"Ahh …"

"Save me …"

Just when Ye Xuan was about to bring Su Xiaomeng home after eating supper, an ear-piercing scream sounded out from the alley in the distance, causing Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng to frown and stop in their tracks.

"What happened? Someone is begging for help... "

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng turned her head towards the source of the voice. "Ye Xuan, let's go take a look."

Ye Xuan didn't say anything. He lightly nodded his head and brought Su Xiaomeng towards the dark alley.

The alleyway was incomparably dark, giving off an extremely cold and eerie feeling.

When Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng arrived at the scene of the incident, what appeared before them was an extremely infuriating scene.

A group of hoodlums with long hair and earrings surrounded a woman who looked to be in her twenties, forcing her into a corner.

The woman was quite pretty, and her figure was not bad either. The professional uniform she wore was torn in many places, revealing her snow-white skin. She looked extremely alluring, and the eyes of these hoodlums were filled with undisguised passion and greed.

They were originally this generation of hoodlums that had dropped out of school. They usually fought and did all sorts of crimes, and they relied on robbing for protection fees to survive. They were the tyrants of this area.

After drinking and singing at night, they wandered outside. They didn't expect to meet a beautiful white-collar lady who had just gotten off work. Therefore, this group of people harbored evil intentions. They not only wanted to rob this beautiful white-collar lady's money, but also her expression.

"Tsk tsk … I didn't expect our brother to meet such a white-collar lady in a few nights … "

"Yeah, we used to play female university students, but we've never played this kind of female white-collar worker before, so the taste must be pretty good … …"

"All of you, be quiet, be gentle. Don't be so vulgar. Look at how you scared that white-collar lady …"

"Sister Bai Yuan, are you going to take it off obediently or do you want us to take it off for you?"

A group of people surrounded the white-collar lady so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out. Their eyes greedily swept over the lady's delicate body, which was wrapped in messy clothes. Their faces were filled with vulgar smiles.

"Don't come over here..."

"Ah... "Go away, my brother is from the Raging Dragon Club. If you dare to bully me, my brother will definitely not let you off!"

Facing the bullying of these bullies, the white-collar lady held her arms tightly in front of her as she spoke with a trembling voice.

"Haha …" If your brother is from the Wild Dragon Club, then my dad is still the Director of Star Sea! "

"Haha …" That's right, it's better not to scare people, big sister white collar worker. Come on and cooperate with us obediently.

"Exactly, as long as you serve the brothers well, we won't make things difficult for you …"

Hearing the white-collar lady's words, everyone present burst out in laughter as if they had heard a great joke, as words of ridicule came out from their mouths.

"A bunch of hooligans!"

Seeing this scene, and hearing the shameless words of these hoodlums, Su Xiaomeng was angry and spoke angrily.


As Su Xiaomeng's voice sounded, the lackeys couldn't help but turn their attention to her. The white-collar lady looked overjoyed as she turned her head to look at the source of the voice.

When the lackeys saw that the one walking towards them was a cute and adorable loli like Su Xiaomeng, their eyes lit up. Their faces were filled with greed and passion as they spoke vulgarly words.

"Tsk tsk … "Brothers, our luck is really good tonight. We just got a white-collar lady, and now a cute, soft loli has come knocking …"

"Exquisite, this is the Exquisite. Look at her breasts, they're so big!"

"It's so big, could it be filled with balloons?"

"How could it be a balloon? This is clearly a big-chested loli!" It's enough for us to play tonight! "

The white-collar lady's face turned even paler. At this moment, she couldn't help but shout, "Beauty, hurry up and run. Don't worry about me. They are just a group of despicable, shameless hooligans!"

"Flee?" Where else can we run to now that we're right in front of these brothers? Little loli, do you want to obediently lie down by yourself, or should we help you? "

The leader of the hoodlums also sneered.

"Pui, a bunch of thugs!" Meeting me today is your bad luck! Today, this young miss will remove all harm for my name! "

Su Xiaomeng's eyes were cold, and her angry voice came out of her mouth.

As her words fell, she suddenly charged forward and swung her fist towards the leader of the lackeys.

Now that she'd obtained strength, she'd long since been eager to give everyone a try. She didn't even give Ye Xuan, who was behind her, a chance to make a move!


"Puchi …"

A dull sound of impact rang out, the gangster in the lead was hit by Su Xiaomeng's fist, he spat out a mouthful of black blood and was sent flying.

"Big brother …"

"Big brother, how are you doing?"

Seeing this scene, the expressions of many of the lackeys could not help but change. They hurriedly held their leader as words of concern were emitted from their mouths.

"Despicable." "Human, you dare to sneak attack me? I will definitely control you to your death tonight!" Brothers! "Go on, knock her down!"

After taking a punch from Su Xiaomeng, the lackey's leader's face was cold and unsightly. Anger could be heard from his mouth.

As the words left his mouth, many of the hoodlums charged at Su Xiaomeng, surrounding her and attacking her from all sides.

"Good. Today, I will carry out justice on behalf of the heavens!"

After sending the gangster leader flying with one punch, Su Xiaomeng's confidence was boosted greatly. She swung her fist and rushed towards the gangsters, launching a fierce battle against them.

Ye Xuan quietly stood at the side and didn't make a move. Instead, he took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it up, and puffed out a cloud as he quietly watched the scene before him.

Although Su Xiaomeng didn't know how to fight nor any martial skills, she had obtained the mysterious power and inheritance from the Wind God Crest. Her body had been thoroughly improved, and these ordinary bullies couldn't hurt her.

Under Ye Xuan's gaze, which didn't know whether to laugh or cry, Su Xiaomeng casually swung her fists and clashed with these hoodlums. She didn't have the slightest beauty or image at all. From afar, she looked like a hoodlum who was fighting with other hoodlums on the streets …

"F * ck, I didn't expect you to die, you little bitch." A person actually had this kind of strength! Brothers, plagiarize for me … "

After a long period of failure, the lackeys finally lost their patience as angry words came out of their mouths.

As their words ended, some of them pulled out daggers from their pockets, while others bent down to pick up the steel pipes from the ground. Their eyes flashed with a murderous light as they headed towards Su Xiaomeng … …

It had to be said that they often fought. As they held their weapons, their aura instantly overwhelmed Su Xiaomeng, causing her face to turn pale. She lost the courage to fight as she continued to retreat!


With an angry shout, they swung their weapons towards Su Xiaomeng, scaring her to the point that she turned and ran. Worried words came out of her mouth.

"Ye Xuan, save me!"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but shake his head as he looked at Su Xiaomeng, who was so scared that she didn't even have the courage to be a hero when she appeared on stage. He stomped on the ground and jumped off the roof, dashing towards the hoodlums that were attacking Su Xiaomeng.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

"Puchi …" "BOOM!"

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, muffled collisions, miserable shrieks, and the sound of blood spitting out of their mouths could be heard.

Su Xiaomeng's vision blurred as a black shadow descended from the sky. The thugs and thugs that were chasing her were all knocked down, lying on the ground while screaming in pain.

"Isn't this guy too strong?"

Even though Su Xiaomeng and Ye Xuan were both very strong, they were able to defeat so many hoodlums in a single exchange.

As for those hoodlums, their gazes when they looked at Ye Xuan was as if they'd seen a devil that'd walked out of hell. Their eyes were filled with undisguised terror.

Ye Xuan paid no attention to the bullies. Instead, he quickly walked over to the white-collar lady in the corner, took off his jacket, and placed it on her. A warm smile appeared on his face as he spoke with a voice full of magnetism.

"How is it? Are you alright? "

"No …." Thank you for saving me. If you hadn't arrived in time, I would have … "I …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words of concern, the white-collar lady lightly shook her head and spoke in a low voice.

At the end of her words, her voice became choked with sobs, and she felt a lingering fear in her heart.

"There's no need to thank me. It's just a small matter!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head. Su Xiaomeng walked over to help the white-collar lady up, "Sister White collar, how are you? Are you hurt? "

"I... I'm all right, thanks to you. "Thank you …"

The white-collar lady shook her head. With Su Xiaomeng's support, she walked out of the alley.

"My name is Shen Xi, thank you for saving me. Can you tell me your names?"

"I'm Su Xiaomeng, he's called Ye Xuan … …"

"What?" He's Ye Xuan, the leader of the Raging Dragon Association, Brother Xuan? "I've often heard my brother talk about it …"

Ye Xuan, Su Xiaomeng, and Shen Xi chatted as they walked further and further away.

"This damned bastard, I won't forgive him!"

As they watched Ye Xuan and the others leave, the bullies gnashed their teeth in anger.

"A bunch of useless trash can't even deal with a little girl!"

However, just as their voices sounded out, a cold and sinister voice quietly sounded out at this moment.

Following this voice, a strange black figure appeared from a dark corner.

"Master... I... We have done as you instructed, you see … "

Looking at that dark figure, the head of the thugs couldn't help but shiver, and carefully opened his mouth.

Chi chi chi …

However, the dark figure suddenly waved his sleeves before he could finish speaking. A dark-black concealed weapon suddenly shot out from his sleeves and penetrated the bodies of the many hoodlums, causing their bodies to quietly solidify. Fresh blood flowed and died on the spot …

"Trash is not qualified to receive compensation!"

An ice-cold voice was also slowly emitted from the dark figure's mouth.

As he finished his sentence, he walked out of the alley with cold steps, lowered his head and said to the tactical communications watch in his hand.

"Notify them that there's something wrong, don't make a move on them for now!"

However, just as he finished speaking, a mocking and emotionless voice quietly rang out.

"Hehe! To think that I, a dignified Ye Xuan, would be treated as an idea. Interesting!"