will be melted. It's an unsolvable poison!"

"If it's quick, it'll take three days, and if it's slow, it'll take seven days before my entire body turns into a puddle of pus and I'll die!"

Looking at Ye Xuan's serious expression, a wry smile appeared on Yu Ji's beautiful face that was filled with the classical flavor. She looked at her own wounds and smiled bitterly.

"Silly girl, if I let you die, no one can take your life, not even the King of Hell!"

Hearing Yu Ji's words and seeing the bitter smile on her face, Ye Xuan extended his hand and stroked her head as he spoke these domineering words.

"Endure it, I'm going to expel the poison for you!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a bright light flashed in his eyes, and a five inch long Crossing Disaster Gold Needle appeared in his hand. He then pierced it into Yu Ji's shoulder.

Thirteen heaven defying needles, one needle to nourish your body!

Ye Xuan didn't stop after the first needle. He followed up with another!

Thirteen heaven defying needles, two needles to drive away evil gods!

As the two needles fell, a majestic aura of vitality transformed into two streams of energy, rushing into Yu Ji's body and gushing into her wounds. This caused her to turn pale, cold sweat beading on her forehead and a deep sense of pain to surface on her face.

Ye Xuan was going to use the heaven-defying 13 Needles technique to expel all of the poison that had entered her blood.

"Puchi …"

At a certain moment, Yu Ji's body suddenly quivered, and a mouthful of black poisonous blood spurted out of her mouth.

"Um... "Ah …"

However, before she could do anything else, Ye Xuan's fingers suddenly rose like a sword and the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle that had pierced Yu Ji's shoulder flew out. Ye Xuan lowered his head and used his mouth to take drugs, causing Yu Ji to groan in pain.

There were too many poisons in the wound, so it was difficult to force them out. Thus, he could only rely on this primitive but extremely effective method to suck her out.

However, due to the angle of Ye Xuan and Yu Ji's postures, the two of them seemed to be extremely intimate.

Perhaps it was because the process of absorbing the poison was too painful, but both of Yu Ji's hands unconsciously tightened around Ye Xuan's waist.

As for Ye Xuan, he was trying to prevent Yu Ji from moving, he was pressing her shoulders with one hand and hugging her back with the other.

In addition to the fact that Yu Ji was half-naked, it made them look like a couple who were passionately lying on the sofa, sweating profusely.

Of course, if Ye Xuan hadn't spat the poisoned blood into the trash can from time to time, it would've been even more beautiful.

"Huff, puff …"

A moment later, due to the excruciating pain, Yu Ji's clothes were soaked with sweat. She panted heavily, but her complexion looked much better than before.

Obviously, Ye Xuan's actions were extremely effective.

After Ye Xuan finished absorbing all of the poison, he cleaned and bandaged Yu Ji's wounds. Ten minutes later.

"Alright!" The poison has been completely dealt with, the wound has been bandaged and stitched up, and my special external healing medicine will not leave any scars that will affect the beauty of the wound! "

After treating his wounds, Ye Xuan's forehead was covered in sweat and he looked a bit tired. However, his face was filled with smiles as he stood up and smiled.

"Thank you … "Thank you!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Yu Ji felt her body recovering, and raised her head to look at the sweating and fatigued Ye Xuan as she expressed her gratitude.

"Remember, you are not allowed to say the word 'thank you' to me in the future!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan sternly said.


Feeling Ye Xuan's stern gaze and hearing her words, Yu Ji lowered her head like a child who'd made a mistake.

"Pfft …"

Ye Xuan recovered from his previous treatment as he watched Yu Ji lower her head and gaze at the captivating scene in front of her. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Ji was wearing a white work shirt. Due to her recent recovery, half of her shoulders and her sexy collarbones were exposed. The white shirt she was wearing was soaked through with sweat, causing her black Bra to appear and disappear. The towering snow-white shirt was filled with a captivating allure …

No wonder Ye Xuan was so excited!

Seeing Ye Xuan's reaction, Yu Ji finally realized something. She hastily put on her clothes again, and her exquisite face flushed red.

However, even if she had put on her clothes, it wouldn't be able to conceal her incomparably seductive body. Especially her shirt, which was drenched in sweat, it was faintly discernible and filled with a hazy beauty.

If this continued, Ye Xuan would surely go berserk.

"Cough cough …" I still have other things to do at the company, so you should take a break here for now! "

Immediately, he coughed twice and pretended to be serious.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Yu Ji lightly nodded her head.

"Then I'll go first!"

Ye Xuan greeted them before hurriedly heading out of the room …

When Ye Xuan left the hotel to eat lunch and return to the company, it was already 2.30 in the afternoon.

After a period of rest and reorganizing, the company had returned to its normal tranquility. Many employees also returned to their work one after another.

When Ye Xuan slowly walked past the office, the employees of many companies greeted him with excitement and enthusiasm. After all, Ye Xuan's extraordinary performance this morning had gained the recognition of too many people.

Especially the female staff member Ye Xuan saved in the morning and praised her beauty. She continuously waved her hand at Ye Xuan, and her ladylike appearance caused him to be at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

When Ye Xuan arrived at Leng Qingcheng's office building, the succubus was working hard in her office. Both of her hands were constantly tapping the keyboard, causing her to appear extremely engrossed. A sense of beauty filled her so that Ye Xuan couldn't help but enter to take a look.

This girl was actually writing a series of unique code to rebuild the database!

"Master, when did you come in?"

When the charming demon general finished her work and raised her head to look at Ye Xuan who was standing beside her, a trace of pleasant surprise appeared on her face as she smiled and spoke.

"Just came in... I didn't expect a little girl like you to know so much. You only know how to produce code and rebuild the database! "

Ye Xuan stretched lazily as he smiled.

"I only know some basic things, some of which are too profound to be touched …"

Faced with Ye Xuan's praise, the succubi in her heart was filled with sweetness as she spoke with a face full of modesty.

"I'll buy you a few books and teach you some things in the future!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. The idea of raising a succubus to become a computer hacker emerged in his mind.

"Is it true that my lord wants to teach me?"

When she heard that Ye Xuan wanted to teach her something, her eyes lit up.

"Of course it's true! After I buy the book and you memorize everything on it, I'll teach you!"

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"Alright, I'll be waiting!"

Charm Demon's face was filled with excitement as she hurriedly nodded, seeming to have thought of something. She opened her mouth and spoke: "Oh yeah, Sir … Director Leng is waiting for you at the office. Be careful, don't make her angry. For the past two days, she's been unhappy because you didn't return home … "

"I didn't go home?"

Ye Xuan was stunned.

"Um... Xiao Meng heard about you blocking a car accident on the highway. She knew that you had returned to Galaxy two days ago. That little girl was angry with you for not coming back these two days! The same goes for Director Leng... "

She paused for a moment before continuing, "There is another young manager from a certain company in the capital who is currently in Director Leng's office discussing about cooperation with her. Director Leng has already refused many times, yet he still shamelessly came to block her …"

"Got it!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. He didn't rush into the office, but slowly opened the door, wanting to take a look at the situation within.

Opening the door, Ye Xuan didn't see Leng Qingcheng. Instead, he saw a young man wearing an expensive Armani suit.

He had a handsome face with long, flowing hair. He was lazily lying on the sofa with his legs crossed. A cigar was in his mouth as he puffed out smoke. He had the bearing of a rich young master.

He was one of the young masters from the Leng Clan, one of the capital's Leng Group. Leng Qingcheng's cousin, Leng Yunfei!

Behind Leng Yunfei stood an old man in his sixties, who seemed to be in high spirits. His appearance was like the air, causing Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold as a trace of seriousness flashed in his eyes.

This old man's strength was extraordinary, actually giving him a sense of danger.

Very few people knew his real name. Everyone called him Daoist Zuo Qiu, his power was terrifying, and he hid his true name very well.

"Qingcheng, it's already been seven days. What are the results of your consideration?"

After slowly exhaling the thick smoke, Leng Yunfei raised his head and fixed his gaze on Leng Qingcheng, who was sitting in front of his desk, as he spoke with a high and mighty tone.

"Like I said, this company isn't mine. I can't make the decision! You can go back now! "

Leng Qingcheng indifferently glanced at Leng Yunfei as she coldly replied.

"You can't make a decision? "Stop joking, who doesn't know that that useless husband of yours won't be able to do anything? Isn't this just a matter of a single word of yours?"

Hearing Leng Qingcheng's reply, Leng Yunfei sneered, "As long as you obediently sell this company to me, I'll think of a way to restore your Leng Clan's status, what do you think?"


Upon hearing Leng Yunfei's words, a cold glint flashed in Leng Qingcheng's eyes as she angrily exclaimed.

"You want me to scram? Leng Qingcheng, who do you think you are? "You're just a dead star expelled from your family, don't be so shameless. Do you believe that laozi will deal with you in your office, take photos, and send them to your company so that everyone in your company can see your despicable look?"

The sneer on Leng Yunfei's face grew denser as he stared at the furious expression on Leng Qingcheng's face. A sinister glint flashed past his eyes as he icily stated.

"You …"

Leng Qingcheng was so angered that her face turned white, she couldn't even utter a word.

A cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes as he quietly watched from the outside. However, he wasn't in a rush to push open the door and walk in. Instead, he wanted to see where exactly Leng Yunfei's last line of defense was!

"Don't pretend to be angry, I know what you are thinking! Your good-for-nothing husband is extremely useless, how could he possibly satisfy you? I'm afraid that right now, in your heart, you are yearning for this young master's fortune, but because of your own pride, you are unable to bring yourself down … "Hehe, this …"

Leng Yunfei leisurely smoked his cigar as he spoke.

"He's not a piece of trash! His name is Ye Xuan, and he's a man who's going to trample the entire Leng Clan! "

However, before Leng Yunfei could finish his words, he was interrupted by Leng Qingcheng's angry voice.

"Haha …"

After hearing Leng Qingcheng's words, Leng Yunfei felt as though he had heard a great joke. At that moment, he broke out into a loud laughter, as ridiculing words came out of his mouth.

"I didn't expect you to be so protective of this trash, but what's the use? "The entire capital knows that he, a good-for-nothing, has married such a beautiful lost star like you …"

"What is it? Where is he? Still lying sick in bed? Why don't you call him and have him come over to meet his brother-in-law? "

[This fellow truly knows how to add oil to the fire. He truly knows how to court his own death!]

"Leng Yunfei, take your men and scram. We do not welcome you here!"

Seeing Leng Yunfei laughing so wildly, and hearing his shameless words of mockery, Leng Qingcheng clenched her jade-like hands tightly as she gritted her teeth, her ice-cold voice sounding from her mouth.

"Haha …" A dejected star that was kicked out of his family dared to call out this young master's name, daring to tell me to scram? "Leng Qingcheng, I think you really want this young master to be fortunate enough to have such a coquettish body!"

"In that case, this young master will satisfy you!"

Leng Yunfei laughed as he spoke.

As his words fell, his eyes flashed with lust. General Xie suddenly opened up his arms and rushed towards Leng Qingcheng like a wolf and tiger.

Ye Xuan's expression turned ice-cold when he heard Leng Yunfei's wild words. He couldn't bear it any longer, pushed open the door, and walked in. Cold, bone-chilling words came out of his mouth.

"Not long after I left, some cats and dogs came to my place to pee in sh * t?"