After the smoke gradually dissipated, two aged figures slowly appeared within the line of sight of Ye Xuan, Li Chunyang, and the others.

They were an old man with an ancient face and sharp eyes. He wore a black robe and held a black walking stick in his hand. He was also an old man with a head full of white hair.

They were the Chen Family's Ancestor, Chen Xuanzun, and the Chen Family's Grand Elder!

An invisible aura spread out from their bodies, causing Ye Xuan and Lord Dragon's gazes to become extremely unsightly and solemn.

"Is this the Chen Family's Ancestor, Chen Xuanzong, and the Chen Family's Grand Elder?" Just from the aura alone, they are indeed quite strong, especially this Chen Family's ancestor whose aura is obscure yet dangerous, which is extremely difficult to deal with. If I use all of my firepower in the Great Devil World and fight him to the death, I would only have less than a fifty percent chance of success … "

A thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind as he stared icily at the Chen Ancestor.

As his eyes fell on Li Chunyang, he discovered that this guy didn't have the slightest bit of fear or fluctuation from the arrival of the Chen Family's Ancestor and Great Elder. It was obvious that he was confident in his own strength!

After all, the Pure Yang energy that Li Chunyang cultivated was the nemesis of the Chen family's ancestor, the Northern Dark Cold Qi.

"Sect Master Li, I haven't seen you in so many years. Your aura has become more and more vigorous!"

The Chen family's Ancestor narrowed his eyes as he coldly swept his gaze over Ye Xuan's body. In the end, his gaze fell onto Li Chunyang who was beside him as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

"Your aura is not weak either!"

Li Chunyang replied indifferently.

"Enough, Sect Master Li …" This old man wouldn't bother to tell you that this little bastard beside you wants it. If you know what's good for you, then take your men and scram. This old one can treat your previous actions as though nothing had happened, if not … "

A cold light flashed through the eyes of the Chen Ancestor. He raised the walking stick in his hand and pointed it at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"What else do you want?"

Before the Chen family's ancestor could finish his words, he was interrupted by Li Chunyang's vigorous voice.

"If not, then today, this old man will have no choice but to destroy both you and your Astral Energy Sect!"

The Chen family's Ancestor fiercely stomped the cane in his hand, and a wave of terrifying cold energy turned into a torrent that rushed towards Li Chunyang from the ground, wanting to devour him …

Wherever the cold Qi passed by, everything would be frozen!

"What arrogant words. Then, I want to see what kind of ability you have to dare to spout such arrogant words in front of me!"

Li Chunyang replied in a neither humble nor haughty manner.


The instant he said those words, he suddenly stamped his foot, and the scorching Pure Yang Energy under his foot exploded into a wave of flames that rushed towards the Chen family elder …

The entire world seemed to be split into two. One side was a cold stream, the other was a wave of fire. It made people feel cold and hot at times!

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Under the nervous gazes of the crowd, the cold current and the fire wave ruthlessly collided at the center. It exploded with a loud bang, erupting into a deafening sound …

A terrifying energy spread out from the center of the explosion in all directions.

The earth quaked and the mountains shook. It was extremely difficult for a person to remain standing...

"Puchi …"

Some weaker experts were so shocked that they bled from their eyes, ears, noses, and mouths that they fainted!

Even some of the stronger individuals found it difficult to maintain their standing position, and their bodies began to sway violently.

Only Ye Xuan, the Chen family's Ancestor, Li Chunyang, and the Chen family's Great Elder weren't affected in the slightest …

Seeing the cold Qi being blocked and unable to advance any further, the Chen family's ancestor's eyes flashed with a cold light. Both of his hands were placed on his walking stick, and an even colder and thicker cold Qi was poured into his walking stick.


The corners of Li Chunyang's mouth raised slightly, and a disdainful snort came out from his nose. With a thought, an even wilder and hotter Pure Yang energy was poured from his feet into the ground towards the Chen Ancestor.

The two of them were sure to compete in power!

"Tap, tap, tap …"

A large amount of cold air was swallowed by the flame as it was vaporized by the flame. Under the cold and ugly gaze of the Chen clan's ancestor, the cold air instantly disappeared and was replaced by the fire wave, pouncing over and killing him. This caused his expression to become ugly.

As for Liu Ming, he was jolted back three steps by the violent power of the scorching wave of fire before he managed to stabilize himself.

As for Li Chunyang, he still did not move an inch!

Obviously, in this clash, Li Chunyang had the upper hand.

"Chen Xuanzun, you can't do anything with just your Northern Dark Cold Force. Do you only know how to boast?"

Looking at the Chen family's ancestor that was forced back, a sneer appeared on Li Chunyang's face as he spoke with a cold and mocking tone.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan nodded to himself.

Just as Ye Xuan guessed, Li Chunyang's pure yang energy was extremely effective in suppressing the Li family's ancestor's Darknorth cold energy. He didn't fear the Chen family's ancestor at all.

However, Ye Xuan still had a bad feeling about this.

He raised his head to look at the sky, only to discover that the clouds were increasing in number and the sky was getting darker.

"Bullsh * t? Li Chunyang, I admit that you have practiced the Pure Yang energy to the point that you can suppress my Northern Dark Cold Energy! But don't forget, it wasn't just my Chen family that wanted to kill Ye Xuan. No matter what you do today, you won't be able to protect Ye Xuan! "

Steadying his body, the Chen family's Ancestor raised his head and coldly stared at Li Chunyang, an ice-cold voice came out of his mouth.

"What is it? You're planning on bluffing just because you can't beat him? I, Li Chunyang, am not scared! "

Li Chunyang looked at the Chen Family Patriarch with a gaze full of indifference and ruthlessness, as he spoke with a sneer.

"Really?" Don't beg for mercy then! Brother Gu, you should have appeared after coming for so long, right? "

A cold smile appeared on the face of the Chen Clan's Ancestor, as hoarse words sounded out from his throat.

"Brother Gu?" Could Gu Jian Zun also have come? "

Hearing the Chen family's Patriarch's words, Li Chunyang frowned without leaving a trace, and a trace of a bad premonition flashed within his heart.

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. His brows furrowed as he muttered, "As expected, those guys from the Ancient Sword Sect also came!"

"Brother Chen, it has been many years since we last met. Your perception is still as sharp as ever …"

Just as this thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind, an ancient and ethereal laughter stealthily sounded out.

"Swish …"

Following the sound of this ancient and ethereal laughter, a bright sword glow flew over from a distant building.

As the sword aura got closer and closer, everyone's vision became clearer and clearer.

This was not some sword light, but clearly a cold and sharp sword reflecting light under the moonlight.

Although his hair was completely white, and his face looked somewhat ancient, it was not difficult to see the elegance and elegance of his youth. Especially those pair of eyes, they were incomparably sharp, and from time to time, sword light would flash, causing one to not dare to look directly at them …

In a few blinks of an eye, he rode his sword and landed beside the Chen Ancestor. A sharp aura emanated from his body, causing no one to dare to confront him!

He was the sect head of the Ancient Sword Sect, Gu Jian Zun!

"It's actually him, the Ancient Sword Sovereign!"

"Why did he come to the sea of stars?"

As Li Yifeng saw the Ancient Sword Sect approach, his complexion became extremely grim and grave, as if he were speaking to them in a low voice.

"Ancient Sword Lord? Could it be that he is also a Spirit Traveling Profound Realm expert? "

Dragon Lord asked with an ugly expression on his face after hearing Li Yifeng's words.

"That's right. This Ancient Sword Sovereign is extremely powerful and has advanced through the path of the sword to the Spirit Traveling Profound Realm. That's why he's called the Ancient Sword Sovereign. He's extremely difficult to deal with …"

Li Yifeng lightly nodded, his expression solemn as he explained.

"The situation is not good. No matter how strong Sect Master Li is, I'm afraid it will be difficult to deal with two supreme experts, the Chen Family's Ancestor and the Ancient Sword Sovereign!"

At this moment, Xia Nan and Li Dezhong also spoke with a worried expression.

Ye Xuan's brows were tightly knitted at this moment. If it was the Chen family's Ancestor or the Gu Sword Sovereign, he and Li Chunyang would be able to deal with them …

However, Ye Xuan didn't forget Leng Wuqing and Elder Xing, who were hiding in the shadows.

He had to increase his strength as soon as possible!

The situation before him caused Ye Xuan's desire for strength to become even more urgent.

"Sect Master Li, our sect personally went to the Astral Energy Sect to look for you. Even though you closed the door and did not say that you were in closed door cultivation, you actually snuck into the sea of stars!"

"You and I were originally on the same side, and we both have deep grudges against this kid, Ye Xuan. Now you're planning to give up your grudge with him and go all out to protect him?"

Gu Jian Zun and the Chen Ancestor lightly nodded their heads and exchanged a few sentences. After which, they turned their heads and their gazes landed on Li Chunyang, as they spoke in an ancient yet extremely magnetic manner.

Li Chunyang quietly looked at Gu Jian Zun with a cold glint in his eyes. His face was full of seriousness as he sneered, "What, you have an objection?"

"I do have a problem with that. I really don't understand why you dragged the entire Gale Sect to protect this kid in front of you." Is it because of the mysterious queen behind him? "

Gu Jian Zun asked coldly.

"In the beginning, it was indeed because of the mysterious empress behind young master Xuan. However, ever since I've gained a little understanding of Xuan, it's mostly because of his charisma and charisma!"

Li Chunyang said calmly.

"For such a ridiculous reason?"

Gu Jian Zun's sharp eyes flashed.

"Is it funny?"

Hearing Gu Jian Zun's words, a cold smile appeared on Li Chunyang's face.

"Of course! For a brat like you, you actually dared to set up the hundred years of history of the Astral Energy Sect, is that not funny enough? "

Gu Jian Zun frowned. He was very clear about the strength of that crazy Li Chunyang. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he was not willing to fight with Li Chunyang.

"It's exactly for the sake of the hundred years of foundation built up by my Divine Wind Sect that I am acting like this. Forget it, I already explained it to an ignorant person like you, you will understand as well!"

Li Chunyang's eyes flashed with a cold light, and a domineering voice sounded from his mouth.

"Cut the crap. If you want to fight, then do it!"