In the office of the chairman of the Divine Medicine Industry.

Ye Xuan lazily laid on the boss's chair, smoking and watching movies. He didn't care about the difficult situation the Divine Medicine industry was facing, even though some of the company's upper echelons had already exploded in anxiety.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

"Come in!"

A burst of rapid knocks on the door disturbed Ye Xuan's carefree mood, causing him to frown and lightly speak.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the office door quietly opened. The personnel director, Li Wenyuan, walked in with a large group of company's upper management.

It includes sales director, finance director, marketing manager, operations director, advertising director and so on.

"Didn't you say not to disturb me if there's nothing important?"

Ye Xuan said in displeasure as he looked at the group of people that walked in.

"Chairman Ye, more than half of our company's employees have left their posts these days. Although you have transferred some of the funds from the Zenith Blue Group a few days ago, it's still a drop in the bucket. You've already used up all of it!" "Our company has almost stopped its operations and production, and is facing bankruptcy. What do you think we should do now?"

Li Wenyuan couldn't help but ask when he saw Ye Xuan's indifferent expression.

"Yes, Mr. Ye, a lot of middle-ranking officials have already left their jobs, and a lot of their jobs are empty." Yes, Mr. Ye, a lot of middle-ranking officials have already left their jobs, and a lot of their jobs are empty.

At this moment, the Finance Department's Director also spoke up with a wry smile.

"Besides, Director Ye, all the people in our marketing department have left. There are only a few senior staff who are with me now..." The marketing manager said with a helpless expression.

"There are also those who have cooperated with us before and bought our company's medicine all wanting us to return them. Some of them even sued us …"

"The people from our Advertising Department have pretty much left as well. Right now, no company is willing to take up any ads from our company, and no one is willing to help advertise for our company anymore …" "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

The Sales and Advertising Department's Director looked at each other and said with a wry smile.

"Director Ye, if this goes on, our company will face bankruptcy within three days!"

In the end, everyone looked at each other with faces full of worry as they spoke in unison.

They were currently unable to see even the slightest bit of future sunshine in the Divine Medicine industry. Their future could only be described as dark.

"I know all about this. Do you have anything else to say?"

Ye Xuan leisurely smoked his cigarette and slowly exhaled the thick smoke from his mouth.

"Chairman Ye, there is one more thing I want to report to you! There was a new drug company on the other side, they launched six similar drugs as ours, using our admiration and some improvements, and in just a few days, they rapidly rose to prominence and took over all the medical markets in Galaxy. Basically, all the drug companies and hospitals cooperated with them! "It's much more imposing than we used to be …"

As if he had thought of something, Li Wenyuan hesitated for a moment before speaking with a deep voice.

"Yeah, Mr. Ye …" They obviously stole our formula, which is simply shameless to the extreme … "

"That's right, our company being framed and using fake drugs might be the work of this company behind the scenes!"

"If this continues, we won't be able to solve this problem. We're really doomed …"

Hearing Li Wen Yuan's words, the others also nodded in agreement.

"Are you talking about the six batches of pills they launched?"

Ye Xuan's cold face couldn't help but reveal a faint smile. He slowly opened the drawer and took out the six bottles of medicine on the desk.

The brand name of these six medicines had the words "Honest Pharmaceutical Industry" on it, which was obviously produced by Honest Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

"That's right, Mr. Ye. It's just these six types of medicines …" "They stole our formula to enhance the efficacy of the drug. Now, they are leading the way in sales and many enterprise hospitals are actively purchasing it. This is simply shameless to the extreme!"

"Yeah, I heard that several pharmaceutical companies in Xinghai have signed more than a billion cooperation contracts with them!"

Li Wenyuan and the others nodded as they looked at the six bottles of pills Ye Xuan had placed on the table.

"Don't worry about it. Let them cause trouble!"

Ye Xuan yawned, stood up, stretched lazily, and spoke in an indifferent manner.

In the past few days, he had bought a few bottles of medicine from the Honest Pharmacy and did some research on them. Naturally, he was very clear on the advantages and disadvantages of these types of medicine.

Although they had improved the efficacy of these medicines by significantly improving them, at the same time, they had also created huge hidden dangers for these medicines, causing them to have enormous side effects. If one consumed them in large quantities, it would undoubtedly affect the organs of the human body, causing them to have abnormal metabolism functions …

After all, Ye Xuan was the one who'd brought out the formulas. Although his formulas were slightly slow, they were gentle and could slowly improve the body's immunity!

However, the prescription produced by the honest medicine industry after the improvement lost the characteristics of Chinese medicine, but more western medicine features, at the same time, some toxic side effects.

If Ye Xuan's formula could be said to have produced a drug that quietly burned to warm the body, then the honest medicine industry's modified formula could be said to have produced a drug that burned fiercely within the body. He could help quickly dispel the chill and warm the body, but one day, it would ignite and burn the body …

Therefore, Ye Xuan wasn't afraid of the honest medicine industry. These days, he had researched another formula to solve this problem, and Leng Qingcheng was leading her team to research and produce this new drug to deal with the huge side effects of the honest medicine industry.

After all, if Ye Xuan revealed any side effects of the medicine that was produced by the honest medicine industry, not only would it have no effect, no one would believe it, and they would even look for trouble for themselves. Fortunately, Ye Xuan would find a solution later.

Of course, Ye Xuan didn't plan to tell Li Wenyuan and the others about all of this. After all, what if someone accidentally leaked it?

The current situation was a test of ability and endurance for these executives!

"But …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's relaxed reply, Li Wenyuan and the others had anxious and embarrassed expressions, as if they wanted to say something but couldn't.

"All of you can leave now. Just do what you need to do..."

Seeing this, Ye Xuan lightly waved his hand.

"But, Mr. Ye …" Our company account doesn't have any money left, we'll have to pay these in a few days … "

The Treasurer gritted his teeth and said.

"How much money do you need to maintain the company's operations?"

Ye Xuan's brows knitted. He raised his head and his gaze fell onto the financial director.

"Plus the refunds we gave to some companies, the salaries and expenses of their employees, and the fact that Director Leng still needs to purchase new equipment for the development of new drugs … Another billion is required! "

The Treasurer hesitated and then said softly.

"Alright, I'll get someone to call you 1 billion in the afternoon!"

Ye Xuan waved his hand impatiently.

"Chairman Ye, I … Where do we get so much money? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Wenyuan and the financial director couldn't help but be shocked.

"Don't worry about it …" Go down! "

Ye Xuan lightly replied.


Everyone glanced at each other before respectfully leaving the office.

After they left, Ye Xuan pondered for a moment, then took out his phone to call Li De Zhong!

"Older brother Xuan, you were looking for me?"

After a while, Li De Zhong's respectful words came from the other end of the line.

"Um... There's been some trouble! " Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Do you need money? I've already prepared 500 million for you. If it's not enough, I'll think of something! " On the other side of the phone, Li De Zhong seemed to be very familiar with the predicament the Divine Medicine industry was facing as he respectfully said this.

"Sure, I'll give you an account later. You just need to call up!" I'll hang up first! "

Hearing Li De's words, Ye Xuan lightly nodded and hung up the phone.

After all, it would be difficult and troublesome to get Li De Zhong to pay a billion yuan in one go. After all, they also needed the funds to operate. Not to mention that Ye Xuan knew that the Chen family and the Ancient Sword Sect were suppressing Li De Zhong's group in business!

Now that he had gathered 500 million, he was still 500 million short!

Thinking it over, Ye Xuan could only decide to ask Lan Wanting for help.


At this moment, Ye Xuan stood up, lazily stretched his back, and walked towards Lan Wanting's group.

In the office of the president of the azure company!

Lan Wanting had her hair tied up in a bun, showing her gentle and charming face. Her slender body was wrapped in a long blue dress, looking sexy and graceful. It gave people a feeling of gentleness and comfort.

However, Lan Wanting didn't look too good these days. It was obvious that she had run into some trouble.

Sitting in front of her was a middle-aged man wearing a black middle mountain suit. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, a square face, and he was extremely dignified.

He was the General Manager of the Honest Pharmaceutical Group, Chen Jingyu's confidante — Chang Wen Manor!

This fellow not only had formidable strength, but he was also a Martial Marquis at the peak of the Four Divisions Earth Realm. He also had extremely high business skills and brains, and had always been working for Chen Linyu and giving him advice!

"Miss Lan, as long as you agree to our conditions and break off the relationship between your Lan family and Ye Xuan and stand on our side, we will definitely help you get a higher position. How about that?"

When Chang Wen Manor saw the frowning Lan Wanting, they leisurely took a sip of tea and spoke neither slowly nor slowly.

"Mr. Chang, the relationship between our Lan family and Ye Xuan isn't up to me to decide. It's not up to me to decide!" Furthermore... The entire Lan family is extremely respectful and respectful towards Ye Xuan. "

Lan Wanting answered in a low voice.

"Miss Lan, you must know that this time I am not only here to represent our honest medicinal field, but also the entire Chen family. "By now, more than half of our Chen family's experts have secretly arrived at the Star Sea. Ye Xuan and his Godly Medicine industry is about to be destroyed. Could it be that Miss Lan, you really want to drag your Lan family to die with him?"

A cold light flashed through Chang Wen's eyes as he spoke with undisguised threat.

"You must know that with our Chen family's strength, destroying your Lan family is but a matter of minutes. "Therefore, I ask Miss Lan to consider carefully..."

"If you are willing to cooperate with us, then we will …"

Before Chang Wen could finish his words, Lan Wanting's angry and unhappy voice interrupted him, "Mr. Chang, our Lan family and the Deep Blue Group do not wish to cooperate with you. Please leave! Old Xue, send our guest off! "

"Mr. Chang, please go back!"

Following Lan Wanting's words, Xue Xinchen, who was wearing a black Zhongshan uniform and seemed to be in high spirits, walked into the office and spoke indifferently.

Currently, the entire Lan family was ruled by Lan Wanting. In order to ensure Lan Wanting's safety, the Lan family's old man had arranged for the most powerful Xue Xinchen to stand by her side to protect her!

"Miss Lan, I'm giving you one last chance. Are you sure you don't want to cooperate with us?"

Chang Wen Mansion's face was cold, and its eyes flickered with coldness.

"Mr. Chang, let me be clear with you as well. Our Sister Lan will definitely not cooperate with you!" Lan Wanting's eyes flashed. She stood up and answered modestly.

"Since all of you insist on seeking death, then don't blame this old man!"

With a sudden smack on the tea table, a powerful energy exploded out. His body turned into a black shadow as he suddenly rushed towards Lan Wanting. His claws shot out with a sharp force at Lan Wanting's throat, wanting to strangle her to death!

"How dare you!"

Upon seeing this, Xue Xinchen's expression could not help but change. He let out an angry roar as his feet moved like the wind. His body turned into a ghostly shadow as he flew across the air, quickly blocking in front of Lan Wanting.

At the same time, energy swirled around his palm, bringing with it a cyan colored gale as it fiercely struck at Chang Wen Manor!

"You overestimate your capabilities, I'll deal with you first!"

Seeing the quick reaction of Xue Xin Chen, a sneer appeared on Chang Wen Manor's face. Revealing a dense set of white teeth, he changed his claw into a palm. His palm was instantly covered in frost energy and he fiercely struck out towards Xue Xin Chen.


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, Xue Xinchen's palm collided with Chang Wen Manor's, causing a dull sound to erupt. A violent wind and energy were stirred up …

"I can't believe that this little sea of stars still has a Martial Marquis of the Four Divisions. It is only a mere large success, but you are still unable to stop this old man's frost energy! "

As his attack was blocked, a hint of surprise flashed across Chang Wen Manor's face. A cold light flashed across his eyes and an ice-cold voice came out from his mouth.

"Puchi …"

As the words of Chang Wen Manor fell, his arm suddenly trembled and a wave of ice-cold energy exploded from his palm without any warning, causing Xue Xin Chen's face to suddenly turn white. His mouth sprayed out fresh blood that exuded a thick, cold air as it was sent flying backwards.

Chi chi chi …

Traces of blood flowed from the corner of Xue Xinchen's mouth. The right side of his body that was facing Chang Wen Manor had been corroded by the frost energy, forming layers of ice. This caused his face to turn even paler, and a serious voice came from his mouth, "The Chen family's frost energy is indeed extraordinary …"

"Puchi …"

Just as Xue Xinchen finished speaking, his face turned pale again as large amounts of blood sprayed out of his mouth.

"Old Xue, how are you?" "Old Xue!"

Seeing this, Lan Wanting's expression could not help but change as she spoke anxiously.

"Young mistress, don't worry. I'm fine …"

Xue Xinchen endured the pain that came from his body and spoke in a low voice.

"You'll be in trouble soon!"

However, just as he finished speaking, a cold voice rang out at this moment.

It was actually Chang Wen Manor that had transformed into a ghostly figure that appeared in front of Xue Xinchen. His ice-covered hand carried a thick killing intent as it was pressed down towards Xue Xinchen's chest at lightning speed!

"Young mistress, move aside …"

Xue Xinchen's expression was extremely gloomy. He pushed Lan Wanting away from him, formed a palm with his left hand, and used all his strength to strike at Chang Wen Manor.

He wanted to fight to the death, and to make things difficult for Xue Xinchen!

"Kill!" "Pen!"

Seeing this, a disdainful sneer surfaced on Chang Wen Manor's face as a mocking glint flashed across their eyes as they cursed without restraint.

"Swish …"

The instant he finished cursing, the palm he was slapping towards Xue Xinchen suddenly changed. With a shake of his arm, a sleeve sword flew out from his sleeve and pierced through Xue Xinchen's palm without slowing down, causing his figure to freeze …

This Chang Wen Manor could only be described as despicable!

"Puchi …"

"Young mistress, quickly flee..."

Bright red blood spurted out of Xue Xinchen's mouth. He turned his head with much difficulty and his gaze landed on Lan Wanting. He spoke in a hoarse voice …

Before he could finish his words, Chang Wen Manor abruptly pulled the sword from his body, causing him to close his eyes and slowly fall to the ground … …

"Old Xue, Old Xue …"

Seeing Old Xue slowly fall to the ground, Lan Wanting's face was pale and anxious as she rushed towards Xue Xinchen.


"Puchi …"

However, before she could reach Xue Xin Chen, she was kicked in the stomach by Chang Wen Manor. She spat out a mouthful of black blood and her body was sent flying like a cannonball, heavily smashing against the wall … …

Even to such a gentle and lovable beauty like Lan Wanting, this Chang Wen Manor would not show the slightest bit of mercy!

"Cough cough …"

Lan Wanting clutched her stomach and coughed violently. Traces of black blood flowed from the corners of her lips, causing her pale face to be filled with undisguised pain.

"Lan Wanting, you refuse a toast only to be punished. How do you feel and taste right now?"

Looking at Lan Wanting who was sitting on the ground with a pale face and a pained expression, Chang Wen Manor's face revealed a sneer, as if they were teasing her.

"Seeing that you're so pretty, it's a pity that you're going to kill me. If you agree to work with our Chen family now, then I won't kill you, okay?"

"Of course, not killing you doesn't mean that it's bad for fun … "Haha …"

As his words reached Chang Wen Manor, he began to laugh like a demon.

Lan Wanting was a beauty. Even though he was his age, he couldn't help but be moved by her beauty. He wanted to have some passion with her …

"Old man, don't even think about it. I, Lan Wanting, and my entire family will not cooperate with you. Just give up!"

Lan Wanting's pale face showed a strong stubbornness, and her words came out of her mouth.

"If that's the case … "Then go to hell!"

Chang Wen Manor's eyes were filled with killing intent as a trace of ruthlessness flashed across their faces. The sword in their hands suddenly stabbed at Lan Wanting's heart.

It was truly cruel and merciless!

"Ye Xuan, I'm sorry. I'm going …" There is a saying that I might not be able to say to you in this lifetime. "

Looking at the sword that stabbed towards her, as she looked at Chang Wen Manor's fierce face, a trace of a desperate smile appeared on Lan Wanting's pale face. Her mind couldn't help but recall Ye Xuan's cold face. She felt an indescribable heartache as she muttered to herself.

As Lan Wanting finished her mumbling, she slowly closed her eyes in despair.

However, at this crucial moment, a voice filled with endless coldness quietly rang out.

"If you are able to stab down with this sword, then use the lives of your entire clan to compensate for it!"