The building of the Divine Medicine Industry Corporation had long been surrounded by a large crowd, unable to leak out a single word.

At the entrance of the company, there were more than ten cold corpses. Their faces were blackened and their lips were purple. The expressions on their faces were filled with extreme pain. Clearly, they had been poisoned to death.

Many of the deceased's family members were sitting around the corpse, holding the death certificate given by the hospital. They were crying.

There were also many relatives and friends who were pulling all sorts of banners for the suppression of the divine medicine business group, which attracted a large number of onlookers.

There were even many angry faces who wanted to charge into the building under the guidance of the deceased's family, but were stopped by the guards led by Zhao Da Hai …

There was also a large number of reporters gathering at the side to conduct interviews or take photos.

The entire scene was extremely chaotic and vast, far surpassing all the medical mischief that they had seen in the past.

All sorts of angry curses and scoldings came from the onlookers.

"This Divine Medicine industry is really wicked. They have no conscience, they actually released a poisonous fake medicine …"

"That's right. To think that we supported him so much before, buying so many medicinal herbs for him..."

"The business owner is really unscrupulous these days. He doesn't care about the patients' lives and deaths, making money without a conscience..."

"11 people died at once, it's really scary. This Godly Medicine Industry will sooner or later go bankrupt!"

"Pah, that bullsh * t Godly Medicine Industry and that bullshit Godly Doctor Ye are all lies … …"

There were even many people from the Divine Medicine industry who came to watch with a face full of schadenfreude!

"Bullshit Divine Medicine industry, a while ago our company worked with their company to get them to issue us with some new medicine that they have withdrawn. They completely ignored it, did something happen this time?" "Luckily, I wasn't so thick-skinned and thick-skinned back then, otherwise I would have been dead along with it …"

"With the rapid development of the Divine Medicine industry, it would be strange if there weren't any problems!"

"I've long felt that there was a problem with their medicine. Now it seems that they were right!"

"If this matter gets out of hand, the Divine Medicine industry will definitely be finished! This is simply a cancer of the industry! "

With the start of this drug poisoning incident, the reputation and brand that the Divine Medicine industry had painstakingly built up had completely collapsed. It became the unforgivable tumor in people's mouths and became the target of public criticism.

It was a sign that the great Xiaxia was about to fall!

If this matter was not handled well, then the entire Divine Medicine industry would collapse.

Not only will the whole enterprise face bankruptcy, but the company's leaders will also face criminal punishment and so on.

It had to be said, if he wanted to destroy the people from the Divine Medicine Industry Group, it was indeed sinister and despicable.

Now that the entrance to the Divine Medicine industry was blocked, the employees inside could not even leave.

Many of the company's employees who were proud to be working in the Divine Medicine industry had anxious expressions on their faces. There were even many relatives and friends who called to tell them to resign and leave this black-hearted company …

It could be said that this conspiracy not only destroyed the Divine Medicine Industry's reputation in the outside world, but also the hearts and minds of the Divine Medicine Industry's internal staff.

Some people were busy trying to explain, while others were planning to leave and go their separate ways …

After all, the pressure and public opinion in the outside world was truly too strong, too hurtful.

The usually calm Leng Qingcheng could no longer sit still in the office. She walked out, accompanied by Yu Ji and the succubus.

Looking at the corpse at the entrance of the company, at the weeping bereaved families, at the furious crowd, listening to their accusations and curses, Leng Qingcheng's jadelike hands clenched tightly, sinking into a long silence.

She was already prepared for a business battle, but she didn't think that her opponent would actually use such a move.

Were human lives so worthless in their eyes?

Leng Qingcheng's heart was filled with rage!

"Director Leng, as the CEO of the Divine Medicine Industry Corporation, what do you think about this drug poisoning incident?"

"Director Leng, everyone is saying that your company makes fake drugs and there's poison inside them. Are you coming out at this time to give everyone an explanation?"

"Director Leng, can I ask how you are feeling at this moment?"

Seeing Leng Qingcheng walk out, a large number of media reporters came up to her like a swarm of bees, and started asking all sorts of questions.

Leng Qingcheng did not have any intentions of running away. Under the gaze of the crowd, she calmly extended her hand to pick up the microphone handed to her by a journalist. She calmly faced the crowd as powerful words came out of her mouth.

"Hello everyone, I am Leng Qingcheng. Before I became the CEO of the Divine Medicine Industry Group, I was a doctor! I have saved many people, but I have never harmed anyone! I gave up my hospital job to start this company not because it was tiring to be a doctor, not because it was bad to be a doctor, but because I had seen too many deaths and deaths, too many patients who left because they didn't have the money to buy medicine, but because I wanted to save more people. This is the original intention of my Godly Medicine Industry! "

"Since the creation of the Divine Medicine industry, we have launched six completely new and effective medicines! "In order to prevent the drug surcharge from refusing to make a huge profit and to ensure the safety of the drug, we rejected the cooperation of many medical companies and directly cooperated with many hospitals to establish our own medicine shop to set a price …"

"Perhaps it's precisely this kind of behavior that made many rival companies dissatisfied and were targeted by them, which was why this time's poisoning incident happened! But I can guarantee with my personality, our company will never produce fake medicine, our medicine is definitely not toxic! Of course, we should pursue this matter legally. We should seek justice for ourselves and for the dead! That's all I have to say, thank you everyone! "

Leng Qingcheng's voice was sonorous, her tone sincere and sincere.

However, the crowd that had been stirred up had long ago lost their minds from the boiling blood as they roared in anger!

"Pfft, who doesn't know how to speak the noble words of a black-hearted woman? Why don't you take action? "

"That's right. Now that the victims' families are right in front of your eyes, you should think more about them. What have you done for them?"

"I've heard that you're the most venomous of women, but you're too insidious to believe!"

"That's right, stop pretending here. Hurry up and shut down the company for punishment..."

"Beat her to death, beat her to death … Beat this venomous woman to death to avenge the innocent dead … "

Some of them even threw eggs, fruits, vegetables and garbage at Leng Qingcheng and the rest. The scene was extremely chaotic.

"Chief Leng, this place is extremely chaotic, why don't you go back to the office first! The police will take care of it later! "

Seeing this, the security team leader Zhao Da Hai and the security manager Wang Da Chun also walked in front of Leng Qingcheng to protect her. Words of concern came out of their mouths.

"Beat them to death, a group of heartless animals..."

"This group of scum of society, scum, they can't be allowed to …"

The crowd was even more enraged. A huge amount of garbage was thrown towards Leng Qingcheng and the rest, and a large number of the people had already broken through the protective barrier and were rushing towards them.

These guys had already lost their minds. Their situation was extremely dangerous.

"Everyone stop!"

However, at this moment, a powerful voice filled with magnetism suddenly rang out.

This voice was just like a bell that seemed to possess some kind of magic as it rang in people's ears, causing their bodies to involuntarily tremble. They spontaneously stopped moving and looked towards the origin of the voice.

Under their astonished gazes, the door of a taxi on the street far away opened, and a slender figure with an imposing aura slowly walked out of the taxi.

"It's the chairman!"

"Older brother Xuan!"

"My lord …"

Seeing the man walking out of the taxi, many employees of the Divine Medicine Industry, Zhao Da Hai and many other security guards, as well as Mei Yao and Yu Ji, revealed expressions of great surprise and excitement on their faces.

"It's him?" The young lad who saved people on the highway … "

"The godly doctor who took a free diagnosis at the gate of Xinghai Hospital?"

Seeing Ye Xuan walk over with a cold gaze, many people recognized him and spoke with astonishment.

However, their voices were quickly overshadowed by the rhythmical voices of the people hidden in the crowd. Angry voices unceasingly rang out.

"Big guy, he's the chairman of the Divine Medicine Industry, the boss of this black-hearted company..."

"This guy is a mind-boggling bastard. He usually takes good people in and does heartless things behind his back. What are you all standing around for?" "Let's take action together to eliminate evil and avenge the dead!"

"Beat him to death! Beat this beast with human nature to death!"

Along with these voices, many of the people present were greatly encouraged and fanned out. Many of them threw trash at Ye Xuan, and a large amount of people clenched their fists as they charged towards Ye Xuan, wanting to beat him to death …

At this moment, Ye Xuan undoubtedly attracted the attention of all the people present and became the target of public criticism!

Inside the building opposite the Divine Medicine Industry, there was an upscale coffee shop. In a booth near the window, sat a handsome young man with a slender figure and a sexy and mature female secretary.

As they leisurely drank their coffee, they watched the large number of people brandishing their fists as they charged towards Ye Xuan with full of anger. Their faces were filled with a playful smile as a playful voice came out from the handsome young man's mouth.

"Ye Xuan is finished now due to the anger of the crowd. "If he dares to retaliate in this situation, it will definitely enrage the crowd and expand the scale of the situation …"

"But if he doesn't retaliate, then he will definitely be beaten to death by these idiots!"

Hearing the handsome young man's words, the secretary also smiled and said: "Young master, you are truly wise. Now Ye Xuan and his Divine Medicine industry are done for. Now it's time for us to reap the rewards. "

The handsome youth enjoyed the female secretary's praise. He picked up the cup of coffee and gently sipped. Then, he said at a moderate pace, "Do you think Ye Xuan, that kid, will retaliate?"

"As long as he's not a fool and doesn't want to make things worse for the Divine Medicine industry, he would never fight back in this kind of situation!"

The secretary stroked her bangs, revealing her charming face.

"Then... Let's just watch him get beaten to death! "

Before he could finish his sentence, his pupils violently constricted and his expression abruptly changed. He looked at Ye Xuan, who was being beaten up by many people, with a face full of shock and unconcealable shock. "This bastard, he …" He actually dares to make a move? "

"Boom! Boom!"

Under the stupefied gazes of the handsome young man and the female secretary, the moment many of them lost their minds from anger, they swung their fists towards Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan didn't just sit there and wait for death. His face turned cold as he took a step forward. Surging power unhesitatingly spread out from his body and created a black demonic wind that caused everyone to be unable to open their eyes …

"Plop, plop, plop …"

The eyes of the crowd that was charging towards Ye Xuan turned white, and their expressions were lifeless. They lost consciousness and slowly fell to the ground, fainting!

This scene shocked the eyes of everyone present, causing the footsteps of the crowd that was rushing over to Ye Xuan to pause. They subconsciously gulped and made a path for Ye Xuan.

Looking at the large number of fallen people, the scene was deathly silent!

"Murder, murder..."

"The chairman of the Divine Pharma Corporation has committed murder..."

"Someone come quickly, help!"

"Did everyone see that? This guy is a devil, and this is his true face.

However, in the next instant, a voice filled with anger and a weeping tone was heard.

There were people hiding in the crowd, trying to incite them!

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He took a step forward, and wind and thunder surged beneath his feet as he pierced through the crowd. He extended his palm, and a powerful force exploded out, pulling out the people that were leading the way to stir up trouble.

"Ah, my hand is broken …"

"Murder, you demon, what do you want to do?"

"Did you see all the big guys? He's not some genius doctor, he's just a cruel scum … "

The expressions of those responsible for fanning the flames grew even more agitated and furious after being exposed by Ye Xuan. They still hadn't forgotten their responsibilities.

"Captain Zhao, tie up these fellows who are leading the way to stir up trouble..."

However, their voices were interrupted by Ye Xuan's heartless and emotionless words.

The clamoring crowd was stunned by Ye Xuan's methods!

"Yes sir!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Zhao Da Hai led the security guards to tie up the few guys that were causing trouble.

Ye Xuan's cold and dignified gaze swept across everyone present. None of them dared to meet his gaze, and instead subconsciously lowered their heads …

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Very quickly, Ye Xuan walked to the entrance of the Divine Medicine Industry without any obstructions, arriving in front of the pile of victims and corpses, as well as the families of the deceased …

"My son, you died so miserably …"

"Father, why did you leave our family alone …"

"This black-hearted company, return my life to me. If I don't have a proper explanation today, I don't want to live anymore!"

Seeing Ye Xuan walk over, the families of the victims subconsciously avoided his gaze, and their wailing became even more intense …

"Brother Xuan, what do you think?"

Wang Da Chun, the security manager, came over and said with a troubled expression.

Dozens of bodies piled up in front of the company's main entrance. This was indeed a difficult task.

"Have the identities of the victims and their families been verified?"

Ye Xuan swept his gaze over the grieving family members as he spoke in a low voice.

"Older brother Xuan …" We can't verify it, but we just passed these photos to the police. I believe we will get the results soon, and they will be here very soon. "

The security manager, Wang Da Chun replied respectfully.

"Well done!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. On the way here, he had already read through the information Li Yifeng had gathered for him and passed it to the beautiful woman, Lil 'White. There was a clear mention of the events that had transpired, and he knew that the dozens of corpses in front of him had been poisoned to death.

He believed that Yu Yan and the other police would make a breakthrough soon and rush over with reinforcements. Therefore, Ye Xuan wasn't flustered in the slightest right now!

It had to be said that Li Yifeng had helped him a great deal.

However, in order to ascertain some things, Ye Xuan still needed to check them himself.

He strode over to a corpse, examined it carefully, and asked about the family members' relationship with them, and how they had reacted before they died.

These guys' replies were extremely unprofessional and unreasonable. It caused Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold. He already suspected their identities, and this completely confirmed the correctness of the things that Li Yifeng had mentioned.

The families of the victims in front of him were indeed faking it to cause trouble …

The expressions of the families of the victims became extremely miserable when they saw Ye Xuan carefully examine them one by one. They sobbed, "You're the chairman of this company?"

"You heartless thing, you black-hearted big radish … Give me back my life! "

"You bastard, you gave my old man's life back …" And you're returning the happiness of our family of three! "

"You are an animal inferior to pigs and dogs, return our child's life to us …"

"You scum, go and pay for my father's death!"

In the next moment, the families of the victims cried like madmen as they pounced towards Ye Xuan, wanting to tear him to shreds to pay for the deaths of their loved ones.

Some of them even pulled out their weapons from their sleeves and started attacking Ye Xuan, completely sealing off Ye Xuan's escape route. This caused Zhao Da Hai and Wang Da Chun's expressions to change. They anxiously shouted, "Brother Xuan, be careful!"

Not only did these fellows want to use this incident to destroy Ye Xuan's Divine Medicine industry, they even wanted to take Ye Xuan's life!

"Hmph, you're courting death!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light as he coldly spoke.

"Boom! Boom!"

In the instant that the families of the victims attacked, Ye Xuan fiercely turned around and whipped his leg, whistling through the air, towards them.

"Clang clang …"

A dull sound of impact rang out. The families of the victims that were charging towards him were whipped by his whip kick. A large amount of blood sprayed out from their mouths as they were sent flying. The weapons in their hands also fell to the ground.

"Did you see all the big guys? This crazy fellow not only poisoned our family members with fake medicine, he even wanted to beat us to death … "

"Where is the sense of justice?"

"Could it be that this big guy is so indifferent, letting this heartless beast get away scot-free and continue harming others?"

"For the sake of our dead relatives, for the sake of a better society in the future, for the sake of eliminating this scum, we'll fight you, you bastard …"

After being sent flying, their plan to kill Ye Xuan failed as they roared in grief.

"Fuck, what a beast, even beating the victim's family members!"

"It is impossible for such a person to live. I can't stand watching him die. Big fellows, let's attack together and kill him …"

"Beat him to death! This kind of beast can't let him continue to kill!"

It had to be said that their acting skills instantly won over the sympathy of the crowd, causing them to empathize with him. They were extremely furious and charged towards Ye Xuan with a belly full of rage …

Now, the anger of the crowd was even more intense. It could be said that it was extremely powerful, like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. It was difficult for anyone to resist!


Just as Ye Xuan and the others were about to be swallowed up by the crowd, a cold, furious voice and ear-piercing gunfire sounded out.

"Everyone stop!"

In addition, the melodies of the melee berserker, "Unloading the Chop" had already been released. QQ music, online music from Yiyun, and shrimp music from "Unloading the Chop" could all be heard, as well as a monologue of Lan Feng!