In the Langqin Coffee Shop.

Ye Xuan sat in the corner next to the window and looked at Yu Yan, who was wearing the uniform of the Public Security. His cold face couldn't help but reveal a faint smile as he spoke in a magnetic tone, "Officer Yu, it's rare for you to ask me out for a cup of coffee."

"And you're still in the mood for coffee."

Yu Yan looked at Ye Xuan, who was leisurely sipping his coffee, and frowned. She didn't seem to be in a good mood as she spoke.

"I'm not in the mood to drink coffee since I didn't do anything shameful and I didn't violate the law to produce fake drugs."

Hearing Yu Yan's words, Ye Xuan lightly smiled.

"Things are not as simple as you think. Your Godly Medicine industry and you are probably in big trouble."

Yu Yan lightly sighed and said rather helplessly.

"I have trouble with Divine Medicine? "Where did this come from?"

Ye Xuan frowned as he asked in confusion.

"After our investigation and the information you provided, we were able to confirm that the fake drug poisoning incident had nothing to do with your Godly Medicine industry … But not long ago, we received a report from an executive who left your Divine Medicine Industry that you were producing fake drugs. He also brought out a lot of internal documents of your Divine Medicine Industry and even provided the location where you were producing fake drugs.

Yu Yan's expression was grim as she recounted their investigation results and the news to Ye Xuan.

"And there were also many reporters who exposed a fake medicine production base of your Divine Medicine Industry after their investigation. They even found a large amount of fake medicine and photos. Now, all the blame is pointed at your Divine Medicine Industry and you …"

"Not only that, but our superiors have already started pressuring us to hand over a satisfactory answer within three days. I'm afraid …" You won't be able to protect your Godly Medicine Industry! "

Yu Yan looked at Ye Xuan with a trace of sadness in her eyes. After pausing for a moment, she continued, "As for you, you should quickly escape before we issue the arrest warrant."

Hearing Yu Yan's words, Ye Xuan slowly put down the cup of coffee in his hand. His expression gradually turned serious and cold.

He couldn't help but think of Leng Wuqing's words when he left. He said that he would give him three days' time and make him kneel in front of him while begging him.

Could it be that Leng Wuqing and the Leng Clan were up to no good?

After all, they did indeed possess such powerful strength.

"Are you telling me that you aren't afraid of breaking your rules?"

Ye Xuan smiled. His gaze fell on Yu Yan as he teased her.

"I'm only telling you this because I believe that you and the Divine Medicine industry are innocent. My abilities are limited, and that's all I can do now …"

Yu Yan raised her head to look at Ye Xuan's cold face with a smile. Her exquisite face was filled with a thick bitterness. Helplessness was emitted from her mouth.

Although she was already the Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau in Xinghai City, some things couldn't be changed. From the information they had, it was impossible for them to turn the tables on Ye Xuan and his Divine Medicine Industry …

"Thanks, I know what to do!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head and spoke with a serious expression.

"Take care of yourself. I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first!"

Yu Yan lightly nodded her head, stood up and left with big steps.

After Yu Yan left, the smile on Ye Xuan's face gradually vanished, and replacing it was an endless coldness.

He stood up and walked out of the coffee shop without any hesitation. A cold light flashed across his eyes …

"Tsk tsk … "The Deputy Chief of Public Security of Xinghai City, Yu Yan, has a private meeting with the board members of the Divine Medicine Industry. This is big news!"

From afar, a reporter with a camera was secretly taking pictures of Yu Yan and Ye Xuan as they walked out of the coffee shop. Excitement could be heard from his mouth.

As time passed, no public notice was issued on the official website about the outbreak of drug poisoning in Divine Medicine, the arrest by the Public Security Bureau of Xinghai City of the families of the deceased. The whole incident became even more serious, and all kinds of rumors were circulating on the network...

Right now, he had secretly met with Ye Xuan, chairman of the Divine Medicine Industry, and Yu Yan, the Deputy Chief of Public Security of Xinghai City. If these photos were to be leaked and added with oil, they would definitely become the headlines of every major news media website.

This reporter was extremely excited. His mind was already automatically working on the scene of his promotion and salary after he posted these photos of the news …

At that moment, he quietly put away his camera, turned around and disappeared into the crowd!


The instant the reporter left, the originally departing Ye Xuan suddenly stopped and turned around.

Looking at the reporter disappearing into the crowd, a cold light flashed across his eyes. He moved his feet and caught up to him at lightning speed.

Half an hour later, the reporter, who was being followed by Ye Xuan, arrived at a dilapidated building in the suburbs.

The reporter looked around but didn't find anyone following him. He quickly walked in and disappeared from Ye Xuan's line of sight.

A trace of doubt flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he silently followed.

Walking into the dilapidated building, reporter Xiao Liu went straight upstairs to an abandoned warehouse.

Inside the warehouse sat a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was slightly obese and wore a brown leather jacket, giving him a dignified appearance.

His name was Liu Yuanli, and he was the editor of a newspaper in Galaxy.

Beside Liu Yuanli sat a young man with a cold and handsome face. He had a head full of short hair and wore a black Louis Vuitton suit, giving him quite a grand appearance.

His name was Chen Wenxing, and he was Chen Jingyu's cousin. At the same time, he was also the director of the advertising department of the Honest Pharmacy.

"Editor-in-Chief Liu, Director Chen..."

Looking at Liu Yuanli who was standing at the side and Chen Wenxing who was sitting at the side, the reporter, Xiao Liu, respectfully spoke.

"How is it? Is everything settled? "

Liu Yuanli coldly asked.

"Editor-in-Chief Liu, what do you think …"

The reporter Xiao Liu quickly handed the camera over to Liu Yuanli.

Liu Yuanli looked at the photos of Ye Xuan and the beauty, Yu Yan, drinking coffee. He nodded his head in satisfaction, then handed him over to Chen Wenxing.

"Well done. Right now, the internet is talking about the relationship between Ye Xuan and that bitch Yu Yan. With these photos and our hype, both Ye Xuan and that bitch Yu Yan are done for, haha!"

After carefully looking through the photos, Chen Wenxing's face was full of smiles as he laughed heartily.

"Director Chen, how do you think we should distribute this news?"

Liu Yuanli asked respectfully.

"The news you guys revealed last time about the drug production base in the Divine Medicine Industry was very successful …" It's up to you guys to decide how this news will be published! "

Chen Wenxing lightly replied.

"Then let's take the title as the meeting between the Deputy Chief of Public Security of Xinghai City and the Chairman of Divine Medicine Industry. What do you think?"

Liu Yuanli asked tentatively.

"If it's not hot enough, why don't you turn it into the adultery between the Deputy Chief of Public Security of Xinghai City and the Chairman of Divine Medicine Industry?" As for the contents, you guys can fake some of the records of the two of them getting a room in, and make it up again. The more explosive it is, the better it is! Once that bitch is killed, then nobody in Galaxy will be able to help that bastard Ye Xuan … "

Chen Wenxing muttered to himself for a moment.

"Great! As expected of Director Chen, so wise. I'm impressed! "

"Yeah, this title is definitely explosive and eye-catching!"

Hearing Chen Wenxing's words, Liu Yuanli and reporter Xiao Liu couldn't help but echo him.

"I thought someone was behind this. So it's you guys!" You're pretty bold! "

However, just as they finished speaking, an icy cold voice rang out at this moment.

Chen Wenxing, Liu Yuanli, and the others' gazes couldn't help but go cold when the voice sounded. Under their cold and ugly gazes, Ye Xuan slowly walked in with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Ye …" Ye Xuan, you … Why are you here? "

"Dammit, why did Ye Xuan come here?"

The next moment, a voice filled with fear and trembling came out from Chen Wenxing and Liu Yuanli's mouths.

"Tell me everything that you have done behind the scenes, and I will spare your lives!"

Ye Xuan's gaze was ice-cold as he stared at Chen Wenxing, Liu Yuanli, and the others. Cold light flickered in his eyes as he spoke with ice-cold words.

"Spare us and don't die? Ye Xuan, you're already on the verge of death, yet you dare to boast so shamelessly! "

Chen Wenxing forced himself to calm down. When he looked at Ye Xuan, his gaze was filled with undisguised ridicule.

"Aooo …"

"Puchi …"

However, before he could even finish his words, he felt a powerful force strike his chest. A mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth like a cannonball, violently smashing against the wall with a dull thud.

"Cough cough …" Ye Xuan, you damned bastard … "

Chen Wenxing's face instantly turned pale and filled with pain. He clutched his chest and violently coughed as he pointed a finger at Ye Xuan and cursed.

However, before he could finish cursing, his voice abruptly came to a halt.

Ye Xuan took a step forward, transforming into a ghostly shadow that appeared in front of him and placed the sharp dagger on his neck, causing him to be unable to move at all.

"Xuan... Young Master Xuan, don't … Don't kill me! "

Seeing the Absolute Soul Saber at his throat, Chen Wenxing's legs became weak. His body trembled in fear as he begged for mercy.



Seeing this scene, Liu Yuanli and reporter Xiao Liu were scared silly on the spot. They quickly recovered their senses and let out an angry shout as they ran outside …

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. Two silver needles shot out like lightning and pierced into the acupuncture points on their bodies, causing them to freeze on the spot as if they'd used a movement technique …

"Tell me, what exactly are you planning behind the scenes?"

Ye Xuan's gaze was ice-cold as he looked at Chen Wenxing, who was trembling in fear.

"Xuan... Young Master Xuan … I... We didn't. Nothing, really. Really, we didn't do anything. "Ah …"

Chen Wenxing swallowed his saliva with difficulty, as hoarse words came out of his mouth.

But in the end, his words turned into a miserable shriek.

Ye Xuan had cut off one of Chen Wenxing's fingers with his Absolute Soul Saber, and his cold voice resounded beside Chen Wenxing's ear, "My patience is limited. Next time, it won't be just one finger, but your life!"


The pain of having his finger cut off almost made Chen Wenxing faint. Feeling Ye Xuan's cold gaze, he didn't dare to hide anything and told him everything that they've done in secret …

He clearly knew that Ye Xuan was a ruthless person. He was a terrifying existence that even Chen Beixuan dared to kill.

"Very good!"

After listening to Chen Wenxing's story, a satisfied smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face. He strode over to the reporters, Xiao Liu and Liu Yuanli, and removed the silver needles from their bodies, allowing them to resume their actions.

"Ye …" Chairman Ye, please. Please, spare us? "

"Chairman Ye, I … "We admit to everything and say everything, please don't hurt us …"

The two of them knelt before Ye Xuan on the spot, and their mouths trembled as they pleaded.

"Tell me everything you've done from the beginning to the end!"

Ye Xuan nodded lightly as he coldly spoke.

Liu Yuanli and reporter Xiao Liu told him everything they had done behind the scenes.

These guys not only added fuel to the fire, but they also created a lot of negative fake news about the medical god industry, which continuously infuriated the netizens …

Not only that, Chen Linyu and the others, in order to completely destroy Ye Xuan and the Divine Medicine industry, even manufactured fake production workshops, fake medicines, etc …

It was even the beautiful police officer, Yu Yan, who said that the top executives of the Divine Medicine industry had reported and revealed the matter of the Divine Medicine industry manufacturing fake medicine was also planned by them. This undoubtedly caused Ye Xuan to be extremely satisfied.

With these guys, together with the investigation by Yu Yan and the police, they would definitely be able to restore him and the Divine Medicine industry's innocence.

Ye Xuan took out his phone and dialed Yu Yan's number.

"Didn't we just meet? What's the matter with calling me at this time of day? " The clear and melodious voice with a hint of sternness came over the phone.

"I found the mastermind behind the Divine Medicine Industry. He's outside the city, XX. Bring your people here!"

Ye Xuan said with a smile.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Yu Yan was stunned for a moment before quickly recovering. She then hung up the phone!

Wu wu wu …

Half an hour later, along with the ear-piercing sirens, a large number of police cars stopped outside the abandoned building. Smoke was the first to rush in with a large number of police officers …

"Officer, save me. Save us, he wants to kill us! "

"Officer, you came at the perfect time. He wants to kill us, let's …"

Seeing Yu Yan, Chen Wenxing, and Liu Yuanli, who had brought everyone here, had expressions of extreme joy on their faces as cries for help continuously came out from their mouths …

"Ye Xuan, they …"

Yu Yan frowned as she looked at Chen Wenxing and the others crying for help.

"The conspiracy behind the public opinion..." Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"Officer Yu, don't listen to his nonsense, we were framed, he wants to kill us …" How could Chen Wenxing admit to what they said before?

"That's right. I'm the editor of Xinghai Newspaper. He threatened us..." Liu Yuanli also chimed in at this moment.

"Stop pretending, I'm recording everything you said earlier!"

However, the reply they got was Ye Xuan's ice-cold words.

As Ye Xuan finished speaking, he took out a recording pen from his pocket and handed it over to Yu Yan.

Yu Yan took the recorder pen and listened to a few words. Her face was ice-cold. She waved her hand and spoke with an ice-cold expression.

"Take them all!"

With these recordings and evidence, she was confident that she'd be able to restore Ye Xuan's innocence with the Divine Medicine industry.

At the same time, Ye Xuan received a message from Leng Qingcheng.

"New drug development, production complete! You can start your counterattack! "