Ye Xuan didn't return to the ward. Instead, he went to the discharge window and went through the discharge procedures.

However, when he found out that he still had a large sum of money left to pay for the medical fees, his face was filled with astonishment and bewilderment. Obviously, he had not expected such a situation.

He was the dignified young master of the Ye family, how could he owe the medical expenses?

Wouldn't it be a joke if word of this got out?

"Just wait, I'll go back and get the money."

After Ye Xuan finished speaking, he turned around and walked out of the hospital.

He wanted to go home and get the money!

After Leng Qingcheng finished her work, she rushed back to the ward to find out that Ye Xuan had gone to complete the discharge procedures. However, she didn't see him.

"Did someone just call Ye Xuan to check out?"

After which, Leng Qingcheng turned her attention to the staff member.

"Dean Leng, yes, but he did not successfully go through the discharge procedures because he was still short on fees for the medical treatment and he did not seem to have any money on him. He said that he had to go home to get the money!"

The staff member replied respectfully.

Hearing this, Leng Qingcheng frowned as she stared at the entrance of the hospital with a complicated expression on her face.

Ye Xuan was short on medical fees because her salary hadn't arrived yet, so she wasn't able to fill this hole for now.

As for Ye Xuan going home to get the money?

How could the current Ye Xuan have any family?

Where is the money?

Wasn't he humiliating himself by going home like this?

A hint of worry could be seen between Leng Qingcheng's brows …

"Dean Leng, a patient is looking for you..."

Leng Qingcheng wanted to chase after Ye Xuan, but a nurse hastily rushed over, causing her to have no choice but to give up this idea.

"Sigh... It's good for him to recognize reality as soon as possible. "

With a soft sigh, she was led to the ward by the nurse...

The Ye Family's mansion was located in the center of the city. It was the most famous mansion in Galaxy, the residence of the Ye Family.

When Ye Xuan arrived at the Ye Clan's courtyard entrance, he was stopped by a guard at the entrance.

"What do you mean? You don't even recognize me? "

Ye Xuan frowned as he watched the guards block their way and coldly said.

"Who are you?"

The security guard looked at Ye Xuan, who wore a hospital gown, and slightly frowned. He felt that Ye Xuan looked familiar, but he couldn't recall where he'd seen him before.

"I, Ye Xuan!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied.

"Ye …" Ye Xuan? How is this possible? Didn't you get into a car accident and become a vegetable lying in the hospital?

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the security guard had a face full of astonishment. There was an undisguised look of shock on his face.

"Cut the crap, let me in."

Ye Xuan had an impatient expression.

"Let you in? Who do you think you are? "Even if you really are Ye Xuan, you won't be able to enter today's door."

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a voice filled with authority and playfulness quietly sounded out.

Following the voice, the leader of the security team respectfully led a young man and woman out of the courtyard.

The man was thin and pale-faced. He wore Anima clothes and thick glasses, looking extremely frail.

The woman looked to be around 30 years old and was slightly obese. Her face was covered with a thick layer of powder, and her plump lips were covered with red lipstick. It was obvious that she was a wicked and wicked woman.

Their names were Ye Xiaokang and Ye Xiaoli. They were siblings, and were direct descendants of the Ye Family.

"What do you mean?"

Ye Xuan had an ice-cold expression as he coldly spoke, his gaze falling upon the Security Captain.

"Ye Xuan, let this young master tell you."

Before the leader of the security team could say anything, Ye Xiao Kang grinned and said with a playful expression.

He didn't expect this damned trash to wake up and still have the face to go back to the Ye Family.

"Who are you?"

Ye Xuan looked at Ye Xiaokang and the others and frowned. He didn't have any memories of them in his mind. After all, the accident caused a part of his body to lose its memories.

"Who are we? Haha... Ye Xuan, are you stupid? You actually didn't recognize us. " Ye Xiao Kang couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"So this trash is an idiot. After lying in bed for three years, he became a complete idiot." To be crippled, is truly sorrowful to the extreme. "

A mean smile appeared on Ye Xiaoli's face as she looked at Ye Xuan with a playful expression.

In the past, Ye Xuan had supported the entire Ye Clan with his father's powerful business skills and ability, leading the Ye Clan to glory, while he, Ye Xuan, was honored as the future successor of the Ye Clan. His status was extraordinary, and coupled with his arrogant character, he naturally caused many people in the clan to be dissatisfied, and was ostracized by many.

Ye Xiaoli and her sister were among them.

Ye Xuan's top priority right now was to get his money and get out of the hospital. He didn't have the mood to argue with these ants, so he coldly said, "I don't have time to waste on you. Get out of my way. Let me in."

"Go in?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the siblings Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang were full of mocking smiles. "You think trash like you can enter my Ye Family's gate? Stop daydreaming! "

"Although I don't know why trash like you can still wake up after becoming a vegetable, I'm sure you still haven't figured out the current situation, right?"

"Do you think you're still the young master of the Ye family, the heir to the Ye family? "Stop dreaming, your parents have already died in these 3 years, and trash like you have already been expelled from the Ye family. At the same time, you have also been removed from the family tree."

"The Ye Family no longer has a place for you! The current you, with nothing but a pathetic prisoner. "Haha …"

At the end of his words, Ye Xiaokang and Ye Xiaoli burst into unbridled laughter as they looked at Ye Xuan as if he were an idiot.

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's expression slightly changed. Only now did he recall the incident when the Demonic Wolf told Leng Qingcheng about his parents in the hospital …

What had happened in the past three years?

Why was he expelled from the Ye Family, and even removed from the family tree?

At this moment, Ye Xuan's heart was filled with too many questions.

"Haha, what a fool. Did you force it? "

Seeing Ye Xuan's puzzled expression, Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang's laughter became even louder.

"It's just a mere Ye Family, I don't even put them in my eyes. Today, they removed me from the Ye Clan's name. In the future, I will make the Ye Clan regret this! "

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he spoke in an arrogant tone.

As his words fell, he turned around and left …

Since he was removed from the list, then it was fine if he didn't enter the Ye Clan's mansion!

Just as he said!

Today, he was chased out of the Ye Clan.

In the future, he would make the Ye Family regret!

"You want to leave? Do you think you can come and go if you want to?"

A cold light flashed within Ye Xiaokang's eyes as he watched Ye Xuan leave. He waved his hand and coldly said, "Security, stop him!"

"Yes sir!"

Just as Ye Xiao Kang finished speaking, the Security Captain led the four guards to surround Ye Xuan.

"Are you guys courting death?"

Killing intent surged within Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly spoke.

These lowly ants had provoked him time and time again, and had angered him.

"Courting death? Haha... Stop joking around. The one who is truly seeking death should be you, right? I think you shouldn't have woken up. You should just go back to the hospital and lie down to die. What were they still standing there for? Do it and cripple him. "

"Don't just stand there! Fight to the death!"

When Ye Xuan's words entered their ears, Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang felt as if they'd heard the funniest joke in the world. Once again, they burst out in laughter as mean words came out of their mouths.

"Yes sir!"

As soon as Ye Xiaoli and her sister's words fell, the security guards encircled Ye Xuan and sealed off his escape route. They furiously smashed onto Ye Xuan, leaving him with no way out.

Ye Xuan had already been expelled from the Ye Family. Even the Ye Family's security didn't place him in their eyes.

"Good!" "Kill him for me!"

Seeing the beautiful encirclement from the security guards, Ye Xiaoli was extremely excited. Her arms were tightly crossed in front of her chest as she let out an unbridled shriek. Love tigress.


However, in the next moment, Ye Xiaoli's cheers suddenly stopped. She was like a duck that had its throat pinched, her mouth was wide open, and her eyes were wide open …

Under her terrified gaze, Ye Xuan's body spun, his hands supporting the ground, and his right leg swept out. With a beautiful sweep of his body, he took the five guards' waists.

"Kacha …."

Along with muffled collisions and bone cracking sounds, the five security guards were swept by Ye Xuan's whip kicks. Their bones shattered and they crashed onto the ground. Their hands hugged their broken legs as they emitted miserable shrieks and wails. It was difficult for them to stand up again …

When Ye Xiaokang saw this scene, he was stunned and a look of shock appeared on his face.

After easily putting down the five security guards, Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face as he walked towards Ye Xiaoli and her sister with endless coldness on his face …

The current him isn't the weak Ye Xuan from when he woke up!


"You … You. What do you want? "

As they watched Ye Xuan walk over, Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaoli could feel his formless aura radiating from his body. Cold sweat dripped down their foreheads as they subconsciously swallowed their saliva and let out trembling words.

He never imagined that the current Ye Xuan would be so formidable that he would be able to easily defeat five security guards. This completely overturned their imaginations and perceptions, completely different from what they'd imagined Ye Xuan to be.

"Let me tell you, Ye Xuan …." If you dare to hurt me, I will make you beg for death! If you kneel down and beg for mercy right now, I can let bygones be bygones … "

Ye Xiao Kang summoned up his courage and roared angrily at Ye Xuan with all of his strength.


However, before Ye Xiaokang could finish his sentence, Ye Xuan's figure flashed and appeared in front of him. His hand abruptly stretched out to grab Tang Wulin's collar, and his right knee carried a powerful force as it ruthlessly smashed into his abdomen …

"Puchi …"

"Ahh …"

The sound of spitting blood and a mournful scream rang out at the same time. The powerful impact caused Ye Xiaokang to bow like a shrimp, his face contorted in pain, making him look extremely terrifying.

"You damned bastard, I'm going to kill you …"

The intense pain caused Ye Xiaokang to let out an angry roar. He was just about to counterattack when Ye Xuan casually swung him up and smashed him onto a nearby grass pallet, making it difficult for him to get up.

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he walked towards the terrified Ye Xiaoli.

"You … You. What do you want? You damned bastard, don't come near me. I tell you, you. "If you dare to even touch a single hair on my head, I will make sure you will never have a peaceful day in Star Sea City. You will die a horrible death!"

Seeing Ye Xuan walk over as if he was the god of death, Ye Xiaoli's face paled and her legs went weak. She once again sat on the ground and emitted an angry screech.

"I never hit women."

Ye Xuan's cold words came out of his mouth as he looked at the terrified Ye Xiaoli, causing her to heave a long sigh of relief.

"Unfortunately, you are not a woman in my eyes. At most, you are a sow!"

At that moment, Ye Xuan suddenly slapped her face.

"Pah …"

Along with the crisp slapping sound, the makeup on Ye Xiaoli's face dispersed, revealing her dark yellow skin. She stumbled and fell to the ground, blood spurting out of her mouth in a sorry state.

"You lowly bastard, I'll fight it out with you …"

Ye Xiaoli was used to being cruel and unkind. She had always bullied others. When had she ever been treated like this?

At that moment, she screamed as she brandished her nail polish claws to frantically grab at Ye Xuan. She wanted to fight to the death and die together …

"Ye Xiaoli, let me give you a sentence. Don't be dissatisfied with your desires every day. Be careful, you might end up having an aunt!"

Upon seeing this, a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. A trace of impatience flashed across his face. He abruptly swung his hand, and a silver needle shot out, accurately piercing into Ye Xiaoli's stomach. Her figure quietly froze …

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, she seemed to have felt the intense fear on Ye Xiaoli's face as she let out a blood-curdling scream. Following which, a huge amount of dark red liquid spurted out from her lower body, spraying onto her thighs and dyeing her skirt red.

This woman really came to visit his aunt?

"F * ck, you damn b * stard, you actually dared to hit me! Go to hell!"

Just at this moment, Ye Xiaokang, who was sent flying by Ye Xuan, let out an angry roar. He suddenly grabbed the electric baton and used all of his strength to smash it towards Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan didn't even turn his head around and instead turned around to kick him.

"Bang …"

"Puchi …"

Ye Xiaokang's lower abdomen was kicked by Ye Xuan, and his mouth sprayed out a large amount of blood and bitter water. He was like a football that was kicked out, smashing onto a telegraph pole, causing it to sway violently.

He was just about to struggle to stand up when Ye Xuan's figure appeared in front of him like a ghost, causing him to suddenly freeze. His throat rolled as cold sweat dripped down.

In the next moment, he abruptly knelt down towards Ye Xuan and pleaded in a low voice, "Xuan … Brother Xuan, I beg of you, please let me go … I... I know I was wrong. "

"Tell me, what happened in the past three years?"

Ye Xuan had no expression on his face as he spoke in an unquestionable manner.