It was late, and the moon was shining!

On the balcony of the Starlight Villa's top floor, Ye Xuan was leisurely enjoying a cup of red wine while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the river. He appeared exceptionally relaxed and content.

In the past few months in Yu state, they had been fighting and killing everyday, how could they be as relaxed as Xinghai?

"Ye Xuan, you bastard …" After going out for so long, you didn't even make a phone call, and you didn't even reply when they sent you a message. Are you still human? "Do you still have a conscience?"

He was lost in thought as he looked at the distant night scenery. However, at this moment, a voice filled with anger rang out.

As the voice sounded out, a sexy and cute figure angrily rushed to Ye Xuan's side.

She had a ponytail, a cute and cute face, and a petite yet sexy figure. The two peaks on her chest seemed as if they were going to burst the baby's shirt she was wearing, which was extremely eye-catching.

She was none other than Su Xiaomeng!

After a few months of not seeing her, this little girl had become even more adorable. Her round and spirited eyes were filled with undisguised reproach as she angrily looked at Ye Xuan, who was lying on the sun chair.

Her cute and foolish little face was filled with anger. Her hands were placed on her hips, and she had an angry look; she looked extremely adorable.

"It's not like I'm out on vacation. I'm very busy every day, so let alone calling, I don't even have time to eat or sleep. You don't know what kind of life I'm leading, but how many people are chasing and attacking me every day?

Ye Xuan's face was filled with helplessness as he watched Su Xiaomeng angrily criticize him. He had a bitter smile on his face.

"Then at least give me a reply. I sent you so many messages, yet you didn't reply at all!"

Su Xiaomeng's face was still filled with anger, but the anger on her face had lessened by quite a bit.

"News?" Did you send me a message? "I didn't get it, look..."

Ye Xuan immediately took out his phone and passed it to Su Xiaomeng.

"You said I didn't send you a message? Take a look at this sound, if it's not news on this WeChat, then what is it? "

Su Xiaomeng said in a bad mood as she opened up all of the software on Ye Xuan's phone.

"Look... "The information above is unread. I really don't have time to read it, my dear grandaunt …"

Ye Xuan could only patiently explain in order to calm his mistress down.

"You … Humph! I don't know what to say about you! However, seeing how you taught that bastard Leng Yunfei a lesson, I will forgive you this time! "If the next time you ignore me …"

Su Xiaomeng pouted, then waved her little fist at Ye Xuan as she fiercely spoke.

"Alright, my aunt, don't worry. There won't be a next time!"

Ye Xuan quickly cut off Su Xiaomeng's words and promised honestly.

"That's more like it!"

Only then did Su Xiaomeng nod in satisfaction. She sat down on the chair beside Ye Xuan.

Looking at Ye Xuan carefully savoring the wine in his cup, a trace of craftiness flashed through her eyes. She smiled and said, "Ye Xuan, I really didn't think that you'd be able to beat Leng Yunfei …"

"It's just a piece of trash. It'll be easy for me to take care of him!"

Ye Xuan lightly replied.

"Come on, you're just a Leng Yunfei, that's all …" Although Leng Yunfei had some ability, having practiced martial arts since he was young and had considerable talent in business, he was still at the bottom of the list among the Leng Clan's younger generation! As one of the largest families in the capital, the Leng Clan's power and background far surpasses your imagination … "

Seeing Ye Xuan's relaxed appearance, Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but want to give him a good beating.

Pausing, a look of anticipation appeared on Su Xiaomeng's cute face before she continued, "Amongst the Leng Clan's younger generation, there are thirteen people who are the most outstanding. They are known as the Leng Clan's Thirteenth Imperial Guard. If you do, you'll be in big trouble! "In the past, my brother had suffered quite a bit at their hands, which was why he was able to barge into the Western Asura World with his passion and blood …"

"So many years have passed and my brother is nowhere to be found. He didn't even contact me and I'm still looking forward to his return and teach all of the Leng Clan's 13 Protectors a lesson."

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, Ye Xuan couldn't help but lower his head in guilt. His eyes flashed with sadness and sadness.

Su Xiao Meng's older brother was the most capable General Wind God Su Luo. When he was attacked by a traitor who was betrayed by a powerful enemy, he used Wind God Su Luo and used all of his strength at all costs to block the strong enemy and retreat …

When the Aeolus Token was taken out from the auction, Ye Xuan knew that the Aeolus Token had fallen.

However, he didn't know how to tell Su Xiaomeng...

He had told her that the big brother she missed had died, and had fallen to save him …

The Wind God Crest in her hand was his treasure!

"Ye Xuan, what happened to you?"

As if sensing Ye Xuan's emotions, Su Xiaomeng turned around and asked with a puzzled expression.

"It's nothing, I just remembered something from the past …"

A wry smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he lightly shook his head.

"Ye Xuan, you know a lot about the Western Asura World, don't you? Have you heard of my brother? With his identity and personality, he would be an eye-catching existence wherever he went. He definitely would not be a nameless person! Have you heard his name? "

Su Xiaomeng raised her head to look at the vast starry sky in the distance, as clear words came out of her mouth.

"People in the Western Asura World rarely use their real names. They usually use a alias or code name!"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head, paused for a moment, then continued, "However, I seem to have heard of your brother's name from a friend who roamed in the Western Asura World before. I heard that he seems to be very powerful!"

"Really? Haha... I knew my silly brother wouldn't be a nobody! Before he left, he told me that once he made a name for himself in there, he would come back to find me. He even made a plot of land for me, gave me a palace, and let me live like a princess in a fairy tale … "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Su Xiaomeng had an excited expression as her eyes lit up, revealing a strong desire.

"Is that so?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's heart fiercely shook, as if his heart had been slashed by a knife. He felt an inexplicable pain.

He thought about the time he drank with Su Luo, who was half drunk, and suddenly said to Ye Xuan, "Sir, when the day comes that you become one of the Three Sovereigns, don't forget to give me a spot … …"

At that time, Ye Xuan was still puzzled and asked, "What are you doing paddling?"

He said, "I want to build a palace!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he teased, "Construct a palace? You want to be an emperor? "

He said, "No, I'm just doing what I used to do!"

Only now did Ye Xuan understand the meaning behind Su Luo's words.

His former brotherhood with Su Luo was shown in his mind like a movie. Ye Xuan couldn't help but clench his fists as tears welled up in his eyes. He muttered, "I'll help you finish boasting!"

"Ye Xuan, what did you just say?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Su Xiaomeng, who raised her head to look at the distant sky, turned around and looked at Ye Xuan as she asked in puzzlement.

"It's nothing!"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head and tossed aside the chaotic thoughts in his mind.

As if he had thought of something, he turned around and his gaze landed on Su Xiaomeng. "Oh right, where is the Wind God Token that I gave you last time?"

"It's on me! "Look, this brand is so magical. I feel extremely warm and comfortable wearing it, and I feel full of energy everyday …"

Su Xiaomeng reached out and took out the Wind God Token from her clothes.

After a pause, she continued, "And I have an illusion that someone is always by my side."

"Take it down and give it to me. It has a secret that I didn't have the time to tell you last time."

Ye Xuan extended his palm towards Su Xiaomeng as he spoke with a smile.

"Secret? "What secret?"

Su Xiaomeng took off the Wind God Crest from her neck and handed it over to Ye Xuan with a face full of curiosity.

"You'll know soon enough!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a complicated expression as he looked at the Wind God's Token in his hand.

As his words faded, his expression gradually turned solemn and solemn. The Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique quietly circulated and a wild and overbearing strength was poured into the Wind God Crest, causing the entire Wind God Crest to emit a bright light. The words on the token became unusually eye-catching and dazzling …

Looking at the Wind God Token that was emitting a bright light, Su Xiaomeng was filled with admiration and amazement.

"Xiao Meng, bite your finger and drop a drop of blood on the badge! "Hurry up!"

Ye Xuan spoke in a low voice.

"Oh, okay!"

Su Xiaomeng nodded. She bit down on her index finger and dripped a drop of her blood on the Wind God Token.

"Boom! Boom!"

The moment Su Xiaomeng's blood landed on the Wind God Token, a light green energy that seemed to originate from prehistoric times burst out from the Token and rushed towards Su Xiaomeng.

The light green energy from the Wind God Token formed a round ball that enveloped Su Xiaomeng's entire body. She was shocked to discover that her body was becoming lighter and lighter at an extremely fast speed, as if she couldn't feel any weight.

She was shocked to see her body slowly rise up from the ground and slowly float in the air towards the sky. This feeling didn't make her feel uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, it made her feel very comfortable.

In her mind, there were all sorts of mysterious and wondrous scenes flashing by. It was as if she had returned to the archaic era, and was soaring up into the heavens!

"This... What exactly happened here? "

A surprised voice came out of Su Xiaomeng's mouth.

Close your eyes and focus your mind. Carefully feel the changes in your body and imagine yourself turning into a wisp of cool breeze and drifting around in the world as the images fluctuate in your mind.

Just as Su Xiaomeng was marveling at this miraculous scene, Ye Xuan's magnetic voice rang out in her ears, instantly calming her down. She slowly closed her eyes and imagined herself as a gust of wind, unrestrained and unrestrained as she swam around the world.

Looking at Su Xiaomeng, who was floating in midair and gradually calming down with her eyes closed, Ye Xuan breathed a long sigh of relief.

Every War God's Token he issued contained supreme inheritances and wills from ancient times. It was because of their existence that the eight War Gods of the Divine Demon Palace stood proudly in the world, possessing limitless combat power!

And this piece of Wind God Token in front of him contained information from the ancient times about the wind, about speed, about the inheritance of freedom and the will. The reason why Su Luo was called the Wind God was because he had comprehended the wind in here.

Su Xiaomeng was the younger sister of the Wind God Su Luo. The same bloodline flowed in their bodies, which allowed her to inherit the inheritance and will from the War God Token.

However, this little girl didn't know anything. How much could she comprehend?

Even if she didn't succeed, the Wind God Crest would still be able to completely change her physique, making her invulnerable to all poisons!

"Boom! Boom!"


At that moment, Su Xiaomeng, who had her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes. Pure wind power burst out from her body, and a shout came out of her mouth.

Along with the sound of her voice, she flew up into the sky like a moon, appearing exceptionally beautiful!

"Ahh …"

However, in the next moment, the light from the Wind God Crest disappeared and the green energy surrounding Su Xiaomeng also disappeared. She recovered from the wonderful feeling and fell down to the ground …

Looking at the falling scene and the terrifying height, Su Xiaomeng's face was filled with panic and fear. She waved her hands and feet in a mess as she screamed out in fear.

"Ye Xuan, save me!"