"This group of crafty guys actually took out their firearms and weapons!"

"But, since it's a fight, do you think I'm unprepared?"

Chen Yuanfeng's ice-cold voice resounded in the ears of Elder Long, Xia Nan and the rest, causing their expressions to appear extremely icy cold and ugly. Clearly, they did not expect that Chen Yuanfeng would actually have some tricks up his sleeves.

At this moment, Master Long's face turned cold as killing intent flashed in his eyes. He then shouted out in a furious voice, "Cut the crap, open fire!"

Clearly, they did not plan to give Chen Yuanfeng and the rest the chance to make a comeback!

"Bang, bang, bang …"

"Da Da Da …"

As Master Long's words fell, the reinforcements that he had brought along did not hesitate to pull the trigger on the firearms in their hands.

In an instant, the ear-piercing sounds of gunshots and the roars of bullets rang out continuously. The guns and guns in their hands spewed out beautiful sparks, and the bullets were like the roaring of death gods as they flew towards the many Chen family disciples, mercilessly hunting them down … …

"Dammit, disperse!"

Seeing this, Chen Yuanfeng's eyes flashed with murderous intent. The Northern Dark Cold Force inside his body surged and he let out a roar. His fists were instantly covered by ice as he smashed them towards the ground with a violent chill.

"Clang clang!"

As Chen Yuanfeng's fist descended, the hard ground was instantly covered by ice. A huge ice wall emerged from the ground and stood in front of Chen Yuanfeng, blocking all of the bullets that were aimed at him …

"Ahh …"

"I got shot in the foot, those damn bastards!"

"Ahh …"

However, the other Chen family disciples were not as powerful as Chen Yuanfeng. Many of them were hit by the bullets and fell into the pool of blood while screaming …

Under Master Long's fierce gunfire, the Chen family disciples that Chen Yuanfeng and his team had brought had suffered heavy casualties. It was a huge loss …

"Dammit, Ape, what are you waiting for?" Hurry and attack! "

Seeing the Chen family disciple who was slowly falling, Chen Yuanfeng's face became ugly. A vicious light flashed across his eyes as he pressed the tactical communications watch on his wrist and a furious voice came out of his mouth.

"Understood, Patriarch!"

A rough voice came from Chen Yuanfeng's tactical communications watch.


As soon as the voice fell, a rocket shot out from the top of the building and flew at great speed towards Dragon Lord and the others.


The sudden rocket shells made Master Long's and Xia Nan's faces change. They let out an explosive shout and unhesitatingly led their men to dodge to the side.

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In the next moment, an earth-shattering explosion resounded.

An enormous ball of flame was released at the place where Lord Dragon and the others were standing. It created a terrifying force that caused an enormous hole to appear in the ground.

"Puchi …"

The terrifying shockwave from the explosion spread in all directions and engulfed those who could not dodge in time, causing a large amount of blood to spurt out of their mouths as they were sent flying backwards …

A single artillery shell had injured at least a dozen members of the Raging Dragon Club, and had completely interrupted the tempo of Lord Dragon's attack.

"Find a place to hide!"

Ye Xuan's expression was icy cold as he seemed to have felt something, and a vigorous voice sounded out from his mouth.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, the sound of bullets slicing through the air sounded out continuously. The densely packed bullets covered the sky as they shot towards Ye Xuan's group.

"Ding ding ding …"

Fortunately, with Ye Xuan's warning, they found cover in time to be hit by the bullets, so no one was injured.

The flames of war spread in all directions, setting off large amounts of dust and smoke, blurring everyone's line of sight.

When the dust vanished and the smoke dissipated, what appeared before Ye Xuan and the others was a complete mess.

A large number of buildings were torn apart by the bullets, leaving countless bullet marks. The flat road was riddled with holes from the rocket launchers, becoming charred black. There were corpses lying on the ground with blood flowing out, as if doomsday had arrived …

As for the Chen family disciples led by Chen Yuanfeng, they stood straight in front of them. Behind them, who were burning with a large amount of white smoke, an armored Evil Spirit Legion of the Chen family was slowly walking towards them.

The leader was a 2.3m tall, muscular man. He was bare-chested like a fierce giant ape, and his entire body was surrounded by a layer of red flames. He was carrying a heavy cannon on his shoulder, which was extremely intimidating.

He was the leader of the Chen family's evil spirits, the one who had fought hundreds of battles for the Chen family, Ape!

Behind him was the evil spirit army that he commanded!

"This is the Chen Family's most destructive evil spirit army?"

"Damn it, Chen Yuanfeng and his men actually brought the evil spirit army over from the northeast!"

"Rumor has it that all of them have been armed and rebuilt. They are well-equipped, powerful, and have terrifying destructive power. Their battle prowess is comparable to two divisions …"

Seeing the many evil spirits that Ah Ape brought with him, Master Long, Xia Nan, and Li De Zhong all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces, and their curses came out from their mouths.

Even Ye Xuan's expression turned extremely unsightly and solemn. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to see that the strength of this evil spirit army was extraordinary and their equipment was excellent and powerful.

Their combat prowess was indeed not to be underestimated. Whether it was strength or equipment, they could completely crush their Raging Dragon Guild …

"I've long heard that the Chen Family's Evil Spirit Legion is extremely terrifying, seeing them today is indeed extraordinary!"

Even the Lan family instructor Liang Wei, who was usually very serious, frowned as he spoke with a serious expression.

These guys were simply combat sabers!

Ye Xuan's gaze slowly swept across Xia Nan, Lord Long, and the others. However, he didn't see Li Yifeng, causing him to furrow his brows without a trace. He doubtfully asked, "Right, where's Li Yifeng?"

"He went to gather his men. I believe he'll be here soon!"

Xia Nan's eyes flashed as he replied in a deep tone.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. He didn't say anything more. His gaze fell onto the body of the Evil Spirit Army's commander, Ape. A trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes.

This guy was actually an outer force expert that had cultivated to the level of an inner disciple. Just from his aura alone, it was clear that he possessed a fighting strength that was sufficient for him to find a young outer disciple like Ye Xuan to enter the Carefree Sky Realm. Ye Xuan admired him greatly.

"Greetings, Patriarch!"

Under Ye Xuan's unsightly gaze, Ah Ape brought the evil spirit army over to Chen Yuanfeng and knelt on one knee. He respectfully cupped his hands in greeting.

"Greetings, Patriarch!"

As the Ape's words fell, all of the evil spirits behind him knelt down in unison towards Chen Yuanfeng as they spoke out their respectful words.

His voice was loud and sonorous, and his imposing manner was intimidating. It was obvious that he was well-trained!

Chen Yuanfeng lightly nodded his head. He turned around and his gaze fell on Ye Xuan and the others who were hiding behind their bunkers. His eyes flickered with a cold light as he coldly spoke.

"Ye Xuan, you bunch of cowards, stop hiding. Come out obediently and accept your death. Otherwise, I don't mind turning you into dust!" Anyone who offends our Chen family will die! "

Hearing Chen Yuanfeng's words, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with a cold light. He couldn't help but reveal a sneer as he slowly walked out from his hiding place with indifferent words coming out of his mouth.

"A dead end? With just your troops and strength? "

As the Demon Lord of this generation, he had never seen anything like this. Although the evil spirit army led by Chen Yuanfeng and Ape were indeed quite powerful, he could still destroy them with a wave of his hand when Ye Xuan was at his peak!

"Boasting shamelessly, you are simply courting death!"

Killing intent flickered in Ape's eyes as furious words came out of his mouth.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

The instant his words left his mouth, his giant ape-like body filled with rage and killing intent charged straight at Ye Xuan. He wanted to smash Ye Xuan into pulp with a single punch.

His body was too large and sturdy, and the ground rumbled wherever he passed, leaving footprints in the ground. Cracks silently spread in all directions on the floor …

This fellow was simply a meat tank!

"Go to hell!"

As Ye Xuan prepared to attack, a dazzling sword aura shot out from the alley towards the ape, causing Ye Xuan to give up on the idea of attacking.

"Boom! Boom!"

This sudden turn of events caused Ah Ape's gaze to go cold. Looking at the sword qi that exploded towards him, he decisively retracted his attack on Ye Xuan without thinking and crossed his arms in front of his chest to form a defensive stance.

In the next moment, a dull exploding sound rang out. It was the resplendent sword aura that struck Ape's arm that caused the arm to burst apart, raising a thick cloud of smoke.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Ape was knocked back two steps as well, and two blurry sword slashes appeared on his arms.

Such a sharp sword Qi had only knocked Ape two steps back. However, it had not injured him. From this, it could be imagined just how strong this fellow's physical defense was.

If it was anyone else, their hands would have probably been chopped off!

"Who is it? "Get the hell out here!"

Being ambushed by someone, Ape's eyes glinted with a fierce light while furious words came out of his mouth.

"The leader of the Evil Spirit Army, Ape, is indeed well-deserved of his reputation. My cold sword was actually unable to harm you in the slightest!"

A cold and elegant voice came from the dark alley, causing Chen Yuanfeng, Ah Shou, and the others to shiver. A trace of coldness flashed in their eyes as they turned around to look at the source of the voice.

Under their incomparably cold and ugly gazes, a young man wearing a black suit and holding a longsword that emanated a cold aura walked out of the alley slowly …

Behind him, a large group of experts wearing black suits and wielding swords followed him out of the alleyway. They appeared in front of Chen Yuanfeng and the rest …

This young man holding a cold blade was none other than the disciple of the Supreme Wind Sect's Sovereign, Li Chunyang's, Li Yifeng!

The people following behind him were all elite practitioners who had graduated from the Astral Energy Sect!

"Astral Energy Sect's Li Yifeng?"

Seeing Li Yifeng arrive with a large group of Astral Energy Sect experts, Chen Yuanfeng and the others had extremely ugly expressions on their faces. Their fists were clenched so tightly that 'ka ka' sounds could be heard as cold words came out of their mouths.

"Brother Li!"

As for Master Long, Xia Nan, Li Dezhen, and the others, they all had expressions of deep joy on their faces.

"My apologies, Young Master Xuan. I've come late!"

Li Yifeng ignored the unsightly expressions of Chen Yuanfeng and the others. He brought a large group of Astral Energy Sect experts to Ye Xuan and respectfully cupped his fists as he spoke apologetically.

"Thank you for your trouble!"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but shake his head with a light smile as he looked at the sincere Li Yifeng. He stretched out his hand to pat Li Yifeng's shoulder.

Chen Yuanfeng, who stood a distance away, looked at Li Yifeng's courteous and cordial manner towards Ye Xuan. His eyes flickered with an ominous light and a furious voice came out of his mouth.

"Li Yifeng, what is the meaning of this?" That trash, Ye Xuan, killed so many of your disciples. Yet, you actually brought someone to help him.

Obviously, he didn't expect Li Yifeng to bring an expert from the Divine Wind Sect to assist Ye Xuan.