When Ye Xuan arrived at the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Association in his Blackpeak Battleship, Lord Long, Li Yifeng, Xia Nan, and Li De were already waiting for him in the main hall.

"Older brother Xuan!"

"Young Master Xuan!"

When they saw Ye Xuan arrive, they hurriedly stood up and respectfully greeted him.

"We're all on the same side, don't be so polite in the future, just sit down!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then walked over to a nearby sofa and sat down.

Then, his eyes fell onto Li Yifeng as he asked with doubt in his voice, "Yifeng, why are you in such a hurry to call me over?"

Li Yifeng couldn't help but smile wryly when he heard Ye Xuan's words. His gaze fell onto Dragon Lord and he said, "Dragon Lord, you should be the one to tell Young Master Xuan!"

"Older brother Xuan, this time we really are in big trouble." "Yifeng has received news that after we destroyed the Chen Family's Second Elder, Third Elder, and many other experts, the Chen Family's Patriarch, the Chen Family's Patriarch, and a large number of Chen Family's experts have already arrived at the Star Sea. Furthermore, the Chen Family's Grand Elder is on the way as well …"

Master Long said with a grave expression.

"The Chen family's patriarch brought the Chen family's patriarch and a large number of experts to the Star Sea?"

Hearing Lord Dragon's words, Ye Xuan's expression changed.

"That's right. These two days, Yifeng brought us to the Star Lake Villa District for a visit. There are indeed a large number of powerful people here. Currently, the Chen family's Ancestor might not even know that the Chen family's second elder has been killed by us. If they were to find out, then the consequences will be unimaginable … "

At this moment, Xia Nan also spoke up with a deep voice.

The situation in front of them was extremely dire. Not only was the Chen Family's Patriarch here, the Chen Family's Patriarch, Chen Yuanfeng, Chen Xuanzhao, and the Great Elder of the Chen Family had all arrived.

On their side, their Essence from the last battle had yet to recover. Especially since the Li family's old ancestor was heavily injured and had yet to recover, their battle strength had greatly decreased. They were absolutely no match for the Chen family's old ancestor.

"How much do you know about the strength of the Chen Clan's Patriarch, Grand Elder, and Patriarch?"

Ye Xuan's expression gradually turned serious, and his eyes flickered with wisdom.

"Because the environment in the Northeast region is even worse, the struggle is more intense, and the martial arts are more prosperous, the number and strength of the powerful warriors in the Northeast region far surpasses the Southwest region! For the Chen Clan to be able to become the hegemon of the Northeast region, naturally, they must be extremely powerful. "

"Young master Xuan, as far as I know, the Chen family's patriarch Chen Yuanfeng and the Chen family's Grand Elder are both at the peak of the Carefree Sky Realm. As for the Chen family's patriarch, he is rumored to have long stepped into the Spirit Travelling Profound Realm and became a supreme Martial Saint. That's why he was called Chen Xuanzhao!"

Summer Nan, Master Long, and the others looked at each other and shook their heads with bitter smiles. On the other hand, a helpless smile appeared on Li Yifeng's face as he slowly recounted all the information he had learned.

"A Spirit Travelling Profound Realm Martial Saint?"

"What realm is this?" Why have I never heard of it? "

Hearing Li Yifeng's words, Xia Nan, Master Long, Li De Zhong, and the others couldn't help but have a trace of doubt flash across their eyes. Shocked and confused voices came out from their mouths.

Seeing their puzzled expressions, Ye Xuan pondered for a moment, then slowly explained, "Most martial artists know that the ranks are divided into the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the Supreme Force, the Four Symbols Earth Realm (Martial Marquis), and the Carefree Sky Realm (Martial Ancestor). However, they don't know that these are all just the rudiments to the path of martial arts."

"The Free and Unrestrained Heavenly Realm is only the entrance to the Martial Dao?"

Ye Xuan's words undoubtedly caused Lord Long, Li Dezhong, and Xia Nan to be extremely astonished and shocked. After all, they belonged to the semi-circle of martial artists, and didn't have the detailed martial arts training and knowledge of those large sects …

"Yes, these are all just the entry-level stages of the martial path. Only after reaching the Carefree Sky Realm can one truly step into the martial path. There are also the Spirit Traveling Profound Realm (Martial Saint), the Void Star Realm (Martial King), the Martial Monarch Realm (Martial Monarch), the God Realm (Martial Emperor), and many other realms. Each realm has a different ranking."

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head, then faced Xia Nan, Master Long, and the others, and explained the stages of the Carefree Sky Realm and above.

"There are different levels within each realm? Aren't they all divided into Small Success, Large Success, and Peak? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Master Long, Xia Nan, and the others were stunned.

"Of course not, the Spirit Travelling Profound Realm (Martial Saint) is indeed divided into small success, large success, and the pinnacle. However, it has been completely different since the Realm of the Void Star (Martial King). As for the specific division, you will know when you step into this realm …"

Ye Xuan slowly stood up, lazily stretched his waist, then changed the topic. He said in a serious voice, "The Chen Ancestor being a Spirit Traveling Profound Realm's Martial Saint has indeed exceeded my expectations. With our current combat strength, it's difficult for us to contend against him …"

After the battle with the Chen family's third elder and the others, Ye Xuan's strength had increased, and he seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough. According to Ye Xuan's calculations, even if he didn't fear a peak level expert of the Carefree Sky Realm, it would still be difficult for him to contend against a Spirit Travelling Profound Realm expert.

"Then what should we do now, Brother Xuan?"

Master Long looked anxious as he spoke.

The Chen family of the Northeast was not as easy to deal with as the Xu family and the Xia family of Yu Zhou.

Ye Xuan fell into silence. He was hesitating on whether or not to have Night Rose contact the Night Goddess, Ainphent.

"Everyone, don't worry. My master came down to help young master Xuan not too long ago after receiving the news. If he made a move, then he would have been able to stop the Chen Family's Ancestor, Chen Xuanzun …"

Li Yifeng smiled as he looked at the silent Ye Xuan and the anxious Dragon Lord.


After hearing Li Yifeng's words, Master Long and the others let out a long sigh of relief.

Only Ye Xuan was still frowning as he pondered for a long time.

The current him was simply too weak. If he was able to quickly cultivate the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the third level, he wouldn't need to be like this.

"Young Master Xuan, you don't have to worry … With my Master here, even the Chen Family's Ancestor would not dare to act rashly! "

Li Yifeng couldn't help but comfort Ye Xuan, who was still frowning.

"If your master descends the mountain, then the Ancient Sword Sect will take action as well. It will still be extremely troublesome …"

Ye Xuan shook his head with a bitter smile. He turned around and looked at Li Yifeng as he helplessly said.

"Young Master Xuan's worries are not unreasonable. The Ancient Sword Sect is indeed very troublesome to deal with. In addition, the Su Hai Auction will open soon. It's said that the Devil Lord's Divine Weapon, the Dragon Blade, will appear in the auction. They might very well leave the mountain ahead of time …"

Li Yifeng had a dignified expression as he helplessly said this.

"The auction of Su Hai will start soon and the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, will appear in the auction. Why haven't I heard of it?"

Hearing Li Yifeng's words, Ye Xuan's gaze went cold, and his eyes flickered with a dazzling brilliance as he quickly spoke.

If he could get his hands on the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, then his combat prowess would multiply. He would not be afraid even if he were to face a Spirit Traveling Profound Realm Martial Saint.

"Young master Xuan, to be honest, I only learned about the Su Hai auction from my master! The Su Hai Auction House is the grandest auction place in the entire China. People like me don't even have the right to be invited! But Young Master Xuan, you are different. Even my master said that your potential is limitless. If this time you can pacify the Chen family, then you will definitely be invited. "

Li Yifeng said with a face full of awe.

"It seems like the Chen Clan is going to be destroyed. Because I have to go to Su Hai Auction House!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. His eyes flickered with an ice-cold light as he spoke in a resolute voice.

"But big brother Xuan, with our current power, if we want to destroy the Chen family …"

Master Long said with a face full of worry.

"Don't worry, I have my ways!"

With a thought, Ye Xuan beckoned with his hand and the Thousand Paper Crane that Zi Yao had given him quietly appeared in his hand, then he released it and sent it flying.

Under the watchful eyes of Li Yifeng and the others, the Thousand Paper Crane flapped its wings and turned into a beam of light that flew out of the window, disappearing from their line of sight.

At this moment, Ye Xuan had already decided to use the Thousand Paper Crane to have Zi Yao help him once.

This time, he wanted to destroy the Chen family and the Ancient Sword Sect!

He was going to participate in Su Hai's auction!

He was determined to get his hands on the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade!

Li Yifeng's gaze was filled with seriousness as he watched Ye Xuan fly away and quickly vanish into the distance. He inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. He felt incomparably fortunate and wise for his master's decision.

Without a doubt, this paper crane was the method Ye Xuan used to contact the mysterious empress behind him.

After releasing the paper crane, Ye Xuan stopped worrying about dealing with the Chen family's matters. Instead, he stood up and looked at Li Dezhong beside him. "De Zhong, how is Brother Li doing?"

"Thank you for Young Master Xuan's concern. The old man has already woken up and is resting inside the hospital. But …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li De respectfully spoke.

"But what?"

Ye Xuan frowned as he asked in confusion.

"It's just that the old gramps feels that he's crippled and in a bad mood, so he's a bit depressed …"

Li De Zhong hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice.

"Crippled? How was this possible … Don't forget that I said that I would give him a lot of good fortune. I've already prepared everything for him! "

Ye Xuan smiled. He stood up and walked out of the hall with large strides. "Let's go. We're going to the hospital to see him!"


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, everyone hurriedly followed him …

Star Lake Resort

In the luxuriously decorated hall, Chen Xuanzun, the Chen Ancestor, and Chen Yuanfeng sat on the sofa without a word, their expressions extremely cold and unsightly.

In addition, beside them sat an old man in his seventies with a head full of white hair. He was the Chen family's Grand Elder who had just arrived with a large group of Chen family experts.

Looking at the trembling Chen family disciple, Chen Yuanfeng slammed his hand on the table and said with a furious voice, "A bunch of useless trash! Have you found the location of the second elder or third elder?"

"Reporting to the Patriarch, we haven't found any news about them yet … No …. However, there is another piece of bad news that has come! "

That Chen family disciple clenched his teeth and said.

"A bunch of useless trash. We can't even find them. Could it be that the Second Elder and the others have disappeared into thin air?"

"What was the bad news you just said?"

Chen Yuanfeng's eyes were flashing with a vicious light as he spoke with a cold tone.

"Young lord has been captured by the public security department of Xinghai City. Their honest medicine industry has failed..."

The Chen family disciple said carefully.

"What?" How could this be? "

Chen Yuanfeng's expression changed when he heard that. He stood up all of a sudden.

"This... All of this was caused by that brat, Ye Xuan, behind the scenes. He exposed the young master's scheme, so … "

A Chen family disciple said with a wry smile, "We've already sent people to the city police station to try and protect the Young Master, but they're very unyielding …"


Chen Yuanfeng had an extremely ugly expression on his face. He threw the teacup in his hand onto the ground and smashed it into pieces.

The face of the Chen Family's ancestor and the Chen Family's elder were also gloomy. They obviously didn't expect this to happen, especially with the interference of the Star Sea City's police …

"What are you all standing there for?" "Hurry up and get some connections to get that person out of here!"

"In addition, I will do my best to find the whereabouts of the Second Elder and the others …"

In the next moment, a furious voice came out of Chen Yuanfeng's mouth.

"Hehe, what has Chen family head done to make you so flustered and exasperated?"

However, just as he finished speaking, a light chuckle rang out at this moment.

As this voice rang out, the eyes of the Chen family's ancestor, Chen Yuanfeng, and the Great Elder involuntarily trembled. They turned their heads to look at the source of this voice.

Under their cold and ugly gazes, a callous and handsome young man slowly walked over with an old man with a star mark on his forehead, as well as a woman with a somewhat panicked and perturbed expression. He appeared in their line of sight.

"Thirteenth Young Master!"

"Star Xuan Sovereign!"

Staring at the young man and the old man who had just arrived, the ancestor of the Chen Clan, Chen Yuanfeng, and the others all had expressions of extreme astonishment on their faces.

The young man and the old man that had arrived at this moment were Leng Wuqing and Elder Xing.

As for the woman behind them, she was none other than one of the models that Chen Zhengang had invited to the party in the square to play.

"Thirteenth Young Master, Star Sovereign … How did you all get the time to come here? "

In the next moment, the Chen family's ancestor, Chen Yuanfeng, and the Great Elder of the Chen family all quickly won as respectful words came out of their mouths.

Leng Wuqing and Elder Xing's statuses were highly respected. After all, Leng Wuqing was one of the Thirteenth Supreme Guards of the Leng Clan, and Elder Xing was a Martial Saint at the Spirit roaming Profound Realm.

Leng Wuqing did not reply, but pointed at the female model behind him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am a model. Not long ago, I was invited by Lord Chen Zhengang to attend a party with many sisters. However, we were attacked by a group of people …"

The female model walked up to the Chen family's Ancestor and asked respectfully.

"The one leading those people is the chairman of the Divine Medicine Industry Corporation, Ye Xuan. I saw with my own eyes Lord Chen Zhengang, the Chen family's second elder, and many other powerful members of the Chen family being killed by them …"

Hearing the words of that female model, the complexions of the Chen family's Ancestor, Chen Yuanfeng and the others changed drastically. Taking a step forward, they instantly appeared in front of the female model.

"What did you say?" Second Elder and the others are dead? "