As time passed, two days quietly slipped away. The public opinion online grew more and more intense, and more and more people began to denounce Ye Xuan for his actions towards the entire Divine Medicine industry.

Even though Ye Xuan had done a lot of good deeds and saved a lot of patients during his free time, he was still viewed as a scum and an object of condemnation!

Even those who had previously accepted his help all spoke up for him, but they were all drowned in the people's curses and insults, unable to bring up even the slightest bit of waves.

Of course, not only did people start attacking the Divine Medicine Industry and Ye Xuan online, there were even many people who started attacking the Public Security Bureau of Xinghai City. They cursed them for being in the same line as the Divine Medicine Industry, cursed them for being black and white, cursed their lack of credibility, and so on …

However, as this incident was getting more and more intense online, a grand news conference was held at the Star Sea City Public Security Bureau.

The entire Star Sea City's Public Security Bureau had completely clarified everything related to the Divine Medicine Industry and Ye Xuan.

In front of most of the reporters in the news, the Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau of Xinghai City, Yu Yan, openly told the whole process of her case and finally came to a conclusion!

"Hello everyone, I am Yu Yan, the Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau of Xinghai City. It has been half a month since the drug poisoning incident." The reason why our Public Security Bureau didn't make a sound during this half a month isn't because we don't want to, but because we want to give everyone a fair and just answer! Let everyone know the truth of the whole matter, and not hear all sorts of rumors! "

"I want to clarify for the Divine Medicine industry that they did not produce fake drugs. All their products were checked by the Drug Administration and they are all qualified. There are no problems with the quality of the medicines!"

"Half a month ago, someone was plotting behind the fake drug poisoning at the entrance of the Divine Medicine Company! Those who died because of the fake medicine did not die because of the drug that was used in the Divine Medicine industry. Instead, they died because of someone's poison, so the blame for their deaths should be placed on the Divine Medicine industry! "

"As for the families of those dead people, they weren't the real families of the dead, they were bought off as fake. Some of them were even assassins after we verified them. At that time, the chairman of the Divine Medicine Industry, Ye Xuan, had beaten them because he naturally knew of their identities. "These are the information and results of our investigations. We will now make them public …"

As Yu Yan's words fell, the large screen behind them revealed all the information they had gathered to the public. This caused an uproar among the people and they were extremely shocked.

"Since you guys found out that the Godly Medicine industry didn't produce fake drugs, then what happened to the fake drugs and fake medicine production workshops on the internet?"

Of course, there were also those who had been misled to such a state that their hearts were full of questions.

"Those were just deliberately released behind the scenes to mislead everyone! "They've been arrested by our Star Sea Public Security Bureau. This is part of the interrogation video..."

All of this could be said to have been said to have been prepared a long time ago. A portion of the interrogation videos were released, answering the questions in everyone's hearts one by one and gradually dispelling their doubts.

"Then who is the mastermind behind all this? Why would they do that? "

After Yu Yan finished answering everyone's questions, the reporter couldn't help but ask.

Hearing their words, Yu Yan had a moving smile on her face as she smiled and said, "The mastermind behind all of this is Chen Wenxing, the director of the advertising department of the Honest Pharmaceutical Group. The reason they did this was because they wanted to completely overthrow the Divine Medicine industry! Do you remember the six new medicines released by the Honest Pharmaceutical Industry? "Based on our investigations, these six medicines were used to steal the recipes of the divine medicine industry, and they've even secretly modified them …"

Chairman Ye Xuan of the Divine Medicine Industry has once researched the six improved new medicines that were introduced by them. These six medicines have indeed increased in effect after being modified, but they have huge side effects. Currently, the relevant departments are currently in the midst of conducting drug research and testing to believe that there will be results soon.

"In addition, if there are any patients who have taken the medicine and have had a huge side effect, please consult the Divine Medicine Industry. They have already prepared a new drug to suppress the side effect, it will be free for the majority of patients …"

With the holding of the press conference of the Public Security Bureau of Xinghai City, the whole network was boiling over!

All news media websites are the result of a unified official release.

No one could have imagined that this would be the result. They never thought that the culprit behind all this was actually the one behind all this, and that the Divine Medicine industry would actually be framed.

They'd misunderstood the Divine Medicine Industry and the Divine Medicine Industry Corporation's chairman, Ye Xuan!

And they were used as guns.

"How... How could it be like this? "

"We misunderstood the Divine Medicine industry. Did we misunderstand Ye Xuan?"

"The Divine Medicine industry doesn't produce fake medicine. Is Ye Xuan really a good person?"

"How can this be? The Divine Medicine Industry is a Conscience Enterprise? I... I even forced my son to resign at that company! "

"Holy shit, we're being used like guns by other people. We're being played around by them!"

"The Godly Medicine Industry is a company with a conscience. That dog-shit Honest Medicine Industry is a big swindler's company!"

"Motherf * cker. To think I've been scolding Ye Xuan for the entire Divine Medicine industry … …" I... Forced bastard! "

"I, Li Ergou, was unworthy of my glorious name. I could not be a good eater, but I still ended up being used as a gun by others. Back then, I had nothing better to do, so I vented out all the anger I had on the tires of the cars in the God Medicine Industry!"

Countless people commented under the official announcement. Many of them were regretful. They had never thought that this would be a conspiracy against the Divine Medicine industry …

"Look at all of you, I already told you that Divine Doctor Ye is a good person, and that he cured my illness for free, but you all just didn't believe me!"

"I knew that my husband was wronged, but now it's okay. The official website has finally released an official announcement to prove my husband's innocence!"

"F * ck, I've been friends with several of my brothers just to support Ye Xuan. I'll just wait for them to come back and beg for forgiveness!"

"I, Zhang Erwa, definitely wouldn't misjudge anyone with my Fiery Eyes of Truth. I knew that Brother Ye Xuan and I were from the same sect!"

A large number of people who once supported Ye Xuan, but had their voices drowned in their saliva, suddenly popped out at this moment.

When they saw the officials return Ye Xuan's innocence, they felt extremely carefree in their hearts.

"What the hell, the honest drug company is the one that has the biggest side effect in manufacturing fake drugs. Return, return!"

"Honest medicine is not honest at all. Liars, brothers, go fuck them!"

"F * ck, the black-hearted enterprise has wronged the good, toying with the hearts of others, brothers, go tear him apart!"

At this moment, countless people rushed towards the Sincerity Medicine Hall, filled with rage.

Inside the Divine Medicine Industry's chairman's office, Ye Xuan was sitting on a chair and looking at the honest medicine industry that was surrounded by a large number of people. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly, and a faint smile appeared on his cold face.

After a few days of hard work, he had finally regained his innocence with the Divine Medicine industry.

It was a pity that Chen Wenxing was the mastermind behind the plot, and Yu Yan and the rest were unable to uncover that bastard Chen Linyu.

However, letting this kid, Chen Linyu, temporarily take a look at the current situation was also a good thing!

How would this guy react when he received the news?

Furthermore, with Yu Yan's style of doing things, it was impossible for her to let Chen Xi Yu off!

Didn't that guy, Leng Wuqing, give him three days to get him to kneel and beg for his life?

Now that three days were almost up, he would probably not be able to fulfill that guy's words!

In the office of the Honest Pharmaceutical CEO.

Chen Linyu sat on the sofa facing Leng Wuqing. His face was filled with a flattering smile, and a respectful voice came out from his mouth, "Thirteenth Young Master, what wind blew you here from the capital?"

Although he was the Chen family's young master, his position was far from being comparable to Leng Wuqing. Even though Leng Wuqing was only one of the Leng family's Thirteen Supreme Protectors, it was only because he came from the Leng family.

Even though the Chen family was already the hegemon of the Northeast and could be considered a colossus, compared to the large Leng family, it was still a drop in the ocean.

The Leng Clan only needed a few words to annihilate the Chen Clan.

Therefore, in the face of Leng Wuqing's visit to Chen Linyu, he felt very shocked and shocked.

"I just happened to pass by. I heard you were here, so I came to take a look."

Leng Wuqing raised his teacup to his mouth and took a sip.

Seeing that three days were almost up, Ye Xuan didn't lower his head to him. He could only look for Chen Yanyu to continue pressuring Ye Xuan.

After a pause, Leng Wuqing continued, "I heard that your Chen family has some conflict with Ye Xuan's bullsh * t?"

"Thirteenth Young Master, to be honest, our Chen family has a blood feud with Ye Xuan. I wonder if Thirteenth Young Master …"

Chen Linyu said with a calm expression.

"It just so happens that... There are some grudges between our Leng Clan and him. It's just that there are a few reasons that make it difficult for us to take action against him … "

Leng Wuqing said without any hurry.

"Thirteenth Young Master, what do you mean?"

Chen Linyu pretended to be puzzled as he asked.

"Help us get rid of him! I will give you a satisfactory reward afterwards! "

A killing intent flashed across Leng Wuqing's eyes as he said coldly.

"Young Master Thirteen, don't worry. Leave this matter to us. My Chen Family's Ancestor has personally brought a large group of experts to Xinghai. It would be an easy task to get rid of him …"

Chen Linyu hurriedly said.

"Very good!"

Leng Wuqing nodded his head in satisfaction upon hearing Chen Jingyu's reply.

"Young master, something terrible has happened..."

Chen Xi Yu was about to open his mouth to speak, but at this moment, his secretary rushed in, flustered.

"What happened?"

Looking at the flustered expression of the female secretary, Chen Xi Yu frowned and asked in puzzlement.

"Young master, Wen Xing has been apprehended. Everything that we planned against the Divine Medicine Industry has been exposed. We also released a news release on the public security bureau of Xinghai City half an hour ago clarifying the fake medicine case!"

"Now, all the blame is pointed at us. "Not only that, they also exposed the huge side effects of the drugs we produced. Our building is now surrounded by angry people!"

The female secretary said anxiously.

"What?" How could this be? "

Hearing the female secretary's words, Chen Linyu's face could not help but change drastically as he stood up, exclaiming in shock.

The female secretary didn't pay attention to Chen Jingyu's shocked expression and continued speaking.

"Right now, a large number of police officers and related personnel are rushing here … Young Master, let's quickly flee! "

However, just as the female secretary finished speaking, a cold and dignified voice rang out at this moment.

"Flee?" Where do you guys want to escape to? "