"If the people of the Night God Hall dare to make a move, then you must be tired of living!"


As this cold and clear voice sounded out, a Glazed Rockets carrying a violent killing intent flew through the night sky towards the Shadow Unicorn Army, causing the expressions of those who had charged out of Hei Lin's group to change.


Hei Lin also spoke coldly at this moment.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

As Black Scales words left his mouth, the Shadow Kylin Army decisively gave up on attacking. They turned into eleven black shadows and dodged to the side.

In the next moment, a deafening explosion resounded. A huge, gorgeous flame suddenly bloomed in the dark night, illuminating the dark night.

Violent energy crisscrossed and whistled, stirring up terrifying gusts of wind and stirring up endless dust, causing it to be difficult to open one's eyes.

"Who is it?"

This sudden turn of events caused the expressions of Hei Lin and the rest to involuntarily change. Their eyes flickered with an intense cold glint as icy-cold words were emitted from their mouths.

Li Chunyang, Master Long, and Xia Nan also had a hint of doubt in their eyes. They didn't think that reinforcements would appear at this time.

Moreover, what kind of power was the Night God Hall? Why had they never heard of it before?

Only Ye Xuan's expression was calm as he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

From the sound of it, it sounded like Night Rose made her move.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

The rustling sounds of footsteps came from afar. Under the cold and ugly gazes of Hei Lin and Leng Wuqing, a sexy and limpid figure carrying a heavy glass cannon slowly walked out from the dust …

She had delicate and beautiful cheeks and elegant long hair. Her graceful and slender figure was wrapped in a black leather garment, revealing her curvy body, making it difficult for people to look away from her.

She was none other than the owner of Galaxy Black Shop, Night Rose!

"What a beautiful and sexy woman!"

"It's her?" "The lady boss of the antique shop?"

"Why is the lady boss of the antique shop here?"

"Could this be the real face of the antique shop's owner?"

Looking at Ye Rose, Master Long, Xia Nan, Kuang Tie, and the other members of the Raging Dragon Club who were carrying glass cannons twisting around while slowly walking over, thick astonishment appeared on their faces, and some words of shock came out from their mouths.

Especially Master Long, Kuang Tie and the others had interacted with Ye Rose before, but they didn't expect this woman to be so brave.

"Rose is late, I hope young master Xuan can punish me!"

Under the cold and unsightly gazes of Leng Wuqing and the others, Ye Qiangwei walked over to Ye Xuan's side with hot steps and words of respect came out of her mouth.

"I'll have to trouble Rose to help!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he looked at Ye Rose's exquisite face.

In a situation where the difference in strength between friend and foe was so great, Ye Xuan was deeply moved by the fact that Ye Qiuwei was able to bravely stand out.

After all, even though the Glazed Heavy Cannon was powerful, it could only barely display a deterrent effect. It was unable to deal with Hei Lin and his men.

"Who are you?"

Looking at Ye Rose, killing intent surged in Leng Wuqing's eyes. He clenched his fists until they made 'ka ka' sounds, and an ice-cold voice came from his mouth.

"Night God Hall's Assassin, Night Rose!"

Ye Rose coldly stared at Leng Wuqing with her beautiful eyes, as cold words came out of her mouth.

"The Night God Hall?"

Hearing Ye Rose's words, a cold glint flashed in Leng Wuqing's eyes, his brows creased, and his expression became serious.

"The Night God Hall is a power founded by one of the thirty-six Goddesses of the Asura World, the Night Goddess Ainphent. It is extremely terrifying and powerful, and Ye Qiangwei is one of the seventy-two Earth Fiends in the Asura World. She is ranked thirty-sixth and is known as the Royal Killer."

Hei Lin's expression was also grave as he spoke in a low voice.

"This damned bastard. When did he get involved with the Night God Hall?"

Hearing Hei Lin's words, the expressions of the other members of the Shadow Kylin Army turned extremely serious. Leng Wuqing even started to curse angrily.

Although they had a large family background, they were still unwilling to easily fight against the powerful Western Asura World powers.

"Miss Ye, we, the Leng Clan, have never had a conflict with the Night God Hall. This trash, Ye Xuan, is an enemy of the Leng Clan, yet you're here to protect him. Is this your personal decision or your Night God Hall's decision?"

Immediately, Leng Wuqing clenched his fists tightly, and stared coldly at Ye Rose, as icy words came out of his mouth.

"Young Master Xuan is half a master of our Night God Hall. Do you think this is my personal meaning or the Night God Hall's meaning?"

Ye Rose coldly swept a glance at Leng Wuqing, and replied with an ice-cold expression.

From her point of view, the Night Goddess, Ainphent, was so concerned about Ye Xuan that she even went to the sea of stars to visit him.

"He is half the master of your Night God Hall?"

Hearing Ye Rose's words, Leng Wuqing couldn't help but be startled.

Even Hei Lin's expression couldn't help but change.

He obviously never thought that Ye Xuan would have such an identity. He's the owner of half of the Night God Hall!

The meaning of Night Rose's words was very clear. The moment Ye Xuan touched Ye Xuan, he would start a war with their Night God Hall!

As for Li Chunyang, his face was filled with shock and he looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised reverence.

He originally thought that Ye Xuan had no other backing other than the mysterious empress, but he never thought that he was actually half a master of the Night God Hall.

As for South Summer, Lord Long, Wild Iron, and Li De, they were in a completely shocked and stupefied state.

"Kneel down and apologize to Young Master Xuan. We can only beg for his forgiveness and not die!"

Ignoring everyone's shocked expressions, Ye Qiangwei threw the glass cannon on her shoulder to the ground, causing her entire body's aura to erupt. She coldly stared at Leng Wuqing's group, and icy-cold words came out of her mouth.

"You …"

Hearing Ye Rose's words, an ominous glint flashed in Leng Wuqing's eyes, and his fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard!

"Thirteenth Young Master, the Night God Hall is extremely powerful in the Western Asura World. If we really have a death enmity with the Night God Hall, then when we return to the clan, I'm afraid we won't be able to explain it to the patriarch …"

Just as he was about to get angry, Hei Lin whispered into Leng Wuqing's ear.

Hearing Hei Lin's words, Leng Wuqing's face became extremely ugly. He clenched his fists until they made cracking sounds, and from his mouth came a cold and furious voice: "Unable to tell the Patriarch that I have to kneel down and apologize to them? If this news were to spread, wouldn't it make the whole world laugh? It would completely destroy the reputation of my Leng Clan, and returning to the clan would be a serious crime! "

"Is it possible that we are afraid of a mere Night God?"

"Pah pah pah …"

"As expected of the Thirteenth Young Master of the Leng Clan. He truly has courage and courage, and it is truly admirable. I, Crow, am willing to lend Thirteen a helping hand!"

Just as Leng Wuqing finished his sentence, crisp applause and words filled with magnetism quietly rang out at this moment.

As the magnetic voice sounded out, a large amount of black feathers suddenly fell from the dark sky, and a large amount of black crows flew out …

A slender black figure descended from the sky while being surrounded by the black crows. Finally, it landed firmly beside Leng Wuqing, revealing his incomparably demonic and exquisite face and slender figure.

He is … Evil Lord Mo Crow!

"You are?"

Looking at the Evil Noble Mo Crow who was descending from the sky and sensing his powerful aura, Leng Wuqing and Hei Lin both frowned, their faces filled with suspicion.

"Western Asura World's Azure Emperor Pavilion, Evil Young Noble Mo Crow!"

Looking at Leng Wuqing and Hei Lin's puzzled expressions, a faint smile appeared on Crow's handsome face as magnetic words came out of his mouth.

"The core member of the Western Asura World's Qing Emperor Pavilion, Young Master Xie Jiu?"

Hearing Evil Lord Mo Crow's words, Hei Lin's expression changed, and he started speaking in a serious tone.

He knew very well that the Azure Emperor Pavilion was a power founded by the Western Asura World's Five Emperors, the Azure Emperor. They were much stronger compared to the Night Goddess Hall and the true hegemon of the Western Asura World.

The Evil Lord Mo Crow was a terrifying existence that was ranked within the top 20 of the 72 Earth Fiends in the Western Asura World.

"That's me!" If Thirteen has to deal with Ye Xuan, then Dark Crow is willing to help you! "

Evil Lord Mo Crow nodded and smiled.


After a short moment of surprise, Leng Wuqing quickly calmed down and spoke in a deep voice.

"Because Ye Xuan is an enemy of our Azure Emperor Pavilion, and the Night God Hall is the same!"

Evil Lord Mo Crow replied with a smile.

"In that case, thank you so much Young Master Crow!"

Receiving Young Noble Xie's answer, Leng Wuqing cupped his hands in surprise and said.

Although the Night Goddess Hall was powerful, they were far inferior to the Azure Emperor Pavilion.

Moreover, when he teamed up with the evil prince, Mo Crow, not only did he deal with Ye Xuan, but he also established a relationship with the Azure Emperor Pavilion.

"Green Emperor Pavilion's evil young master, Mo Crow?"

As for Ye Xuan's group, they all became grim and unsightly with the arrival of Young Master Xie Jiu.

Li De Zhong, Lord Long, Xia Nan, and the others were fine. After all, they had experienced the battle of Yu state, so they were well aware that Ye Xuan's presence would cause a huge commotion.

As for Wild Iron, Li Yifeng, Li Chunyang, and the others, their expressions were all solemn.

The arrival of the Evil Noble Mo Crow caused Ye Xuan and Ye Qiuwei to tightly frown. After all, the strength of both sides were originally on a completely different level. With the arrival of the Evil Noble Mo Crow, it undoubtedly suppressed the limelight of Ye Qiuwei, who was behind Ye Qiuwei, and strengthened Leng Wuqing and Hei Lin's resolve to take action.

"Night Rose, I haven't seen you in so many years, I didn't expect that you would actually come to Galaxy, I wonder how strong you are now?"

The evil prince Mo Crow's face was filled with smiles. He turned his head and his gaze fell on Ye Rose. His eyes flickered with cold light as he coldly spoke.

"Boom! Boom!"

In the instant that the Evil Noble Crow spoke, three black feathers flew out from his hands, cutting through the air at an extremely fast speed, aiming to kill Ye Rose.


Ye Rose's expression was cold and grave, she snorted from her nose, and dodged the attacks of the black feathers. The pitch-black Rose Blade appeared in her hand, and she turned into a black stream of light as she charged straight towards the evil prince, Mo Crow.

Seeing this, the evil prince Mo Crow's lips curled up into a playful smile, and with every step he took, his body became like a ghost as he engaged in an intense confrontation with Ye Rose.

Both of their movement techniques were extremely fast and swift. Like two shadows, they moved at high speeds and in a blink of an eye, they had exchanged more than ten moves.

Ye Rose brandished the Rose Blade in her hand and used it to launch a sharp attack at the evil prince Mo Crow, but the evil prince Mo Crow was able to easily dodge it every time, causing Ye Rose's expression to turn cold. Her body fiercely flashed, appearing in front of the evil prince Mo Crow, her pure white hand suddenly extended and pressed down on his chest!


The corners of Young Master Xie's mouth curled up, but he did not dodge. Instead, he struck out with his palm!

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the two palms collided, and a muffled explosion resounded. Ye Rose's face paled, and she spat out a mouthful of blood. She was sent flying by the powerful force, and was forced back dozens of steps before she managed to stabilize herself.

As for the evil young master, Mo Crow, he was unharmed as he landed steadily on the ground.

Obviously, he held the upper hand in this battle.

His gaze was indifferent as he stared at Night Rose. He slowly raised his finger and pointed it at Ye Xuan as he coldly said, "Night Rose, don't waste your time. I, Mo Crow, will take this person. You won't be able to protect the Night God Hall!"

"You said that the person you want is not something my Night God Hall can protect?"

However, just as the evil Young Master Mo Crow finished speaking, his ice-cold voice resounded in his ears without any warning, causing his expression to change drastically, as if he had fallen into a dark purgatory.

Under his ice-cold and solemn gaze, an incomparably sexy and seductive figure appeared on the horizon in the distance. She slowly walked over with graceful steps …

"Night Goddess Ainphent?"

The bright moonlight shone down on her, revealing her extremely beautiful face, which was covered by a black veil. It caused Xie Gongzi, Mo Crow, to have a drastic change in expression, causing Ye Xuan to be stunned on the spot.