Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

In these three days, the incident of the fake drug poisoning in the Divine Medicine Industry and the matter of Ye Xuan beating up the families of the deceased were going crazy. Countless people began to denounce and curse the Divine Medicine Industry.

There were also a large number of citizens who were holding banners and walking along the street in front of the Divine Medical Building to protest. They wanted the authorities to drive the entire Divine Medicine Industry out of the sea of stars.

Not only that, every day there were also people swearing and throwing eggs and other personal attacks at the staff who came to work in the Divine Medicine industry, causing the entire Divine Medicine industry to become a cancer in their hearts!

A large number of employees had left the Divine Medicine Industry, which put the entire Divine Medicine Industry in a state of discontinuation of production. Even those who stayed behind found it difficult to work in peace, and their hearts were under great pressure.

In just three days, the once grand and magnificent Divine Medicine industry was on the verge of bankruptcy. More than half of the staff had left their jobs, leaving many vacant ones behind.

Even in the Divine Medicine industry, no one came to apply for the job, instead, even the interview venue was destroyed by the angry masses.

Many of the staff who came to work in the Divine Medicine industry used masks to cover their faces.

In just three short days, the entire Divine Medicine industry had undoubtedly suffered a devastating blow.

At this time, a new medical company that was serving the people had risen to prominence in Xinghai. They had released six types of extremely high quality new medicines, which had a low price and unique curative effect. They quickly entered the market and gained the favor and admiration of a large number of patients. They had become the rising star of the medical market!

Not only that, but the strategic cooperation between them and all the hospitals in and around Xinghai City had made them more famous.

And the name of this new company is Honest Pharma!

Furthermore, this company was located directly opposite the Divine Medical Building!

On the side of the Divine Medicine Building, there were curses and protests. On the other side, there was a long line of positive comments from the people, expressing their gratitude towards the honest medicine industry.

Even the accounts of Ye Xuan and the Divine Pharmaceutical company had dropped from several tens of millions of fans to a single digit number at this moment.

It could be said that the Divine Medicine industry that Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng had painstakingly built was already completely destroyed and was on the verge of destruction.

In the office of the Honest Pharma CEO!

A handsome young man dressed in white sat on the boss's chair with his legs crossed as he looked with interest at the Divine Medicine Building that was besieged by the masses. His handsome face was filled with a playful smile, while his playful voice came from his mouth.

"This Divine Medicine industry should close down soon, right?"

This handsome youth was the CEO of this honest medicinal industry, Chen Linyu!

Of course, he also had another unique identity: the young master of the Northeast Chen family!

The series of events that had happened in the Divine Medicine industry had been all part of his scheme to increase the momentum!

He wanted Ye Xuan to watch as his Godly Medical Center was destroyed, then slowly torture him to death!

As for the new drug issued by the Honest Pharmaceutical Industry, it was made by the modified formula stolen from the Godly Pharmacy. The effect was better, which allowed the Honest Pharmaceutical Industry to gain a foothold in Galaxy so quickly.

Not only that, but in just a few short days, more than half of the experts from the Chen Clan had arrived at the Star Sea and set up their camp. They were obviously trying to swallow up the Star Sea that Ye Xuan ruled over.

"They should still be able to hold on for two more days. I've just received news that their capital chains have all been broken, Lan Wanting controls the dark blue group and has transferred a large amount of funds to them …"

Hearing Chen Jingyu's words, the sexy and mature female secretary standing to the side lightly said, "The Lan family's foundation in the Star Sea is extremely deep, and they've always supported Ye Xuan. Currently, the one in charge of the Lan family is Ye Xuan's close friend, Lan Wanting.

"The Lan family, the Azure Sky Group?"

Chen Jingyu's gaze turned cold as his eyes flashed with a trace of ice-cold light. He leisurely took a drag from his cigar as ice-cold words came out of his mouth.

"Send someone to talk to the Lan family. If they can't agree on anything..." Then let's just eliminate it! "

"Yes sir!"

After hearing Chen Jingyu's words, the female secretary slightly bent her body and respectfully replied.

"In addition … "Young master, all the heads of medical companies in Xinghai City are here. They want to cooperate with us in the medicine industry. What do you think?"

After pausing for a moment, the female secretary said respectfully.

"Cooperate with us? That will depend on their sincerity. Let them in … "

The corners of Chen Linyu's mouth slightly curled up, and a mocking voice came out from his mouth.

"Yes sir!"

The female secretary respectfully withdrew, and before long, she had brought over ten middle-aged men into the office.

They were all dressed in suits, carrying watches, and a briefcase in their hands. They looked like rich people. They were all the directors of the medical company in Xinghai City and were worth hundreds of millions.

"Chen Young Master!"

Seeing Chen Linyu leisurely sitting on the boss's chair with his legs crossed, a respectful voice came out from their mouths.

Although they were the heads of various companies and could be considered rich and powerful, they were nothing when compared to Chen Jingyu. At best, they were only ants.

"Everyone, please take a seat …"

Chen Linyu faintly smiled, extended his hand and made a gesture of 'please', giving off a very kind feeling.

"Thank you, Young Master Chen!"

Everyone hurriedly thanked him and sat down on the sofa.

"You are all well-known figures in Star Sea Medical Industry. I wonder why you're here?"

Although he clearly knew the purpose of these fellows, Chen Linyu still asked with a smile on his face.

"To be honest, young master Chen …" We came here to request for your cooperation! "

"Yeah, young master Chen …" "The new drugs introduced by your company are too popular right now. We have so many ways to buy them, but we can't get them. We want to work with you to sell more and open up our brand …"

"That's right, our company is not only selling in Xinghai, but also elsewhere. Your medicine is so good, everyone wants it!"

"Young Master Chen, we came with sincerity, I hope you can give us a chance!"

Hearing Chen Jingyu's question, many of the people in charge of the medical companies spoke up one after another.

"Did you find them to work together when the Divine Medicine industry just became popular?"

A trace of a light smile appeared on Chen Linyu's face as he spoke with a smile.

"Young Master Chen, to be honest, we did find them to work with, but they didn't cooperate at all …"

"That's right. They think they're too arrogant for not cooperating with us and want to monopolize the market. Do you think something happened to them now? Fortunately, we did not cooperate with them, or else we would have fallen into their trap! "

"Right now, the entire Divine Medicine industry is collapsing. Half of the employees are already gone. How can they be compared with you …"

"Trash god medicine, we've been planning to add some ingredients for him to walk faster …"

Everyone started talking at once.

Hearing their words, the smile on Chen Linyu's face became even wider: "Since you are sincerely cooperating with us, then we cannot reject your good intentions, I wonder how much money you are prepared to take?"

"We, Wan De Pharmaceutical, want to buy 80 million yuan worth of goods in one go!"

"Our Golden River Medicine Industry wants to acquire a hundred million yuan worth of goods at once!"

"Our Golden Elixir Industry will obtain 200 million RMB worth of goods at once …"

"Our Wan-He Pharmaceutical Industry has 200 million RMB worth of goods!"

"Our Changde Pharmaceutical Company got 300 million worth of goods …"

"Our Changshun Pharmacy is willing to take out all of our liquid funds to buy it!"

Everyone hurriedly expressed their opinions and spoke with excitement.

"Seeing that everyone is so sincere, I can't help but feel delighted! In order to maintain the market, our medicine is sold at a uniform price throughout the country. The price that I am offering you is lower than 30% of the cost of other channels! "

Chen Jingyu was very satisfied with everyone's response and attitude. His eyes flashed with wisdom as he smiled and spoke.

"Thank you, Young Master Chen …" Then … "Then when do we sign the contract?"

Everyone was overjoyed as they spoke with excitement.


Chen Linyu lazily stretched his back.

"I've already ordered my men to prepare the contract … … Young Master Chen, can we sign it now? "

A group of people impatiently said, afraid that Chen Linyu would go back on his word.

"Good!" "Sign it now!"

Chen Jingyu straightforwardly replied.

Soon, the group of people signed the contract and left contentedly under the escort of Chen Jingyu's secretary.

"Young master, you really are a genius …" This way, the entire Star Sea Medical Market will be ours! "And just from the contracts alone, they are worth over a billion, so we can earn big all of a sudden."

After seeing off the people in charge of those medical companies, the female secretary walked in front of Chen Jingyu and gave him a massage. Her eyes were shining, and words of worship came out of her mouth.

"Heh heh... It's just a small gain! "

Chen Linyu leisurely smoked his cigar as he lightly replied.

"I am afraid that you are the only one who could call one billion yuan as a small profit!"

The female secretary looked at Chen Jingyu with an even more passionate gaze, and the adoration in her eyes became even more intense.

"By the way, did I hear that someone from the Leng Clan has come to Galaxy?"

As if he had thought of something, Chen Linyu's eyebrows creased and he could not help but ask.

Leng Qingcheng was the young mistress of the Leng Clan. If the Leng Clan was here to help her, then it would undoubtedly affect his plans.

"Young master, you are overthinking it! The Leng Clan's member was Leng Yunfei. He wanted to buy the Divine Medicine Industry, but was rejected by Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng! Not only that, I even heard that Ye Xuan beat up Leng Yunfei and sent him back to the Leng Clan as a courier … "

"They wouldn't be able to help Leng Qingcheng and the rest. Right now, they are probably in a rage because of the treatment Leng Yunfei received! "I guess with the Leng Clan's tyrannical personality, they will only add fuel to the fire this time, let's just watch the show …"

As if she knew what Chen Linyu was thinking, the female secretary replied with a smile.

"Very good!"

Hearing this, Chen Linyu sighed from the bottom of his heart, as words of ridicule came out from his mouth.

"Then we'll slowly see how Ye Xuan and his Divine Medicine industry will end up!"