"Now, I will return your Northern Dark Cold Force back to you!"

As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell, killing intent filled his eyes. The bones in his entire body emitted thunderous sounds, and thunder surged beneath his feet. His right arm shook, and a surging force burst forth from his arm, shattering the layer of ice that sealed him.

A dazzling golden light burst out from Ye Xuan's fist. It was filled with a wild and tyrannical power that howled out and poured into the Chen family's Second Elder's body, making him feel as if he'd been struck by lightning. His face paled and black blood sprayed out from his mouth as his body was sent flying like a cannonball …

"Puchi …"

"Second Elder!"

This sudden turn of events caused the faces of many of the Chen family experts to change, and they started to anxiously cry out.

Just as Chen Zhen was about to rush towards the Chen family's Second Elder to save him, he was stopped by the instructor Liang Wei, who was extremely powerful and well hidden!

"Damn it..."

"Old dog Chen, you'd better take care of yourself!"

The expression on the face of the Chen family's third elder changed. He obviously didn't expect Ye Xuan to be so terrifying and powerful. He wanted to save Ye Xuan, but he was held up by the Li family's master.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

The Chen family's second elder was sent flying by the force of Ye Xuan's fist. He spat out a large amount of blood as his body retreated several steps back before stabilizing. Every step he took left a deep footprint on the hard ground.


As he stabilized himself, his expression turned ice-cold. Just as he raised his head to look at Ye Xuan, who had disappeared without a trace without a trace, he was struck with terror, causing his expression to drastically change.

"Old thing, are you looking for me?"

His ice-cold voice resounded in the Chen family's Second Elder's ears, causing his face to turn cold. The Northern Dark Cold Force surged within his body as he suddenly turned around to look towards the source of the voice.

However, what appeared in his line of sight was that resplendent black light that erupted without any warning.

The instant he blasted the Chen family's second elder away, Ye Xuan appeared behind him like a shadow and relied on his words to force the Chen family's second elder to subconsciously turn his head …

The instant the Chen family's second elder turned his head around, Ye Xuan pressed the deformed button on his Absolute Soul Saber without any hesitation, causing it to be released in an instant. It exploded out with a black light that deprived people of their vision, depriving the Chen family's second elder of his vision!

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. With the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, he unhesitatingly charged into the black light that swallowed the Chen family's Second Elder!

Thundering Flash, Absolute Shadow Sword!

"Swish …"

"Ahh …"

Three resplendent sword beams flashed through the black light. The sound of a longsword slicing through clothes and flesh rang out!

"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

Ye Xuan's figure appeared like a ghost on the other side of the black light. Bright red blood flowed along the Soul Breaking Sword's blade and dripped onto the ground, dyeing the ground red.

At the same time, the black light behind him was dissipating at an extremely fast speed, revealing the silhouette of the Chen Clan's Second Elder.

"Puchi …"

"You …"

Under the shocked and horrified gazes of the crowd, the Chen family's second elder turned his head with difficulty and pointed a finger at Ye Xuan. He wanted to say something, but before he finished speaking, a sword mark appeared on his neck, causing his head to slowly slide off his neck and fall onto the ground.

Bright red blood spurted out from his neck like a fountain …

The body of the Chen Clan's Second Elder slowly fell to the ground with a dull thud.

The corpse was decapitated and died!

"Second Elder!"

"Second Elder!"

"Second Elder, don't die!"

Seeing the Chen family's Second Elder slowly fall to the ground, the faces of many of the Chen family's experts turned pale. They let out anxious cries as they rushed towards the Chen family's Second Elder's corpse with incredible speed … …

"Second Brother!"

The Chen family's third elder that was fiercely fighting the Li family's old man had his expression change at this moment. He let out an angry shout, not bothering with the Li family's old man anymore, but instead sprinting towards the Chen family's second elder's corpse ….

"If you want to leave, then I'll send you off!"

Taking advantage of the instant that the Chen family's third elder lost control of himself because of the death of the Chen family's second elder, the blood colored astral energy in his body surged. Taking advantage of the moment that the Chen family's third elder lost control of himself because of the death of the Chen family's second elder, the blood colored astral energy in his body surged.

Bloodthirsty Wolf!


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the Third Elder of the Chen family was hit on the back by the Li family's old man's fist. Blood sprayed out of his mouth and he was sent flying into the distance.

He didn't know exactly how strong the strength contained within this punch of the Li family's old man's was, causing the blood that spurted out of the Chen family's third elder's mouth to gather in the air before actually condensing into a blood arrow and piercing through the bodies of the two Chen family experts …


Not only that, taking advantage of the moment when Ye Xuan killed the Chen family's Second Elder and the Li family's Patriarch heavily injured the Chen family's Third Elder, Xia Nan, Master Long, instructor Liang Wei, and their group of experts launched an attack on the Chen family's experts!

"Ahh …"

"Save me..."

"Ah, my hand …"

Miserable miserable shrieks rang out one after another. A large number of Chen family experts were seriously injured and fell to the ground under the relentless pursuit of Xia Nan and the others.

All of a sudden, the Chen family's experts were utterly defeated, with heavy losses!

When they gathered in front of the Chen family's Second Elder who had rushed to his death, the total number of people was only less than half of the original number. It could be said that they had suffered heavy losses!

Not only had the Chen family's Second Elder died, other than the brothers Chen Zhengang and Chen Zhenjiang, the other three Martial Lords of the Chen family who were at the peak of the Four Divisions Earth Realm had also died!

As for Ye Xuan and the others, there were extremely few casualties.

"Second Brother!"

Watching the dismembered corpse of the Chen family's second elder lying on the ground, the Chen family's third elder had an ugly expression on his face. Tears streamed down his face as he clenched his fists so tightly that 'ka ka' sounds could be heard.

"Second Elder!"

"Second Elder!"

The other Chen family experts also shouted with sad faces.

However, their shouts were of no use. Besides the fact that blood was still flowing from the second elder's body, there was no other reaction …

"How can this be? Second brother... How could you abandon me! "

The face of the Chen Clan's third elder paled as he slowly lifted up the corpse of the Chen Clan's second elder, as words of agony flowed out from his mouth.


"Little bastard, you actually dared to kill my second brother. Today, even if I have to destroy my cultivation, I will kill you!"

In the next moment, the Chen family's third elder abruptly stood up and glared hatefully at Ye Xuan as endless venomous words came out of his mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

The moment the Chen family's third elder finished speaking, a strong suction force came from his palm and sucked a blade into his hand. Then, under the stunned gazes of the crowd, he swung the blade and cut two times across his chest.

Fresh blood flowed from the wound and dyed the clothes of the Chen family's third elder red, but the Chen family's third elder did not feel any pain, instead he had a carefree expression, and the aura around his body crazily rose at this moment, a thick blood colored killing intent also spread out from his body, causing him to look as if he had just broken out from hell, making the Chen family's expert subconsciously take two steps back.

Each and every one of them looked at the Chen Clan's three elders with eyes filled with intense pain, reverence, and reluctance!

Because they knew that the Chen family's third elder was currently using their family's forbidden cultivation technique — Berserk Blood Raksha Art!

The Berserk Blood Asura Tactics was extremely evil and tyrannical. It required one to use self-mutilation to obtain Rakshasi's strength, but once it was used in combat, it would squeeze out all of one's vitality and potential, all the way until the very last moment of one's life!

In other words, once he used the Wild Blood Rakshasi Art, he would not be able to live. This cultivation technique could only be used once in a lifetime, so the Chen family listed it as a forbidden technique and forbade its clansmen from practicing it.

But after seeing his second brother miserably die, the Chen family's third elder couldn't care so much anymore. He unhesitatingly used this cultivation method to burn his own blood energy and squeeze out his own life and potential. He was determined to kill Ye Xuan …

Under the ugly gazes of Ye Xuan and the Li family's elders, the body of the Chen family's third elder continuously withered and became sinister. However, his aura continued to surge, from the initial stage of the Carefree Sky Realm to the advanced stage of the Carefree Sky Realm.

"This old thing is willing to risk everything to fight us. He actually used the Chen Family's forbidden technique, Rakshasi. He will obtain the evil Rakshasi's power, and it will be difficult to deal with this sudden increase in strength …"

The Li family's old man had an ice-cold expression as he spoke with an unsightly expression.

"Can you stop him?"

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold as he asked in a low voice.

"We can't stop him. Attacking him at this time will only make him stronger!"

The Li family's old man had a serious expression as he spoke.

"How long does this cultivation technique last for?"

Ye Xuan asked again.

"Until all of his life force is used up and his longevity is used up …."

The Li family's old man had a helpless and bitter expression.

"Looks like I can only give it my all …."

Ye Xuan didn't expect the Chen family's third elder to have such a trick up his sleeve. He took a deep breath and turned his head to face Xia Nan, Master Long, and the others beside him. "I'll deal with that old thing later. You guys take advantage of the situation and finish off all of the Chen family's experts."

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Xia Nan, Lord Long, and the others all took a deep breath and replied in a low voice!

"Haha …" I saw death, I saw death. He's waving to you, hehe. "

"All of you must die!"

The eyes of the Chen family's third elder turned blood-red, and his body was emaciated and withered. Blood-colored baleful qi revolved around his body, as if he'd been forced out of hell as he stared gloomily at Ye Xuan and the others.

His aura continued to increase until it reached the peak of the Free and Unrestrained Heavenly Realm before slowly coming to a stop.

"Little bastard, I'm going to eat you bit by bit, pull out your tendons, drink your blood, and eat your flesh …"

He raised his head and directed his gaze onto Ye Xuan. Extending his bright red tongue, he licked the corner of his lips as bloodthirsty words came out from his mouth.


The instant the Chen family's third elder's voice fell, he took a step forward. Cracks had appeared on the ground under his feet due to being unable to withstand the wild and terrifying force and then completely collapsed …

As for the Chen family's third elder, he'd already transformed into a blood-colored Rakshasi and charged towards Ye Xuan.

The terrifying speed was like a bloody bolt of lightning that pierced through the night, dazzling everyone's eyes. Before he even arrived, a baleful wind was already stirred up, making it difficult for anyone to open their eyes, causing Ye Xuan's expression to greatly change!

It was difficult for even the terrifying force in his eyes to track the body of the Chen family's third elder. He could only see a blood-red light flash past his eyes as it headed straight towards him …


When Ye Xuan regained his senses, the Chen family's third elder had already rushed in front of him. A sinister smile appeared on his face as he extended a drop of blood to lick the corner of his mouth and pressed his withered hand onto Ye Xuan's chest …

An intense sense of life-and-death danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing all of the fine hairs on Ye Xuan's body to stand on end.

Death came so suddenly.